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We Belong Together by jcmy1nonly
Chapter 1 : What Is, What Was . . . What the Heck!
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This story takes place after DH and is mostly canon compatible with the following exceptions: no epilogue, Remus is alive, he and Tonks never married. This story focuses on events prior to and after DH.






Disclaimer: I do not, nor have I ever owned any part of the Harry Potter franchise. = - (






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Setting: Ottery St. Catchpoole, The Burrow, 18 months after the final battle









“But, why . . . I just don’t understand Hermione, is it something I did? If it is I’m so sorry, just tell me what it is and I’ll never do it again, I swear! I thought you were happy, I thought you loved me! I -“






“Ron, please.”Hermione gently grasped his hand as they sat atop the hill that overlooked the Burrow. “I do love you, I always have. It’s just that –“ she sighed softly “I realize now that we are not meant to be.”






Ron jumped up wrenching his hand from hers, to pace back and forth in front of where she sat “how do you know that? How can you be so sure all of a sudden after all this time.”






“This isn’t a sudden revelation, Ron. I’ve felt it for some time now.” Hermione stood up and walked over to stand in front of Ron. She placed her hands on his shoulders to stop him pacing. Oh, how she hated this moment, she thought as she struggled to find the right words to explain what she knew to be true. What she wouldn’t give to not feel this way. To be able to continue on, living life the way everyone expected them to. But she had known that this day was coming, all she needed was that final shove in the right direction. She just didn’t realize that the shove would come in the form of Luna Lovegood. She decided that it was best to be brutally honest. “And I think if you’re honest with yourself, you’ve felt it too. I also know that you are in love, you’re just not in love with me.”






“Pphhtt - I, I . . .” Ron stuttered. “What the bloody hell are you on about woman!? What do you mean I’m not in love with you? I’ve never cheated on you, ever!”






“Oh, Ron. I know that. I know that you would never do something like that. But the heart wants what it wants right?”






“Hermione -“






“No, Ron, listen. I’m not angry or upset. I know that you love Luna, and I know that you’ve tried very hard not to. And I care to much about you to keep you from the one you should be with. So I’m ending it.”






“No, Mione, it’s not - please, this is stupid, think about what you’re saying. We had it all planned, we were going to get married after I finished auror training and you graduate from Uni.” He hung his head, not meeting her gaze.



Hermione reached out taking his chin in her hand, she tipped up his head so that he was looking her in the eyes. “Listen to me Ronald, it’s okay. I have always loved you, you and Harry are the dearest people in the world to me.” She said as she cupped his cheek with her hand. “For all those years that we both mooned about, I thought you were my future. So many things changed after the final battle. We changed. I realized about six months into it that this just wasn’t working. I’ve come to see that you’re like a brother to me Ron, and I just couldn’t go on knowing that I would never be able to love you the way that you deserve. Seeing the way you and Luna skirt about, trying to avoid one another at all the Order meetings just helped me to see it more clearly. You love her, and unless I’m sadly mistaken, she loves you too.”






“Mione, I don’t know what to say, you must hate me.”






“No Ron, I could never hate you, you great prat!” They both chuckled.






Hermione wrapped her arms around his waist and Ron exhaled loudly gathering her to him.






“So what now?” He asked as he rested his head atop hers.






“Now we live the lives we’re meant to live. You with Luna, and me - well, I’m not sure yet. Right now though, I suppose we should go back inside and let the others know, before they break their necks trying to eavesdrop!”






“Oh blast! We have to tell my Mum!” Ron exclaimed as he laid his arm across Hermione’s shoulders leading them back towards the Burrow. “Can’t we just owl her or something! She’s going to kill me! I think she’s had our wedding planned since third year!”






Hermione laughed, “come on Ron, I’ll protect you from Molly.” Elbowing him in the ribs for good measure.






“Oy, watch it Mione! You know, I may take you up on that. The woman’s a bloody nightmare when she’s on a tear!” he said laughingly.






“Hey Ron,” they paused for a moment, “you’re still my best friend, I’ll always love you.”






“Ditto Granger. I do have to ask you though. If Luna and I - I mean, if we - well, would you be upset if I were to ask Luna to dinner with us all this Saturday?”






“No Ron, I think I’ve had enough time to adjust to the idea. I really want you to be happy Ron, so much.”






“Thanks Mione, you too, you know. Just so you know though, I doubt I’ll approve of any bloke you decide to start chatting up!”












“What, they will definitely not be good enough for you. I’ll get with Harry on this, we can’t just let you go about this on your own!”






“Thanks so much for the vote of confidence Ronald, but I think I am perfectly capable of making my own decisions!” Her mind wondered fleetingly over the image of herself locked in an embrace with a handsome, dark haired man.






“We’ll see, just don’t go off snogging someone like Malfoy, ach.” Ron shuddered. “I doubt I’d be the only one to take the mickey out of you for that!”






“I don’t plan to go off and snog anyone Ron! You’re such a prat!”






“Ha ha, but you still love me!”






“Always.” Hermione said, as they walked back into the Burrow hand in hand to face the lions. Namely Molly Weasley.






A/N: So there you have it, my first attempt at fanfiction. I would greatly appreciate your feedback and any suggestions you might have. Also, I would love to develop a banner for this story and am looking for someone with the skills to do so. Please let me know if you're interested. Thanks!

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We Belong Together: What Is, What Was . . . What the Heck!


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