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Love Goddesses, Overprotective Brothers, and James Potter by dobbyismyhero22
Chapter 4 : Grimpers, Noah Davis, and Flobberworms
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Disclaimer: I own nothing! 

Image by dream_BIG at TDA (:


       I am the happiest girl on the planet. Literally, there is nobody that could possibly be happier than me right now. On my tombstone, when I die, they will put, “Here lies Aphrodite Venus Price aka Pricey, Eggs, Ro, and Biter: The Happiest Girl on the Planet.” It has a nice ring to it. Don’t you think? You know why I am the happiest girl on the planet? James Freaking Potter is at quidditch practice without a shirt on.


       Sure, he practices all the time without one on, but his body never ceases to amaze me. Honestly, he’s got the biceps of a god. And when he runs, his body looks twice as good, if that’s even possible. It should be against the law to look as good as him when someone runs. I probably look like a drunken chicken when I run. James actually doesn’t even let me run with the team anymore, thank Merlin. I think it had something to do with the amount of injuries I caused. When I run, I fall. Sue me. Actually don’t. I do not need another lawsuit. Just kidding, but not really.


       Anyway, so while the rest of the team runs, I get to sit on the bleachers, and watch them. I know what you’re thinking, Merlin, that must be soooooo boring. Would you call watching five in-shape blokes run, boring? Well, one of them is my brother so he doesn’t really count, but still! Four in-shape blokes running is not bad. Not bad at all.


       Now you would think that Al wouldn’t have a very good body because he’s got that whole ‘innocent-I’m-so-nice’ thing going on, but that kid could seriously model. I mean, I know I shouldn’t be ogling at the brother of the man I’m going to marry and my best friend’s body, but I can’t help it! I’m a teenage girl. I blame the hormones.


       Shane’s body: Don’t get me even get me started. All I will say is, the boy is fit.


       Fred’s body is too weird to even think about considering the fact that he’s a creeper and if he even caught me looking at his body, then he’d take that as an invitation, and try to rape me.


       And then there’s Apollo. I don’t believe in incest so I won’t go into what his body looks like. If you want to know then you can take it up with the MWSPC fan club. They’ll go into it in explicit detail. I honestly don’t recommend it if you don’t want to barf your lungs out. Is it possible to barf your lungs out? Hmm. My new goal in life is to see if it is possible to barf your lungs out. I have a lot of goals in life. Want a list? That’s right. I know you do.


1. Well, like I just said, I want to see if it’s possible to barf your lungs out. I don’t know how I will go about putting this particular goal in motion, but I’ll figure it out. Just give me time.


2. I want to find out what the makers of the Wizard of Oz were on when they made that movie. Honestly? Dancing munchkins? Women traveling in bubbles? That shit must’ve been strong.


3. I want to find out what exactly is in a hot dog. Although, I’m kind of scared of this goal to be honest.


4. I want to kill Professor Binns. Again. I hate that bloody ghost with a fiery, burning passion.


5. I want to own a pet cheetah. Don’t judge.



       “So explain to me again the different positions?” Elle said to me, with a puzzled expression. Because she is a muggle-born, she doesn’t know anything about quidditch so I, being the amazingly nice person that I am, offered to explain it to her at our first practice. What can I say? I’m a saint. Tehe. I couldn’t even think that with a straight face.


       “Okay, so there are the Chasers, who are Apollo, my brother, James, Al’s brother, and Shane.” I said pointing out the correct people to her.


       “Your brother’s hot.” Elle told me. I just threw up a little.


       “Are you sure you’re eleven?” I asked warily.


       “Pretty sure.” She replied, grinning.


       “Okay yeah, so the Chasers use the ball called a Quaffle and try to score through the goal posts. The Keeper, who is Al, tries to stop the Quaffle from going through. If the Quaffle does go through then the other team gets ten points. The Beaters use their Beater bat thing, and try to stop the Chasers from the other team from scoring by hitting them with Bludgers.” I explained. “The Beaters on our team are Fred and his sister Roxanne.” I told her, pointing at the two idiots racing against each other. Elle nodded to show that she understood what I was saying.


       “And then I’m the Seeker. I have to catch the Golden Snitch. If I catch it, then the game ends, and our team gets 150 points.” I said.


       “So basically you are the most important person on the team?” She asked curiously.


