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Lost Potters 1: Through thick and thin by HP lookalike
Chapter 20 : Snow
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White. Everywhere. Hogwarts was enveloped in a blanket of snow less than a week before the Christmas holidays. Whilst the majority of the 7th years were keen to go out and enjoy it, they were unable to as the teachers were cracking down. Following the recent arguments and fallouts, the teachers knew they were slipping and as a result, additional lessons were thrust upon them, homework tripled and even James and Lily were left feeling as though there was no time left in the day. Luckily, this made it easy to avoid people you weren’t speaking to. The Marauders found themselves growing apart as the term came to a close. James was seeing more and more of Lily, Remus was spending a lot of time with Emma, who it appeared considered him more than just a rebound and Sirius was spending all his free time with Amelia, who was not herself since she’d slapped Jake. Jake himself hadn’t left Hayley’s side since his fight with Amelia. He’d told Hayley the whole story and though and first she was angry, she knew the last thing he needed was for her to get wound up with him.

Unfortunately, they were likely to see a lot of Amelia over the holidays. Hayley didn’t really fancy a Christmas with her family after everything that had happened so she was staying with Jake over Christmas. Naturally, Amelia would be as well, as Jake’s mum had already invited her. Sirius and Remus were going to tag along as well, after much debate between Jake and his mum. Jake and Hayley were to be staying in Jake’s room. Whilst Amelia would usually be the one staying in the spare bed in Jake’s room, it appeared she was going to be staying with Jake’s little sister. Sirius and Remus were to share the spare room.

None of them were aware of James and Lily’s arrangement. It was a good thing as well, because James doubted Hayley would approve of Lily staying in her room as she refused to share a room with James. Lily was very nervous about meeting James’ parents but James didn’t expect to see them throughout the holidays anyway. The dark goings on around the magical world were nearing crisis levels and the Potters now slept at the ministry 7 days out of 10. They didn’t sleep the other 3. James was used to not seeing his parents for weeks on end when he wasn’t at Hogwarts, so his only concern was Lily and making sure that this holiday went well. At the same time, James did not plan on trying to impress her. If they didn’t get on for who they were then what would be the point of pretending? This in itself was enough to impress Lily.

Hayley’s room fascinated Lily. The holidays had begun and James had introduced her to his wonderful home. Hayley had done her best to both annoy James and have fun with her room. The walls were all a pale blue and littered with various posters. The majority of them were of male models or Hayley with various boyfriends. Lily smiled as she saw a couple of pictures of the two Potters when they were younger. Hayley, her hair in pigtails, was stamping on James’ foot whilst he pulled a funny face for the camera. Another one with Hayley on James’ back. It made Lily think about how good their childhood must’ve been, embracing their wizarding potential. There were another couple of pictures of Hayley with a small group of her friends, one where they were all dressed up and posing and another one cheekily taken by James of them all covered in goo from one of James and Sirius’ pranks. The room had a sense of the past. Hayley hadn’t been in it for a long time, or the majority of the pictures and posters would be different. There was no sign that Jake had ever existed. Unlike their dorm at Hogwarts, where Hayley kept a picture of her and Jake kissing by her bed. At first she’d been reluctant because of Jake and Lily’s past but, as Lily pointed out, it was the past for a reason.

James called Lily from the other room and she headed to see him. The first impression she got of James’ room was the mess. Unlike Hayley’s room which was almost immaculate, James’ room was quite messy, clothes littering the floor in piles, and various other magical items sprawled across the three beds in the room. Judging by the extra beds, Remus and Sirius obviously stayed here a lot. The room smelled like it as well.

“Do you ever clean up Potter?” Lily asked, choking on the stench of sweat.

James looked slightly crestfallen. “I did clean up, specially for you Evans!”

“I’d hate to see what this place looked like before!” Lily smiled.

She waved her wand and James’ room swept itself into some sort of order. James grinned as she sat on a bed and looked around.

“This room’s actually pretty nice when you think about it,” Lily mused. “I half expected it to be full of weird pictures of me and shit!”

