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The Years After the War by GinnyPotter1986
Chapter 5 : The Best Birthday Ever!
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Chapter Five
The Best Birthday Ever!

Harry could not remember the last time he had looked forward to his birthday. However, if everything went the way he wanted them to, he would be an engaged man by midnight. He had been keeping Ginny’s engagement ring in his pocket all this time, just imagining the look on Ginny’s face, when he gave it to her. He could not wait until his birthday came.

It had been nearly three weeks, since he had talked to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley about proposing. Since then, he had bought many new things. However, Mr. Weasley told him not to worry about getting an owl, because there was a good possibility that he might get one for his upcoming eighteenth birthday. There were three days left until Harry’s birthday. All Harry had been doing these last few days was hanging out with Ron, Hermione, and Ginny, and playing Quidditch.

Since Mrs. Weasley had caught Ron and Hermione together, she and Mr. Weasley decided to let Ron and Hermione share a room and to let Harry and Ginny share a room. It was better to do that than to walk in them in the morning. The two couples were very happy with this arrangement.

Harry about knew what his birthday present from Ginny would be. It could be what she gave him every night. Just as he expected, when he opened his eyes, on the morning of his eighteenth birthday, she was looking at him with a very mischievous look in her bright, brown eyes.

"I wish you a very happy birthday, Mr. Potter."

“Why, thank you, Miss Weasley.” Harry grinned at her.

Ginny rolled her eyes and began to giggle.

“What do you want for your birthday, Harry?”

“Ginny, do you not know me at all? What do you think I want for my birthday from you?”

“You are a gutter brain, Harry. Is that all I am to you, just a piece of ass?”

“Ginevra Weasley! I am shocked! You have cut me to the quick!” Harry pretended to pout.

Ginny place her hands on either side of his face and brought his lips towards hers. To make him feel better, she gave him one of the longest kisses he had ever had in his life. When she had finished, she looked into his eyes and smiled.

“Did that make you feel any better, my love?”

“You would not believe how much better I feel right now. However, can I ask you a question?”


“What is that spell that you use to keep from getting pregnant? I have been wondering for quite a while, now.”

“It is just a simple contraceptive charm. You just point your wand to my stomach and say coitus interruptus, and then we are able to make love as many times as we want during the twenty-four hours after the charm is in place.”

At that moment, Harry was hoping and praying that they had not forgotten that charm, since they began making love, just about every night. What he was thinking, must have been showing on his face, because Ginny began to giggle.

“Do not worry, Harry. There is not a little Harry on the way, yet.”

Harry let out a long breath of air that he did not know he had been holding. Relief flooded through him, like a brand new, beautiful morning. He hugged Ginny to him. She was the best thing in his life right now. He did not know that happiness like this could have ever existed.

“Well, we better get up, or your family is going to have my ass on a silver platter.”

“Now, why in the world would they do that?”

“I do not know. I have just got that feeling.”

“Okay, let us get up and go and celebrate your birthday. By the way, I am saving part of your present from me for later on tonight. Is that okay with you, Harry?”

“Sure. I pretty much know what it is, anyway.”

“Maybe you do, and maybe you do not.” Ginny gave him a sneaky little grin.

After Harry was dressed and ready to go, the couple went downstairs. There, they found Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Bill, Fleur, Charlie, Percy, George, Ron, and Hermione all gathered in the kitchen. Ron was the first to see them come in.

“Happy Birthday, Mate!” When Ron shouted, everyone looked up at Harry. Harry just grinned, when he saw each of his friends had gathered for his birthday. He had hoped everyone would be present, as this was the day he had been planning to ask Ginny to marry him.

As far as Harry was concerned, now was just as good time as any time. Therefore, after everyone had settled down, Harry began to speak what was on his mind.

“Ginny, I was wondering if I could ask you something.”

“Of course, Harry.”

Mrs. Weasley put her hand over her mouth, because she and Mr. Weasley knew exactly was Harry was doing.

