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Just One of the Boys by MusicOfTheNight
Chapter 2 : Chapter two
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 Just one of the Boys chapter 2



That’s all I could see.

I felt around, looking for a way out. A way out into the light.

There I felt it, the handle of a door.

I pushed it open with all my might.

Red eyes, green flash. That’s what I remember.

And death.

I can never forget death.

The red eyes flashed at me, I could tell I was next.

Wand. I grabbed my wand.

Protego! Blocked the spell.

He grinned.

Chills ran down my spine.

“You are just as powerful as the rumors say.”

Tightly. I hold on tightly to my wand.

“Join me”

I glance at the death. My parents.

“Never!!” I shout blasting the wall apart.

Anger, that’s what the dark lord felt.

Dead, that’s what I thought I’d be.

Saved, by the light of a phoenix,

The Order of the Phoenix.

He fled.

Even though I’m saved, I’ve lost even more.

He’s still haunting me.  

I can feel his gaze.


Red eyes.


I woke up with a start. I was covered in sweat and my heart was racing. My head was fuzzy as I tried to remember what had wakened me up. Ahh, I had a nightmare again.

I’ve been getting them a lot. After my parents died nightmares became regular. They were always about that night.

I took deep breaths, trying to calm down. I looked around noticing I wasn’t in my bed. My panic rose up again until I realized where I am. I’m in the dorm, the Gryffindor boy’s dorm. Because I am supposed to be a boy. I tried calming down again, reminding myself that I was safe as a boy.  You know who can not find me here.


            I pulled back the curtains of my four poster bed to see that all the other boys were still asleep. I slowly crept out of bed, and toward my trunks. I started unpacking my clothes.

            I couldn’t wear any girl clothes anymore; I didn’t even bother to pack any. I did, however pack bras and underwear, which would have been a dead give away to anyone that I am a girl.

            I quickly unpacked my clothes, and than went into the bathroom. I found an empty drawer and enlargened it. Then I put a spell on it, so only I can see the contents of the drawer.

            Then I shoved all my girly products (a.k.a. nice smelling shampoo, girly razors, tampons, and varies other items).

            Then I decided to readjust my wrap. Yes, I decided to wrap a cloth around my boobs. It’s way better than McGonagall shirking them, which she offered to do. That was probably the most awkward conversation I’ve ever had.  Like hell I’d say yes. So I decided to wrap them instead. Though I did let McGonagall change my voice. Since I am a girl my voice is normally a lot higher, so I let her take it down. Now I can talk super low.

            “GRRR” I said in my super low voice. It was fun.

            “I like chocolate.” It sounded super manly.

            “GRRRR” I said again. This is super fun. Like seriously, I could scare anyone with my super low voice.

            “What the hell are you doing?” Sirius asked, walking in the bathroom. Oh god, he has no shirt on. I must not look at abs.

            “Uhh, nothing…” I said, attempting not to look at his chest.

            Sirius Black looked at me like I was crazy, and I decided I should probably make an exist before my hormone ridden self kisses him. Not that I’d ever do it.

            I came out of the bathroom and checked the time. Six thirty, I wonder if breakfast is served this early.  Then I realized I had no idea where to go to eat breakfast. The other boys were asleep, except Sirius. Maybe he’ll show me.

            Sirius came out of the bathroom 5 minutes later dressed in robes.

            “Hey,” I said, “Want to show me where the food is?”

            Sirius stared at me again like I was crazy. What’s wrong with these people, I simply asked a favor.

            “Fine.” Sirius said, though he didn’t sound fine. He sounded like he much rather jump off the window than take me to where ever we eat.

            We made our way out the dorm in silence. I’m not very good at starting conversations.

            Wait, scratch that; I am not good at starting conversations with people my own age. I can talk to adults and little kids easily.  Just not people my own age.

            Sirius, though, did not seem to be bothered by the fact that we weren’t talking at all. I should probably not worry about talking to him. Maybe guys just walk around in silence all the time.