“What that’s ridiculous?” James chuckled uneasily and muttered a spell to transport the contents of his cupboard elsewhere.

“So James, what do you do for fun around here?” Lily asked, stepping off the bed and grinning at him.

“Well Evans, you know the primary function of eggs, but do you know the secondary?”

Lily was running like she was never running before. At first she’d felt James’ behaviour was a bit juvenile but as soon as her egg had crashed into the angry man’s car, she had never felt so alive. She slipped though and the man was hot on her heels. Lily scrambled to her feet and started to run but the man was catching her fast. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the man tripped on an outstretched foot and hit the ground. Lily stuck her tongue out at him, her navy hoody covering her distinctive flame red hair. From beside the fallen man, a figure in a black hoody tore out of the side alley, grabbing Lily’s hand and urging her to run faster.

“Told you I wouldn’t let you get caught Evans!” James whispered.

Lily giggled and blushed, knowing that the longer this holiday went on, the more she would fall for James Potter. It said everything about her now that the previous statement didn’t make her want to shove her head in an oven. They kept running but Lily was tiring so James swept her into a side street. She opened her mouth but James covered it with his finger, signalling for her to be quiet as the man ran past. Lily relaxed and pulled down her hood. James chuckled.

“What?” Lily asked.

“Your hair’s sort of gone all…explody!”

Lily cursed, she hated hoody hair. She went to try and flatten it down but James motioned for him to do it.

“Let me.”

James gently ran his hands through Lily’s hair, combing it with his fingers. As he caressed it, Lily felt herself going red. James moved his left hand to touch Lily’s burning cheek, his right still resting in amongst her locks.


Lily wanted to tell him to stop, that they were moving too fast, but the words never came. They both moved as one, their lips touching. Lily had to admit, James was a great kisser. Despite that, the kiss itself wasn’t great. It was very touchy/feely. Neither person was going for it, there was a lack of passion, they were both just testing the other in a sense. They both pulled out after several seconds and looked at each other. Lily was pleased to see James was blushing too.

“Been waiting seven years for that!” James murmured.

“Hope I didn’t disappoint?” Lily quizzed.

“I’ve had worse,” James said slowly. “But I got the feeling you weren’t trying.”

“Neither were you,” Lily pointed out.

“True. I guessed I was just nervous. Our first kiss…”

“Yeah, never imagined one kiss could mean so much to me,” Lily sounded a bit shocked.

“I’ve kissed half the school, how do you think I feel?” James retorted then bit his lip. Lily giggled at his admission. It didn’t bother her. Not anymore.

“Lily Evans…” James stuttered.

“James Potter?” Lily knew the next question.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” James blurted.

“For fuck’s sake Potter. This was supposed to be a two week experiment and you’ve got me head over heels after one day! Yes, of course I’ll be your girlfriend!” Lily grinned.

James went to kiss her again but Lily shook her head.

“If we’re going to kiss again, we’re going to have to leave this bloody back alley, my bum is covered in shit from leaning against this wall!”

James motioned for her to turn and then he patted down her jeans lightly. Lily smiled at him as they took off their hoodies to minimise suspicion and slipped back out into the main road, walking back towards the Potter house and all the memories it held.

The Hunt’ household was buzzing. Two days before Christmas and everyone was cheery. Even Jake and Amelia were being civil to each other, though they didn’t speak if they could help it. Remus felt slightly downtrodden however. He knew the only reason the couples were happy was that they had each other and he felt squashed, like he was stuck in the middle somewhat. Jake had made them promise not to tell his mum he was sleeping with Hayley but Sirius reckoned she’d probably figured it out on her own. Jake and Hayley were out the house, a lot and when they weren’t, they were very touchy/feely with each other, always holding hands or embracing in front of the others. Sirius and Amelia were more discreet, as they seemed to be enjoying the general Christmas experience more than their own intimacy. However, they had decided they were ready for their first time. Sirius had plenty of practice, but was still nervous. However, his nerves were nothing compared to how Amelia felt. She was terrified, not to mention annoyed she’d let Sirius talk her into bed so early in their relationship. Only after sending several owls to Lily for reassurance and making Sirius buy half a dozen condoms did she finally decide she was ready…

