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The Fathers Aproval by Cosette24601
Chapter 1 : Scorpius has a talk with Ron
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Hello there, I'm Cosette, tis a pleasure to meet you! Umm yeah, I felt like writing this, so I did. I really hope you enjoy it and I'm planning to update it soon with a different couple.



Scorpius could feel the sweat forming on the palm of his hands, whipping them on the side of his pants he reached for the red wooden door that stood in front of him, only to quickly retract them and put them back into sweaty fists. He knew what was to come, the disappointed blue glare from Rose’s father. It was strange, to him, that Rose and Ron had the exact same eyes, yet the eyes were so different. Rose’s eyes were like the fresh crisp fall breeze that she loved so much. They were a cool glass of lemonade on a summer’s day. They were comforting and soft. Ron’s eyes on the other hand were like getting hit in the face with a snowball. Cold and distance always filled with a disapproving glare that he seemed to reserve just for Scorpius.


            What was he doing? He was a 21 year old man for Merlin's sake! He wasn’t a kid any longer; he could, and would knock on that door. He slowly reopened his fists and reached for the door again, only to pull them again once again. What if Ron said no? What if Rose said no? The he would look like an idiot. No, Rose would say yes, and, well, Ron was a different issue.



            Scorpius took a deep breath and knocked on the door. He knew Rose wasn’t home, so he prayed Hermione would answer, she didn’t hate him. He knew deep inside that it would be Ron who answered, for Scorpius had never been the ‘lucky’ type. He was greeted with the familiar disapproving glare. Ron opened his mouth and uttered but 3 words before attempting to shut the door.



            “Rose isn’t home.” He said plainly. Scorpius stuck his foot in front of the door to prevent it from closing and him being forced to awkwardly knocking again. Ron opened it up wider.

             “I know. I umm- wanted to talk to you.” Scorpius swallowed trying to force the butterflies that were fluttering around in his stomach to leave him alone. Ron glared at him for a moment before opening the door fully and gesturing for Scorpius to enter.


            “Have a seat.” Ron led Scorpius to the sitting room and sat down across from him on the opposing couch, his disapproving stare never leaving his eyes. “So, what was it that you wanted to talk about?”


            “I um- Well, you know that Rose and myself have been seeing each other for quiet a while.” He started unsure if he would be able to continue.



            “Yep, 4 years my daughter has been dating you.” Ron replied, with little to no emotion.



            “Yes and you see- I was thinking of-” Scorpius started before being interrupted by Hermione who bust through the door holding two groceries bags.


            “Oh hello Scorpius, I’m sorry was I interrupting something?” She said with her kind voice.


            “Oh umm no, I was just talking to Ron, but maybe you should listen as well, as it kinda concerns both of you.” Scorpius hoped she would join them, maybe the tension would release a little bit if she did. Nodding she placed the groceries next to the couch and sat down next to Ron.


            “So what are you talking about?” She asked curiously.


            “Well, you both know Rose and myself have been dating for a while.” Scorpius took a deep breathe before continuing. “And I personally want to take it to the next level.” Another breath. “So I was wondering.” Heart pounding out of his chest he finished his though. “If you would let me ask Rose’s hand in marriage.” Scorpius waited for the explosion. He waited for Ron to blow his top and demand Scorpius leave his house and never return. But he didn’t. Ron just sat there with a stunned look in his eyes.


            Hermione had a similar look in her eyes, but Scorpius noticed a happy spark to them.

After about half a minute of awkward tension Ron finally spoke.



            “Why?” He simply said. “why do you want to marry her?”


            “Pardon me?” Scorpius said surprised by Ron’s response.


            “Tel me why you want to marry my daughter. Tell me what you love about her, and I will agree.” Scorpius took a deep breath, unsure of what he would say, but knew it would come.



            “I love the way your daughter spends way to much time on work, completely oblivious to the fact that she is already ahead of everyone else in what she has to do. How she spends hours on end making every thing perfect, when most people would put but an hour into it and hope that it’s good enough. I love how she twirls around when she is happy and can fill up a room with her positive energy that just radiates off of her. But what I absolutely love the most about Rose is her ability to smile and make all my worries go away, on the rainiest day, her smile is my sunshine. When I feeling like there is no hope, her smile is my reassurance and when I have fallen she is always going to be there with her beautiful smile to be my crutch. And I will always be hers.”


            Scorpius sat there, hoping Ron would accept his honest from the heart answer. He prayed that Ron would agree, and that he could be with Rose forever.


            Hermione sat quietly, unmoved by Scorpius’s speech. But Ron’s eyes had moved from their solid stern stare to the floor. They were still solid, but had a soft quality, like they were melting. Ron finally looked up and Scorpius could see that they were wet. Was Ron crying? Ron nodded his head and answered with a quiet and soft voice.


            “Yes.” Was his reply. Scorpius’s heart soared out of his chest and to cloud nine. Was Ron really agreeing to him marrying Rose?



            “But.” Ron’s voice was stern and hard again. “If you ever do anything to hurt Rose, I will hurt you Scorpius Malfoy. You can count on it.”


            “Never.” Scorpius agreed. “I swear.”

            “Good. Now go. She’ll be home soon for your date tonight.” He said solemnly. Scorpius nodded as he headed for the door only to be halted by Mr. Weasley one more time.


            “I’ll be honest Malfoy,” Scorpius turned at the sound of his name. “I think my daughter is one lucky girl.” Scorpius looked at Ron and for the first time, Ron’s eyes were soft and welcoming. And Scorpius thought that this time, they might stay that way.

So there it is! I hope you enjoyed it, and please review :) If you have any Next generation guys you would like to see in this let me know and I'll give them a try :)

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The Fathers Aproval: Scorpius has a talk with Ron


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