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Hunky-Dory by ItsUnconditional
Chapter 1 : Dominique's Failure Plan: Phase One, Part One.
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Dominiques Failure Plan: Phase One, Part One.

"Nice legs, Weasley," Malfoy smirked as he stood in the compartments open doorway.

I had been sitting by the window with a book open in my lap and my legs stretched out so that my feet rested on the seat opposite. Slowly, I folded the edge of the page that I had been reading and closed the book. I then carefully stood up and walked over to him, and as I passed him, I winked flirtatiously and whispered, "Nice nose, Malfoy," causing him to remember just before end of term when i'd punched him so hard in the face that I broke his nose and landed myself with several detentions before this year had even began.

He glared at me as I walked off towards the compartment that I knew that he'd eventually come back to because his best friend, and my cousin, was sitting in it.

Opening the compartment door, I walked in and sat down opposite my cousin, Albus Potter. He was the exact image of his father right down to the glasses, except he had inherited his mothers warm brown eyes rather than his fathers bright emerald. His raven hair was messy and he raked a hand through it before pinning me with a gaze that clearly said, 'what have you done this time?'

Laughing, I leaned forward slightly and asked with a hint of humor in my voice, "Shouldn't I be asking you the same thing?" I wasn't an idiot and I knew that my cousin was a bit of a player. It was the one thing that him and our cousin Dominique had in common.

"Touché," he retorted with a lopsided smile as he leaned back into his chair, placed his hands behind his head and closed his eyes. "So, where did Dom get to this time?"

I tilted my head back slightly and said, "I'll give you three guesses." It was obvious where Dom had gone before either of us had even mentioned anything. She was in search of Lysander, the one guy that she had always wanted yet would never have. That was the thing with this generation; everyone was a player. At least, everyone considered themselves as players and because of that no relationship was safe. That was why Dominique and Lysander had never risked it, had never even kissed. They were scared of what could happen and me and Albus both knew it.

Albus didn't bother to guess, he simply sighed and kept his eyes firmly closed. I lied when I said that they only had one thing in common; they both want someone that they're too scared to have. I realised suddenly that Albus' secret was that he had someone special who he would always avoid and I was pretty sure that I knew who it could be.

The door slid open and Scorpius, looking flushed, stepped inside and sat down next to his bestfriend who had appeared to have fallen asleep.

Scorpius Malfoy was the blond haired, grey eyed guy of the school that every girl dreamed of being with. He was tall and had just enough muscles that you could always see them flex whenever he played Quidditch making all the girls swoon. He had a charming smile and the way that he held himself let everyone know that he was proud of who he was. I knew his flaw though and it was that, secretly, he was the most amazing actor that anyone had ever met. Because he was truly ashamed of his family background and when he was old enough, he would refuse to marry a pure-blooded witch like his father had done, just to show them that he was finally done with what his family had become known as.

"You better not have hooked up with my sister again, Malfoy," Albus sneered, finally opening his eyes to see Scorpius' still flushed face. Once, a little while back now, Lily had wanted to kiss someone just for the experience of it as she had still not found the right person to kiss. Knowing that Scorpius never dated anyone and only had short lived flings with the girls that he was with, she confronted him and told him that all she wanted was a kiss. Unfortuantly for them, Albus chose that moment to walk round the corner to see them making out against the wall after Lily had finally managed to persuade him. This resulted in Scorpius recieving the silent treatment for weeks until Lily finally worked up the courage to tell him what had really happened. Although, after that incident, Albus never really trusted Scorpius to be alone with his sister ever again.

Scorpius rolled his eyes and replied sarcastically, "I didn't unless your sister has suddenly transformed into Hannah Shaden."

"Hannah Shaden?" I questioned with a smirk, "could you not have chosen a slut with a little more class?"

"Like you, you mean?" He fired back with a smirk of his own.

"Babe," I said mimicking Hannah's fake girly voice, "legs like these don't come attatched to sluts."

"You're right," he retorted, "probably because sluts know when to keep them clos-"

I had slapped him across the face so hard that it had shut him up completly. "If you're going to throw insults at me," I smirked, "then you should at least make sure you're not in slapping distance."

"I believe you deserved that one," Dominique commented cheerfully from the doorway.

Dominique was extremly beautiful with long blonde hair and silvery-blue eyes. She was about the same height as me but liked to wear heels to make herself even taller. Her nails were always painted and she moved from boy to boy as if there was an unlimited supply of them.

Sitting down next to me, she asked, "Howcome we're not sitting in the other compartment anymore?"

"You were gone too long," I answered simply, "I was bored."

"Ah, yes," Dom stated sarcastically from beside me, "and tormenting Scorpius is the only form of fun to be found on this dreaded train. How could I have fogotten?"

"And he gave me free ammunition in the form of Hannah Shaden," I defended, "how was I supposed to not use it?"

"Hannah Shaden? Really?" Dom asked doubtfully as she considered Scorpius for a moment. "No, I don't believe it," she commented, "he has standards and she doesn't. They clash."

"Clearly they're more compatible than any of us thought," Albus noted, opening his eyes to stare over at Dom. "And who were you off with this time, Dom?"

"Lorcan," she answered simply which managed to suprise all of us.

"Uh, Dom," I looked sideways at her, "I think that you got the wrong twin."

