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Harry Potter and the She's-Like-A-Sister Problem by Christina_Potter_09
Chapter 2 : Sleeping Together
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Chapter 2 – Sleeping Together

April 29th 2002

Harry sighed as he flood to Hermione's private common room. He was finally done with his training and that was a reason to smile since in a few days time, he was starting in the Department of Security as one of the most promising new Aurors in the history of the British Ministry. However, tonight's plans had Harry Potter sighing again as he paced up and down before Hermione's fireplace while her bedroom door was still shut.

'I'll be right out!' Hermione's voice was heard as she had probably heard the floo being activated. Harry smiled and nodded at himself as his best friend was still getting ready, she was a young lady after all…

He never heard good things about reunions, some people said they end up in tears, others said they end up in punches over not-finished romances and others said they end up in tragedy, thing was, Harry wasn't very excited about the evening Lavender Brown had planned out for everyone from the class of 1991 to attend at the Three Broomsticks. Harry would have preferred a small gathering maybe at someone's house so they could also celebrate Harry's end of training but now, the Prophet reporters and the rest of the media were already out of the pump waiting for the "celebrities" to arrive as one Hero, a Heroine, their best friend Super star of Quidditch and Hero too along with a bunch of hero friends were going to be there… Harry huffed at the idea.

Hermione had almost made it to back herself out of all this but Harry wouldn't go on his own that evening for nothing in the world. Ron was with Lavender, Neville would be there with Hannah and their baby, little Frank. Dean with Ginny, Seamus with his new boyfriend, Edward and Parvati would probably try AGAIN to throw herself at Harry's feet as for some reason, a few months back, she had remembered their first and last time in a date, at that darned Yule Ball… ever since the young Gryffindor had been squealing every time she saw Harry, the raven haired wizard was almost certain Lavender was behind that as she'd love the idea of her best friend being hooked with Ron's best friend and hero of the world...

Hermione had tried to keep herself out of all this with the excuse of having to prepare tests for the N.E.W.T.s and the O.W.L.s of the students but Harry wouldn't have it, he didn't want to go alone in a reunion, he kind of felt uncomfortable to be there on his own with almost all the rest hooked up and the first thought he had when Ron told him about what Lavender had set up, was to ask Hermione if she wanted for them to go together. Hermione had tried to decline gently, they were friends and they would just show up, it wasn't a "date" most likely… a way to escort each other, when Harry had told her that she wouldn't have a lot of opportunities to go out with the "awesome Harry Savor Potter", the brunette had laughed and finally agreed after Harry actually begged not to be left alone with snogging couples and Parvati Patil close to him.

Hermione finally opened the door and emerged as Harry stopped in his black robes and looked at his best friend, his jaw was left opened… She was rather simply dressed, a beautiful long, deep blue dress to keep her legs warm from the crisp April air, a V neck was showing her cleavage and a beautiful scarf of as it seemed silk, was keeping her throat secure too, above that a grey-silver dress robe was finishing her clothing, her face had simple make-up, just a touch of rouse, a hint of eyeliner and a little lip-gloss.

'Too much?' she asked as she stood before him and looked at his agape mouth. Harry finally closed his mouth, blinked at the amazement he always felt when his bookie friend changed clothes and transformed herself into a fairy, like in fourth year he could still remember, just by leaving the skirts for a dress and he finally smiled as he looked at her worried eyes.

'You look beautiful,' Harry finally said and Hermione's cheeks turned even pinker than the shade of the rouse's. 'And no, it's not too much; actually we'll all be invisible before whatever Lavender has chosen to wear…' Harry added and Hermione laughed and moved closer to him as to help him with his tie that for some reason was a bit tugged at the left, as if ready to fly.

'Thanks,' she said as she was still blushed while her hands worked on his tie, the two friends smiled at each other as they were in close distance. Harry moved his chin up to give her space and Hermione made sure his tie was nicely set now, her fingers leaving a trail of a ticklish sensation on his neck's skin. When she finished the tie, she smiled at him, patted the fabric on the shoulders as if to dust it off and then smiled at Harry who moved his chin back to normal height once again with a smile on his face.

