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The Dursley Freak by rey
Chapter 4 : Crushes Versus Stalkers
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A/N: Just wanted to thank you all for your lovely reviews. It really helps. So keep them comin'! :)


Crushes Versus Stalkers




We travel by Floo Powder.

Uncle and aunt say it's easier for us children. I guess they're right. I don't really dig the whole apparation thing. But Floo isn't really a great way to travel either. I always end up with my face down. Or under something.


Don't ask.

We all gather around the fireplace.

With the Potters, the youngest always goes first. So Lily steps in the fireplace. She takes a little powder and yells ( She so resembles her mother right now! ): "Diagon Alley!"

I'm the second in line. As I scream out the same name, I see the familiar faces vanish. Instead of them, the next thing I see is...

Well, no suprise there.

The ground.

I moan while Lily helps me get up to my feet. Then I realize that we are standing in a very, very small corridor.

"We should move. Or this will get way too crowded."

As soon as I say this, I feel something hitting my head.

And... once again, I'm laying on the ground. But this time on my back.

When I open my eyes I find out that, in fact, it's not something that hit me. It's someone.

And, of course, that someone has to be Faldo.

He lies on top of me.

Lily starts to laugh. But just then, Albus appears and almost hits her. Unlike me, though, she has great reflexes. Well, good for her!

Al turns around and spots Faldo on top of me.

"Er... What are you..."

Then, even James shows up. After he straightens himself he also takes a puzzled look at us.

It's then I realize that things have definitively gotten out of control.

"Faldo, get up already!"

"Why don't you do that?!" He still finds it appropriate to argue with me over stupid and meaningless things.

"Because you're on top!"

"So what?! You want to be on top?!"

"Just get off!"

When he does that, I glance at my cousins, completely embarrassed.

And, sure enough, they are all laughing hysterically.

That's when aunt Ginny shows up.

The laughter immediately dies out. But from the corner of my eye, I still see Lily covering her mouth so she doesn't burst.

I glance at Faldo. His hair is all messed up and he seems a bit flushed.

"I hope they forget this as fast as we will."

He shakes his head. "I don't think that'll happen, Blue."

"Great." I say frustrated. "Now people will get the wrong idea."

"And what's that?"

"That we tend to lie on each other."

Faldo gives me a highly odd look.

Wait a minute...

What did I just say?!

Oh... my...

"I mean... ! Oh, just forget what I said!"

"You know, Blue, for a Ravenclaw you sure let your mouth do the job more than your brain far too often."

I open my mouth just when the last Potter arrives.

Uncle Harry.

"All set?"

"We're all here and nobody's missing body parts, if that's what you mean." James informs him.

"Apparently, I'm missing my brain!" I trow a dirty look in Faldo’s direction.

"Don’t be such a cry-baby, Blue." Faldo rolls his eyes.

"Excuse me? I'm a cry-baby?!"

"Well, you do whine a lot."




I turn around and a familiar smile makes my miserable day better instantly.

I run to her and we do our special hand shake.

Roxy doesn't really hug people. Or rather, people are afraid she'll crush them in the attempt. I know how they feel. First hand experience. Or should I say-first hug experience? Huh! I'm so witty!

"Man, Dee, you haven't changed a bit."

And she hasn't either. Still has the wild short hair ( Looks messier than ever. Maybe uncle Harry and Roxy can form a club. 'Messy hair owners and lovers'. ), the slightly evil smirk and look in her deep eyes, still wears her baggy clothes and seems a bit dangerous.

"No, wait! You did grow a little." Roxy correts herself.

Damn it!

"I'm sick off it, really."

"I like tall girls." She encourages.

"Thanks, Roxy."

Soon, all the other Weasleys, aka the Redhead bunch, fill the street and the greeting begins.




And somewhere squeezed between Victoire's husband to be and the business-freak that Dominique is ( I assume they are here to do some Lupin-Weasley wedding-shopping. ), there, with his face washed with the morning sun, stands he.

My desire.

My dream.

My crush.




Roxy notices my look and smirks.

"Hey, Louis! Have you seen Dee's new hair-cut?!" She yells at her cousin before I can stop her madness.

"Roxy!" I hit her in her arm. "What are you doing?! I don't have a new hair-cut!"

"Trust me, guys don’t notice those things." Roxy says confidently.

I hit her again. "He's coming over here! What do I do?!"