       “Not really. Everyone has a really important position. Fred and Roxanne have to protect everyone so they don’t get knocked off their broom. Al has to stop all of the shots the other team tries to make. And even if the other team catches the snitch, if we have more points than them, then we still win, which is where the Chasers come in handy. It’s a really big team sport. You all have to work as one.” I responded, truthfully. I mean, I could take all the credit, and say I was the star of the team, and that everyone relied on my awesomeness, but I’d be lying.


       “Why don’t you have to run, and everyone else does?” Elle questioned.


       “Because I-“ I started.


       “BITER!” James called, waving me over. He was all sweaty. Kill me. Seriously, just take a hatchet to my brain, or some crazy, fucked up thing like that. Be creative. Just kill me before I do something stupid. Please? With cheese on top? What? If you ask me, cheese is way better than sugar. Just saying.


       “Shit. I have to go, but you can stay and watch if you want. I’ll talk to you later!” I yelled to Elle over my shoulder, waving goodbye, as I ran down the bleachers. Don’t fall. Don’t fall. Don’t fall. Don’t fall. Dude, fuck you.


       When I chant don’t fall repeatedly in my head that does not mean trip halfway, and go tumbling down the steps and fall on your arse at the bottom. The amount of class I have is astounding. It really is. Thank you for not laughing madly in amusement, Albert. I truly appreciate it. Oh good, you caught the sarcasm. It’s nice to know that you’re not a total dipshit.


       I could hear Elle giggling from the upper part of the bleachers. I am disowning her as my new firstie friend. Apollo, Al, Roxanne, and James were all bent over me with worried expressions on their faces.


       “Ro, are you okay?” Apollo asked me, examining my arm, which was bending at a funny angle. I made a noise that resembled a mix between a groan and a whimper. A grimper? Yeah, I made a grimper. I think I’ll copyright that word. You’ll see it in the English dictionaries in a few years.


       “Is she going to be able to practice?” James asked Apollo. Gee James, it’s nice that you care more about my ability to practice rather than my ability to move my arm. How very sensitive of you. Sigh.


       “Ro, I think you should go to the Hospital Wing.” Apollo told me after shooting a dark glare at James.


       “No bloody way I’m going back to that wretched place!” I yelled, trying to sit up. That’s right, I said wretched. Stepping up the vocabulary. “Poppy will flip shit if I go back there twice in one day!”


       “You were already in the hospital? It’s the second day of term!” Apollo said exasperated, and Roxanne giggled.


       “There was a Potions incident.” Al said, trying to hide his grin.


       “For the last bloody time, it was not my fault!” I growled defensively.


       “What happened?” Freddy asked chuckling.


       “She blew up her cauldron, and the explosion threw her fifteen feet backwards into the wall. What was it? A concussion and four broken bones?” Al explained, laughing his arse off. Prat. I could have died.


       “It was three broken bones and only a minor concussion, you git.” I corrected sticking my tongue out at Al.


       “You need to be more careful, Biter.” James said sincerely. I think I just had a heart attack. “We need you for quidditch.” Nice. Glad I’m needed.


       “Apollo, can you please just fix it? You’re good at healing spells.” I pleaded.


       “Fine, but don’t be pissed if I botch it.” He said, and muttered an incantation at my arm. It instantly felt better. Success. “Is it okay?” Apollo asked me. I nodded, grinning.


       “Can we get on with practice, please?” James asked impatiently. He is such a jackarse when it comes to quidditch.


       “Yeah, let’s go.” I said standing up. I swayed a little bit, but that was typical of being a complete klutz.


       “Alright, we’re going to start off with some drills today.” James said, tossing us our brooms. He handed mine to me because he knows I couldn’t catch something if my life depended on it. He’s so sweet, don’t you think? “Get your arses in the air!” James yelled. Okay, not the best example.


       I mounted my broom, and kicked off. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that feeling of the first kick off of the day. I love the feeling of soaring into the air, and the wind blowing through my curls. It’s indescribable, like nothing can touch me or hurt me. All my cares just go away. Whoa. That was deep. Maybe I should become a poet. I can rhyme! Tall. Fall. Call. Hall. Mall. Wall. Dall? Jall? You know what? Maybe I’ll stick to inspiring speeches.


       I flew a few laps around the pitch, along with the rest of the team, and then James called us to meet him in the middle.


       “Okay, so-“ James was cut off from our instructions by seven idiots zooming by us on broomsticks. They flew so close that my hair flew up by the breeze that they caused. Arseholes.