'Thanks,' he replied her own thanks with one of his own as the two smiled warmly at each other, they always took care of each other and just like that, Harry moved some locks behind Hermione's face as they had fallen before her eyes. She smiled and comfortably moved away from him as to take her purse. Harry waited for her as she took her purse, lowered the magical candles' fire around the room and took his hand as they both moved out of her common room.

'Hello Healer Granger! Mr. Potter!' Many young students greeted the two as Harry and Hermione moved through the corridors as to go to Hogsmeade. The two friends smiled and greeted the students, especially Hermione who knew most of them. Harry and Hermione said their hellos to Hagrid when they moved out of the castle, the half-giant smiled and waved at them as he was taking care of a baby unicorn that was bright gold and amazing…

'He finally decided to stop teaching about crazy creatures…' Hermione said with a smile as the two moved out of the gates with the winged bears. Harry grinned as he remembered all the crazy hours of the Care of Magical Creatures he had with Hagrid.

'Do you know what rooms have Lav booked?' Harry asked and Hermione shook her head, the people that would be in the reunion would also sleep over at the Three Broomsticks as it was a Friday and they didn't know how long the night's event would last.

'I was actually thinking of returning at Hogwarts for the night… I mean why should I sleep at the Three Broomsticks when my second home is minutes afar?' Hermione said but Harry shook his head and tightened his hand around her own as they kept moving.

'No, you won't leave me when the couples will be in their rooms and Parvati will be free, you won't be the instigator of my rape!' Harry exclaimed and Hermione chuckled and then started laughing at his words.

'I'm sure she'll behave.' Hermione tried but Harry shook his head.

'No, if you leave, I leave and sleep at the couch in your common room, I have done that before and your common room is protected by spells that will keep Parvati out…' Harry said and Hermione laughed harder as the two friends kept walking, Harry started laughing too as they approached the village, the night was falling slowly and more and more lights would be shown minute by the minute that passed.

'OK, fine…I'll stay there; you want me to watch your door too in the night while you'll have your beauty sleep?' Hermione asked between chuckles and smiles.

'Knowing you and your perfect spells are close by is enough…' Harry said and Hermione nodded as they finally reached the first houses of the village.

'Some auror you'll be…' Hermione commented teasingly and Harry nudged her with his elbow and she replied with her side before they could both laugh harder.

The two moved in the main path of the village until they reached the outside of the pub, where about two dozens of reporters and journalists were taking pictures. Harry and Hermione declined to comment on anything and got inside the pub by pushing their way through the asking questions journalists who tried to block their way. When the two finally got inside the full of people place, Ron was the first person they both saw as their friend stood up and waved for them in a table in the other end of the room, where everyone had already arrived and was seated around it.

Harry and Hermione moved close and greeted everyone, first Ron, then Lavender, then Ginny and Dean and then the rest of the people that were around the table. Harry tried to avoid the very smiling Parvati but didn't succeed as the young woman gripped him by the shoulders and gave him a big hug, Ron was smirking above her shoulder and Hermione had a face of disgust on her face as the over excited best friend of Lavender released him after a few moments. Harry made sure to squeeze himself between Hermione and Ron to make sure this encounter wouldn't take place again.

'So how are you Harry?' Parvati asked lovingly by Hermione's other side, Hermione, like the rest turned their attention on Harry, Lavender was beaming at her best friend's try to get Harry's attention while Harry's best male friend was smirking once again and his best female friend was the only one on the table frowning, like himself Harry was sure.

'Uhm… good, I guess, I'm done with my training and soon start my job at the ministry,' Harry said and Lavender and Parvati squealed, making most of the people on the table to jump on their skin and look at them weirdly.

'We should drink at that,' Parvati said loudly and waved at Madame Rosmerta so Harry and Hermione could order their drinks as the rest were already settled.

'And at your mouth being stuffed with liquid,' Hermione murmured with her head turned at Harry's direction as the lady of the pump moved between them to take the order, Harry nodded his head a bit at her words and the two ordered butterbeers.

The people around the table started talking, catching up, Parvati many times tried to catch Harry's interest but Harry made sure to pull Hermione in deep conversations about things like the upcoming NEWTs at Hogwarts, the ministry's new levels of security in departments like the one of the Mysteries and in general, conversations that Parvati could not possibly participate.

