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Daughter of voldemort by magicmuggle01
Chapter 2 : The Mother.
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After the revelation that Harry had just revealed to Ron and Hermione, there was total silence, both were too shocked to say a word. After several seconds (which seemed a lifetime) Hermione said.

'This is unbelievable are you sure that you've got your facts right Harry?, maybe Dumbledore was wrong and what he really meant was someone else's daughter'.

'No' replied Harry, 'Dumbledore was very sure of himself, he had researched it very carefully and with all the evidence that he'd uncovered and gathered, he found out that Voldemort had a daughter, but it would seem that to protect her identity the mother had deciided that it would be better for her child that she should have her memory altered so that she'd remember nothing of her father 

'Who would do that to a child?' asked Ron.

'Her mother' said Harry. 'A desperate mother' 

'Why?' asked Hermione.

'Because the mother knew exactly how voldemort would turn out and swore that her baby wouldn't grow up to be like her father, and so she took her baby to a specialist witch and had a memory block put onto her child so that she'd remember nothing of her father as she grew up to adulthood. Voldemort never realised he had a child, though he had his suspicions. Which is what I picked up on as I was fighting him, and from what I already knew from Dumbledore it seemed to confirm everything about what was said to me'.

'Did Dumbledore tell you who the mother was?' asked Ron.

'Yes' replied Harry.

'Well who was it?' both Ron and Hermione shouted together in one excited voice.

'We all know her very well' said Harry in a slow sounding voice, and hesitated.

'We all know her' said Hermione 'who was she?' sounding really interested

'Well she was alive in Voldemorts time' said Harry even more slowly, and hesitated again.

At the second hesitation both Ron and Hermione nearly  lost their tempers with Harry and both semi shouted 'who was the mother?'

'Well' drawled Harry.

'HARRY', he heard two voices shout as one.

'Alright, alright' laughed Harry. 'I was only teasing you both. The mother was Moaning Mertle'.

'What' both Ron and Hermione exclaimed together.

'The mother was Moaning Mertle' repeated Harry 

'I don't believe it' said Ron.

'It's true' Harry replied ' Moaning Mertle was the mother of Voldemorts daughter.

'That would explain why she's always crying and moaning and wailing all the time' said Hermione. 'She could be up set because of what Voldemort did to her, and what the result of it was, and I wouldn't blame her, I guess I would also be upset. So the next step would be to find out who the girl is and find out if the memory block is still holding up and if not what are we going to do about it?'

'WE!!' said Ron, 'WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE?'

'We have out if she remembers anything about her father and if she does remember, we need to know what her intentions towards us are since we defeated her father. But before we can do that, we need to know, who is the DAUGHTER OF VOLDEMORT?????????????


Sorry jynx. Maybe next Chapter

To all who have not read the first chapter, please read and leave a comment or two. I hope your enjoying the story so far. This is my first story HPFF so please be kind. to both chapters

Regards my fellow Wizards and Witches


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Daughter of voldemort: The Mother.


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