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Double Crossed by Draco Malfoy by massieblockrox
Chapter 4 : Foolish Bravery
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Ginny woke up to the sound of her mum cooking eggs and the twin laughing. She sat up in bed, feeling happy, until she remembered the past nights events.

“Ginny! Come have a spot of breakfast, then we're going to Diagon Ally!”

Ginny's heart leaped. She loved going to Diagon Ally. Ginny pulled on a shirt and pants, then walked downstairs for her breakfast. The entire family minus Percy was sitting at the table, chattering happily with Harry and Hermione.

“Ginny!” Hermione called, gesturing to the chair between her and Harry. “Sit down!”

She nudged Harry, who for some reason turned red.
Ginny sat down and tucked into her meal, warm eggs, and buttered toast. “This is good,” she mumbled, cheeks bulging.

There was a knock at the door, and Mrs. Weasley hurried from the stove to open it. When Ginny saw who the visitor was, her mouth fell open, and the food she was chewing on landed on the floor with a quiet plop!

“Fleur!” Bill, the oldest of Ginny's siblings, hurried around the table and gave Fleur a quick kiss on the cheek. The rest of the family sat in silence.

“'Ello!” Fleur smiled and waved. “Beel 'as invited me to your 'ouse so I can meet 'ees family!” She beamed at them all.

“Uh,” Ginny felt herself turn red. Why, oh why, was Ginny such a sloppy klutz when Fleur was around? Fleur's foolish smile faltered, when she saw Ginny's food on the floor.

Then, she turned away.

* * *

Finally, they were all in a muggle car, and thankfully, away from Fleur. The family piled into the car, which seemed unusually large from the inside. Ginny was sandwiched between Hermione and Ron, and the car started up, taking them to Diagon Ally. The driver was a Ministry worker, Ginny noticed.

He looked a bit conspicuous, with sunglasses and all.

“So!” Mrs. Weasley said awkwardly. “We're going shopping, then we are gonna visit Fred and George's shop.

“YAY!” everyone cheered. Mr. Weasley glanced out the window. Anxiously, he whispered something to Mrs. Weasley. Mrs. Weasley stiffened, then nodded.

Soon the car pulled up to a pub. The Leakey Cauldron. It was nearly empty inside, with only Tom the landlord and a large group of strangers in the shadows. Mr. Weasley cast a nervous glance at the strangers as the family entered.

Ginny set herself down on a rickety chair and ordered a soda from a passing waiter. When her drink arrived, she leaned back and sipped. Ginny was relaxed now, almost asleep. The she heard a scuffle.


“Ah!” Ginny sat abruptly and spilled soda all over herself. The strangers in the corner had stepped forward and grabbed Harry. With a thrill of horror, Ginny realized that they were Death Eaters. Seven of them pulled out wands and sent stunning spells flying everywhere. Ginny, Mr. Weasley, Harry and the Death Eaters managed to avoid all spells. The rest of them weren't so lucky.


Then the shortest Death Eater in the corner took off his mask.

It was Malfoy.

“Malfoy?!” Ginny screamed. He gave a start, recognizing her. Then a large Death Eater said roughly, “Thanks, Arthur!” and waved mockingly.

The waiters were all running away in fright, until only the Weasley's, Harry, Hermione, and the Death Eaters were in the room.


Ginny had leaped forward and punched the Death Eater holding Harry. The man groaned and dropped him. But then two huge men grabbed Ginny tightly by the arms. “Come on,” one of them called. “Lets go! We have what we need!”

And still holding on to Ginny, they turned on the spot and vanished.


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