Jake was half asleep as he felt something warm press against his body and he jolted slightly. He relaxed, it was only Hayley cuddling up to him for warmth. Although they hadn’t had sex in his bed yet, Hayley had slept there every night and it was a brilliant feeling for Jake to have her by his side during the cold winter nights. Jake placed his arm around her shoulder and pulled her in gently towards him, trying not to wake her. Hayley muttered something in her sleep and Jake smiled. He kissed her forehead lightly and slipped down onto his pillow, still holding Hayley loosely as she lay next to him. Jake glanced at his clock. It was just gone midnight. Christmas Eve. In less than 24 hours, it would be Christmas. He could rip open presents and enjoy Christmas dinner and snuggle up to his beautiful girlfriend. His first Christmas without his dad. Jake let a tear slide down his face. It dropped onto Hayley’s forehead and she stirred as Jake kicked himself metaphorically. His dad would’ve loved to meet Hayley. Now he’d never get the chance. Troubled by these thoughts, but also glad to have Hayley’s company, Jake drifted into an uneasy sleep.

He was woken by the sound of a scratching owl at his window. As he got up to open the window for Snowy, the owl he’d bought two years back, he was grabbed by Hayley who pulled him back into bed.

“Leave her, she’ll be fine for a couple of minutes,” Hayley muttered, her face buried in Jake’s chest. Unfortunately for her, Snowy chose this moment to head butt the window and hoot in pain. Jake swore under his breath. Snowy made a nasty habit of hurting herself and he loved her to bits. He fumbled for his wand and opened the window with magic. Snowy dropped two letters on his desk before swooping low and landing on Hayley’s head, where she nibbled Jake’s ear. Jake stroked her gently as Hayley groaned.

“Jake, what’s wrong with your stupid owl?”

“She’s not stupid!” Jake cried indignantly. “She just likes to get things done quickly. And she doesn’t like the way you’re cuddling up to me, she’s jealous!” Jake chuckled and continued to stroke Snowy as Hayley muttered a string of curses.

Eventually, Jake sent Snowy to her cage and read the letters from James and Lily (unaware they were from the same place). Hayley spent the whole time moaning that Snowy had ruined her hair as Jake sent her off with a reply. Jake didn’t have the heart to point out that Hayley’s hair usually looked a wreck first thing in the morning and Snowy had made very little difference so just ignored her until he’d finished then shut her up with a kiss.


The only word Amelia could say. She was lying in bed, half-naked, next to Sirius Black, the morning after one of the greatest nights of her life. Remus had spent the night with his parents so they’d had full use of the room he shared with Remus. And it had been magical. Amelia had always figured that sleeping with a guy would be messy and overrated but not the way Sirius had done it. He’d made it brilliant and despite the fact she had no clue what she was doing, he’d guided her through it. And now, the morning after, she felt amazing.

“Wow? Is that all you have to say?” Sirius teased.

“That was…you were…” Amelia stammered breathlessly.

“I know, every girl tells me the same thing,” Sirius winced as he hoped Amelia would let him off.

“I bet. Let’s get some breakfast!” Amelia replied very hurriedly. “You go, I’ll catch up.”

Sirius was slightly confused but headed downstairs, bumping into Jake’s little brother and engaging him in a wonderfully vivid conversation of how Muggles were missing out when it came to the bedroom. Amelia didn’t stop him. All her joy had disappeared, replaced by fear and anxiety. The pack of condoms she had made Sirius buy lay on the bedside table. It was unopened…


Insert dramatic background music here! Sirius and Amy? What have they done? Is there a chance of her and Jake's friendship being fixed? James and Lily, is this it? Come on guys, 2000 reads and not even 20 reviews? We can do better than that. Thank you to those who are still following this story and have reviewed often. :) HP


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