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Persuasion by Meg_
Chapter 7 : For the Hopeless Romantics
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Author's Note: Thank you all for reading my story! Writing this particular piece was a blast since I got to finally write James and Lily. I love their characters. Anyway enjoy the last chapter!

Chapter 7- For the Hopeless Romantics…

Lily POV

“Ahh to say ‘Job well done’ just doesn’t seem to be enough, now does it?”

James quirked one of his ever signature eyebrows at me, one of those expressions that I do have to say has been perfected with age. I had to fight the urge to kiss him. Forty-one and still the same cute look could get me every time.

“A little full of yourself now aren’t you?”

“You’re one to talk.” I raised a brow to match his, successfully getting a glimpse of that smile that I love.

“You planned that entire ordeal from the start, didn’t you?”

“What? You’re surprised? You’ve known since the moment that you married me that I would be continually outsmarting you for all of eternity.” With a grin, I watched him snake his arm around my waist.

“You know they would’ve figured it out sooner or later… that Hermione is a clever girl.”

“After all this time, you’ve finally come to agree with me then?! It’s been nearly ten years and now you agree that she’s right for him!”

“I never disagreed! I just merely said that I thought he’d end up with Ginny…”

“Oh so what changed your mind then?”

“Seeing them, I suppose… the way Harry looks at her and she at him. I’ve never seen a boy so cross eyed for a girl.”

“Did you look in the mirror at all during fifth through seventh year, Prongs?”

Despite it being heaven, Sirius was here. Not that I didn’t appreciate the few good extra years of life on earth that did succeed in slightly straightening him out, but the man still to this day brought out the devil in my husband. I couldn’t help but groan when he snuck up behind us. I had been content… and basking in my glory.

“Happy to see you too Lils.”

Oh one of these days I will curse the smirk off that face.

“Anyway dear Prongs, you were so cross eyed that it’s a wonder you didn’t need an extra pair of glasses!”

“Do I detect a hint of jealousy ole Padfoot?”

All thoughts of Sirius flew from my mind as my heart melted with James’ expression. Merlin, you’d think I was seventeen all over again. Damn eyebrow.

“Jealous? No, no, no. Sickened, I believe is the word.”

Righhhhtttt. And watching you, Sirius Black, stick your tongue down every Gryffindor female’s throat for all of seventh year was by no means sickening. James and I at least had the decency to not use the common room sofa!

James eyed me and I could tell he was thinking the same.

“Ahh well… no matter. Sickening or not I still ended up in the company of a lovely witch. You, my friend, are still single.”

“But in heaven, dear Prongs.”

In other words, Sirius had all the women he could ever possibly want while up here. Randy git.

“Right you are… Lily I was thinking it may be about time for us to consider divor-”

“Say the words and I will find a way to send you both to Hell… The Reapers happen to love me. I can get you moved!” Happily I saw James’ and Sirius’ expressions turn to ones of fear. I’m very pleased with how effective my threats still are... It is after all heaven and I’m fairly certain I could in no way get their passes revoked. Doesn’t mean I can’t tell them that I can, though.

“Speaking of… dearest wife how did you convince the Reapers to send us back for one day?”

I couldn’t help but notice the clear emphasis and sudden usage of the word wife in that sentence. So now I’m your ‘dearest wife’ eh? James simply smiled innocently at me hoping I’d take the change in topic.

“Well dearest husband unlike you and Sirius here I happen to have the favor of the Grim Reapers for one very simple and seemingly incomprehensible concept that you and Sirius have yet to grasp.”

“And what is that my love?”

He leaned in placing a just barely there kiss against my lips. He loves it when we banter.

“Good behavior.” He smirked against my lips and kissed me once more. Oh this really was heaven. Heaven, indeed.

I heard Sirius snort at us as he walked off. I’m dead, shouldn’t I be allowed to partake in PDA?

James pulled away but still held me close… a favorite habit of his. He has never been very good with letting me go once he’s gotten hold of me, a persistent trait that I am very, very thankful for.

“You knew I would talk Harry into telling her didn’t you?”

I ran a spare hand through his black hair that was now streaked with a bit of gray.

“As much as you claim otherwise James I know you for what you are. I simply used it to my advantage.”

“And what is it that I am exactly?”

He quirked that ever inquisitive eyebrow but this time I was unable to stop my lips from stealing just one kiss. His breath hitched just slightly and he sighed when I pulled away. After so many years, I’m still amazed that I can do that to him.

“A hopeless romantic.”


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