            Sirius showed me to the Great Hall, where we would be eating all meals. Gryffindors were supposed to sit at the far right table.  

            Sirius sat down to eat by a couple of people I did not know. I debated whether I should sit with him or not. I didn’t want to look like a loser sitting by myself, so I sat across from him.

            “Hey,” said a girl with blonde hair. She was sitting next to Sirius.

            “Hey” I replied.

            “Are you Nathaniel?”  She asked.

            “Yes. And you are…”

            “Amy.” She said.

            “Nice to meet you.” Wait! Why did I say that? Nobody says nice to meet you anymore. Merlin that probably sounded weird!!

            Amy giggled. Yeah, that totally sounded weird.

            “Mr. Reed,” a voice said behind me. I turned to see McGonagall. “Here is your timetable” she said handing me a piece of paper. “I looked up the classes you had in France and put you down for those. If you feel that you do not want to take any of these class, or wish to take more, please let me know.”

I looked down to see my classes for today.


9 o clock- Arithmancy

10 o clock- Double Potions


1 o clock- Free Period

2 o clock-Charms


“It seems like its fine. Thank you Professor McGonagall.” I replied, looking over the rest of the week quickly. We have a lot of free periods, which seemed very nice. I could probably get a lot of studying done during that time and not have to waste my afternoons.

            McGonagall gave me a small smile and moved over to Sirius.

            “Mr. Black, I was most pleased with your O.W.L. score in transfiguration. Though getting an O in my class this year will be a lot more work than you are used too.” She said. Sirius Black, that name sounds oddly familiar.

            “I’m sure I’ll be able to handle it. Transfiguration is my best subject.” Sirius said cockily.

            “Well that may be but I still except you to work hard.” Professor McGonagall said.

            Black! I remember where I heard it before! That’s a name of one of the pureblood families I had been forced to know. From what my parents told me, Blacks were very blood prejudice, and hated all muggleborns. Sirius didn’t look like he hated any muggleborns. Maybe my family was talking about a different family of Blacks.    
            I stared intently at Sirius for a minute, wondering if he indeed was a muggleborn hater. I know Potter is a name of a well known Pureblood family, but the other two, Remus and Peter, didn’t seem like they came from a Pureblood family. I don’t think Sirius cares about the purity of people’s blood, but I still couldn’t help wondering if he is part of the Black family I heard so much about. And if he was, did he believe in all the things You Know Who said about them. What if he did, and joined him. Sirius could be a Death Eater for all I know.

            Holy Merlin’s pants, I’m sitting across a Death Eater!

“Nathaniel?” Amy asked, I stared at her, remembering that other people are here. “Are you ok? You’ve been staring off onto space for a while now.”

“I’m fine. Just a little nervous about… classes.” I said.

“Nothing to be nervous about!” Amy said, “The classes here aren’t too bad. Though History of Magic is a total bore…”

            I tuned out as Amy rambled on how terrible History of Magic is. I calmed myself down. I realized by thinking Sirius is a Death Eater, I was being paranoid. He’s not a Death Eater, I told myself, I’m just over reacting.

            “Are you taking History of Magic?” Amy asked.

            “No, I’m not.” I replied. I had grown up knowing the full history of the wizarding world, that there was no point in taking the class.

            “Lucky. I am. My parents want me to know as much as I can about the wizarding world.” Amy said. “I am a muggleborn, so I didn’t really know much when I came here. My parents feel that if I know history better, than I’ll be able fit in more. I told them I’ll fit in just fine without taking history but they insisted. ” My eyes flicked to Sirius, who was talking to a person besides him. He didn’t show any reaction to the fact that Amy was a muggleborn. I guess I was just over reacting.

            “That stinks. Sounds like a boring class. My parents taught me the basics of history, because they both came here. They told me how they had Professor Binns also. They said to avoid the class as much as possible.”