'So… now that she's finally occupied with poor Ginny, do you have any actual news?' Hermione asked as the rest were talking with each other and Harry and Hermione were left alone. Harry smiled but shook his head.

'I haven't seen you for a week… nothing major changed, I'm just happy that I'll be sleeping more hours now, the training was crazy,' Harry said and Hermione smiled too and nodded her head.

'You've turned out to be a massive sleepyhead,' Hermione commented with a teasing smile that Harry replied with one of his own.

'Well I've lost a lot of sleep in the past, right?' Harry asked and Hermione's smile faded, she looked deep into his eyes, in that Hermione-ish way she had and then took his hand in hers.

'You deserve to be at peace,' Hermione said this time seriously and Harry smiled at her and squeezed her hand lightly.

'Just like you do, Hermione…we both do…' Harry said with the smile still on, Hermione gave a weak smile too. 'So, anything new about you?' he asked and this time she grinned.

'Well, I recently learnt that I have an admirer, actually,' Hermione said and Harry actually felt himself going rigid. Both he and Hermione hadn't been involved in any kind of serious relationship after the Weasleys and Harry always felt uncomfortable with the blokes Hermione occasionally met and sometimes dated for a few weeks tops. He felt his stomach tightening, like it did every time he learnt that Hermione's personal life had been updated, that old feeling that consumed him when he was seeing her with Ron was always coming back in these situations. He always believed it was because he didn't want to lose his best friend, he might not have felt it when Ron was with Lavender but… Hermione was different.

'Or is that so?' Harry finally managed to say and Hermione this time grinned, making Harry's stomach feel even heavier.

'He's twelve, a second year Hufflepuff, I found a heart-shaped letter on the infirmary's desk and to be honest at first I thought it was for Madame Pomfrey…' Hermione started and Harry felt himself exhaling without even realizing it. 'It was a late Valentine's letter as he explained inside, he had needed weeks to find the guts to send it and at the end of the letter he promised me he will be injuring himself weekly as to be seeing me… of course I informed Professor Sprout about his intentions so she can talk to him because he's already trying to get in the Quidditch team of his house… I don't want him releasing Bludgers towards himself just as to come to the infirmary…' Hermione added and Harry chuckled.

'He's more of a diehard fan than Parvati …' Harry said quietly and Hermione grinned but Paravati's ears or radar … had caught her name being spoken by Harry and she turned around, completely abandoning her talk with Ginny.

'Did you call my name, Harry?' Parvati asked sweetly and Harry saw Hermione frowning again before him while with the corner of his eyes, he caught the overdressed Lavender watching with a huge smile on her face…

It was long past midnight when Hermione excused herself to go to her room and Harry rushed to follow suit as Parvati had been waiting for him to finally be Hermione-free as Harry had made sure not to get away from her for a single moment. Ron and Lavender and Neville with Hannah and their son had already called it a night so Harry and Hermione followed suit, leaving a drunk Seamus laughing with the evenly drunk Edward, Dead and Ginny. Parvati said her goodnight too, evidently disappointed as she glared at Hermione before she could wave her black mane and go upstairs. Harry rolled his eyes as Hermione watched Parvati leaving like a lioness would do with a strange lioness that got inside her perimeter, and then the two friends left too.

'Goodnight, Hermione,' Harry said as he reached his door first, her room was across his, Hermione smiled and kissed his cheek once, like she had done before, a kiss back then that like this now, took him by surprise.

'Sweet dreams, Harry,' Hermione said and Harry knew she was still thinking about his past troubled sleep. He smiled touched and squeezed her hand as they opened their rooms' door, left their hands and slipped inside their rooms respectively.

Harry was still smiling as he approached the bed of the room and flopped on it with a groan of satisfaction. He was still with his clothes and shoes on as his eyes started to close.



Harry's eyes opened widely at the familiar sound, he groaned again, this time in exasperation as the rhythmical banging started by the room on the left side of his. Ron and Lavender had that room of which the bed's headboard was now hitting the wall rhythmically. Harry felt actually sick at the sounds as soon Lavender's loud voice accompanied the whole deal.