"Just relax, you know. Chill."

Great. Now I'm reminded of that jerk Faldo.

He's talking to Dominique. I always thought he had a crush on her. Even though she's three years older.

"Hi, Dora."

Uh-oh. Call back to reality!

I try to smile, but I have a feeling it comes of as this weird 'advertisement for toothpaste' pose.

"H-hi Louis."

"How was your summer?" He asks politely.

Very Louis-deprived.

"It was ok. Yours?" My voice crackes.

I'm a natural.

Disaster, that is.

He smiles a bit wider, revealing his sets of pearly white teeth beneath those perfectly full, plump lips. Louis' hair is always magically sticking up ( Hey... maybe it really is by magic! Duh!), resembling a golden waterfall. If I could just touch it...

"And that's all, I guess." He finishes and puts his hands in the pockets of his leather jacket.

Fred then joins us but just to drag Louis off to show him 'something unbelievable'. I suspect it's a new WWW product.




I know, it couldn't be more complicated.

I'm in love with my cousins' cousin.


I hate my life.




When the Weasleys and Potters shop together, it's kind of like the Beatles just showed up. People around them get excited.

Sometimes it can be scary. Really scary.

Like today.




In the middle of the hustle that suddenly forms, I feel Roxy pulling me away from everyone in an unknown direction.

Oh, wait.

I do know where we're headed.

( No )Wood's Quidditch Store.

Roxy is so predictable.




The shop looks basically the same like all the previous years. The small show case with all the brooms, the golden name plaque and the famliliar smiling face inside makes me think that I have visited this shop more than I would actually like. Since, you know, I hate Qudditch and all.

As alway, when we enter, Miss Foster waves at us.

"Hi, girls!"

"Hi, Miss Foster!" We answer in unison.

"Oh, no." She smiles softly like she always does. "I'm no longer a 'Miss'."

She lifts her hand up and shows us a beautiful golden ring.

"Oh, wow, that's great." I beam at her.

Roxy, in turn, crosses her arms tightly.

"You betrayed me, Miss Foster. I thought we were in this together."

In case you’re wondering, 'this' is Roxy's number one life rule.

NO boys.

She says only a few of them are decent people but that number is so small, she doesn't even bother mentioning it.

Yes, my friends are weird. I think we already established that.

Miss Foster laughs.

"I'm sorry, Roxy."

You see, Miss Foster ( I really should ask her what her new surname is. ) was not willingly a 'No boys!' girl ( A fact that Roxy chooses to ignore. ). There was just a very long period of time during which she didn't date. There was never a good opportunity.

But I guess she finally found it.

"So, who is he?" I'm curious.

Or maybe just a know-it-all wannabe.

Ex-Miss Foster glows. She actually glows.


I never saw her like this.

Not even during the 'sexy stranger' phase.


Long story.

"Well, I went to visit my sister back in late September last year. One day, I took my niece to school. And... there he was."

"In her school? What..."

"He's a teacher there." She looks at us unsure of how we'll react. "He teaches History."

"Are you saying... He's a muggle?" Roxy looks at her puzzled.

"Well... yes."

"Oh, I know!" Roxy exclaims fiercely. "He asked to have a look at your mole!"

I frown at her, confused.

"Hugo made me watch muggle films this summer." She explains while shuddering.

I roll my eyes.

"No, it was nothing like that!" Ex-Miss Foster says. "He reacted in the best way possible, actually. He... accepted me."

She smiles contently.

"Then I guess I wish you all the best, Mrs... Er..."

"Finn." She finishes happily.




It's moments like these that allure me into believing that love isn't just a myth. It's something real. Possibly the only thing that makes you happy even when you're havng the most miserable day of your life. Man, I really need this love thingy. Havens knows I have plenty of misery.




Just then, Roxy's all time hero enters the room.

Mr Oliver Wood, world's greatest Keeper and a Quidditch God. Well, at least according to Roxy. And the sexiest Qudditch dad, according to Witch Weekly.

But really, for a man in his... How old is he again? Never mind. What I'm trying to say is... Mr Wood does look good in a sweater.

"M-M-Mr Wood!" Roxy gapes at him.

The Qudditch God himself laughs. "Roxy, for the last time, call me Oliver."

Roxy's face goes major pale. "I can't do that, sir. It would be a disgrace to your name if a simple Hogwarts student called you that way."