            Amy laughed. “Smart. In Beauxbatons did you take history?”

            “Yes, it was required.” I said. “Though it wasn’t that bad, the class I mean…”


            Amy started asking me questions about classes at Beauxbatons, which I answered easily. It wasn’t hard to make conversation with her. I found myself being able to think of things to talk about. Maybe I am becoming better at talking to people my age.

            Sometime, during our conversation, Sirius left to go sit with the rest of the Marauders. A couple minutes later Frank sat down in Sirius’ empty seat. We started talking about our classes. Frank said that herbology is his favorite subject.  Amy likes potions. I told them I really love defense against the dark arts. It was the only subject I was naturally good at.

            “Arithmancy is ok, but I have to study very hard to get a good grade in it. I’m not that great at it.” I said.

            “What grade did you get in it last year?” Amy asked.

            “An O.” I said.

            “But that is one of the hardest classes here!” Amy said in shock.

            “What do you mean, you’re not that great at it?” Frank asked. “An O is almost impossible to get.”

            “Yeah, I had to study really hard. And suck up to the teacher.” I said grimacing.

            “You could have just dealed with an E. That’s still a very good grade to get.”

            “My parents hate it when I get anything lower than an O.” I said.


            Frank and Amy were still in shock when I left to go to Arithmancy. (They both had Divination.) I don’t get what the big deal is. My parents didn’t accept anything lower than an O, so I made sure to get an O. Studying was torture. At least I don’t have to go though O.W.Ls.  Beauxbatons takes it 6th year, and I would have had a terrible time studying for the exams. My grades were good enough that Dumbledore said I don’t have to take the exams. I didn’t want to held back a year, so I decided not to.


            I headed off to Arithmancy, following Lily. She offered to show me the way since she was also in the same class. Lily is really happy, and… bright. Yeah, bright seems to fit her. She is really kind too. When we were walking to class she told off some second years for bullying a first year, and then helped the first year until she stopped crying, (poor girl). She was really good at cheering up the little kid. I can see why James is totally in love with her, though her personality takes a 180 degree turn every time he comes near her.


            During potions, James tried to help her grab some items from the cupboards, and she ended up sending him to the hospital wing. Apparently some shriveling potion fell on him, but I’m not sure if it was an accident or not.


            During lunch I sat next to Frank and his group of friends which includes Amy. Frank’s best friend is Jared, who is from Ravenclaw. Also Alice, Amy’s best friend, is from Ravenclaw. Alice is also Frank’s girlfriend.

            It is really weird to see them together, because Alice is the nicest person I’ve ever meet, and Frank is…well not. Though it is really cute to see them together. But I didn’t voice that out loud because that might have sounded odd.

            Jared loves to play gobstones. It is his favorite game, and he has gone to the national gobstone championships twice. Although he is sort of a nerd, he is still fun to be around with. If I ever need a laugh, I would go to Jared.


            After lunch, I tried to get as much work as I could done during the free period, but    I still had to write a potions essay on how adding Screechsnap would change the effects of the potion. I didn't even get to finish my essay by the time Charms class started.


            Charms was a fun class. Professor Flitwick was a short little person, but he had a lot of power. We started learning a freezing charm. It was amusing to see Frank turn into a human icicle. (It was James and Sirius who did it, though they were trying to aim toward a Slytherin.)


Overall my first day of Hogwarts had been good. It had actually been very fun, and for the first time on my life, I blew off some homework to hang out with Frank and the others. Of course I stayed up extra late finishing it all, but it was worth it because they all seem to accepted me into their friend group.


The first week of school went by quickly. I have developed some sort of daily routine. In the mornings I wake up super early, usually from some nightmares, and get ready before anyone else. Then Sirius and I would walk down to breakfast, normally in silence. I have decided that it is his fault we never have a conversation, because I talk perfectly fine with other people. Then I hang out with Amy until Frank comes. Then I walk to class with them or Lily, depending on the class.  During lunch I hang out with Frank, Amy, Alice, and Jared, who have fully accepted me into their group. After classes end all of us go to the library and work on homework. Working on homework consists of Amy trying to get me and Jared to do all her work, and Alice and Frank flirting.


