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Once last chance At a normal life by Softballpitcher
Chapter 1 : The Arrival
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A/N well this is my first story on this site. I also put this on but I decided to put it on here too. =] I hope you like it. I know the pairings are kind of weird but hey I like different things =]

I do not own Any of these characters, J.K. Rowling does. =]

As Harry, Ron, and Hermione Stepped onto the train for the last time in their lives, they couldn't help but feel somewhat sad, although none of them showed it. They were surprised but happy when they all got an owl asking if they would like to come back to Hogwarts since they were forced into hiding by Lord Voldemort in their seventh and final year. Ron was extremely happy because for once in his life he was the most popular of the Weasley's. He had been a part of, a small part, but a part of the defeat of Lord Voldemort. Hermione was happy that she was able to learn more magic, take her N.E.W.T.S., and read more of the books in the library, at least the ones that weren't destroyed from the war. Harry on the other hand was looking forward to having a year where nothing interesting would happen, just a year with classes, Quidditch, homework, N.E.W.T.S., and his girlfriend, who is his best friends sister, Ginny Weasley. This was the first time in his whole life that Harry felt he could get close to someone, because there was no longer anyone to take people he loved away from him anymore. Voldemort was dead, and the Death Eaters were all locked up.

"Where's Ginny?" Harry thought out loud.

"I'm sure the first thing she will do once on the train is come to find you, Harry," Hermione was thrilled that Harry had finally came to his senses and realized that he liked Ginny whole lot more than just a friend.

"Talking about me again?" The red hair Goddess, in Harry's eyes at least, said as she pushed the compartment door open and looked at who she thought was the love of her life.

"Always," Harry responded. Ginny walked over and sat next to Harry, he reached out and grabbed her hand instantly. Ginny was completely ecstatic when Harry had sent her an owl telling her that he would be a Seventh year with her. Harry was even offered his old post as Quidditch captain but decided not to take it away from Ginny, who is now the captain, but didn't know that Harry had declined. Harry then thought about his firebolt, in his trunk right now,shrunken, how he wanted to just get on it and feel the breeze in the hair once again. Ginny apparently had been trying to get his attention and he was too busy focusing on his firebolt to hear her so to make sure he knew she was there and turned his head toward her and gave him a gentle kiss. He wanted to make the kiss last longer but thought he probably shouldn't with Ron staring at them both,

"Mate, what have i told you!" Ron exclaimed.

"What! At least I wasn't snogging her, it could have been a lot worse," Harry teased his best friend.

"Ugh! Not what you want to hear about your sister!" Ron countered

"Boys! Stop fighting! We just got on the train for Pete's sake!" Ginny complained, "Ron, Harry and me are dating and if you don't like us kissing, don't look, and Harry, don't egg him on,"

"Fine," Both boys echoed. Harry looked over and smiled at Ginny, he wanted more than anything to just hold her in his arms, but he would have to wait until later, preferably when Ron wasn't around. So he settled for her hand.

It was a long train ride to Hogwarts. Harry bought sweets for everyone, whatever they wanted. They arrived at Hogwarts like usual, and took the carriages up to the castle. They went and sat down at the Griffindor table, Harry and Ginny on one side and Ron and Hermione across from them. They listened to the sorting hats new song, which was better than it had been the past 3 years. The feast was as usual, amazing all four of them stuffed their faces with all of their favorite foods and then headed off to the dormitory to go to bed. They all had a very big day ahead of them tomorrow.

All of them had dreamless sleep, Hermione was the first to wake, of course, because she was so excited to get back to classes. After getting ready for the day Hermione came in and woke Ginny. She had to hurry to get ready, wondering why Hermione had woke her up so late, but had time all the same. Harry and Ron on the other hand had woken up five minutes before breakfast, nonchalant about being extremely late. Hermione was down at breakfast already, but Ginny, not caring if she was late with him waited for Harry. Ron, not caring about the way he looked, got out of bed threw on his robes and went to breakfast, knowing that Ginny would wait for Harry. When he finally came down, he noticed Ginny, all alone in the common room, waiting for him, and his face instantly broke out in a smile that went all across his face.

"Hey, beautiful," Harry greeted her. He acted completely different around Ginny, nobody knew that except for her.

"Hey, why so late?" Ginny teased him. He ignored her, he didn't care about anything but his lips on hers. They didn't get a lot of time to be alone and they certainly didn't get much time away from Ron. He made the kiss last as long as he could, and stopped because of a second year running through the common room, flipping out because he was late. Giggling all the way down to the Great Hall, they walked in hand in hand. As Harry had expected, everyone turned to gawk at him. Some people looked disappointed, some looks thrilled just because they were looking at him, and a few, mostly in Sytherin, didn't even look up. They made their way toward the Griffindor table, and sat across from Ron and Hermione.

"What took you two so long?" Hermione asked them.

"I care about what I look like, i guess," Harry lied as he looked down at Ginny and winked at her.

"I saw that and i don't want to know what you guys did," Ron told them as McGonagall walked up to us.

"Ginny, as head girl you must pass out the schedule's," she explained.

"Okay, no problem," She responded. McGonagall handed Ginny a pile of paper and then walked back up to the teachers table. Ginny sighed and slowly got up from the table and started passing out first years schedules, telling them all if they needed help finding a class that they could ask her anytime. She spent the rest of the morning passing out papers, and didn't even get a chance to eat something. Seeing as they had class in five minutes though, unfortunately, he couldn't do anything about it because seeing as they had McGonagall he thought it would be best if he wasn't late, because he didn't particularly want detention on his first day back. So they all got up and Harry sighed heavily and walked to class, with his girlfriend at his side.

A/N Hope you liked it! Please review with what ya think! Good or bad!

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Once last chance At a normal life: The Arrival


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