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Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story by HarryandGinnyForEver
Chapter 20 : Crumpled~Up Paper
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Gorgeous Chapter image by azureseas@ TDA :D

Chapter 20 Crumpled~Up Paper

            “Did you know that a month from today, we will be getting married?” Ginny asked Harry. They were in their flat, cuddling up on the couch, her feminine body leaning against his broad chest.  She was gently tapping her fingers on the top of his hand, which was grasped with hers.

             “Time flies by fast doesn’t it?” He asked, watching as each one of her fingers, tapped down on his skin. “Seems like just yesterday I got back together with you, seeing little Teddy. And now here we are, sitting in our own flat, set to get married in a month.”

            “Have you ever wondered what would’ve happened if you didn’t kiss me that night?” She said, looking up at him. “I’ve always wondered if I’d still be with Dean, and you would still be with Cho.” She said.

            “I haven’t really thought about that. And just to clarify, Cho and I would definitely  be broken up. And anyways, I’ve had other things to think about.” He said.

            “Oh yeah. Like Quidditch stats and the score of how many times Ron has made the crumpled up piece of paper into the rubbish bin.” She said. “Sounds like you’ve had so much on your mind.” She said.

            “That’s not all we do.” He said. “We throw paper airplanes too.” He said.

            “Are you serious?” She said, gently slapping his arm.

            “No. We actually do work; we just do that during lunch.” He lied. “And let me tell you, we like lunch a lot more than we do paperwork.” He said.

            “I bet that’s all you do Harry. Playing that game all day long, just sitting there with nothing to do.” She said, guessing at what the boys did at work. “Who’s winning?” She asked.

            “Ron just passed me today. One last shot before boss caught us, and he made it. I get a free shot tomorrow though.”

            “You boys sure know how to have a good time at work.” She said. “For me, work is fun, but beats the hell outta you.”

            “I bet.” He said, playing with her fingers. “You know Hermione keeps bugging me about the tux’s. Do you know when they are going to be done?” He asked.

            “No idea.” She said. “Maybe you should go check, since you are the guy and it is your tux.” She said.

            “You are taking care of the wedding things. I am just there to marry you and get drunk afterwards.” He then received a light, sorry, not so light slap for Ginny.

            “You are such a guy.” She said, standing up and walking away towards the kitchen. Harry just lifted his hands and said;

            “What do you think I am? A woman?”


            “Getting close mate.” Ron said, leaning back in his chair at work. They both shared the same cubicle, which was magically enlarged and sounded off from the rest of the office. The two sneaky men had put a sound of typing keys to seem like they were working all day. Those sneaky boys.

            “I know. It’s three weeks away.” Harry said, throwing a crumpled up piece of parchment into the bin. “Eat it Ronnikins.” He said, boasting about his win with the basketball type game. Harry didn’t want to make Ginny feel bad, so he said he was having hard work at his job also. But truth was that he and Ron just played that all day, pretending to work as other tattletale co-workers and the boss walked by. They would just carry on as Seamus or Walters (Ravenclaw year below them) walked by.

            “Bloody hell.” He muttered. “How did you get so good at this game? I still can’t do the backboard shot.” He said, referring to the shot where you bounce it off the wall into the basket.

            “Try it then.” Harry said. “It’s not that hard.”

            “Fine.” Ron said, shooting the piece of paper to the wall, in which it made contact with, and fell, onto the side of the trash bin, sticking on the side. “What did I tell you?” Ron said.

            “It’s gravity man.” Harry said. “I can’t do anything about it.”  He smirked, as he knew that he had really charmed the basket, to make all his go in, and Ron’s go out. It wasn’t cheating, in Harry’s eye. He just wanted a good lead before he undid the spell. He was too stubborn to admit that Ron was, in fact, a better shooter than he was.

            “Mate. We’re wizards. We can do anything.” He said, throwing up an apple, catching it, and taking a bite.

            “Yeah, you could just levitate it, which would so totally follow the rules of the game.” Harry said sarcastically, turning around, and typing a few things into the document that he had been working on.

            “And so would charming the basket.” Ron said, throwing a piece of paper backwards, hitting the wall, and bouncing it into the basket.


            “I don’t know Ginny.” Hermione said, holding out her nails, carefully examining the color. “This one looks good, but I really like the sparkles on this one.”

            “It’s nail polish Hermione.” Ginny said, holding up the bottle. “And my wedding is two weeks away. We can figure this out the day before or the day of.” Ginny said, leaning back on the couch.

            “Ahhhhhh that is where you are wrong young one.” Hermione said, imitating a very wise elderly man. She turned to face criss cross to Ginny, and looked her straight in the eye. “You don’t know what it’s like the few days before the wedding. There’s always that feeling like you are forgetting something, and the pressure of being the bride and everything is just total chaos.”

            “But what I am asking, is how do you know that is what is going to happen at my wedding? Maybe everything goes smoothly, and everything falls right into place.” Ginny said.

            “Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn’t.” Hermione said, shrugging her shoulders. “You just have to be prepared for the worst, and we are starting at the basics. And as I was trying to say before, Fleur already has your make-up planned out. Noticeable, but just barely. Gives you a natural glow, she says. And now we are working on bridesmaid’s or in my case, the maid of honors, nail color.” She said.

            “But.” Ginny said, trying to argue, once again. What could I say? She’s Ginny.