            Even though I barely get anything done during that time period, it is so much fun. I don’t think I have had friends who I could feel comfortable around in a long time. After dinner, I would go back into my dorm and actually get my homework, and an hour or two of studying done.

            I don’t really hang out with the Marauders very much. (Yes, I actually use the name, because it is a lot easier than saying Sirius, Remus, James, and Peter.)  Basically, I only talk to them right before I am going to go to bed. Though I have learned a lot about the Marauders. There are a lot of rumors about them, but most of them are fairly good things.

            They are all smart. Even Peter, who is very slow, does well on his exams. They are apparently the closest bunch of friends you will ever find. They tell each other everything. Even though they are connected like that, they each have a distinct personality.

            James is the leader of there group-even though he denies it. Very loyal, competitive, and big headed. Sirius is the ‘playboy’ of Hogwarts. He’s funny, cocky, smart, and every girl’s dream guy. He also has his serious (no pun intended) side because he has been kicked out his family for not believing in their pureblood mania. (I was only being paranoid.) Remus is the quiet one. He has an air of mystery around, but is still very kind. Though he does blatantly ignore anything wrong his friends do. Which really annoys Lily, because Prefects are supposed to supervise there fellow students. I feel like Remus is the Marauder I know the least about. We haven’t really talked much at all. Peter is very slow. It’s not a bad thing, he just learns at a different level. Despite being slow at understanding he is very mischievous. He tends to think of pranks, Remus plans them, and the other two executes them.

            The Marauders are very popular at school. That information is what I gathered from living with them for a week and listening to the rumors. Though I am a little jealous of there relationship. I have never really had close friends. I guess, now, Frank, Alice, Jared and Amy are my friends, but I'm still not that close to them. They have there little inside jokes i don't get. I suppose the longer we know each other, the better friends we'll become. I mean, we've only been friends for about a week. 


            Finally the first week of school had ended, and I have felt like I have been here forever.  James and I were the only people in the dorm. We struck up this conversation about Quidditch. James is the chaser of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. I told him I have never played Quidditch and I think he almost died. Seriously, he wasn’t moving for about five minutes. So currently we are walking toward the pitch. 


            We were in a discussion about Quidditch teams, because even though I have never played I do know teams.

            “I do think the Wasps are going to be in the Cup this year. They have one of the strongest teams.” I said.

            “They do have Rufus, who is an amazing chaser, so they are good contenders. But the Canons also have a good chance-”


            James cut off because he heard a shriek coming from under the stands.

            We maneuvered though the stands, and saw a small group of girls standing underneath. I recognized Lily’s red hair, and apparently James did too.  He pulled me over to the side, so they couldn’t see us, but we could hear them.


            “Gosh, it was just a spider.” Lily said, “No need to scream.”

“I hate spiders,” another voice said.  I think it’s this girl in the year below us, named Chloe. “Why are we here anyways?” she asked. I wondered too. It seemed like there was five or so girls there, each in either 5th or 6th year.

“Because, all of us haven’t talked since school started.” Amy said. I was surprised to hear Amy’s voice in the group of girls, because she didn’t normally converse with them. She stayed mostly in our group of friends. Apparently they had gotten off with a bad impression.

“Yeah, but why do we have to talk underneath the stands?” Chloe asked.

“I thought it would be cool, meeting under here.” Amy replied. I heard a couple of giggles and some scuffling of their feet. I stared at James, who was listening intently. I feel kind of bad listening to their private conversation. They are probably going to talk about some important if they came all the way here, and it would be rude to spy on them.

“Yeah, super cool.” Another voice said sarcastically. I wonder if I should leave. I feel like if I do, they would notice I am spying on them. Then all of them would hate me, for listening in. So instead of moving, like I knew I should, I stayed exactly where I was.

