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Haunted by massieblockrox
Chapter 1 : Haunted
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Ginny stood there like a statue as Harry walked away from her. He had just broken up with her. For a stupid, noble reason. But Ginny only heard one thing.

We need to break up.

Ginny shook her head. How typical of him, to want to protect her and play it safe. Harry looked miserable, but his jaw was set, green eyes burning. A song popped into Ginny's head. Her father had been tinkering with a muggle radio, and a song she had heard played in her mind that so accurately fit her situation.

Come on, come on

don't leave me like this

I thought I had you figured out......

Ginny watched bitterly Harry trudge over to a large tree, where Ron and Hermione sat. They patted the ground, and Harry sat with them. Ginny turned away, her eyes smarting with tears.

She loved Harry. Ginny would die, if she dated Harry, but at least she would die happy. Now she couldn't even do that!

Somethings gone terribly wrong

Can't turn back

Now I'm haunted.....

She turned away and walked slowly over to Hagrid. The half-giant was crying, because Professor Dumbledore's funereal had just ended. She reached for his elbow and patted it comfortingly.

“'Ello, Ginny,” Hagrid choked. “Hey, Hag,” Ginny replied. “I can't believe Dumbledore's gone,” He said. “I can't believe Harry's gone,” she muttered. “Eh?” Hagrid peered at her. “Are you alright?”  "No,” Ginny clenched her fists. “Harry dumped me,” she said, and unable to hold it in any longer, began to wail.

“Oh, dear,” Hagrid hugged her. “It'll be okay,” he murmured. Ginny looked at him. “Eventually,” he said hastily.

Hagrid couldn't stand there with Ginny for ever, and eventually made his way back to a pile of ashes that was once his home. Ginny sat on the ground and stared at nothing.

Someone tapped her on the shoulder. “What?” Ginny whipped around. It was Hermione.

“Hello, Ginny,” Hermione looked at her with sympathy. If there was one thing that Ginny hated, it was people feeling sorry for her.

Ginny pushed Hermione away. “I don't want to talk, Hermione,” Ginny said coldly. She flipped her vivid red hair over a shoulder. Ignoring this, Hermione sat down next to her. “Look Gin, Harry loves you. He really does. But you know how he would feel if you died,” Hermione's soft brown eyes were pleading. "He wants whats best for you 'cause he loves you,"

“What if I don't care if I die?” Ginny cried. Tears threatened to spill again. “Oh, Ginny,” Hermione sighed and put an arm around her. “It'll be okay,” “No it won't,” Ginny wailed.

Stood there and watched you walk away

From everything we had

But, I still mean every word I say to you.......

“Ginny?” Hermione looked at her strangely, and Ginny realized that she was singing out loud. With her crying and singing at the same time, it probably sounded dreadful. 

“Sorry,” she said hurriedly. Wiping her eyes again, Ginny stood up. She waved to Hermione and walked away.

Ginny knew that she would never, ever forget the breakup.

And she would be haunted with the memory for the rest of her life. It fitted the song in her head, at least.



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Haunted: Haunted


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