The moment Ron's voice was sound croaking some profanity, Harry rushed to find his wand and cast a silencing charm on the left wall. Everything was silent after that and Harry sighed as if to stop the nausea that had been built up. He laid back on the bed again and tried to relax, Hermione's image flew in his mind as his eyes closed again and he smiled for a moment, she still cared for his sleep, his diet, his life, of course she would, she's his best friend, one of the closest people in his life, but sometimes the very fact of it made him smile, feel special.


Harry's eyes opened again, this time exhausted as they turned and looked at the right wall of the bloody room, as it was obvious, from the other side of it, little Frank Longbottom was screaming his lugs out. For being the son of two so low profile and quiet parents, this little boy knew how to scream his head off…

Instead of silencing that wall too, Harry decided to get up, the sleep that had started to cloud his head had been destroyed by the people from the surrounding rooms and now he was feeling like running a marathon. With no much consideration, he changed into comfortable clothes that he had shrunk inside his pocket and decided to move out of his room and go to the only person he knew couldn't be asleep yet.

He opened the door and looked around the corridor, making sure he won't get across Parvati that wouldn't surprise him by spying on his room, when he saw the coast was clear, he walked the three separating steps that kept him from Hermione's door. He was ready to knock on the door but he paused his hand an inch from the wood as apart the moans, the groans, the banging of metal with plaster and the crying child in the corridor, Harry could hear another sound, a song, he could barely hear that but he would swear it came from Hermione's room and his curiosity took the best of him as instead of knocking on the door, he touched the doorknob and gave it a slight tug, opening the door just a bit.

"To light the night
To help us grow
To help us grow
It is not said
I always know

Please don't make a fuss
It won't go away
The wonder of it all
The wonder that I made
I am here to stay
I am here to stay


The last word sounded a bit strained, as if her voice had broken for a moment but Harry found himself staring at his best friend that obliviously was sat at the railing of the window, looking out of the window at the rain that had started over the village a couple of hours ago with her hair all over her shoulders as it fell in rich curls, her song died down after the last word and only a humming sound was heard as her lips remained sealed but produced the melody. He wasn't sure he knew the song, he loved it however. It was sweet and even if he had listened to it at the end of it and wished he could have heard it all, Harry smiled as he hadn't heard Hermione singing before.

He knew her voice so well, whispering, yelling, bossing him around, being broken because of her tears, he even had it in his own head as the voice of his conciseness, the voice that told him how to do the right thing.

'Harry!' her so familiar voice was now sounded again in a gasp as Hermione had turned around and had seen him, he hadn't realized that he had gotten inside the room fully in his try to listen to her song but he blushed as he got caught.

'Uhm… sorry, I should have knocked, it's just uhm that I couldn't sleep-and thought uhm, never mind, and I'm sorry again. Good night, Hermione.' Harry stammered, he wasn't sure why he felt so nervous, he had seen her in the middle of the night before, they lived for the past three years under same room in their flat, at Hogwarts as Head Boy and Girl in a private dormitory and before that in that tent where there were not even walls for heaven's sake, what got into him?

'Harry wait!' Hermione was heard and Harry paused as he stumbled to get out of the room as soon as possible, he paused and looked at her. 'It's ok, I can't sleep either..' Hermione said and Harry finally cleared his throat, nodded his head and closed the door behind him. Only then Hermione seemed to notice the noises from the corridor.

'I've put a slight silencing spell as to prevent noises from the rest of the pump but I didn't think of them,' Hermione said with a smile and Harry chuckled, still a bit uneasy as Hermione moved away from the railing and moved to the bed, supporting her back against the headboard and stretching her legs that got exposed by the nightgown, and for some reason made Harry gulp as he looked at them for a moment longer.

He finally decided to stop acting like an idiot and he moved close to the bed, in a gesture he had done before, he climbed on her bed and laid down next to her, his head on the pillow, Hermione smiled down at him as the two for a few moments watched the rain out of the window in silence.

