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Love Potion by blackthoughtsredwriting
Chapter 1 : The Trampling of Love
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"Mr Potter!" he heard a voice shout from behind him.

"Now what?" he said as he turned around to face Professor Mcgonagall.

"She's probably come to badger you about your sexual escapades around the school," Hermione said plainly.

Ron snorted as Mcgonagall finally caught up to them.
She looked down her nose at them but narrowed her eyes at Harry. She looked like an angry mother dragon and even Harry had to admit that he wouldn't be suprised if she breathed fire at him. She was capable.

"What did I do this time?" Harry asked trying to keep his tone to a dull monotone.

"What haven't you done?" she cried, "Turning the charms corridor into a swamp, locking Mr Filch in a broom cupboard, painting the dungeons pink, telling Professor Snape you didn't want to do work today on the account of you had to go play poker with You-Know-Who?"

Harry could hear Ron sniggering behind him with each thing Mcgonagall had said and Harry found himself trying not to laugh. He looked at his friends, both of whom were laughing, but Hermione seemed to be hiding it.
"I was just having a bit of fun professor," Harry started, "I get bored easily."

"Perhaps you wouldn't be so bored if you focused more on your school work Mr Potter?" Mcgonagall said.

"Are you serious?" Harry said, "I'd rather be drug naked over a cactus with my mouth of the tailpipe of the Knight Bus."

Ron burst out laughing at this and Mcgonagall turned to him with a glare which made his laugh vanish, but not his smile.

"One more Mr Potter," she said, "One more and I will personally see to it that you have detention for a whole month. Good day.

As she stormed away, he turned to his friends and said, "Wow she was nice."

Hermione giggled and Ron laughed before saying, "I swear when she looked at me I could see sparks in her eyes. I think I saw horns growing out of her forhead."

Harry chortled as he, Hermione, and Ron headed to the great hall for lunch.

"Well at least you know now mate," Ron said as they sat down at the Gryffindor table.

"Yeah? what's that?" Harry replied.

"You've driven Professor Mcgonagall insane. She's lost her marbles."

Harry looked up to the staff table to see Mcgonagall eyeing him before turning into a conversation with Professor Sprout.

"Harry pulled out three straws out of his pocket and handed one each to Hermione and Ron and kept the last one.

"Harry what-? Hermione started.

"You'll see," he said in a whisper as he pulled his wand out of his pocket, "Accio Parchment."

The parchment zoomed into his open hand where he tore a little piece off and began chewing it.

"Harry what are you doing? that is disgusting." Hermione said.

Ron grinned catching on and tore off his own
little piece of paper and put it in his mouth to chew.

Both Harry and Ron put the straws to there lips and looked at each other.

"One," Ron said

"Two," Harry counted

"Three," they said together in unision as they blew through the straws, making there spitballs fly through the air where they hit Malfoy in the face.

Malfoy looked as though he was constipated as he pulled the soggy pieces of paper off his face in revulsion.

He looked at Harry and Ron, both whom were grinning widely, and made a rude hand gesture before picking up his books and left the great hall.

Hermione was smiling now and joined in as they began shooting spitballs at the other students who didn't seem to know what was going on.

All of a sudden, Harry shot one at the staff table and who should it hit but dragon lady Mcgonagall.

She immediately looked at Harry and stood up marching over to them and with each step she took she turned redder and redder.

"Wow, Harry said, "She looks mad."

"Nah you think?" Ron said laughing.

She marched up to them for the second time today and said quite vehemently, "Mr Potter what part of one more time did you not understand?"

"Um," Harry started, "All of it."

"This is the last straw!" she said loudly as she vanished the straw he had been holding.

"No it isn't. I have another," he announced as he pulled yet another straw from his robes pocket. He could've sworn he saw steam come out of her ears as the rest of the great hall laughed.

You will have detention every Saturday for two months starting this saturday!" she said, "I can't seem to do anything else to get it through your head so maybe this will work."

She walked off yet again and retook her place at the staff table. He looked at Dumbledore and could see him smiling.

The rest of lunch passed without incident.

Too soon they were to head back to class and began to get up.

All of a sudden, Harry got a prickly sensation near the nape of his neck and felt uneasy. He felt like he was being watched.

He turned slowly and realized that he was right.

Nearly every girl in the Great Hall was looking at him with a blank yet dreamy expression on their face.

"Mate?" he said turning to Ron, "Why is every girl in the Great Hall looking at me weird?"

"Are they?" Ron asked bemused, "Hermione isn't."

As they turned to look at Hermione, who had in fact been staring at him intently, she flushed and looked down at her feet.

"C'mon," Harry said, "This is freaking me out more than Snape with a skirt on. Let's go."

They made their way to their class after lunch; Potions with the Slytherins. Why it was alway with the Slytherins he didn't know. You'd think after every altercation that Slytherins and Gryffindors had against each other, which happened daily in potions, Dumbledore would've switched the schedules around but nope. Not good old Dumbledore.

The three took their usual seats at the back of the classroom with Hermione peeking side glances at him every minute.

Snape came in through a side door and Harry had to admit he looked more like a bat everyday.

After instructions were dealt out and students had collected their ingredients from the storage room, they sat back down again for what was probably going to be another exciting cage match against the Slytherins.

Harry had begun crushing his cadavar berries when a little note came out of nowhere and landed in front of him. Intrigued, he picked it up.