I tried to tune out as much as possible, which was going pretty good, until I heard my name; Nathaniel, not Naomi.

“Nathaniel’s really nice.”  Amy said.

Some of the girls murmured in response.

“He’s also very hot.” She replied. Hot?? Me?? Merlin’s pants, did Amy just call me hot? What if she likes me. Oh, why?? I am a girl!! This shouldn’t be happening.

“He is very hot.” Another girl said.

“Not as hot as some people in this school.” Chloe replied.

“I know you think Sirius Black is the hottest thing ever, but not all of us think that way.” Lily said calmly.

“Why, do you think Nathaniel’s hotter?” Amy said. I could practically hear the smirk in the voice.

“Not really.” Lily said quietly.

“Oh, come on Lily, how much longer do I have to bait you, before you admit you like the guy?” Amy shouted in exasperation.

“How did you know?” Lily asked accusingly.

“Every time I freaking talk to him you pop up.” She replied.

“I was just…” Lily said trying to find an excuse.

“Jealous.” Another girl answered for her.

“It’s ok Lily. I don’t like Nathaniel like that. He’s a friend.” Amy said.

“Seriously?” Lily asked. “I thought you like him. And I wasn’t really sure if I like him. I mean, I’ve only known him for a week now but we have become good friends.”

“Lily I think you guys would make the cutest couple.” Amy said. I could hear all the girls agreeing with Amy. They talked a bit more on how Lily and I would be perfect together before moving onto some other topic.

I can’t believe it. I almost wish that Amy was the one that liked me. This is terrible, and James, he heard the whole thing. I didn’t turn to look at him, just in case he was glaring at me. He probably hates me now.

I mean seriously, I am a girl. I shouldn’t have to hear how other girls think how hot I am. I should standing over there, with them, commenting on how hot someone like Sirius is. Sirius, by the way, is way hotter than me. (Girls should not be calling me hot!) I can not believe that Lily thought I was hotter than him. It’s impossible.


I desperately wanted to shout that out to them but I can’t. Instead I waited until they had finished gossiping before leaving. James didn’t say one word to me; he didn’t even look at me.

Now I feel really guilty. And it is not my fault! Why does life have to be so complicated? I like Lily as a friend, and I hope to keep her that way. I don’t want her to like me.

I walked back into the castle alone. I made my way up to the dormitory, and lied on my bed.

Maybe I could show Lily that I am a totally gross and repulsive person. I could act like a total pervert around her.

Never mind, that is a terrible idea. I can’t be a pervert. That, just grosses me out.

I could however, get Lily to fall in love with James. That would make Lily not like me and James would not be mad at me.

I imagined James with his shriveled arms. This is going to be almost impossible. Maybe I should just be a pervert.

I sighed, and turned over in the bed. I went over all my goals I know I won’t be able to achieve in life.


1.      Pretend to be a boy.

2.      Become part of the international magical cooperation department.

3.      Survive

4.      Get all Os on my exams.

5.      Convince the whole student body of Hogwarts that I am a boy.


Now number six on my list of impossible goal is Get Lily to fall in with James. Hopefully I can achieve at least that one.


So I know this chapter isn't very interesting. It is mostly about Naomi/Nate getting used to school and making friends. I wanted to show a little bit more of her personality to you. The next chapter will be a lot more interesting. 

Next Chapter Nate is going to try and get Lily and James to fall in love, but there is a lot of trouble on the way.

By the way, i am very proud of my word count. Really proud!

Anyway, i hope that you liked the chapter enough to keep reading!!

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Read and Review!

-It is coming out later than i excepted. Though i did edit it a lot, so it is better than what I was planning on posting. I am super happy about this word count. I might not update for a while. It is diwali, (Indian holiday) so I am going to be busy. Happy Diwali to people. I'll try and update soon.


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