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Scarlet Molly by xxpetrapan
Chapter 2 : Part Two
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Beautiful Image by HaleyJade @ TDA

Molly, Senna, and Simon





Have you ever been called a provocative name like; slut, whore, bitch, tart, skank, sleaze, slag, etc? I bet everyone has, maybe because you are those things, people just hate you, or they are jealous of you. I have never been called those names (except bitch, Lucy and Rose love that word), until two days ago. Once everyone found out I had “slept” with someone, I was instantly a “whore”. I can still not understand why anyone cares; it is not like anyone else has not had sex. Come on people, teens never stay abstinent after age fifteen anymore, that is just how the world is these days. I guess since I “said” I shagged someone, they all focus on me. Figures!




Why did I have to lie? Oh...yeah to get out of swimming in the Black Lake with the idiots who call themselves seventh year! Stupid, stupid, stupid Molly, arg!


The past few days have been annoying. "Hey baby wanna shag in the broom cupboard?” gets old before it is even said. As does, “Molly, do you have any condoms?” (Followed by snicker, snicker) and “Give me tips, Bitch!” (Rose's new fave saying to me and of course it uses 'Bitch')


Just this morning in Defense the Dark Arts, Professor Lester (Who is quite fit for thirty-five, but a HUGE jerk) called me “Miss. Whore”, really how mature. He wanted me to pass out papers so I had to walk through the fog of giggles up to him, who was laughing so hard, he fell down. I could have had a nervy b, but I am too mature. Ha mature girls would never have let this happen. Today, during lunch I overheard two Hufflepuff first years say I shagged Lester (EWWWWWW!) But, I am doing nothing to stop it; I rather like not being invisible. The butt grabbing better stop though, I have already turned twelve boys' hands into hamsters (take that sexist boys!)


I am sitting in Muggle Studies taught by my favorite professor, Collin Lancaster. He is married to the Astronomy professor, Mindy Lancaster. I don't really like her very much, she is bossy and rude. Anyways, we are reading “The Scarlett Letter,” by Nathanial Hawthorne (a muggle, of course) I quite fancy it, really. It is about this Puritan lady, Hester Prynne who commits adultery with the new minster and has a baby. Hester believes her husband is dead, but he is not. The townspeople make Hester wear a Red A on all of her garments and shun her and Pearl (the baby).


“Class, how do you like it so far?” Lancaster asks.


Senna Killian's hand shoots up (She is Jozline's best friend and no one likes her, not even the professors).


“Miss. Killian?” Lancaster says.


Senna tosses her blond locks, looks at me and says, “Well, I think Molly should sew a Letter A on her uniform since she is a tramp.”


The whole class erupts in giggles and I reply, " I am not even married, so how in hell can I be an adulter, you stupid twat!”


The laughter gets louder and some gasps are added to the mix.


“Miss. Weasley, Molly (Rose is in the class too) to the Headmistress, now!" Lancaster booms only to hide his pleasure.


I stand up and walk out of the door and down to the gargoyle statue that guards the Headmistress's office.


I say the password “Lapifors” and watch as the gargoyle sprang to the side and climb onto the spinal stairs. I knock on the door and was told to wait a few minutes. Finally the door opened and Simon Fuller, a Ravenclaw in my year came out dried blood coating his nose. He smiles at me before walking down the stairs. McGonagall then allows me to enter.


“Ah, Molly are you here to pass me a message,” She said not looking up from her paper.


“Kind of, Professor Lancaster sent me here for calling Senna Killian a rude name,” I said softly.


“What did you call her,” She asked.


“A twat, but she called me tramp,” I said defensively.


“What! Molly that is not something you call someone!”


“I know, but she made me mad...” I started.


“So...I am giving you detention tonight with Mr. Fuller, you will meet outside the trophy room at eight and be cleaning the trophies with Mr. Filch.”


I said okay and then left in a huff.


When I arrived in Transfiguration (late of course) everyone looked at me and told me how brilliant I was calling Senna, a twat, I smiled weakly. I did not fell brilliant, since I had landed my first detention.


At, seven forty I bade goodbye to Lucy and Louis (who I was helping with their homework) and headed down to the trophy room. Simon and Filch were already there and once I reached them Filch forced a bucket of water and a rag in my hand and took my wand. He said we had to clean the trophies and plaques the muggle way and that he would be back in two hours to give us back our wands.


“So Molly, had did Miss. Never-gets-in-trouble score herself a detention?” Simon asked as he started on the plaque with all the special award winner on it.


“ have not heard! I called Senna Killian, a twat,” I said wiping down the a huge trophy with a dragon on it.


Simon laughed and replied, “Yeah, I heard but I wanted to ask you before believing the grape vine.”


“So, why are you in here?” I asked.


“I cursed Kefin Goyle after he punched me in the face and called me a flaming queer,” He said bravely.


“He is a huge jerk, why is he not in detention?”


“He was expelled, but not before he told the whole school, “Simon said, moving on to some badges.


“That's good.”


“It's true though, I am gay.”


I blushed a little, I had known he was, well I had heard he was and I believe it.


“It's fine to be embarrassed for me,” He smiled.


“'s great you can admit it.”


“Yeah…I wish I was not gay.” He added focusing back on his task.


Haha...I wish I were not a “fake” slut.

















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Scarlet Molly: Part Two


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