“What the fuck, Malfoy?” Fred yelled.


       Malfoy and the rest of his team whipped their broomsticks around so that they were facing us. The Slytherin team all had identical evil smirks on their faces. Our team all had identical death glares on our faces. Literally. Identical. James made us practice in front of a mirror last year to intimidate people. Did I mention that he’s insane? It’s okay, I still love him. I don’t really think our glares were working though because the Slytherins weren’t cowering or screaming in fright. Damn.


       “Got a problem, Weasley?” Malfoy sneered.


       “He does, and so do I. What the fuck are you doing here, Malfoy? We have the pitch today.” James said, his brow furrowing. You know it really should be illegal to be as cute as him. 


       “Au contraire, Potter.” Malfoy grinned waving a piece of paper in the air. Seriously? Au contraire? Who even says that anymore? “Professor Snelbaker signed this paper allowing us to practice to start our new training schedule. We’re going to be a better and more skilled team this year.” He smirked. Professor Snelbaker is the Head of the Slytherin house and the Potions professor. Is it just me or has every Potions teacher been a Slytherin? I think it’s some sort of idiotic tradition that all of the Potions professors have to be pricks. 


       “That’s not that difficult considering you lost almost every match last term.” Shane snorted. Malfoy scowled.


       “You are going to need to train 24/7 if you want to even come close to beating us, Malfoy.” James laughed. “Come on, guys.” He said, and flew to the ground. We followed him, the males making noises of anger. You know, noises of anger! Like grunting and such. They also huff and growl. It’s very strange if you ask me.


       “What the fuck, James?!” Apollo said outraged after he landed.


       “Yeah, why’d you let him get away with that? We could’ve kicked their arses of the pitch.” Fred seethed. Like I said, I’m stepping up the vocab.


       “I’m not going to give Malfoy the satisfaction.” James reasoned calmly. I can’t get no, I can’t get no. I can’t get no satisfaction. Sorry. I quite like that muggle song. It’s so catchy, you know? You know what. Just ignore me. It would be for the best, really.


       “Besides, they need all of the practice they can get. I don’t want us to crush them too easily. And we can just make up practice tomorrow morning at 5:30.” James smirked evilly, and started off the pitch. The whole team groaned in unison.


       “Fuck you, Malfoy!” Our team shouted simultaneously at the idiot in the sky. He grinned, and kept flying. Butthole. 







       “ROSE WE ARE NOT GOING TO BE LATE!” Dom and I shouted at the mental redhead, that we for some reason call our friend, sprinting through the corridor.


       “Class starts in four minutes!” She exclaimed in a panicky voice.


       Why were we running so late this morning you ask? Well, there is a very simple answer. Alex Wright and Lizzie Hughes are the biggest bitches in the entire planet. They decided that it would be hilarious if they turned off our alarm clocks. Yeah, I nearly pissed myself laughing.


       No, I actually found it rather unfunny. In fact, I found it completely fucked up. Why? You’re only asking because you’ve never had to deal with Rose Weasley on the verge of being late. She’s scary. Like extremely scary. She’s already knocked over four first years, five second years, including Donny, three third years, and even a Beater on the Slytherin quidditch team. The girl is a beast.


       When Rose finally woke up, she had an insane, psycho, spaz attack and screamed bloody murder until Dom and I woke up. We then had six minutes to brush our teeth, fix our hair, and get dressed. Fuck yes.


       You see, in my haste to get ready to avoid Rose’s frighteningness, I just threw on my uniform in about thirty seconds. My tie was very loose around my neck, only about a quarter of my buttons were done on my shirt, and my skirt was from last year because that was the only one I could find, therefore it was extremely short. Basically, I looked like a slag. Apollo would have a heart attack if he saw me. I was trying to adjust my outfit as I ran with Dom to catch up with Rose.


       I crashed into somebody, and fell to the ground. Dom just smirked at me, and Rose kept running. “Shit. I’m so-“ I started saying, as I looked up at the person I ran into, and my hazel eyes met a pair of amber ones. Noah Davies. NOAH. FUCKING. DAVIS. Oh world, why must you hate me so?


       “Not a problem, Pricey.” He smiled, offering me a hand. His eyes traveled up and down my body. Holy poop.


       I grabbed his hand, and he pulled me up. “Thanks!” I practically yelled. Merlin, I am such a freak.


       “So where were you running off to?” He asked me curiously, his eyes still scanning my body.


