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True Love's Kiss by Najja
Chapter 4 : The Ministry Ball
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Draco and Hermione arrived at the Ministry followed closely by Ginny and Harry. A loud, destructive crowd was moving along the entrance and Hermione stumbled into the corner to avoid being trampled. She saw Harry pulling Ginny away as well.

" Oh hey Hermione. The ministry's outdone itself, hasn't it." Harry said.

Hermione  laughed."Have you seen Draco?"

" Umm no."

" Well I should go find him."

She found Draco talking to the most beautiful girl Hermione had ever seen.

She was tall and petite and  yet she still managed to pull off gorgeous curves.She wore a mid-thigh length dress with black heels. The dress was entirely gold sequins, that shimmered when she moved. There was a black belt around her clearly toned middle. The girl had long, raven black hair running down her back. Her lips were full and covered with a light pink lipstain. Her small nose fit perfectly on her face and she had big beautiful eyes. They were a deep blue, hinted with green and accented perfectly with a bright pink eyeshadow.

" Hermione, I was wondering where you had gone." Draco said.

Yeah right! Hermione thought scoffing." 

" This is Maria. She has recently moved here from The States. She was a part of the Order there."

If she just moved here, why is she at the ball? Hermione thought to herself.  "Pleasure." Hermione said holding out her hand. 

Maria put on a sweet smile and shook her hand. 

A handsome man walked up and asked Maria to dance.

" Excuse me." She said to Draco and Hermione and walked to the dance floor.

" Would you like to dance Hermione?" Draco asked.

" Sure" she answered.


After dancing through a few songs Hermione began to feel a bit queasy, she stumbled. 

" Are you alright?" Draco asked.

" Yes, I just got  a bit dizzy."

" Why don't you sit down.?" Draco suggested steering over to a chair and helping her sit."

Hermione held her head and Draco said " Maybe I should take you home."

" No, I think I'll manage myself." 

" Are you sure?"

"Yes, thanks."

" I'll see you then."

Draco leaned in and kissed her cheek before saying good bye and walking away.

Hermione felt herself blush as she made her way to the the exit, somehow dizzier than she had been before.  


Apparating home did not help her headache and she immeaditly collapsed on the couch. She pulled her shoes off, rubbing her feet. 

Mrs.Weasley bustled in. " What are you doing back already, dear."

"I was not feeling that well." Hermione replied.

" Did you eat anything there?"

" No, there was not much time."

"Well, you did not even have lunch! Why don't you go change and I'll whip up some chicken soup."

" Alright."

Hermione changed into a gray sweatshirt and a pair of shorts slowly. She made her way back downstairs smelling delicious soup. She plopped down on a chair and Mrs.Weasley spooned the steaming soup into her bowl. 

Hermione drank it slowly trying to think about the coming Hogwarts year, but her thougths kept straying to a certain handsome redhead and an oddly changed blond. 

The door opened and Ron hurried in. " Malfoy said you were feeling sick and went home. Are you better now?" He knelt down in front of her looking genuinely worried. 

" I'm fine Ron. I just- I just missed you." 

He smiled and pulled her into a hug. Mrs.Weasley pretended  not to notice.



Author's Note: Sorry for the EXTREMELY long wait! Hope you enjoyed this chapter and PLEASE PLEASE REVIEW!

                                                           <3 Najja

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