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Opposites Attract by No_oneKnows
Chapter 4 : Chapter 3
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Step 3 - The "Getting To Know" Process that may as well have killed me.

Friday couldn’t have come any slower. I don’t know of anybody who would prepare themselves for detention, but that is exactly what I did. Tammy forced me to outline my eyes with some muggle substance called ‘eyeliner’ and I curled my lashes around my wand. I bit my bottom lip and smiled at Tammy, squealing as I’d finally get to spend some time with Sirius.

I ran down the stairs of the Ravenclaw Tower - which I absolutely despise for it made my legs hurt - and reached the Entrance Hall where I stood hesitantly. Where exactly was detention? I stood there for a good ten minutes, waiting for somebody to come past. When no one did, I was forced to search the whole goddamn castle for the quarantine.

I had finally found it when I reached the third floor. I managed to see the familiar stunning face in a small classroom. I knew it was him despite the elegant curls that curtained that ravishing face. I looked to the huge clock on the stone wall and saw that I was a good half hour late. I groaned. Great. That’s half an hour short of Sirius bonding time!

I knocked on the door before walking in, rather agitatedly. I noticed Sirius’ look up, a hint of a smile on his already handsome face.

“I’m here for detention,” I proclaimed loudly, looking around the almost empty room. Only three other students were there, apart from Sirius and I. One big bloke from Slytherin with a shaved head who looks extremely intimidating and then there were two other not so interesting people who I refuse to inquire into because they’re that boring. The ghost floating behind the table merely nodded, bored, and I sat down right next to Sirius, smiling pleasantly at him. He smiled back, genuinely.

“Great room flooding yesterday, Huckleberry.” he whispered, moving his table closer towards mine. I honestly could have stopped breathing just so I could relish in this glorious moment... I don’t know how that works either.

“Great taunt the other day. Tammy’s still shaken up about that spider you suggested to be a colossal monster.” I replied coolly, pulling out a roll of parchment, ink bottle and quill.

Sirius chuckled lightly, raising an eyebrow at me.

“You didn’t strike me as the prankster type.” He hid our faces behind the tattered old book he was holding and I was paralysed at the fact that we were sharing the same air. 

“Well, you didn’t strike me as the notorious type,” I knew to get him where it hurt the most; his ego. Needless to say, I was triumphant at that fort.

“What do you mean?” he said quickly, staring at me intently.

I rolled my eyes at him and ignored his critical insecure condition, beginning my Transfiguration essay instead. This was all a part of the plan, I thought to myself as my conscience questioned why I wasn’t talking to him instead.

“What’s that on?” he’d asked, nodding at the piece of parchment entitled ‘Transfiguration Essay’. I felt necessary to include that.

“It’s on the process of an animagus, which I doubt you have any idea on.” I muttered, raising an eyebrow at him as I gave him a challenging smile.

“Oh,” he laughed out loud, only to quieten down again, “You have no idea, Huckleberry.” He winked, ever so cute dimples prominent on his cheeks.

I snorted in response and turned back to my piece of parchment.

“Seriously,” he dropped his voice in an attempt to convince me, “You don’t.”

“Okay, Sirius, I believe you.” I muttered sarcastically and rolled my eyes. “Seriously.”

Sirius retracted from me slightly and my breathe got caught up in my throat. Did I smell? Merlin, did I let out a fart without knowing so? I looked at him uncertainly and he grinned at me lopsidedly. Phew, at least it wasn’t me.

“Why have I never noticed you, Huckleberry?” he inquired, cocking his head ever so cutely. Dear Merlin, I have just died and gone up to heaven.

“Maybe because I’m a hideous troll,” I mumbled quietly, smiling to myself as I imagined my face on a troll’s.

“What?” Sirius exclaimed, receiving a scornful look from the ghost, “You’re gorgeous.” Honestly, I died. I’m in heaven right now.

“You’re just saying that,” My cheeks burnt red.

“Yeah I am. Sorry.” Sirius continued looking at me, oblivious to the death glare I’d just given him. No, I wasn’t shooting daggers at him, I was shooting machetes and laser beams and he merely gazed back at me calmly. Bloody git.

“Well, you know what Black, you can go sit over there.” I pointed towards the seat furthest away from me.  What a mean person! I thought of my ten galleons and that calmed me down slightly. What is the point I’m trying to prove? That opposites attract! Not two drop-dead gorgeous, beautiful people. That would just be far too easy.

