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Oh, the Tragedy of it All! by SpringTime
Chapter 12 : Happy Trails
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Tensions were still high between Tabby and Six, even Hollace VanBitch-face noticed.

"What crawled up their arses?" Was her lovely observation after a particularly tension filled argument.


I didn't deign to answer and since Tabby and Six had both left in separate huffs, it was up to Jocelyn to entertain Hollace's inane comment. Not that that wasn't a role that she wasn't eager and willing to play.


I left the room as well, but only because the idea of being alone with those two was something of a nightmare. It was Halloween and the whole castle was in a frenzy of excitement and activity. I took a tiny peek at the Pumpkins that Hagrid had been growing for this year; they were beyond huge. One of them was as large as Shell Cottage.


I thought about sitting with Ravenclaw tonight, not wanting to deal with any more of the drama that was abounding in our small Slytherin clique. It would definitely make my life a whole lot easier, but then I would feel bad, leaving Tabby and Six alone with only Scorpius and Gates as buffers (though the latter hardly counted as he rarely ever spoke).


Bertram, for the past couple of days had chosen my normal form of escape by sitting with his sister and Dom. I couldn't say I blamed him, his presence would probably only have exacerbated the problem at this point anyway. Neither Tabby nor Six were willing to give an inch. Tabby insisting that Six had been a spiteful bitch (which she had) and Six determined to prove that Tabby's original motives had been just as devious.


I don't know why they each still insisted on sitting in the same area, but neither one seemed to want to give any ground to the other. It was a horrible impasse. So tonight's feast I guess would be as excruciating as the last couple of days have been. Miles had braved the war sight with me on the first night post Six and Bertram’s break-up, but he didn't dare do it again. I wasn't sure if I minded or not; I guess not enough to get mad about the abandonment.


He was so sweet though, even when Scorpius was continually shooting sarcastic remarks to him about his fan club, or when a glob of mashed potatoes landed on his cheek shot by Tabby and meant for Six. Miles just grinned and bore it. Though he told me after that he would not be eating with me again until 'those two crazies' had become sane.


I thought about sitting with him, but decided against it; this would sort itself out soon enough and then he could come back. I didn't really like the view from his end of the table, it was... stifling?


Classes seemed to go by at a snail’s pace, especially the double History of Magic that closed out my Tuesday afternoons. But by the time the bell tolled I wished that it had been a little bit longer. It meant that the night of horrors would be upon me sooner than I would like. And just like that, it was time for the feast.


When I reached the table I was shocked to see Bertram sitting there as if he had never taken a sabbatical from his two ex girlfriends, although I don't really think that a term of a week counted for Six and Bertram’s relationship to be considered boyfriend/girlfriend. I sat by Scorpius and across from Tabby, Six was on the other side of me and Bertram was sitting beside Gates, which put him in the middle. I could tell that he was uncomfortable in such a prime and center spot, his eyes darted between Six and Tabby, as if he was just waiting for one of them to explode and would be ready to duck – an idea that didn't sound terrible to me at all.


"So Bertram? How was it sitting with all those egg heads?"


I held my breath as I waited to see if Tabby's remark would be the spark for the impending explosion.


Bertram looked up from his plate, which apparently had been extremely interesting until that point.


"Horrible," he groaned. "There is only so much sister time I can stand." His lips twitched and he almost smiled, but didn't.


"I think the Ravenclaws are nice," Six said defensively.


Bertram grew red, but said nothing, and Scorpius kept looking around the table as if the food would show up at any moment. I just waited for the other shoe to drop.


"You would," Tabby said with a scowl.


"Yeah well-"


"Shut up!" It was Gates. Quiet little Gates. He was standing now, looking down on Tabby and Six as if they were children. "You two are ridiculous. Six, you went after Bertram right after Tabby here was ditched by him and not because you liked him but because you wanted to prove a point to some prat Gryffindor."


Tabby smiled widely, gloating over Gates' admonishment.


"And you..." Gates looked down on Tabby's two toned head, "you don't want to be with Bertram anymore than she does," he pointed at Six, "so stop fighting as if the guy matters to either of you and get over it."


He sat back down and slipped into his usual silent repose.


"Thanks." Sarcasm oozed off the one syllable word, but it was pain that I saw in Bertram's eyes.


"You can stop too." It was Scorpius who spoke up this time. "You don't really care about either of them like that either and only dated them so that you could strut about with someone on your arm."


"That's no-"


"It is so and you know it."


Wow, Scorpius was pissed. Interesting. I don't think I have ever seen him this upset before. A vein was sticking out on his neck and was clearly visible underneath that pale skin of his. I couldn't stop staring at it. Its greenish hue and pulsing rhythm entranced me.


