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The Trials of being James Potter's Girlfriend by silverstarletworld89
Chapter 2 : From Prince to Prat!
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"That dinner was truly amazing,” I said, kissing James in between every word.

Cupping my face in his soft hands he stared hungrily into my eyes. Slowly stroking my bottom lip with his thumb, he planted a kiss on the corner of my lips, making a tingling trail until he reached my earlobe.

Nibbling on it slightly he growled huskily, “You wait until dessert.”

“Oi! You two enough of the PDA!” exclaimed Kieran bringing me and James crashing back to the real world. “You are ruining innocent little minds,” he said trying to cover Hugo eyes.

“Did someone mention dessert?” asked Fred, beginning to look around for the item in question.

James rolled his eyes at his cousin. Taking his hand within mine he pulled me up onto my feet. “We will be back in a little while,” he said speaking to various red heads, blondes and brunettes that made up his family. “Do not eat all of the apple pie.”

“Why are you just looking at me, when you say that?” questioned Fred trying to look completely innocent. “There are at least ten other people sitting here.”

James shook his head and chuckled, “Just make sure that there is some left ok?”

Walking past the large group of people that were now tucking into a homemade pie, James began leading me in the direction of the dark forest.

"Where are you taking me?” I asked nervously.

"You’ll see.”

“Lumos,” he enchanted, having taken his wand from his back pocket to brighten our path.

Leaving the glow of light behind us, James slowly entered the dark forest with me trailing cautiously after him. Feeling a slight drop in the atmosphere and seeing the obscurity that awaited me, I could not help but feel a bit apprehensive.

You see, I am sort of afraid of the dark. I know, I know the bad times are over and if anything happens I have got my gorgeous hunky boyfriend to protect me, but for some reason I still felt a bit uneasy.


“Drew, are you ok?”

I was so busy looking over my shoulders that I wasn’t looking in front of me. And as usual it resulted in me hitting the floor, with this time an added bonus of a face full of dirt.

“Don’t worry we are almost there,” chuckled James helping me up off the floor and wiping a considerable amount of dirt off my face.

Wow, I must be looking pretty hot at this particular moment.


Continuing our journey through the forest, with me still looking uneasily around me, James finally stopped. Signifying to me that we had finally reached our destination. Looking up at him, he moved his head to indicate me to look forward.

And I was truly astounded by the view that stood in front of me.

A clearing of the most vibrant greenest grass was laid out before us, which held the most exotic looking flowers I had ever seen in my life. Taking the array of different ocean blues and deep purples, the flowers blended together to make it look as if the grass was gleaming.

Striking white plants wrapped themselves around the trees, contrasting alluringly with the dark colours of the tree trunks. The exquisite plants curled their way upwards around the body of the tree, trying to climb to the top. Following the path of the white flowers, I looked upwards. The sky blended into five different shades of purple, complementing the exotic flowers magnificently. The stars also seemed to be a lot bigger and brighter. So instead of the darkness that surrounded the rest of the forest, the clearing had made it possible for the night sky to glitter its light around the bewitching area.

A few of the colourful petals of purples, blues and whites swirled around our heads as the slight breeze removed them softly from their home. Briefly riding the wind, the petals floated around following the glowing fireflies, until they found a new place to settle.

A dreamlike mist from the forest glowed around the outside of the circle, creeping in between the gaps of the tall trees. Branches connected around the outside, forming a type of protective barrier. As if it was shielding this beautiful place from the rest of the forest.

It was breathtaking.

James stepped forward to the centre and placed himself down on the grass, patting the patch beside him. Making myself comfortable next to him, I wrapped my arms around his torso and positioned my head on his chest so that I could feel the steady beat of his heart.

“This place is very important to me. It’s where I come to get away from everything.” he whispered running is hands tenderly through my hair. “Here I am just James. Not James Potter. Not another Weasley. Just James.”

Turning my head to look at the features on his face, which were now so relaxed I could tell that he was content.

"I wanted to share this place with you, because I...”

James began to frown, scrunching his face trying to think of the words that he wanted to say. I find that he always does this when he is trying really hard to think of words to express his feelings.

"I just wanted to tell you that....”

Wait a minute. You don’t think? He couldn’t be trying to say what I think he is?

Hold on let me do my check list.

We have been together for quite a while? Tick.

Perfect setting? Tick

No family around? Tick

Just James and I? Tick, tick.

I am guessing he is either going to break up with me or say I love you. I am kind of hoping it’s the latter.

"I just wanted to say that.....”

7 months isn’t too early is it? I mean I am certainly in love with him and I definitely would have said it too, if I wasn’t waiting for him to say it first.

