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Forbidden Love by malfoydraco
Chapter 2 : Truce?
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I woke up from my sleep. Why the bloody hell am I dreaming about Granger? I asked myself. I’ve might have changed but, Granger is still a book worm not-it-all who aggravates me to the end of God’s earth. Maybe it’s stress from when braking up with Pansy and having to go back to Hogwarts as Head boy. 




I laid there in my bed staring at my Slytherin green wall. I had been laying there for a few minutes before my mother called, “Draco, time to wake up” I slowly rose from my bed and headed towards my shower. 




My mother, father, and I arrived at kings cross rather early, to my surprise since when I had been rushed out of the house fairly quickly. “Mother, I thought we were late. The train is not due to leave for another half hour,” I pointed out. 




“Draco, as head boy you must get here early to make sure that no muggle-borns are confused on how to get through the barrier,” she explained.




“But in the past years, I haven’t seen the head boy and girl at the barrier?”




This year over half of the first years are muggle born, so you are needed to make sure that everything goes smoothly,” My father made a look of disgust.  




We walked towards the platform getting a few stares as we went. My father  tried to not make eye contact with the muggles, but when he did he would return the stare with a glare.




As we approached the platform I saw the back of a girl with a cart that had a trunk an owl, and other things that were required for Hogwarts. This must be the new head girl. I thought. 




The girl had brown, straight with a little curl at the bottom hair that ended half way down her back. She was wearing a skirt which came halfway down her thigh, it showed off her beautiful long slightly tan legs. She was also wearing a black shirt which clung to her body with only straps to which kept it up. I had never seen that type of shirt before.




“Hello, I’m Draco Malfoy, the new head boy,” I said extending my hand being polite. The girl turned around and I realized who it was.




“Malfoy I know who you are,” she said.




“Granger!?” I said in amazement and shock. She looked amazing. She had filled out in all the right places. 




“Yes? You know, you might want to close your mouth before it becomes part of the alphabet as the O,” she said smirking. After that comment I quickly snapped back into reality. I closed my mouth and resumed a straight posture. And cleared my throat. 




“Draco,” my father said. It made me jump I had forgotten that my parents were still there. I turned to face them both. “We’ll see you at Christmas break,” I shook his hand. I gave my mother a hug. Both of them gave Granger a curt nod. My mothers a little more friendly. 




“Your parents actually gave me a nod, I surprised!” she said with sarcastic amazement. I turned back to her.




“Truce?” I asked 




She was taken aback by this offer, “What!?” she said with astonishment, her mouth slightly open, her brown eyes slightly wider.




“Are you deaf? I asked if you would make a truce with me considering that we will be living in the same dormitory and I doubt that either one of us wants to fight all the time,” I said smirking. 




She considered it then said, “If I agree to this truce, you will have to never call me a mud-blood again,”




“I wasn’t going to call you that anyway, but yes I’ll agree to that as long as you never compare me to my father and his pure blood mania and you can’t call me a ferret,” I said.




“Okay, but you have to apologize,” she reasoned with a smirk on her face.




“Fine, Hermione Granger I am sincerely sorry for any and all rude, cruel, or unjust actions that have caused you disgrace,” she listened with a huge smirk on her face that was rather cute. With that we stuck our hands out and shook.




“I’m impressed, Malfoy. You actually said that apology with sincerity,” she pointed out.




“For such a beautiful women I’d have to say it with sincerity or else it would be impolite,” I said, and she blushed.  She looks so cute when she blushes, wait what am I thinking! 




“Well I’ll be dammed Draco Malfoy accentually has manners. Did you just learn them?” she asked sarcastically.




“Actually besides all the evil things I was taught by my father I was taught how to be respectful,” I explained. 




“Hermione,” I heard an unmistakable voice call.




“Harry!” she yelled with excitement. She ran towards him. They both hugged. He looked over towards then whispered something in Hermione’s ear. He had a slightly worried expression on his face. She laughed and whispered something in his ear, which made him have hysterics. 




They came over to me his hand around her waist, which made me envious. I greeted, “Potter”




And he replied “Malfoy, I think we should have a truce considering that you and Hermione have one,”




“Potter, I believe we should since the war is over Voldemort is dead and well I’m sorry for what I have done in the past,”




“Apology excepted,” as said that we shook hands. 




“Potter get your hands off my girl or I’ll hex,” someone said. Harry chuckled at this and put his hands in the air for a fake surrender.




“Don’t worry Ron I’ve only have eyes for your sister,” Harry said with a large smile.




“Ron I’ve missed you so much!” Granger said excitedly she turned around and pressed her lips to his. That made extremely mad, but I hid the jealously well. Wait why was I jealous this is Granger.




They separated, and for the first time the weasel noticed me. “What are you doing here ferret?”




“Well, weasel, I happen to be head boy,” I said with a large smirk.




“You?!” he shouted. “but why the bloody hell would McGonagall pick you?” 




“Well obviously because I’m perfect for the role,” I replied. He snorted




“Oh really is the description for the role of head boy, stuck-up, prejudice, self-obsessed, bound to take advantage of it, ferret? Because that’s you,”  How dare he? I pulled out my wand…    








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