Everyone at the table remained quiet, each absorbed in our own thoughts, and though the beginning of feast speech was performed I doubted that any of us could repeat what was said, which was saying something as usually Six and I hung on every word that Headmaster Hotness would say.


We ate the food and silence reigned. It got to be more oppressive than the outright fighting that had been going on. I couldn't stand it.


"Did you hear that they were coming out with a new edition of Hogwarts: A History?" Okay, so it wasn't the most interesting topic, but my mum had just owled me about it that morning and it was the only thing that I could think of. Sue me.


"That's... er... not interesting at all actually," was Tabby's lovely response.


Six giggled and Bertram snorted. Gates outright laughed and Scorpius stayed silent, but grinned. But the tension seemed to have seeped away slowly and conversations around the table began. Tabby and Bertram even continued one of their more lively debates about which professors they thought were sleeping together.


"I actually find that very interesting," Scorpius whispered into my ear a little while later when everyone else was occupied with either listening to or participating in the great Professor debate.


I turned to look at him and was met with eyes the color of which I had never seen before. It was an odd mixture of green and blue and was so beautiful that I could hardly believe that these eyes were on a bloke. How had I not noticed this at the least? I was so busy staring that it took me a minute to realize that I should probably respond.


I abruptly turned away from those aqua colored eyes and said, "Yeah? I... er... it's a good book." What was wrong with me? Why could I not speak like a normal person. I must still be flustered by everyone laughing at my original input. Yeah, that was definitely it. Even Gates laughed. I mean, it wasn't that funny.


I caught little snippets of everyone else's conversation...


"No. Blakely would never go for Boots, he's too prissy for her."




"Madam Chambers, whatever. My point is that Professor Boots is a pansy boy and she would want a real man."


"I suppose you mean someone like yourself?"


I completely tuned out after that, not caring who Madam Chambers was seeing or not seeing. Scorpius was sitting next to me in silence, he also did not seem to be too focused on the discussion.


"So big game this weekend..." I couldn't stand the awkwardness that had just appeared between us.


He snapped to attention, I guess I wasn't the only one who was inside my own head.


"Wha-? Oh, yeah, big game. Gonna be a hard one, but there's no question that we will win. That Roxy might be able to fly, but our new Beater should take care of her early on... I mean, um... not that she will be aiming specifically for your cousin."


A flustered Scorpius was fun.


"I hear that Miles is doing really well. He was pretty terrific when we were practicing over the weekend."


"He's okay." Scorpius looked down at his food.


What? Miles was better than okay, he was great. And he bloody well better be since Scorpius had chosen him over me to play Keeper. I stared as Scorpius as if he had grown a second head.


Scorpius looked back up at me, probably feeling the irritation of my gaze upon him. "What?"




"Sorry, he's bloody fantastic, didn't mean to insult your boyfriend or anything." He rolled his eyes at me. His annoying sarcasm made me want to scream, but what was worse was him calling Miles my boyfriend.


"He's not my boyfriend," I said in a defensive tone. The whole idea sent a sharp stabbing pain into my heart. I didn't want Miles for my boyfriend, I didn't want anyone to fill that role. I had had a boyfriend and look at where that got me. No, Miles was just a friend who I kissed sometimes and enjoyed his company. That's all. No boyfriend here.


"Oh, I thought..." Scorpius shrugged, "I guess I misunderstood the situation."


"Yeah, I guess you did," I huffed. Perhaps I was being a bit ridiculous. Actually I was pretty certain that that was exactly what I was being, but still, I just wasn't ready for anything close to another relationship. Especially since I was still pining after the old one. Ever since hearing about Seven and Gloria's fight I couldn't help but look over in his direction every so often. They would still sit together at meal times, and maybe it was just my own desire for it to be true, but I thought that I could sense some tension between those two. It was the way that his arm would no longer drape about her, and the way that she would stare off at the Ravenclaw table for long moments at a time.


Tonight I watched as he turned from 'Glo-ry' and spoke with Gordan for most of the meal.


Scorpius saw where my gaze drifted and he scowled.


"Don't start that again Rose, guy's a tosser."


Stupid observant prat, had to nose himself in where he didn't belong.


"He is not, he's just been going through some stuff," I defended, though I am not sure why.


"Like what? Do you even know?"


"I don't have to know what. I can tell that it is something bad. I know him. Now mind your business." Okay, so I was a bit snappy, but that's what he gets for putting in his two knuts. I didn't speak to Scorpius for the remainder of the meal. Or maybe he stopped speaking to me, who cares? Either way, there was no communication between us, just how I liked it. Actually that's not true, but at the moment it most definitely was. At this particular moment I did not want to speak to one Scorpius Malfoy ever again.