       “Potions. Rosie was worried that we were going to be late.”  I told him.


       “Do you mind if I walk you there? The dungeons aren’t really on my way, but I can make time.” Noah asked me, his eyes were looking into mine. And he was smiling hopefully. His smile was honestly so pretty. His teeth were perfect and so bright that they could even make McGonagall swoon. Wow, that’s a weird picture to have in my head.


       “I’d like that.” I responded, grinning. Did I care that he was only talking to me because I was dressed like a skank? Negative.


       He smiled again as he reached down and picked up my bag. I slung it over my shoulder, and we started walking to the dungeons. “So do you like Potions?” He asked me. How very Ravenclaw of him.


       “I don’t really like any class.” I responded truthfully. I heard Dom stifle a giggle. I almost forgot she was still behind us! Nosy bint. I flicked her off secretively behind my back. “I only take half the courses because my mum makes me.” I told him. My mum says that my work ethic is worse than a sloth’s. Yeah, I don’t know either.


       Noah chuckled and shook his head. “There’s not one class that you like even a little?” He questioned.


       I pondered what he said. Yes, pondered. I am decent in Charms and Transfiguration. Okay, I’m bloody brilliant in them, but I don’t really actually like the subjects that much. And I despise Potions even though I’m really good in that class also.  Herbology is a load of turds. Astronomy is for gits. Divination makes me want to barf. I’d kill myself before I’d sit through another year of History of Magic. Defense Against the Dark Arts is okay. I mean, Professor Lupin is fit.


And then Care of Magical Creatures is probably the only class I actually sort of enjoy. The class is super easy because Hagrid gives everyone passing grades, and I like playing with the creatures. What can I say? I have the mind of a two year old.


Plus, I’m just a total boss in that class. I guess I just have a natural ability with animals. The only reason I got Exceeds Expectations on my O.W.L was because I threw a flobberworm at my examiner. He was being a twat waffle. Yes, twat waffle, Albert. It’s a perfectly acceptable term.


“I guess I like Care of Magical Creatures. And Defense isn’t all that bad.” I answered. Poop. He was a bloody Ravenclaw! I should be telling him that I love all subjects and homework is very important to me and that professors are my heroes! Claws like Athena love to hear that kind of shit. If Thena is ever really pissed at me then I ask for her help with homework. Works every time. She thinks that I actually start to get serious about schoolwork. What a load of bollocks. The day that I get serious about schoolwork is the day that McGonagall announces that she is secretly a stripper in Las Vegas.




       “Care of Magical Creatures is probably one of my favorites too.” Noah said, and flashed another smile at me. I’m pretty sure my knees almost gave out. They didn’t though. That would’ve been a tad awkward. You know? Me falling to the ground and him just being like, what the fuck? I only smiled? This girl is mental. I’ve heard it all before. Well, not really. Only the, this girl is mental. Yes, I am quite familiar with that phrase.


       “So-“ Noah started, but was cut off by the bell ringing. Shit.


       “Fuck!” Dom screamed from behind us. She ran, grabbed my arm, and started pulling me away. “Sorry Davis, but Eggs has to get to class or my insane cousin is going to kill us!” Dom explained loudly.


       “I’ll talk to you later?” I called hopefully over my shoulder.


       “Definitely!” He yelled, and I saw him wink just before Dom pulled me around the corner. A smile was practically plastered across my face.


       “So are you going to fuck Davis?” Dom asked bluntly as we continued running. I smacked her shoulder roughly.


       “No, you tosser! He didn’t even ask me out, for Merlin’s sake! We were just talking!” I said, holding on to her arm so I wouldn’t fall as I ran.


       “Haven’t forgotten about my dear cousin, James, have you?” Dom asked, grinning and wriggling her eyebrows. Sometimes I really wonder why I am friends with her. Dom and Rose are the only ones that know about me loving James. They like to tease me about it constantly, the bitches.


       “Of course not.” I snapped. “I can like two people at once, can’t I? And besides, nothing is even going on with Noah. Like I said, we were just talking.” I reasoned.


       “I suppose. Rose is going to kill us for being late again.” Dom said breathlessly as we slowed to a walking pace into the Potions room.


       “She’s not the only one.” I whispered to Dom as I caught the look on Professor Snelbaker’s face. She giggled.