Right Drew act surprised, this may just be the best day of your life.


Get the words ready, I love you. James Sirius Potter, I love you.

Moving me up, so that we were forehead to forehead, James gazed into my blue eyes.

"I just wanted to say that I like you a lot.”

Searching into those hazel eyes I waited for what I was hoping, more words to expand on what he had just told me.

But nothing came.

I like you a lot. I like you a lot? What the hell does that even mean? We have been going out for 7 months; I would be worried if he didn’t like me.

Shit, I feel like I was meant to get the new nimbus 3000 but all I got was a comet 480.

Glancing into those hazel orbs which I noticed conveyed a lot of affection and taking in the gorgeous atmosphere around me. I realised that it must have been hard for him to express those few simple words and share his special haven with me. Give him time Drew; he has got plenty of time to say I love you. I mean we are half way there, ‘I like you a lot’ is like the boy version of ‘I love you’ right?

“Thank you so much for sharing this place for me. I know when you have something that you call your own; you do not want to share it with anyone. But that fact that you shared this place with me means a great deal.” I said kissing his nose.

"And I like you a lot too,” I giggled. “You know what else I like a lot? This alone time. Just me and you. No-one else.”

“Umm I wonder what we will do?” said James still running his fingers through my hair.

"Yes, I wonder?”

Rolling me onto my back, his body pinned mine to the grass. Leisurely running his hands up and down the side of my body, he started kissing me tenderly. Wanting more I held his face closer making the kiss deeper. Taking his mouth off mine he moved it to the base of my neck and kissed the hollow that led back up to my ear.

Opening my eyes, I gazed up at the bright stars and the vibrant petals floating in the wind, feeling in complete bliss.

Capturing my mouth once more, he moved his hands towards the buttons of my silk blouse that I wore that evening, undoing the buttons from the bottom upwards. Feeling the last button being undone and a slight breeze tickling my upper body, I heard a soft chuckle escape James’ lips.

"Remind me to thank Fred.”


Why on earth is he thinking about his cousin at a time like this? Talk about killing the moment. And then it hit me. Bollocks!.

“You know I didn’t actually expect you to wear your red underwear, but I am glad you did,” grinned James looking at my red bra.

Well done Drew, you first class loser. I thought that I would surprise James, by wearing the underwear that he desired to see me in. It seemed like such a good idea at the time, however now I just felt like a complete idiot. Pushing James away slightly, I began to re-button my blouse. “Don’t you dare tell anyone,” I said trying to give him an evil glare.

“I was enjoying that,” said James pinning me back down on the grass floor.

Rolling my eyes at my boyfriend, I moved from underneath him. “Come on, I’m sure everyone is wondering where we have got to.”

“Fine, but next time I want to see the whole set,” he said as he wiggled his eyebrows at me.



“Here they are,” said Rose, as James and I made our way back over to the collection of people by the lake. “We didn’t know if you were going to come back.”

Sitting down with his family and opposite my boyfriend, I was so glad that James had managed to find a way of making my night really memorable. Our eyes connecting across the group of people, I threw him a cheeky wink.

“Drew, did you know that you’ve got dirt on your face?” asked Kieran, looking at my face quizzically.

Shit, I totally forgot about that. I had just been smooching the face off my boyfriend in the forest with dirt on my face.


Rose took her wand out of her robes and performed the scourgify charm on my face.

“James, if you wanted to stick Drew’s face in some dirt you could have done that here,” chuckled Fred.

“Yeah, there is a nice pile over there,” laughed Kieran.

“And over there.”

“You two aren’t even funny,” said James, as Kieran and Fred high fived each other. “What did I tell you about the pie?” he asked, now looking at a completely empty dish that once held an apple pie.

“Well, you were complaining about our stamina in training today. So we thought extra pieces were probably beneficial,” said Kieran patting his stomach.

“You have only got yourself to blame,” said Fred placing a mock kind hand on James’ shoulder. James responded by jumping on his to best friends engaging themselves in a three way wrestle.

“How was Quiddtich practice?” Lily asked turning to Toni, ignoring the ruckus that was taking place beside to her.

“Yeah it was good; we have got some brilliant plays coming along,” answered Toni, looking at her teams mates that were now sprawled across the grass.

"I cannnot wait to bring home that trophy," bragged Kieran breathlessly. "And become champions once more," he chanted banging his fists to his chest.

"Champions!" roared James and Fred joining in with the chanting and chest banging.

"Shut up you apes, you haven't won anything yet," said Al. "And I wouldn't get too cocky if I were you. You haven't seen the Slytherin team yet, we are insane."

"Oh please, your team haven't been able to beat us in two years, I doubt that is about to change," assured James.