Even though I had just insisted that Miles was not my boyfriend, I felt that it was necessary to prove to Scorpius that I wasn't interested in Seven any longer. So I spent the remainder of the evening with Miles instead of my friends. There was some hand holding and a little bit of kissing, but I guess I just wasn't feeling like a good long snog session, so I put off most of those advances by distracting Miles with some random question or another.


I watched my friends in the corner. It was almost amazing how quickly things went back to normal. Tabby and Six were sitting there as if there had never been a quarrel, let alone an outright bitch fest. Bertram also appeared pretty comfortable amongst his two exes. Actually it kind of creeped me out. Gates stood against the back wall, and if I wasn't completely mistaken, he even looked to be talking. Oh wait, never mind, that was a yawn. No... he was talking.


I was practically desperate to know what he was saying. The boy didn't talk much, but when he did... Merlin did it have an impact. I mean look at what happened tonight. He single-handedly changed the entire group dynamic back to normalcy. I couldn't see what Scorpius was doing as his back was faced to us, but what did I care? I wasn't talking to him anyway.


"So how about it Rose?"


Crap, Miles had been talking and I wasn’t even listening. Was I a crap girl that was a friend who kissed sometimes or what?


"Um... yeah, sure sounds good."


Miles beamed. It was a nice look on him. Especially those dimples that came out with his broad smile. And his teeth, they were so straight and white. It was almost creepy. I wonder what I had just agreed to, but how to go about finding out?


"So you're sure... you know, about the question you just asked?" Smooth-ish.


"Of course I'm sure, I just asked didn't I?" Miles' smile faltered a little.


"Yes, I just, y'know was double checking." Crap, crap, crapity crap.


"Well, the answer is yes. I am sure that I want you to be my girlfriend." He planted a peck on my lips, but seeing as how I was now stone still, it wasn't going to be developing into anything more.


I was now his girlfriend? When the in the fuck (pardon my French) did that happen? Oh, yeah, when I was off in lala land wishing that I were hanging out with my friends, well, except Scorpius. What did I do now? I definitely did not want to be anyone's girlfriend, but I also really did like Miles. He was so nice, and cute and sweet. How could I tell him that I didn't really think I fancied him much that way? He was really good looking. Maybe I just haven't given him the proper chance.


Perhaps it wouldn't be so terrible, being in a 'relationship' with Miles, I would be the envy of half of the population at Hogwarts.


Okay, I could be his girlfriend, and if it doesn't work out, then well... then I will find a way to get him to dump me. How hard could it be? Seven was completely capable of it without a backwards glance.


Yep. I was now the girlfriend of one Miles Flynn. Miles Flynn was my boyfriend. I was going with Miles Flynn.


"You okay?"


Perhaps a grimace was not the proper facial expression for the moment. I plastered on a smile. "Yeah, sorry..." Think, Rose! Think, goddamnit! "I was just thinking, um... about the game this weekend."


"Oh." He looked confused.


"Yeah, well you know a lot of my family will be playing against us, so I was just thinking of them being hurt... I heard Scorpius has sicced that new Beater on Roxy." Good save Rose.


"I wouldn't worry too much about it, that Weasley is pretty good on a broom. I'm sure she will fare just fine. Though I think she will be right pissed when we end up winning." He rubbed his hand on my arm in a soothing gesture.


Is it a bad sign when you don't want your boyfriend to touch you? Okay, that was harsh, I just think at this point I didn't want to be touched, period. I was probably just tired, I can get like that when I am tired. Yeah, that must be it. Probably should head off to bed. I mean it was already going on nine o'clock, definitely bed time.


I gave Miles another plastic smile and then told him of my early evening plans. He looked put out, but being the sweetheart that he was, didn't object. He walked me the whole twenty feet to the girls' stairs and kissed me lightly on the lips. I made a serious attempt at kissing back. I noticed that when we pulled away, my attempt was very much appreciated. See, I could totally be his girlfriend. There was nothing to it. And that kiss was just fine. Very fine. The finest.


When I got to my dorm room I squirreled myself into the duvet and my lovely little niche and cried. I wasn't upset about being Miles' girlfriend. Nope, I was upset for Roxy. She could seriously get hurt out there this weekend. I was crying for Roxy. Poor, innocent, Roxy. She wouldn't know what hit her, or rather, it would be a Bludger so she would know, but well... whatever.




My eyes were crusted over when I woke up at... I cast a small glow with my wand and took a look at my watch, it was one a.m. That’s what I get for trying to go to bed early. A nice after midnight wake up. This time I decided I would not be headed towards the kitchen. It was too dangerous.