       “Late again. Twenty points from Gryffindor.” He barked. The Gryffs in the class groaned and the Slytherins snickered like the douche bags they are. Because it was a N.E.W.T level and because our year is full of gits, the class size is considerably smaller so we have Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs with us also.


        Dom and I went to sit down in our usual seats, but he stopped us. “Due to the accident caused by carelessness and unwise fooling around,” Snelly said shooting a sharp look towards Dom and me. “You are going to be assigned new partners.”


       Everybody in the class glared at us. Perfect. “Way to go, Aphrodite.” Al said, smirking. He was clearly amused that my accident caused an actual change. Snelly hates change of any kind.  


       “Okay, Lizzie Hughes and Daniel Forrestburg.” Snelly started calling off names from his clipboard. Lizzie scoffed at the fact that she was paired with a Hufflepuff. “Clare Edwards and Eli Goldsworthy.” Clare is a very nice Ravenclaw, but an extreme goody-good, and Eli is a Gryffindor that is pretty good friends with Al. Clare blushed slightly, and Eli smirked. Interesting.  “Dominique Weasley and Selina Zabini.” Both girls had looks of pure outrage when their names were called together. That was not going to end well, but they took their seats, nonetheless. “Albus Potter and Tessa Lewis.”


Al’s face broke out into a huge grin as he took a seat next to the Ravenclaw. It was obvious why. Tessa was beautiful, like absolutely stunning. She is almost as pretty as Dom, but Dommy is a veela, and let’s face it, they’re pretty tough to beat. Not only is she pretty, but she is also probably the most good-hearted person I have ever met.  Al has had a crush on her for years, so I understand why he is so happy to be with her. Tessa tried to conceal a smile, which leads me to believe that the feeling is mutual. Yeah, way to get it done, Ally!


“Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy.” The entire class’s head shifted to Rose’s direction to see her face, which was turning slightly green. Oh no, sorry, purple. Oh now it was a lovely shade of red. Hmm. That’s probably not good…


“You’ve got to be bloody joking!” She shrieked, standing up so abruptly that her chair fell to the floor making a loud noise. Malfoy smirked. What a prat. The rest of the class remained silent except for Dom and me who were trying to contain our laughter.


“No, I am not ‘bloody joking’, Miss Weasley. You are partners with Mr. Malfoy, and that’s final.” Snelly snapped. Hehe alliteration is a beautiful thing. “And fifteen points from Gryffindor for your outburst.” He added with an evil smirk. I will smack him one day; mark my words. Bitch slap right across the face in the middle of one of his lectures. It. Will. Be. Epic.


       “Julia Thomas and Mirabella Macmillan.” Hahaha sucks to be you Julia. Have I mentioned that I hate Mirabella? Oh I did? Okay good, just checking. Snelly continued, “Alex Wright and Aphrodite Price.” KILL MYSELF. I mentioned that I hate Alex also, right? I did? Several times? Okay good.


       I felt my face contort into a rather interesting expression. It was something like my eyes bulging out of their sockets, my nostrils flaring, my jaw dropping, and my eyebrows shooting up. Dom burst into laughter. Again, I am really wondering why I am friends with her. Rosie shot me a sympathetic look because she was partnered with someone she despised also. Al was too busy flirting with Tessa to notice my distress.


       Alex was none too happy either. She had her arms folded across her chest, and her knuckles were almost white from clenching them so hard. She looked down at the empty seat beside her and then back at me, shooting me a glare that clearly said, “Well? Aren’t you going to move?” 


       I rolled my eyes, took the seat next to her, and threw my satchel down on the table. Indiana Jones wears one. He is my hero. Well, one of them. My other heroes include:


1. The inventor of cheesecake: No need for explanation.


3. The inventor of sports bras: You’re a guy, Albert. You don’t understand the difference.


4. Dwight Schrute: The guy owns a beet farm and has ninja weapons at the ready. How can you beat that?


       “Okay, so today we are going to be making-“ Snelly started the instructions, but I was distracted by Alex whispering (AKA gossiping) with Lizzie.


       “So how was last night with James?” Lizzie winked. My jaw clenched.


       “Absolutely perfect.” Alex giggled. Why do girls giggle? I will never understand it. I mean sure, I giggle, but when I do, it’s not the swoon-obnoxious-I-think-I’m-so-cute-but-really-I’m-just-annoying-as-fuck giggle; it’s more like the that-was-funny giggle. Much less stupid.


       “What did you guys do last night?” Lizzie whispered.