'You have a very nice voice,' Harry stated after awhile and Hermione looked at him surprised before she could blush deeply. She chuckled and thanked him quietly. Harry knew Hermione was a charismatic person, externally, he always found her a beautiful girl, even before she could fix her teeth at fourth year and even at first year when her hair was really like a bush, he never saw something ugly on her, and as the years passed by, she got to blossom into a beautiful woman, and of course her brain was still developing, making her brighter and brighter, but he never imagined his best friend had a beautiful voice too. They never had the time to see each other's artistic sides, he practically could do nothing, sing, draw, paint, write or something similar, and as far as he knew, Ron believed as art the huge consumption of food in little time… so no, he hadn't seen his friend's artistic talents, now he realized that Hermione's children would be very lucky to have their mom singing lullabies with this voice. Had he actually just thought of Hermione's children?

'What are you thinking?' Hermione asked, pulling him out of his thoughts for a moment. He shrugged, not even considering answering truthfully...

'Random things…' Harry said and Hermione nodded her head as Lavender's voice was barely heard squealing repeatedly before she could call out "WON-WON you're my KING!' Harry shut his eyes in disgust as he heard Hermione chuckling. He opened his green eyes again and looked at her amused face.

'My ears are bleeding… I don't know what's worse, the baby or Lav?' Harry commented and Hermione grinned as she laid down next to him too, her own head on the pillow next to his.

'Lav, the baby will eventually get tired…' Hermione answered and Harry sighed.

'Doesn't it bother you?' he asked carefully and Hermione looked at him with a small smile on her lips.

'Ron having sex with another girl? As much as it would bother Ginny listening to her brother…' Hermione said and Harry nodded. 'Both Ron and I are so over that period, Harry. We're grown and know we're better off as friends than anything else… you know that too probably as well as we do, it was pointless.' Hermione said and Harry nodded again.

'It wasn't your fault.' Harry tried to reassure her as he wasn't sure what to say, he always felt odd at the subject and he wasn't even sure why he asked this time at the first place, his curiosity probably getting the better of him.

'And neither was Ron's. We're just different, I need a man by my side as I feel much more matured for my age, and he needed a carefree girl since he actually needs someone his age and maturity levels…' Hermione said and Harry grinned.

'If he is searching for maturity levels as his, he should check out the friends of that twelve year old admirer of yours…' Harry said with a teasing smile and Hermione chuckled and then laughed.

'No… seriously, I'm happy for him, Lavender is in love with him, not even noticing things in his character that I couldn't and still can't even stand, and he's more relaxed, he's not constantly trying to satisfy her, they're easier…' Hermione said and Harry nodded this time in agreement.

'You just need someone "equal" to you,' Harry said and Hermione looked at him with eyes full of emotion.

'You just say it and I know it sounds bad but that's the truth.' Hermione said and Harry took her hand in his.

'It's not bad, we're not talking about equality as human beings, of course we're all equal, I mean equal in other levels, emotional, mental, of maturity… this kind of equality,' Harry said and Hermione nodded her head as someone was saying the things that she believed exactly. 'And I'm sure you'll find that one guy one day, Hermione, you're great, bright, beautiful and with a nice voice… you're the perfect catch…' Harry added and this time his words even truthful were covered with a veil of teasing. Hermione blushed once again and poked his ribs with her hand, making him yelp and laugh.

'And I'm sure you'll find a good girl one day, Harry, one to understand you, to shout at your face when you're wrong, the one to make you smile by doing simple things.' Hermione said when their laughter subsided. The two friends looked at each other's eyes that were still full of mirth for an endless moment up until Hermione's face broke into a yawn that made Harry smile as the noises from the corridor finally seemed to be done. Harry was feeling so comfortable where he was and as he saw Hermione's eyes closing as she was still smiling at him, he felt his own eyes heaving and he yawned too with his hand still holding hers.

Awwwww awwww and awwww the song is "Little House" by Amanda Sayfried and it's simply amazing

sooo what u think guys? aren't these two little idiots in love but not aware or is it just me? : P

I was thinking how annoying Lav is and then i wondered how much worse she can get, and then i thought of her best friend :P

What u think of it guys? what about harry and hermione going together and harry losing it for a moment for Hermione's admirer, what about hermione frowning all the time and of course what u think of the final part with Harry listening to the all so familiar voice of hermione's singing...?

and yep Seamus is gay, i always wanted some of them to be gay, gay guys are so funny and good natured people : )

thanks for reading, please review

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Harry Potter and the She's-Like-A-Sister Problem: Sleeping Together


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