I crept downstairs in my slippers and dressing gown, maybe a nice sit by the fire would send me back to tiredland. The common room was deserted and the fire in the grate was only a glowing pile of embers. I went over to get the flames flashing again when I noticed that the common room wasn't as deserted as I had thought.


There, lying on his back on the large sofa in front of the hearth, was Scorpius Malfoy. A book rested lightly on his chest and one of his arms dangled down towards the floor while the other was pulled up behind his blonde head. The stretch of his arm had pulled his white shirt up just enough for me to see the light shimmer of blonde hair leading a trail down the front of his belly towards... his flannels.


I stood there watching as the rise and fall of his chest would bring his shirt up higher, and then lower once more. There was something very soothing about watching someone sleep. I could feel my heart beat slow to the rhythm of his breathing. I was so focused on his chest that I didn't notice when eyes opened, but they did, because when I happened to look up I saw those aqua pools staring back at me, a small smirk played at the corner of his mouth.


"Hey." His voice was coarse and low.


I could feel the heat rising up my neck. I pulled my hair from the messy pony that it had been in, hoping that my mass of curls would hide my apparent embarrassment.




"What time is it?" Scorpius yawned out. He pulled his legs up and stretched both of his arms above his head, pulling his shirt up higher than it had been while he was sleeping. I was able to keep my eyes focused on his face though... okay I peeked a little bit, but who wouldn't? It definitely wasn't a disappointing sight.


"A little after one." I forced my eyes back to his face, thankful to see that his eyes were closed once more. Maybe he didn't notice my little peak.


"What're you doing up?" He sat upright, leaving the end of the couch available.


"Couldn't get back to sleep." I sat down on the end that was now Scorpius free.


"I saw that you went up early. Did your boy- I mean friend bore you to death?" He was definitely smirking now.


"No, he was being lovely."


"Ah, lovely, the most wonderful of compliments coming from the woman that you like."


I punched his foot.


"Ow," He rubbed at the spot where I had hit him, rather hard if I do say so myself. "What's got your knickers in a twist."


"Nothing. Just don't like you insulting my fr-boyfriend." There I said it. The word felt heavy and awkward when it came out, but it was done. I had said it and now it would be smooth sailing from here. The first time is always the hardest, right?


His face screwed up in a questioning glance. "But I thought you said-"


"I know what I said, but that was before."


"Before...?" He arched both eyebrows up.


"Before Miles asked me and I accidentally said yes." Whoops. Hadn't meant to say the accidentally part.


"You accidentally said yes?" The frustrating smirk that had been playing on his lips before I had said the word 'boyfriend' came back full force.


I groaned, leaned over and put my head in my hands. "Yes, okay. I accidentally said yes. I wasn't paying attention."


"And you didn't feel the need to correct this error?"


I lifted my head and with a determined expression said, "No! It'll be good. Miles is sweet. He'll make a great boyfriend. Better than any other guys that I've seen lately."


This did not appear to appease Scorpius. You would think he'd be happy for me, finding a nice bloke and all. Especially given his reaction to the idea of me getting back with Seven from earlier in the evening. Alas, this was not the case. Sigh. I could not please everyone. Guess I will just focus on myself, and Miles. Yep, pleasing Miles. It'll be great.


Scorpius did not respond though, other than by giving me a look that said 'you are full of shite, Rose Weasley'. It was a very distinctive look. One cocked eyebrow, a twinge at the right side of his lip, and the disbelief in his creepily beautiful eyes.


"So, you and Miles then, huh?" Was that a note of dejection? Nah, probably just still tired.


I nodded.


"I hope he makes you happy. I better get to bed." Scorpius rose from the sofa and stretched once more, his flannels hung low on his hips and his shirt lifted again. I couldn't help myself, I looked again.


"Night." Though I had no intentions of going to sleep. Not going to be possible now, not with my head full of being Miles' girlfriend. A shot of male stomach crept its annoying way into my visions as well.


A/N:  For those that have also read RY did you notice the name of one of the professors?  That's right.  Blakely :)  she is the Quidditch Coach/Broom Riding spcialist or whatever Madam Hooch was.  For the back story on that feel free to ask me on the Authors Page which has been very sad and lonely as of late.

Anyway, so this chapter is fun... Who doesn't like to Ogle some good ole Scorpius goodies?  And what do you think about our girl dating Miles now?  What about the Halloween fight/make-up scene.  All feedback is appreciated.  Especially since my review box is also getting lonely.

Thanks so much to you readers and reviewers and especially thanks to my Beta WeasleyTwinMom who makes this legible. :)

And Lastly I would like to make sure everyone knows to please keep your review 12+ as otherwise I will have to delete and that makes me sad :(  Thanks all.


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