       “What do you think we did, Liz?” Alex smirked, pushing a piece of black hair out of her face.


       “The ingredients are written up on the board. Get started.” Snelly barked.


       I got up to get the ingredients before Alex could even blink. Anything to get away from the conversation that was taking a turn to something that I really didn’t want to hear about. Rose and Dom also were fetching the ingredients for their groups.


       “No way in hell will I be able to work with that skank all year.” Dom whined looking miserable.


       “At least your partner doesn’t ask you out every two minutes!” Rose huffed and glared at Malfoy who was talking animatedly to some of his Slytherin gits.


       “Yeah well, your partner isn’t the girlfriend of the love of your life, and doesn’t talk about fucking said person.” I said in a quiet, small voice, and bit my lip. Their faces immediately softened, and they put consoling hands on my arm and shoulder.  I shook them off.


       “It’s whatever.” I shrugged, trying to sound nonchalant.


       I obviously failed because Dom said, “Do you want me to pour frog spawn on her?” Holding up a jar of it and grinning. Now I remember why she is my friend.


       “Nah, I’m fine.” I laughed, getting the rest of my ingredients, and returning to my seat.


       “Took you long enough.” Alex said rolling her eyes. I ignored her like the strong person I am. Or try to be, at least.


       I turned the heat for the cauldron on. “Start chopping the roots.” I told her, and I began crushing the beetles.


       “You shouldn’t even have a partner. There’s too much of a risk that you’ll blow somebody up.” She sneered and Lizzie cackled. Cackled, there is no word for her manic laughter. I continued crushing the beetles, perhaps a bit harder than necessary.


       “Nice outfit, by the way.” Alex said sarcastically. “I always knew you were a slag.” I bit the inside of my cheek so hard that I tasted blood. I never liked the taste of blood. It tastes like rust and salt. Donny likes it. I think he’s secretly a vampire. He likes bloody flavored lollipops, which is suspicious if you ask me.


       I added the crushed beetles into the cauldron, and began stirring counter clock ways. “And your makeup looks great.” She laughed, sardonically. “Did you do it in the dark?”


       “I’m not even wearing makeup, you fucking imbecile. You know why?” I said loudly. I honestly hate this girl so much, and I didn’t even care that the entire Potions class was watching us. “Because two stone cold bitches, who think that they’re hot shit and so much better than everybody else, turned off our alarm clock because they thought it would be fucking hilar to see us sprint to class and still be late. And you know what’s really ironic? That you call me a slag, but you’re the one that was sitting here, talking about fucking your boyfriend.” I don’t even know where this rant was coming from.


“Sweetie, look at your outfit and makeup.” I continued, and she looked down at her usual short skirt and loosely buttoned top. Her makeup was caked on to an ungodly amount. “Try being a little less desperate.” And then I ‘accidentally’ dumped a jar of dead, rotten flobberworms on her head.


I smirked triumphantly. Dom, Al, and Rose were clapping and cheering along with most of the Ravenclaws, and Gryffindors, except for Lizzie who looked bloody pissed as hell. The Puffs were shocked that anybody could be so mean. Rejects. The Slytherins looked at me admiringly, but were too proud to cheer for a Gryff.


Alex looked pretty close to tears, but I wasn’t sorry at all. I mean, she was being a right bitch! I’m supposed to stick up for myself, aren’t I? That’s what Apollo taught me.


I felt on top of the world for about three more seconds and then Snelly bellowed, “DETENTION!” At the top of his lungs. Bugger. 








A/N: Oh hi! So I hope ya’ll (getting in touch with my nonexistent southern side) liked this chapter! It took me forever because I get massive writers block and I have to write in increments. So basically I’ll write like five paragraphs, go on Facebook for an hour, write about two more paragraphs, read on HPFF for like two hours, stare at the word document for about twenty minutes before writing like four more words, and then go rewatch YouTube videos for the rest of the night. It’s an endless cycle so you can probably see why it takes me so long.


And for all you Degrassi fans out there, I hope you liked the Eli and Clare characters:D I freaking love those two so I had to add them in!

The Indiana Jones thing is from the brilliant movie, The Hangover:) Gotta love it. And I do not own Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones.

 Please review! Tell me your favorite quotes or weird Aphrodite moments! Or even just to say hello. Just review please, because they keep me writing! And I have a new meet the author page on the forums so check that out if you have any free time:D THANKSS!


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