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Love Me by SeverusLove
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1 --- Dedication
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Disclaimer: Sadly, neither Harry Potter or its characters belong to me. I am but a sole writer, looking to use my abilities to expand its world and dramatize my disclaimers.

Chapter 1: Dedication


"Now, now, Draco."


"Draco keep still!"

"Mother, I want to go out."

Narcissa Malfoy stared at her son, a hint of a smile on her lips. He spoke with such command, such finality, such...Malfoyness.

"Fine," she sighed, tucking away the brush and smoothing over a few more locks. Five year old Draco tapped his foot in impatience and Narcissa laughed as she patted his head, "Okay, go."

Draco smiled big, kissed his mother on the cheek, and ran out. Narcissa glanced at the clock. It was already ten in the morning. She wasn't sure if Lucius would be home for lunch or not, but she tied her long hair up in its usual bun all the same, and proceeded to the kitchens.

The house-elves had already began preparing the meals but kept silent as Narcissa joined them, only bowing respectfully as she passed by. They had learned not to question Narcissa's motives. Or more so, they had learned that questioning her motives would be more of an insult to her than to them.

However low it may have sounded, Narcissa thought that of all the people in this house including Draco, the house-elves knew her best.

With quick fingers, she sliced and she cut, and she cooked until eleven o'clock. At eleven, she prepared the table as the house-elves stood by, not bothering to object at all. The house-elves snapped their little fingers and the food appeared on the table, all hot and delicious.

At eleven thirty, her little boy showed up, grinning widely as he held up a dragonfly by its wings. She smiled and she patted him on the head, pushing his blonde fringes to the side with her fingers.

"Mum!" he frowned. And she chuckled and told him to go set the dragonfly free before coming back to wait for his father.

At twelve, mother and son were sat at the table, still waiting.

"Is Father coming?"

"I don't know."

"Is Father coming?"

"I don't know, Draco."

"Do you think Father is coming?"

She sighed in exasperation at his persistence but answered honestly. "I don't think so."

"Then why do we have to wait for the food to get cold every time, when we both know that Father rarely ever comes home for lunch?"

Narcissa frowned at her son. "That isn't a very nice thing to say, Draco."


When the clock signalled one, Draco dug in right away, with the manner of that of a boy who hadn't eaten for weeks.

Narcissa ate more slowly, allowing her son to act foolish and childish, for these moments -when Lucius wan't home- were the only moments Draco could act like a normal innocent child. Whereas if he were home, Narcissa was certain that Draco would've been scolded by now.

That night, the same routine took place. They waited for an hour and a half to make sure Lucius wasn't coming before they started eating.

At eight, Narcissa tucked the begging boy to bed.

"Just one more hour?"


"Seventy minutes?"

"No, Draco."

"Fifty minutes."


"Thirty minutes."


"Mum, I want to play for ten more minutes." he finalized with a tone of command. Narcissa chuckled. So much like his father...

"Still no."

"One more minutes?" he tried again.

"Nope." Narcissa kissed the frowning boy on his forehead, before flicking her wand and the lights went off.

Twleve Midnight, the familiar snapping noise of someone apparating, awoke Narcissa from her sleep on front of the fireplace. Rubbing her eyes quickly as to erase all traces of her falling asleep, she got up and took Lucius' robe.

"How was it?" she asked softly, going into the kitchen and returning with a bowl of hot soup.

"Fine, no problems." he answered gruffly. "Stop that."

"Sop what, Lucius?"

"Stop acting so low. There's a reason why magic and house-elves exist, Narcissa." he sneered.

Narcissa, who was heading to the kitchen to take a spoon, stopped immediately. There was only a moment's hesitation before she walked back and took a seat on the couch facing Lucius. She waved her wand and levitated the utensils toward them and waited patiently.

Actually, there was a reason why she did all this. Why she insisted on doing everything herself. A reason why she stooped so 'low'. And it was love. And dedication. And a need for attention, reassurance, and acknowledgement. She watched silently as Lucius ate, her mind whirring.

Of course, there had been times when she thought that way. When she thought that she was akin to house-elves, low and unimportant. Maybe that's why they knew her the most, understood her the most. Because they shared one thing in common. And that was dedication.

Lucius grunted and waved his wand. The empty bowl disappeared and he turned and climbed the staircase, not bothering to wait for Narcissa to follow.

Narcissa stared at his retreeating back. No, she had forgotten one other thing she and the house-elves had in common. She got up and hurried after him. And that was, that the person they were devoted to, didn't love them at all.

Yes, finally, after so long where I practiced with challenges and one-shots, I give you, A MULTI-CHAPTERED STORY! Only, it should be just a short one, outlining a few points of Lucius and Narcissa's story. I have always wanted to wirte Lucius/Narcissa! XD I hope I don't disappoint you with how I portray Lucius though.

This story is dedicated to demeterschild who inspired this story through her own story, Someday, you will. Seriously, go read it. If you love me, you will read it. Unfortunately, I doubt anyone loves me, so you could forget that command. :P Oh, and also, this chapter is dedicated to the ah-mazing xtinjsc as a late birthday gift. I loff you both!

Now, I know you're getting bored of my rants, I can see you rolling your eyes at me with my supervision, so I have to go run off now to read Tinny's one-shot. :P Come join me!

P.S. I'll keep this short. Please, to anyone who can spot some, I didn't bother spell checking this so please point out any grammar/spelling mistakes for me. Oh, and I'm very open to constructive criticism as well. Ta!

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