There was silence as Sirius did not even budge in his seat and instead, flicked through the large, scrappy book of his.

“What is that?” I asked him, breaking the convention of the muted world that we had lived in for just a moment. In other words, breaking the code of silence.

“This,” Sirius lifted the book up to display the black hard cover, “Is a book.” He grinned cheekily and cowered as I slapped him on the shoulder. “Seriously? You want to know what it is?”

I nodded. Of course, why else would I have asked him? To strike up a conversation? Yes, I suppose so.

“Well, how about you read it and tell me ‘cause I absolutely have no clue.”

It was my turn to laugh out loud. That was pretty funny, I admit.

“So where’s your partner in crime tonight?” I’ve heard far too many tales of Sirius and James and their hunt for anarchy.

Sirius smirked, “I can’t believe you’ve never heard that James and I are never allowed in the same room when it comes to detention. That one spread like wildfire.” Well, everything in regards to the Marauders spread like wildfire, so I guess this wasn’t any different.

“I’ll show you something cool if you promise you won’t blab about it to the ghost.” He said smiling condescendingly, as though challenging my manifested rebellious nature.

“What is it?” I said dryly, secretly enjoying the private affair that Sirius and I are sharing.

“James is in here,” he whispered hoarsely, feeling his thigh.

I stared at him, mouth agape. Was Black mental? Or was he just stringing me up? I’d rather believe that Black is in fact an incurable mentally ill escapee from St. Mungo’s. Maybe so I can be his healer in the future. I swooned from the fantasy.

“Feel it!” he breathed. I wrinkled up my nose, staring at him with an aghast and disgusted expression.

“You’re repugnant, Black!” I hissed, turning my back on him. That was definitely unexpected. Is that how he gets all his hormonal raging girls? Merlin.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that!” he protested, rolling his eyes at my overreaction. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a mirror.

“Are you really that conceited?” Was it really necessary to constantly remind oneself that they are unbelievably hot by carrying a mirror at all times? I think not!

“It’s not what you think,” Sirius smiled deviantly. “Watch this. James.” He flashed the mirror towards me and I was stunned myself looking exactly like James Potter. His beautiful hazel eyes, unkempt black hair, round black glasses. Dear Merlin! I was beautiful for once in my life.

I looked from the mirror, back to Sirius, back to the mirror then back to Sirius.

“Sirius, I think you suffer from interpersonal loneliness. It’s a mental illness and I think you’re just far too attached to James. I really think you should see a professional.” I.e. Me! In the future. My stomach jittered to the thought of myself probing him. I stifled a giggle and looked back at him sternly.

Sirius scoffed, “You’re an idiot, Huckleberry.” I am not! I am a Ravenclaw and I refuse to be called an idiot by a simpleton of Gryffindor!

“You take that ba-”

“Sirius?” The mirror whispered, voice suspiciously a lot like James’. “Why am I looking at a gnome wearing horrible glasses?”

I opened my mouth, flabbergasted while Sirius snorted in laughter. Had I just been referred to as a gnome?

“Well, Potter, why in hell am I looking back at an alarmingly grotesque walrus with vile, circular spectacles?” I jeered back, though not seeing any resemblance between the walrus and the god-like James. I glared at him before glaring at Sirius who looked up and merely shrugged in defense.

“Oh, it’s you Huckleberry!” James said in a hushed voice, though still able to express his pleasant surprise.  Sirius turned the mirror so it was in between the two of us. “How’s detention for both of you? I’ve got that seventh year bloke who wets his pants all the time. What’s his name?”

“Teddy the tinkle piddle.” Sirius said instantly and James suppressed a laugh. That wasn’t really his name. It was actually Edward Ronan and he was a tortured soul that was cursed with the inability to restrain himself from the demand of tinkling. Also known as urinating.

“We’ve got that Slytherin gentleman. You know, James, the one that highly resembles a dimwitted gorilla?” I watched the two, amused. Is this really all they talk about?

“Oh, you’re lucky!” James exclaimed, disappointed by his range of fellow delinquents.

“Prongs,” I looked at Sirius to see who he was talking about. “Prongs, guess what sort of Transfiguration essay Huckleberry’s got?”

“Honestly Sirius, who on earth is Prongs?” What a treacherous name.

“What sort, Padfoot?” Padfoot? What is this, bush week?*

“The process on becoming an animagus,” Sirius replied, grinning madly.