She smiled sweetly but refused to say anything else about it.

A thought stuck in my head and I couldn't help but say it out loud, "If you're using him to make Lysander jealous, it won't work." Because I knew for a fact that Lysander didn't get jealous, he only became distant.

"I know what i'm doing," was all she said in return.

Merlin, I hope so, because if not then this was going to turn out very badly for everyone involved. And being Rose Weasley, I was always involved.

I stared at the food on the Gryffindor table as it suddenly dissapeared and rolled my eyes when there were collective gasps of awe from some of the new first years who were only just getting used to the magic of the school.

The first years had all been sorted into their houses, the speeches made and the food eaten. I stared across the hall to were Scorpius and Albus sat at the Slytherin table talking to a few of their friends over merlin-knows-what before turning around to Dom and saying quietly, "Do you really think that it'll be a good idea to keep them out of the loop?"

During dinner, Dom had told me all about her plan that I had sarcastically named, "Dominique's Failure Plan", which she then punched me in the arm for. She had then proceeded to explain to me that she didn't want to let Albus or Scorpius know about the details, or at least not let them know for a while.

"The less people that know, the better the plan will work," she replied as if it was obvious.

I highly doubted that the plan would work at all, but I kept that to myself to avoid being punched again.

"All right," was what I said out loud instead, "If you say so."

"Let's go," she demanded after a moment of thought, "the hall is boring and no-one seems to be doing anything."

Walking out of the hall, I could feel several pairs of eyes watching us. I ignored it and continued to walk as if I didn't notice. Me and Dom had gotten used to the staring by now. It came with being a Weasley and it came with our reputations, there was no way to avoid it.

"We'll put the plan into action tomorrow morning at breakfast. You do know what you have to do, don't you?" She asked when we were finally alone and out of the way of people who liked to listen for gossip.

I did know what I had to do. I was the one who had to start it all by delivering the gossip to the gossip queen herself. And lucky enough for me, she just happened to be in the form of Hannah Shaden.

The next morning, as I was walking towards the Slytherin table, I saw that Albus and  Scorpius were nowhere to be seen. Not that it was suprising, those two could sleep for days on end if they wanted to. It just made my part in this a whole lot easier. But then again, this was only Dominique's Failure Plan: Phase One, Part One. And knowing Dom as well as I did, I knew for a fact that the worst was still to come.

Spotting Hannah Shaden sitting in the middle of her little group of followers, I started to head towards them looking confident and feeling determined yet in the back of my mind a little voice was screaming at me that this would fail so I should just give up now. Unfortuantly for me, that little voice was silenced by the fact that Dom was my cousin.

Looking up from her nails that she was inspecting, Hannah glared at me and demanded, "What do you want, Weasley?"

Hannah was a thin girl with big boobs and a short skirt. She had dyed blonde hair and big brown eyes that she made stand out even more by using eye-liner, mascara and merlin-knows-what-else.

"I have news," I told her vaguely, hoping to capture her interest.

She considered what I had said for a moment. "I'm listening."

Leaning down so that I was close to her ear, I whispered exactly what Dom had told me to and then stood up straight and stared at Hannah without  emotion, allowing her to absorb the information.

It was common knowledge to everyone in the school that even though there was nothing going on between Dom and Lysander, both of them definatly had strong feelings for each other.

Hannah's face slowly broke out into a smile, "This is going to destroy him," she commented harshly.

I took that as my moment to leave but as I turned to walk away, Hannah spoke to me again, "Wait, why would you tell me something like that? Aren't you supposed to be her trustworthy bestfriend?"

Without turning around, I repeated the only other thing Dom had told me to say, "My reasons are none of your concern, do with the information however you please."

And with that, I was gone.

I was already seated at the Gryffindor table when Dom entered the Great Hall half an hour later. She ignored the whispers as she walked towards where I was sitting and sat down next to me.

"It worked!" She whispered happily as I stared directly infront of me to where Lysander was sitting at the Hufflepuff table looking as if his world had just come down on top of him, crashing and burning.

"Look what we've done," was all I said in reply.

Dom looked at me and then followed my gaze to Lysander. At noticing our joint gaze, he stood and left the Hall. He didn't even say a single word to anyone. He just left.

"Shit," Dom muttered under her breath after realising the same thing that I had, "that wasn't supposed to happen. Maybe telling everyone that I wanted to sleep with his brother wasn't such a good idea," she stated dully.

I rolled my eyes at her before saying sarcastically, "you think."

"It's okay," she comforted herself, still believing that her plan was going to work, "we'll just have to skip the rest of Phase One and move onto Phase Two."

I have to admit, I was dreading whatever Phase Two was going to involve.

Ecerpt of next chapter - Dominique's Failure Plan: Phase Two, Part one.

"Is it just me or are we lacking success today?" I asked as I stared at the pair with their wands drawn preparing to fight.

"It would seem so," Dom replied as she, too, watched the two boys.

"Do you think we should stop it?" I asked after a moment. Spells had already started flying and flashes of light burst from the ends of their wands. One spell that was completly off course missed it's target and flew straight over my head, hitting the wall behind me and causing chunks of the brick to fall onto the floor.

Author's note: 17th December 2010 - spell checked chapter. Just thought i'd also leave a note to say thankyou to everyone who left a review for this chapter and favourited this story. It means a lot to me, Dee x

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