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Heartache by Ginny45
Chapter 1 : Heartache.
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The Light bulb Challenge by angeless7fallenstarsong.





She was sitting in one of the many classrooms Hogwarts had to offer for times like this. Hermione was sick of the way Lavender and her Won-Won paraded around the castle. It was insufferable, she though of all the times they had, had together. All the times she was sure she had felt something more than friendship. Just as she was starting to reminisce, they walked in. Of all the classrooms and broom closets in the school they walked into hers, Hermione saw red. Why couldn't they just leave her be. They never even saw the bright yellow birds that had been flying above her head, they never saw it coming. Even Hermione had to chuckle at the sight on Ron's face, when he realised what she had done.

Sure, Ron would never be the perfect boyfriend, he would never sing to her, he would never be the most romantic person in the world but he was Ron.

"Forget it", she chided herself, it is a hopeless dream. They were happy and she was not going to ruin that for them, even though it was her who got them together. Unknowingly of course, she hadn't realised that Ron getting the Chaser position would increase his popularity with the girls in their year. She had latched on to him like Dobby latched on to new clothing.

Later on in the Common room, Ron and Lavender sat in a secluded corner, whilst Hermione had Harry were sitting in front of the fire  After two hours of catching up on homework and talking, they had fallen into a comfortable silence. Hermione could see in Harry's eyes the longing her felt for Ginny, her really liked her. She was sure he could see the same in her, if he did he never mentioned it. Ron and Lavender had quickly become too much for anyone to watch, as Ginny often pointed out, it looked like they were sucking each other's faces off.

"Hi Hermione, Harry. How are the wonder couple?" Ginny had just entered the Common room, dragging her broom behind her, she threw herself onto the worn deep red couch beside Hermione.

"Well, they have been in that corner for about an hour now, so I would say pretty good." Hermione tired to keep the biting tone out of her voice but to avail. Hermione was happy for them, she had been with Krum. Oh gosh, she still blushed when she thought of him, he was so sweet.

"I can't help but thinking this is my fault, I mean if I hadn't shouted at him, he wouldn't be over there right now." Ginny knew, Hermione didn't even have to tell her. It was the plus side of being great friends. Harry kind of sat, oblivious to any hidden conversation. Him and Ron could be so stupid sometimes, especially when things were right in front of them.

"Hi guys, didn't realise you were here." Lavender was hanging off Ron's arm like she was stuck to him.

"Bye Won-Won, I'll see you later. I have to go and meet Padma in the library, tutoring." Will that Lavender walked out of the Common room, no one talked. Well until Harry,  obviously getting uncomfortable with the silence, started a conversation on Quidditch.

"Come on Hermione, do you want to go outside?" Hermione nodded, she felt she had lost her chance, all she could do now was say goodbye and let Ron and herself get on with their lives.

Outside Hermione stood staring out to the lake, remembering her time with Krum. It was so simple in comparison, so she did what she thought she ought to, she said Goodbye.





Hey guys, just a little one-shot for a challenge I am doing. It was kind of a twist on the inspiration and the ship I was given. I had no idea how to write a Ron/Lavender ship, so I wrote it from a Hermione stance. Should be ok with the terms, hopefully. :) Anyway I would love to hear your thoughts, it is my first Hermione fic. So CC please.

Thank You Ginny45/RandomRed/Emma xxx

Ship - Lavender/Ron
Inspiration - Almost Lover by Fine Frenzy.


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