"Well we have got a new game plan this year, which I doubt any team will be able to match," said Scorpius confidently, sharing a secret look with Al.

"All talk, all talk," said Kieran.

“You know Al and Scorpius are right,” piped up Molly, who was the spitting image of James’ Uncle Percy, with the personality to match. “I wouldn’t get to cocky; the Ravenclaws strategic plan is quite unbeatable.”

I sniggered silently as I saw most of James’ family roll their eyes at Molly.

“Come on Molly, you may be good but I don’t think the rest of your team is up to scratch. I mean on paper you guys tick all the boxes, but in reality...”said Fred trailing off, giving Molly a sympathetic look.

She replied by returning his look with one that could have given her dad Percy a run for his money. “Like I said before, just don’t be too sure of yourselves.”

“I would be careful of Hufflepuff too while you’re at it,” I chipped in.

Silence suddenly filled the atmosphere. That was until it was replaced by laughter. I don’t think I had ever seen the boys laugh so hard, at least the girls were trying to hide their laughter, apart from Molly of course.

"Hufflepuff, that was a good one,” said Kieran, wiping the laughter tears from his eyes.

“Oh, please. Hufflepuff aren’t even in the running,” said Scorpius still laughing.”They are just like our extra training session.”

You probably would have thought by now, that I would have been used to hearing things like this. However, listening to students bad mouth my house, just seems to increase my frustration. They just never seem to take Hufflepuff seriously. It’s even worse now that I am Quiddtich captain and it seems that there is a fourth place trophy already waiting in our name.

"Have Hufflepuff ever won anything?” questioned Hugo who looked quite confused.

“Not since I have been here,” James sniggered. “Losing is their....”

"Yes?” I asked, urging James to continue.

The laughter died from the boy’s faces, having finally realising their mistake. Noticing the expression on my face and the storm beginning to form in my eyes, they glanced cautiously at James.

“Yes? Losing is our what?” I asked James again, with my eyebrows raised and arms folded. Giving off the vibe, ‘you had better pick your fucking words carefully’.

Running his hand uncomfortably through his dark hair, James shrugged his shoulders at me.

“Come on Drew; don’t look at me like that. I mean, when was the last time that Hufflepuff won anything?”

“That’s not the point. You cannot just write us off before we have even played because of our past,” I voiced, feeling myself getting angrier by the second “For all you know, we could have a winning team this year.”

“Pfft, Hufflepuff?” I heard Kieran snicker. I sent him the filthiest look I could possibly muster.

“Babe, calm down,” said James, moving closer to me. “I know that you have probably got a great team this year and you may possibly do well. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose anyway. It is the taking part that counts.”

I could tell in his face that he thought the ‘compassionate’ words, in his eyes would make me feel better. However it just got me riled up even more. I sent him a look that said ‘you didn’t pick your words carefully enough’.

“Yeah, isn’t that like the Hufflepuff motto or something?” said Fred believing that he was helping James in this situation. “As long as you guys try...”

I held my hand up to silence Fred. Are they fucking kidding? It’s the taking part, as long as we try? What the fuck?

“First off, I am not your babe,” I argued counting the points of my argument on my hand. “And second James Potter; don’t give me any of that bullshit. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose? Please, you were furious over the game last year because you only won by ten points!” I exclaimed.
“That was different.”


At this moment we only had eyes for each other, but not in a good way. Our usual spectators sitting quietly, wondering how it was all going to end.

“Because.... because...” said my jackass of a boyfriend, trying to think of a reasonable explanation.

"Because what?”

“I don’t know why you are getting so worked up. You have been in Hufflepuff for years; you know what it is like. It is common knowledge that Hufflepuff aren’t really contenders,” he expressed, as he looked to his family for support.

“Why I’m getting so worked up?” I cried, bringing his face back to now looking at mine. This is between me and him. Not between me, him and his family.

“Because not only are you disrespecting my house, you are also criticizing my competence as captain. What am I not good enough, to be able to manage a winning team?”I said standing up in the heat of the moment.

“I didn’t say that. That is not what I meant,” he said standing up with me, his face conveying shock and confusion. “Listen, I’m sorry ok, I crossed the line.”

“Crossed the line? James, you are so far past the line, the line is none existent to you.”

“Drew, I am sorry. I know that you are a great captain, please don’t get mad,” he said, walking over to me and pulling me in to a secure hug, which I returned quite lamely.

I know you may think that I am overreacting but it just feels like as a Hufflepuff you have to work three times as hard to try and prove yourselves to people. I mean of course like everyone else, we would like to win. We may not show it like the other houses do but the drive is still there. Just because we are not associated with a lion, or snake or dumbass raven people think that they can just walk all over us. Well I tell you now; I am determined to make that change this year. I will win, even if it kills me.