Oh, dear What-ever-your-name-is! Please, stop this! For Roxy's sake!

Alright, for mine too.

Mr Wood smirks.




"Dad, have you seen..."

We turn to the door to spot Owen coming out of their storage room at the back. Owen, as in Oliver Wood's son and Charlie's one year older brother, Owen. He has the same hair Charlie has-dirty blond and deep brown eyes that are scanning us at the moment.

"Hi girls..." He looks at me confused. "Dora, um... Not to be rude but... What are you doing here?"

"Roxy dragged me in." I expain simply.

"I thought it was something like that." He nods his head and then glances at Roxy. "And you, Roxy?"

"I want your new Silver Storm, of course!" She exclaims. "Want to be prepared for the new season! And the tryouts. Since I didn't get named Captain... But whatever, you know?"

"Um..." Owen shifts in his spot uneasy. "I... I need to tell you something."

Roxy's face perks up at him. "What?"

"I... I'm the new Captain."

Then, the most awful silence falls upon us.

Until Roxy wakes up from her one minute shock-trance.



"Well, that's ok. I guess."

Owen and I both stare at her.

Quidditch is her life. This type of reaction was fiction in my mind.

But I guess it helps that it's Owen. He is one of the few boys Roxy actually tolerates. Not likes. Just... Doesn't hate his guts. Which makes Owen one of the luckiest male students at Hogwarts. I don't know if he even realizes this.



"You will make me your Beater, right? I mean, let us look at the facts. I am the best you can get."

Owen smiles and comes closer to put a hand on her right shoulder. He is taller than she is. But not too much. He is just a little taller than I am. But considering the fact that, for a girl, I'm freakishly tall, it's a good height.

"Roxy, don't panic. I'm sure you'll get the spot."

With that he turns to his father. "See you in a minute? I need to ask you something."

His dad smiles in response.

Owen than waves at us and vanishes through the door leaving us in another quietude. Luckily, it lasts just for a few seconds.

"I'm not panicking!" Yells Roxy only to be met with dead air.

Mr Oliver smiles sweetly at her and decides to give her some good old Wood advice. Which I hear are pretty... well, awesome. Even if you're not exactly the biggest Quidditch fan out there.

"Roxy, loving Quidditch is great. But don't let it become an obsession. There are so many other things and people out there that need your attention too. Don't forget that."

He winks at her and after saying 'goodbye' follows his son to the storage room.

Roxy opens her mouth.

Here it comes.

"Oh my Wood!"

Hey, maybe Mr Oliver really succeed into making her see reason.

"Where's a pen when you need one!? I have to write this down!"

And... Fail.

Well, I guess I really don't have the right to expect from her to suddenly be a little more sane. I'm in the same boat as Roxy is, anyway.

"This goes way up with his 'Love the Earth' speech!" Roxy finally finds a pen and makes me conjure a notebook for her. Creating stuff from thin air is kind of my speciality. And Roxy tends to overuse this fact.




Wondering about the 'Love the Earth' speech? Probably not. But since it's such an awesome story I just need to tell you this.

So, let's go a pair of decades back.




Oliver Wood was at the fragile start of his Quidditch career. He was playing in a new, young team which he and his former Gryffindor team mates formed, called 'The Roaring Lions'. Yeah, they were not the most imaginative group.

Oliver really needed to focus on his game if he ever wanted to succeed.

But everything he ever believed in, his dreams, his whole world were questioned the moment he met her. Charis Adlard.

Now, I was told that Oliver was the Quidditch maniac. That's why this story is even more special.

Charis was a Hogwarts graduate with only one goal. Protecting Mother Earth. She wasn't exactly a hippy either. Wasn't about the peace. What she wanted, she would get it. No matter what it took.

And so, as Oliver's team was young and this particular game was open for everyone to attend, Charis took the opportunity. And, oh boy, did she take it.

In their time out she crashed their dressing rooms screaming like a banshee and kicking whom ever she could. She cursed them for using trees for their 'stupid little meaningless toys'. Aka, brooms.

Needless to say, this really pissed off Oliver's team mates. But he... He just stood there as the security guards took Charis away, completely elated and lost.

And so, the quest to Charis' heart began. It wasn't really an easy way. As a tree killer, he was her number one enemy. She refused to ever see him again. But Oliver was persistent in making her fall in love with him. After a few failed attempts at getting her to have a drink with him and her last words that summer, 'Stop using a live being as your toy. If you do that, I may actually consider speaking to you again.', Oliver retired. Everyone in their team was shocked. But, Oliver didn't let that get to him. He had a plan. And a good one, too.

