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Little Black Books by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 1 : Take Me Away
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Disclaimer; I do not own anything except Anna and a little bit of the plot. Everything else is J.K Rowling’s. Thanks for reading.


Stretching her hands through the window of the train, she caught Charlie’s hands in hers and grasped onto them tightly. His eyes, full of despair and longing bore into hers.


“I’m sorry” She whispered, softly and slowly letting go of his rough hands. He tried desperately to grab back onto her hands but she retracted them through the window before he could. “I have to go”


“No you don’t” He replied, staring her directly in the eye as his blue eyes started to water. “You could stay here with me, I can keep you safe” He mumbled, she shook her head. “Anna please” His lip trembled slightly, and she found herself trying desperately to fight back her tears. The train gave an almighty roar and the people of the platform finished their last goodbyes. 


“I love you” Anna whispered, kissing Charlie through the window as the train began to slowly move.


“Me too” He whispered back, watching the train quicken its pace. Anna stuck her head out of the train slightly and waved to him, he gave a small wave back as the train turned the corner. In a moment he was on the floor with his face in his hands.



Anna fell back into her chair, her hazel eyes filling with salty tears. She really hated crying, it made her feel weak and pathetic. And she was everything but. With a deep breath, she brushed her tears aside and pulled out Charlie’s little black ‘Anna’ book.


Charlie had given the book to her the night before, telling her it had every single thought he had ever had of her written down in the tiny book. At the time Anna hadn’t believed him, there was no way the past eight years they’d known each other could be put into such a tiny book but now as she read through it, she could feel her heart aching for the man she’d loved since she was nineteen.


Met this girl today, Anna Russe. She’s beautiful, without a doubt but she’s odd.


Anna laughed softly; she so clearly remembered the first time she’d laid eyes on Charlie. She wouldn’t have called in love at first sight, or second for the matter. In fact for the first five years, she had hated Charlie Weasley with her whole being.


Anna was the only female within miles of the Dragon Reserve, and the fact she was a Dragon Keeper entertained all the males on the base to a certain extent. Within the first week, all the men had learnt not to mess with Anna Russe especially if she was angry. Sure, she looked like a bit of a girly girl from a distance but she hardly afraid of punching a guy in the face. As one of her now best friends, David, had learnt rather quickly.


Charlie however didn’t seem to get this message and had been punched, slapped, kicked and threatened several but still rallied her up. During the fifth year of their training, something had changed between the two of them and Charlie had asked her out. Thinking it was a joke and/or prank, Anna turned up in a sparkly black mini dress and a pair of killer heels and the pair had immediately hit it off.


Suddenly feeling very tired, Anna closed the book and shuffled further down into her seat and closed her eyes softly letting her dreams take her away.


Authors Note; Yeah, Ely did it again. She started another novella, I bet you guys are really sick of me constantly starting new stories but I swear I’ve been trying to decrease my amount. I really wanted to put this up though because I don’t usually write many Hogwarts fictions so I thought a few of you might enjoy this. So yeah, let me know.

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Little Black Books: Take Me Away


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