“Ginny, you know I love you with all of my heart. Having you in my life the last couple of years has helped me in ways that you would not believe. Ginevra Molly Weasley, would you do me the honor of making me the happiest man in the world, and agree to become the future Mrs. Harry Potter?” Harry took a deep breath. Let us face it, saying all that, in one breath, was amazing.

“Oh, my goodness, I cannot believe it! Yes, Harry, yes!”

Ginny’s eyes were wide, as Harry placed the ring he had been carrying in his pocket for ages, on her finger. She stared at the ring for a minute, and then she launched herself into Harry’s arms. She could not believe that her dreams were, after all this time, finally coming true.

“Well,” said George. “The gifts we got Harry will seem like rubbish compared to that.”

“No, they will not, George. That was just a birthday present to me from me. I had been planning to do it for ages, but could not figure out a good time to ask her. I finally decided that it would be one of the best birthday presents I could ever receive.”

“Harry, I have not seen you go to any stores lately. When did you ever go to get the ring?”

“Remember the day when we went on our first official date?”


“Do you also remember that it took me quite a while after you came home, to make it back here? It was quite late when I got back.”


“Well, there was a jewelry store in Diagon Alley called “Madame Nevaeh’s Jewelry for All Occasions.” That is where I got the ring.”

Ginny showed it to Hermione and her family. Ron was not really paying attention to Ginny’s ring. He kept looking alternately between his best friend and his baby sister. He knew a long time ago that this was going to happen, but he did not expect it to happen quite so soon.

“Ron, Mate?” Are you okay?”

Ron snapped back to the present. His family, Harry, and Hermione just looked at him. Ron began to clear his throat, as his face turned red.

“Sorry. I just did not see that one coming.”

“Oh, come on!” Ginny exclaimed at her brother. “I told you years ago, when I was a little girl, that one day I would become Mrs. Harry Potter. I always knew I would.”

“Yeah, Gin,” said Bill. “You did call that one.”

Everyone began to laugh. It was time to eat Harry’s birthday dinner, when everyone calmed down. After dinner, it was time for Harry to open his presents.

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley got him an Auror Guide Book. It had all the information that Harry need to know about being an Auror. Bill and Fleur got him a new owl. Instead of Snowy owl, this one was a Tawny Barn owl. It was a male, so Harry decided to call him Remus, after one of his father’s best friends.

Charlie got him a pair of dragon-hide gloves and a trench coat made out of the same type of material. These would feel good this winter. Percy and George gave him an assortment of things from George’s store. Since Fred had died in the battle against Voldemort, Percy quit his job at the Ministry of Magic. To help George get over his depressing loneliness, Percy helped George with the Joke Shop. Ron and Hermione got him some new clothes: trousers, shirts, socks, and shoes. Ginny gave him a picture album that was full of pictures of the Golden Trio, Harry’s parents, the whole Weasley clan, and of course, there were pictures of Harry and Ginny alone.

“Everyone, I thank you for the gifts. I love each one of the gifts. I am sure each of them will come in handy in some way or another, I suppose.”

Just as Harry was gathering his gifts, to take them to his and Ginny’s room, he heard someone clear their throat. He looked around, and coming towards him were the two people he had been waiting to see all day: Professor Minerva McGonagall and one of Harry’s best friends: Rubeus Hagrid. Harry just smiled.

A.N.: For everyone who is wondering why I take so long to update, I am only able to get on the internet, when I can get signal with my wireless internet card. I am now at a place, where I can get online anytime I want, so I should be able to update more frequently. It will only depend on how long it will take me to type up each chapter. I have up to chapter nineteen written down, but it takes up much time typing it up. Considering the fact that I have a two year old that I have to take care of, I hardly know when I am going to be able to update. I just ask that everyone will be patient with me, and give me time. I promise I will update when I am able.

Thanks: To everyone who has read and reviewed each of my stories, thank you. I wish more people would read and review my story “Don’t Take the Girl.” No one seems to like that one, and I do not know why.

Request: Whether you like the story or not, please review. I do not care if you like it or hate it, just let me know what you think.

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