A year later, this shop, '(No) Wood's Quidditch Store' emerged from practically nothing. At first, it really didn't get Oliver anywhere. But after a few rough months, the timing was right for his life to change completely.

He tracked Charis down ( Who was living with the Aborigines at the time. ) and asked her out again. The gesture deeply touched her. But she didn't let be amazed that easly. Still, they became friends and started working together.

And then one day, one historical day, after Oliver formed a new team which only used his brooms that weren't made from real wood and after the said team won, he made a speech.

The 'Love the Earth' speech.

Now, I could tell you that people just loved him after that day, with the crowd going positively wild. But it would be a lie. And, in the end, it didn't matter. 'Cause the one person he wished for, finally did start loving him.




As for the shop, it took five more years for it to become a real success. And to this day, it still is one of a kind.


Don't we all wish for a love story like that? I mean, seriously. Gah, some people are just so damn lucky.




After Mrs Finn finishes packing Roxy's new broom, we say goodbye ( I wish her luck in her marriage, while Roxy stresses out how disappointed she is. Again. ) and hit the road.

"This is the best day ever!" Roxy sighes contently.

I roll my eyes. "Roxy, please."

She trows a dark look in my direction that shuts me up.

That is, until we spot Louis again.

In front of the Leaky Cauldron.

Smiling the brightest smile I ever saw on him.

Holding hands with his girlfriend.

Dawn Young.

Roxy stares at him with shock first then at me with a mixture of fear and sorrow.

"Let's go somewhere else." I manage to utter as I twirl around to go in the opposite direction.

Roxy runs after me.

"You can't back down from a game only because one obstacle's standing in your way. If anything, it will make for a bigger challenge. And a bigger reward." She pats my back.

I turn around furiously and she almost crashes into me. I scan her face frowning.

"You did not just quote a Quidditch player!"

She swallows hard and smiles uneasy putting on her 'I'm innocent!' face. But she's not really good at playing an angel. When you're the devil, it's obvious why.

I let out a frustrated scream and continue pacing down the street, nearing Flourish and Blotts.

"Oh, come on! Why not quote them?! It can so be adapted to any real life situation!" She shouts behind me.


"Not now, Roxy! Just let me go for a minute! Meet you at the Leaky later on!"

Roxy shrugs deciding, and wisely so, to leave me alone.




When I fall into this mood, it's a good choice not to bother me. I love my friends and my family. But there are just those moments when I need to be by myself. And this one... It sure as hell qualifies as one of them.




I take a turn into one deserted corridor, breathing heavily. My heart aches. My whole body seems to be falling apart. I crawl down, leaning against the wall that feels suitably cold.

It's not like I never see him with Dawn. Actually, there are just a few times I don't do so. But I hoped that today was gonna to be that day. Of course, I was wrong.

Why do I keep doing this to myself?

It would be so much easier for me to back up and be with Tate instead.

But I can't. And I don't know why.

It's like all this pain is a drug for my body. A drug I'm so depending on, that if it were to be taken away from me, I feel I'd die.

I sit on the ground, my breath still caught up in my throat. I flick my wand and a group of beautiful indigo butterflies appears in front of me. I stretch out my palm and one of them flies down on it. I try to smile, but all that I manage is a shudder.

"So even your magically summoned butterflies are blue. See, there really is something to your nickname."

I lift my face only to be seen by Faldo, the prat.

I immediately hide it with a hand, trying hard not to let a single tear slip away.

"What do you want?"

He sits next to me. And it actually amazes me that I don't feel the urge to move away.

I glance at him while he looks somewhere in front of himself, face completely blank. This amazes me even more. His robot-like nature.

Who is this guy? I never really wanted to know. But suddenly I almost need to.

"I don't know."

I frown and gaze at him longer than I thought I ever would want to.

And then, just for a brief moment... I see it.

An emotion that is filled with confusion, regret and maybe even sorrow. It shocks me in that measure that I almost pat his shoulder. Almost.

Faldo turns to look me in the eyes. And for the first time I have ever known him, he seems so close and so... human.

I have this strange sense of recognition that I never, ever imagined I'd feel with him.

It is even more peculiar as I haven't felt this with anyone else.