“No way!” James’ mouth produced a small O as his eyes glinted with envy at me. “Have you been helping her?” He chuckled for some peculiar reason.

“Nah, she thinks I have no idea about it.”

“Quite the contrary, my dear Huckleberry.” James winked, poking his tongue out like the immature little child he is. He had reminded me of a boggle head with an abnormally large head and disproportionate small body. That triggered my small giggle and I ignored the two’s curious looks.

My giggle slowly subsided into a low grumble as I looked up carefully to the ghost who had - to our convenience - fallen asleep.

“Look who’s mental now,” Sirius muttered, looking back to James. Sirius scratched the back of his head while James ruffled his already messy hair. They grinned at each other, and I could only imagine their imagination. I imagined the two imagining giving each other playful shoves as all Y chromosome carriers do.

I guess they noticed that I was staring at them - unblinkingly - as they exchanged an uncertain glance. I smiled at the two and Sirius smiled back hesitantly.

“Where do you live? I asked him, perhaps a bit too directly.

He looked at me, eyebrow raised while James snorted with laughter, which eventually led to a long suffocating cough.

“There there, mate.” Sirius muttered, flashing his set of pearly whites. “And Huckleberry, I’m sure you can master in the art of stalking, so I’ll leave it to you to find out where I live.” How mean.

“How much longer, Padfoot?” I heard James ask from the mirror, droning with boredom.

“How much longer until what?” I’d asked, curious.

“How much longer until the world stops and you turn into an ugly banshee.” Sirius yawned, “Fifteen minutes, Prongs. By the way, Huckleberry, not that that’s even possible. You already exceed the description of ugly.” He smirked, waiting for a reaction.

“Wait, what?” Sorry, but I had tuned out of their silly conversation on how much longer something is.

Sirius let out a short breath and groaned, “Never mind.”

“Oh look! It’s fifteen minutes until detention’s over!” I exclaimed excitedly at the two, happy that I had made it through my first ever imprisonment, though by choice.

“Sirius, seriously take her to a healer.” James joked, captivating me with his legendary wink.

“I agree with you there, James. Look at her. She’s in desperate need of one.” Sirius and James laughed together, cackling like fiendish madmen. Was I the only one who did not find that hilarious?

“You ug-a-lay,” James breathed in his momentary pause from laughter.

I glared at them. Glared at them with hatred so strong that not even Merlin himself could stop it. Tammy never told me that being the butt of their jokes would be a core part to this agreement. Neither do I ever recall her telling me that my self-esteem would be attacked and abused so brutally. Who said it was going to be easy? No, not Tammy.

“Is it a real necessity for you two prats to bully someone just so your heads can inflate another few inches? Do you two incessantly annoying, vexatious little cretin really think that by frolicking around the castle and putting someone else down your status as obtuse, egotistical maniacs would bring forth your so deplorably sought after fame?” I questioned them hotly in one barely sustained breath, “Do you? Well, do you?!” I’m fairly certain that they didn’t understand a word I said. I was far too intelligent for them.

Or so I thought.

“Actually, we do, Huckleberry. That’s what reels in the girls,” Sirius Black sniggered, poking his tongue out at James as he guffawed along. “You see how it works? We, through our incessantly annoying and vexatious frolicking about in the castle, as you so kindly put it, encourage other people to only see us, the Marauders, as the golden boys of Hogwarts, instead of the icky good-for-nothing lame gits that claim to be.” Sirius paused for a moment, “Not even that. People just know we’re golden through our haughty good looks and irresistible charm. It all works out, somehow.” Sirius winked once more.

“Well, we’ll just see who comes out on top then,” I snapped, grabbing my parchment, ink and quill as the bell for detention rung. Then I stuffed them roughly back into my brown tatttered bag. I knew I was going to be the more successful one... In the long run. “We’ll see who’s basking in the glory of Minister for Magic in the future.” So perhaps I shouldn’t have challenged them with that...

Before Sirius could say anything to counteract my not so witty speech, I had trudged off, angry and hugely irritated by their insane arrogance and conceited state of mind. Getting to know my ten galleons - completed - only to find that I much preferred it before I knew him.

*What is this – bush week? is thus a protest by the speaker against some obvious prank or ruse (Wiktionary) It is an Australian term :)

Author's Note: Hello there! Thanks for reading! :) I hope you all liked it and please, leave a review! :) 


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Opposites Attract: Chapter 3


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