“You are not mad anymore are you?” asked James, nervously looking into my face for signs of irritation.

Yes, James Sirius Potter I am! I am fucking fuming at you and if I could, I would slap your beautiful face silly for being a complete prat!

“No, I am not mad,” I sighed. “Look I am getting quite tired, so I am going to head back to the castle.”

“Do you want me to walk you back?” asked James cautiously.

“No, I will be fine, you stay here.”

“And you’re definitely not mad?”

“No, I am not mad” I said moving out of his embrace and trying so hard not to grit my teeth.

“I will see you guys later,” I said saying goodbye to James’ family. Who were trying to look as if they weren’t just listening to our whole argument.

“Bye,” they mumbled.

James embraced me once more to give me a kiss goodbye. Aiming for my mouth, I turned my face so that all he got was my cheek.

“I will see you tomorrow?” he enquired.

“Sure,” I shrugged. Turning my back on my boyfriend, I began my trek back towards the castle and my dorm room.

“Ouch, what was that for?” I heard James cry.

“You my dear cousin, are an idiot.”


"Argh!” I screamed as I stormed into my 7th year dorm room. “Argh!”

"Good night then?” smiled Imogen. Who was lying down on her bed, scribbling on some parchment.

Storming past her to get to my own bed, I flopped down heavily onto my mattress. Picking up my pillow and covering my face with it, I began to scream into it at the top of my lungs.

“Come on Drew, tell us what happened,” I heard Livy say, as I felt the dip of my bed deepen as three people sat on it.

I removed the pillow that was obstructing my view and stared up at my dorm mates and three best friends.

Imogen, Olivia and Ruby.

Imogen the green eyed beauty, who never fails to make me laugh. Olivia or Livy, the sensitive soul who always knows the right things to say. And Ruby, the athletic tomboy, who will always be there for you no matter what. I don’t know how I would be able to get through my school years and relationship without my friends by my side.

“James and I had an argument,” I sighed.

“What was it about?” asked Livy.

“It wasn’t even that big of a deal. I don’t even know why I even got so worked up or why I am still worked up,” I tried to explain frustratedly.

“Walk us through it,” said Livy.

"Well it was just an argument about our Quidditch team and our chances of winning this year.”

I saw my three friend pass glances between them but I carried on.

“He basically said that we weren’t really contenders and they found it really funny when I said there was a possibility of us winning this year. Looking back now I may have over reacted, but I just got so frustrated. Our house want to see Hufflepuff do well, and with me being captain I feel as if I have got added pressure to achieve that goal. I just felt like I was being laughed at,” I mumbled.

“Do you think I may have over reacted?”

"No, not at all,” assured Livy. “James of all people should know the stress of being captain and the pressure and expectations that come with it. I think that he was a bit insensitive towards your feelings.”

See this is why I love speaking to Livy, she knows just how to calm me down.

“What is it, with people, thinking that we are doormats?” complained Ruby. “This Slytherin made a snide comment about me being in Hufflepuff this afternoon and I was thinking, just because I’m in Hufflepuff that will not stop me hexing your fat ass to Timbuktu.”

“Did you hex him?” asked Livy curiously.

“No, I pushed him over instead. I didn’t want someone else taking the credit for my hex,” laughed Ruby, with us joining in with her.

“You know, the other houses think we are all about peace and love and shit and that we all live in harmony, but we want to hex a few annoying people in our house just as much everyone else. I just think in reality we just better at hiding our faults then others,” said Imogen matter of factly.

“I would love to hex that bitch in the year below,” said Ruby thinking of all the people that have crossed her.

“Oh yeah, don’t forget to add in those twin bitches,” chuckled Imogen.

“And that blonde girl who called you fat,” chipped in Livy

"Oh my gosh. How could I not mention her?”

By now I was honestly and completely cheered up. I sat up and gave my friends a massive group hug.

“Listen, don’t worry about what James and his family think, most of them are annoying anyway,” said Ruby.

“Yeah annoyingly handsome, if only....”

“Moving on,” said Ruby not letting Imogen finish her sentence. I could tell Imogen wasn’t bothered though; she was now lost in her daydream of thinking about one of the Weasley members. ”We are just going to have to prove to them that we are worth watching out for.”

"You know what, you guys are right. Next practice I am going to kick it up a gear,” I smirked, with a new game plan forming together in my head. “It’s time to let the school know that we are a force to be reckoned with. We will teach them that they should never underestimate the ability of the Hufflepuffs.”

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