So... I chalk it up to my craziness of the moment. Well, what else can I do? I mean, it's Faldo.

It must be my fuzzy brain imagining things.

"Dora, for the love of who ever you please, man up and stop sobbing!"

Aaaand... he's back.

"Wha-?! I don't... I'm not... sobbing."

"I beg to differ." He rolls his eyes.

"Argh! Can you for once speak as a normal teenager and not as my father?! No, wait. As my grandfather! And stop telling me what I need to do! I know that well on my own!" I stand up, even flipping my hair dramatically, only to leave Faldo behind and, I hope, gaping.

What I don't know is that Faldo is not gaping at all. But he has a small smile plastered on his annoyingly handsome face as he watches me walk away.




* * *




The King's Cross station has never been this crowded. Then again, it is all the Potters and Weasleys at one place. It is fated to be crowded. Heh. Charlie would like my choice of words. And sure enough, moments later even the Scamanders and Longbottoms show up. And I feel like there is no air left for me to breath in.

Then, somewhere near the platform number nine I spot my parents waving at me. Mum's wearing her infamous yellow skirt and a white top, while dad is in his brown suit. I wonder, more than sometimes, how do these two ever get along.

"Dora!" Mum hugs me tightly as I grasp for air.

Then it's dad's turn.

At the same time, he and uncle Harry share a look. I know that look. It's the 'This is absolutely not awkward. At all.' look. It saddens me that they can't talk like a real family. Not even as friends.

I glance at James who nods his head at me.

I realize I wanted this all along. An opportunity to make things right. Luckily, James finally gave me one. I smile at him.

"So, be good, Dora." Mum almost sobs.

No wonder I'm so whinny.

"Mum, I'm not twelve. Please, stop."

They both pull me in a group hug and I laugh in spite of myself.

"I'll miss you, guys." I say sincerely.

After some more sobbing, we finally part.




I find Roxy and we go through the nine and three quarters barrier together, ending up mixed in a crowd of Hogwarts students.

Roxy and I stay together pushing forward to the train. Of course, people are getting out of our way which makes it so much easier. I swear, having Roxy as a friend is so rewarding.

We slide down the passage, nearing the one compartment we always sit in. As we stand in front of the entrance, I can see the familiar figure loom up through the glass.

Roxy and I grin at each other.

We then rush inside, almost knocking each other down and exclaim at the same time: "Lee!"

A medium tall dirty-blond haired girl with funny looking braids in her hair and green feathers for earings, looks up from her copy of 'Foretell Your Future'. Her burly brown eyes glow as she sees us.

She then gets up from her seat only to almost strangle us with her embrace.

"Easy, Lee!" I succeed to mutter.

She finally lets us go and stares at us with her hands on her hips. Then, she gasps.

"You bought a new broom!" She points her finger at Roxy.

Then she turns to me. "And you found a boyfriend!"

I shift uncomfortably. Why do I, though? It's not like a have a secret lover waiting for me at Hogwarts. Ok, it could be Tate. But, I'm not going to be his girlfriend. The guy's too nice to be corupted and hurt by my oh so glorious self.


Please note the sarcasm.

Roxy snorts. "I wrote you that I'll buy a new broom. That is hardly being sighted."

Charlie frowns and decides to turn to me again. "How about you, Dora?"

"Please! If I ever get a boyfriend, trust me, it will be the news of the year. I'll make sure everyone knows it." I finish smugly.

Charlie smiles. "See, I knew you'd say that!"

"That's only because Dora is so predictable." Roxy fills in and ignores my hurt 'Hey!' in the proces. "For the last time, Lee, you're not a damn Seer!"

Charlie tries to say something but Roxy cuts her off again. "And you're not from the future either!"

Charlie pouts her mouth and crosses her arms, before sticking her toung out at Roxy.

"Dear Havens, will you two ever stop fighting?" I roll my eyes.

"Will you ever tolerate Faldo?" Roxy shoots back.

Good point.




Ok, it's not that they dislike each other. Roxy and Charlie are just too different. But being so stubborn, they wanted to try and be friends no matter how many disagreements they have.

Roxy is the ultimate skeptic.

Charlie is the ultimate believer.

And me?

I'm somewhere in between.




After the argument finally heats down, Charlie goes on to tell us about her crazy adventures, mother and daughter style.