    I have wanted to tell you for the longest time but I was to afraid to. Now I think I'm ready. I love you. I love how you bite your bottom lip when your concentrating really hard or how the sweat glistens off your skin after you play a game of quiditch. Maybe you can take me for a ride on your broomstick sometime.


And at all over the piece of parchment were little hearts. Harry almost gagged.

"What is it," Ron asked beside him.

Not even bothering to explain, he handed the note to Ron who read it.

He looked at Ron who was looking like he was fighting the urge to laugh.

He lost the battle however and began laughing hysterically.

Immediately Snape was over them like Hermione on a new book.

"What is the meaning of this?" he asked glaring down at them.

Even Snape's presence couldn't keep Ron from laughing as he handed the note to him.

Snape's eyes narrowed the farther he read down the note until he vanished it with an unreadable expression on his face.

"Ten points from Gryffindor Mr. Weasley for disrupting my class."

Ron finally quit laughing as Snape went back to his desk to sit down.

Harry could hear Ron telling Hermione what was in the note and who it was from as he looked over at Pansy.

She blew him a kiss before looking back down at her assignment.

"You bitch," he heard Hermione say from beside Ron.

He turned to see Hermione getting up with a murderous expression in her eyes. She was heading straight for Pansy.

"You will not hit on my man," she said as she punched Pansy in the face and started pulling her hair.

The two girls began fighting which was quickly broken up by Snape.

"20 points from Gryffindor and dentention Mrs. Granger," he said, "Now both of you get out of my classroom."

He let Hermione go first who was still glaring daggers at Pansy, and then when he deemed it safe, he sent Pansy.

"What the bloody hell was that about?" Ron asked, "Since when are you Hermione's man?"

Harry was nonplussed. What had gotten into her? She had never shown him that she had liked him as more than a friend.

"I dunno mate," Harry said, "Let's just get class over with and go ask her."

They finished class in a hurry and immediately left to look for Hermione.

They found her in the Great Hall surrounded by what looked like half the girls of Hogwarts.

"I'm telling you he's my man so you better back off if you know what's good for you," he heard Hermione say to the crowd of girls.

"But what could he possibly want with a girl like you?" said a Hufflepuff girl he'd never even noticed before, "I'm sure he wants a real woman. One who would make him feel like a man."

"He wouldn't want a whore Jessica which is what you are, "Hermione spat venemously.

"He needs a down to earth kind of girl," Luna said in her dreamy voice.


"Down to earth!" Hermione shrieked, "Nothing you believe in is even on this earth."

"Look their he is," another girl said pointing at him and Ron on the staircase just as it looked like a fight would break out amongst the girls, "Let's go ask him."

At this, all the girls began running to him and Ron.

"Oh shit," Ron said, "Let's go. I don't fancy being stampeded by a throng of girls wanting to profess their undying love for you."

He and Ron began running back up the staircase with the girls hot on their heels.

What a perfect way to die Harry thought, being stampeded by a bunch of girls. No need for Voldemort. They'll kill me. I bet he'd get a kick out of that.

"Where do we go," Ron said frantically.

"I dunno, just keep running."

The girls chased them forever it felt like until they came on the Room of Requirement.

"Quick in here," Harry said as he rushed back and forth three times thinking he needed a place where he couldn't be found by those pursuing him.

The door materialized out of nowhere and they were already inside as the herd of girls came around the corner.

"Whew!" Ron said trying to catch his breath, "That was a close one."

"What was a close one?" they heard a voice ask.

They both turned and Harry's stomach flip-flopped as he looked at Ginny.

"What are you doing in here?" Ron asked

"I could ask you the same question."

"Well," Harry started, "It's really unbelievable....."

Harry and Ron told her what happened starting with the note.

When they were done, Ginny laughed before saying, "I guess this would be the wrong time to tell you that I love you then."

"Oh god not you to," Ron said throwing his hands up.

"I'm being serious," she said looking down at her hands, "I came up here to get away from it all to. I didn't like hearing them talk about you like that. Don't you get it? It's obviously the work of a love potion."

"A love potion?" Harry said, "But how could they all have taken it?"

"Maybe at lunch, " Ginny said, "I don't know and I don't care."

She turned pink, "Did I just tell you I loved you?"

"Uh, yeah," Harry said, "So if you know it's a love potion, you should probably go to Pomfrey and get the cure."

"Why should I go get it?" she asked

"Because I don't need you and all those other girls acting like this."

"But Harry," she said quietly, "I didn't take it. I didn't even go to lunch."

"But that would mean.... oh!"

He looked at her differently in that moment, like it was the first time really seeing her.

"You love me?" Harry said.

"Well yeah," she said, "I always have."

"Let's go," Ron said not being able to see his little sister talking to his best friend like that, "We can't hide in here forever."

"Yeah I guess your right," Harry said.

As they walked to the door, Ginny slipped her hand into his and oddly, it felt right.

"I almost died today," Harry said, "I'd rather face Voldemort any day than face a bunch of girls trampling me."

Ron stiffened before saying in mock horror, "Yes I know. Being chased after by pretty girls is so life threatening."

"I wouldn't say that," Harry replied, "One of them kind of reminded me of what a bulldog would like like if it were human."

They all laughed as they walked out of the Room of Requirement.

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Love Potion: The Trampling of Love


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