            “No buts Ginny. We have to get this done and over with if you want this to be a lifelong experience.”

            “Fine.” Ginny said. “I like the sparkly one.” Ginny muttered grumpily. Hermione just rolled her eyes, and looked down at her nails. With a flick of a wand, both of Hermione’s hands were freed of polish, and all of the other bottles, were sent back to Hermione’s bathroom cabinet.  Ron didn’t have a cabinet, he had a basket. She turned her entire body towards Ginny and placed her folded hands in her lap.

            “Ginny.” She said. “I know weddings might not be your thing. They aren’t mine either. But something that you have to learn how to do, is accept things that are given to you, no matter how much you don’t want to do them.”

            “But Hermi…..”

            “No but’s Ginny.” She said, silencing Ginny. “You have to live with it. Do you want to marry Harry?” She asked.

            “Yes but…”

            “One word answers.” Hermione said. “Do you want to be with him forever?” She asked, pushing down Ginny’s finger when it rose up as she attempted to make a point.

            “Yes.” She said.

            “There ya go.” She said. “Now I am due to meet Ron and Harry at the robes shop.” She said, standing up. “Thanks for arguing with me.” She said, smiling as she walked out the door


            “Hi boys.” Hermione said, walking into Madam Turkin’s robe shop. Making special occasion robes since 9,000 BC.

            “Hey Hermione.” Harry said, slumping in his chair. Both boys did not like doing this, but Ron had no use of being there. It was Ron, no sense of style or patience whatsoever.

            “Hey beautiful.” He whispered in her ear, and kissing her cheek. “Have fun with Harry.” He said, leaving before Hermione could say a word. She just stood there, rolled her eyes, and walked over to Harry. Who looked like he didn’t want to be there at all, like Ginny had with the nail polish extravaganza.

            “No wonder why you and Ginny are getting married.” She said, setting down her water bottle that she had been holding. “You two are both so stubborn.”

            “Am not.” He said, in the school boyish way.

            “I am not getting into this argument.” She said, turning around. “Now stand up, and let me call Davís.” She said, using a French accent on his name. French wizards were known for their robes, what could she say?

            “Hermione darling.” He said, kissing her on both cheeks. “What can I get you today?” He said.

            “I have a friend getting married in two weeks, and we were called in saying that his robes were ready. We just need those last minute tweaks.” She said, looking at Harry, who looked like he wanted to die to get away from the torture.

            “Ahh. Last minute perfections are my perfection.” He said, laughing at his own joke. “Now what is this handsome young man doing in my shop today for? Oh yes you already told me, the robes.” He said, doddling off to the back room.

            “Hermione. You know I love you. You’re like my sister, about to become one in two weeks. Now, since you are almost my sister. Can you do your sisterly ways and get me out of here?” He asked.

            “I thought you liked weddings?” Hermione asked, sort of joking.

            “I want to get married to her, I love her. Just I don’t like the preparations.” He said, slumping his body onto one side.

            “It’ll be worth it in the end. Trust me.” She said.

            “I sure hope so….” He muttered, as Davís came over, and started working his magic (no pun intended) on Harry dress robes.

            “That wasn’t that bad was it?” Hermione asked, as she and Harry strode down Hogsmeade’s run down cobblestone.

            “No.” He admitted. “But now, all that’s left is the writing of the vows, which I am not doing, and the actual reception.” He said.

            “You aren’t what?” Hermione asked.

            “I’m saying them right then and there. So it won’t all be pre-written, with ideas from you or Ron. It’ll be from the heart, and that’s kinda the whole point anyway.” He said, walking with his hands in his jeans pockets.

            “Wow Harry.” She said. “So heartfelt.” She said sarcastically, holding her hand over her heart.

            “Yeah I know.” He smirked, as the two friends walked through the village, walking towards the alley in which they would apparate back to their own house, back to their loving partners.


            “You are such a cheater!” Ginny said, slapping Harry’s arm playfully. Ron had just finished telling the story of how Harry had cheated in the basket game, and Ron had originally known from the getaway.

            “So is he really that good?” Hermione asked. They were all eating their weekly end-of-week dinner.  It was now, a week before the wedding. Time was just flying by.

            “Yeah he is.” Harry said. “As much as I hate to admit it. But he let me keep the points I earned, and I’m still two points ahead.” He said.

            “Now how many did Ron have when you cheated?” Ginny asked.

            “Sixty five I think.” Harry said.

            “How many did you have?” Hermione asked him, cornering him in a way. Now only if Ron would get in, and become the superman of the conversation; saving Harry from the wrath of two women

            “A hundred and two.” Harry said.

            “Now how many are you up by now?” They both asked in unison.

            “Two….” Harry said shamefully. Both the girls clapped and Ron just looked like he had won the lottery.

            “See? This is what I call ‘Revenge.’” Ron said.

            “And this is what I call, humiliation.” Harry said, leaning down on his hand, making his cheek go up. He then continued to be avenged for his cheating against Ron, in the paper shooting wastebasket game.

Author’s Note: I've been sick and my computer crashed, so I haven't been on my story for a while. We just recovered it today, and I am posting it(: I am working off a flash drive, so bear with me(: I love reviews(: ~*HarryandGinnyForEver*~

PS: Who's got their Deathly Hallows tickets?????(: I do! I CAN'T WAIT(:

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