Since Charlie became nine, she started following her mother on her trips. And, of course, she had a blast. Occasionally, even the Scamanders would join them. Her dad, too. But Owen mostly liked staying out of it. And who can blame him? You really need to have a stomach for adventures like those.

"So, we took the monkey-poo and..."

"Dear Harpies! Stop it already!" Roxy looks as ready as ever to puke.

I laugh and Charlie just seems disappointed.

At that point, some random blondish girl flies into our compartment gasping heavily.

"Quick! Going to meet the Prefects!"

And just like that, she storms out.

"Wow. How weird was that?" I snort.

It's then that I realize the girl was not the only one who ran off.

Roxy and I share a look before it hits us at the same moment.

"Sam K.!"




We go outside as a group of squealing girls gathers around the Prefects and Head's compartment. And, sure enough, Charlie is the loudest one among them.

But they all fall into a silence as the hottest Puff strolls down the passage. He has it all-tall, dark, handsome, kind. And, of course, a girlfriend. Well, what do you expect?

The boy's a reborn Greek God.

Why are the hottest never single?


Oh, just forget what I asked.

Faldo? Seriously? That guy doesn't count. He's a robot.

Charlie makes her way through the crowd landing right in front of Sam.

"Hi, Sam!"

"Oh, Lee. Hi."

Yes, he does know her name.

According to Charlie they grew up together. He was her first kiss. But she just didn't grasp at the potential he had. And now she's the foundress of his fan club 'Hey! We love Sam K.' ( Yeah, deeply and utterly pathetic. ). Way to go, Charlie.

"How was yor summer?" She smiles in that freakish way of hers.

"Fine, I guess. Yours?"

Charlie moves up to his ears and whispers something only for him to hear.

When they part, Lee has a slightly evil grin on her lips and Sam actually blushes!

That girl is amazing! Remind me why I ever doubt her sanity!

Right... the whole future and/or Seer thing. Let's just pretend I never asked you the question in the first place.




Roxy pops in between them and takes Charlie's hand, dragging her with her.

"Sorry, Sam! Charlie needs to go!"

Charlie struggles to free herself but Roxy is still the stronger one. She almost trows her back on the seat.

"What are you doing?!" Charlie doesn't look happy.

I step aside. This ain't gonna be pretty.

"Do you even realize how pathetic you are?! The guy has a girlfriend!"

"So does Louis! But you still encourage Dora to 'go for it'!" She dons the air quotes.

Hm, good point.




As Roxy and Lee are at the prime of their staring contest, a knock interups them. We all take an instant look at the door. And I can swear that all the blood from Roxy's face vanishes in a second, like a vampire just sucked it out from her.

Ew, gross mental image!

"Oh, would you look at that! It's is you, Roxy. I was just passing by and I wondered if you still sit here every year. I guess now I know."

The babbler?

Oscar McLaggen. Roxy's personal stalker, as she likes to call him. In reality, it's not that big of a deal. Roxy just can't stand guys. That's her problem. Or again, as she likes to call it, her gift to be the only sane female creature around. Up until now Oscar was her Quidditch team mate and the only 'thing' she doesn't like about the sport. The fact that she has to play alongside such 'morons'. Why 'up until now'? Roxy sincerely hopes that Oscar has hit his expiration date concerning Quidditch. But judging by his buffed body, that's hardly the case.

"McLaggen, can you not see I'm busy?!" Roxy simply twirls around to glare at Lee again.

"I just wanted to ask you if you want to train for the tryouts with me?"

And the stretching begins.

Yup, that's right.

Oscar has this weird habit of constantly stretching his body when he's around Roxy. I don't know if it's some kind of a regressive way to show just how manly and tough he is. In any case, it's humorous to all of us. Except, of course, to Roxy.

She averts her gaze from Charlie to Oscar only to look at him like he's some kind of an insect that she can tramp any minute if she wishes. And I'm sure she does now too.

"I train alone."

"I was just..."

"For Quaffel's sake, McLaggen! Don't you have something better to do than to nag me?!"

Lee and I stare at Roxy.

Maybe, just maybe, she has overdone it this time. I'm already playing out a scene in my head where Oscar falls to the ground crushed by Roxy's cold declination.

But Oscar doesn't seem offended. On the contrary. A creepy smile crosses his face which suddenly lights up.

"You're such a fire, Roxy! But don't worry, I don't mind getting burned."

With that he winks at her, leaving the compartment with three utterly stunned girls gazing after him. Maybe Roxy's stalker theory isn't so far off as I think.

"You can say whatever you want about him, but Oscar is a tough player." I mutter.

Lee nods her head in agreement.

"How come you didn't see this idiot on his way to here?" Roxy snorts at Charlie.

"I can't choose what I See." Charlie crosses her arms tightly. "But... maybe I did See it. Just didn't want to tell you anyway."

Roxy lets out a frustrated scream and almost trows herself at Lee. Thankfully, I react in time casting a rushed Protego.

"Dora! Stop that! I need to smack Lee over her head! It'll be the last time, I promise."

"Hey!" Lee yelps. "Dora, don't listen to her. You know it's a lie! You don't need to be sighted like me to know that she'll break her promise as soon as she can."




I look at them, irritated. I feel like I'm babysitting some annoying five year olds. Seriously? I don't even like children! Not at this point in my life, anyway.

I try to concentrate over my friends' shrieks but it's not easy. Especially with a voice like Roxy's. She can tear apart Hogwarts screaming at it, I'm sure. She just needs to get angry enough.

I'm suddenly smitten with tension searching for a harmless way out.




Lucky for me, someone unintentionaly comes to my rescue.

"Students, put on your uniforms! We're nearing Hogwarts!" We hear a male voice echoing outside.

And, hey, it actually sounds familiar!

Moments later, moments in which my Progeto starts to loose it's strength against Roxy and Lee's combined ones, a boy shows up in front of our compartment.

Wait a minute...

It's Albus!

Wearing a... Is that a Prefect badge? Huh? Have I missed something?




Meanwhile, Al raises his eyebrow at the scene before him. I gesticulate for him to quickly enter. It's apparent that he does it with slight hesitation.

Albus has been in situations like these before with the three of us. I don't think he has fond memories of them.

But nevertheless he comes in, breaks the spell and sits between Roxy and Charlie, pining Roxy to the seat. It barely holds. But even that is a success with Roxy.

"Roxy, relax!"

"Why don't you tell that to her?!"

Albus follows her accusing finger that is pointed at Charlie.

She sits laid back, smirking.

"Um... Because you're the one screaming and kicking like a wild child?" Albus offers.

"Urgh! Fine! But you should know she's not an angel eighter."

Charlie makes her look appear even more innocent.

Man, she's not just good. She's a freakin' genius!




A moment passes in which Roxy's still breathing too deep and Lee's smirking too wide.

But then slowly the air cools down.

"Are we all calm now?" Albus looks at us unsure.

The three of us all respond with a mutter.

"Good. I don't want you to fight any more. Are we clear?"

Another mutter.

"Excellent!" He smiles contenly and changes the topic immediately probably to take advantage of the hard won truce. "Anyway... You guys having a nice trip?"

"You're not carrying that around just as a joke, are you?" I glance at him confused showing to his bagde and totally not answering his question.

What? It intrigues me! I am a Ravenclaw, after all.

"Albus, the Prefect. I knew all along it'd be this way." Charlie nods her head putting on that wise look she so trained for.

Albus laughs. "No, this is not a joke."

"Ok... Don't get me wrong, as I find this to be a more reasonable option. But... Isn't Faldo supposed to be wearing that and shoving it in our faces?"

"Yeah, he was. Funny thing, though. He quit." Albus shrugs. "And as I had rancked just below him, I'm now the Ravenclaw Prefect."

"He quit?"

Again, what the...


"I'm channeling some weird things here." Charlie shakes her head with worry.

Roxy rolls her eyes at her.

She does that a lot.

"I... I can't tell you. It's private." Albus looks uncomfortable.

"Oh, Al." I smile. "You shouldn't have said that."

Fear twinkles in his amazingly emerald eyes. "What do you mean?"

I smirk evilly.


"Shh! I need to think!"

Roxy and Al share a meaningful gaze. While Charlie's watching me intently as I run over my thoughs.





Just what are you up to now?






A/N: Sooo, what do you think? Do you like Roxy? What about Charlie? Which male character that appears for the first time ( Oscar, Owen, Sam and Louis ) is your favourite? Also, I don't want you to think that Roxy and Charlie hate each other. As you can see, they are just very different. And, actually, their relationship is based on my friends' relationship ( They are sisters. ). They shout at each other all the time. But, at the same time, they adore each other. :) Tell me what you think! And sorry for this long note. :(



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