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Unforgiven by I_trusted_Snape13
Chapter 1 : Whispers and Secrets
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"Ron Weasley, you have a visitor waiting downstairs." The intercom blared loudly throughout of small office in the Ministry of Magic. He pressed one of his fingers down on the large, red call button on his rather official looking desk. "Send 'em up." He replied coolly before turning his attention back to the girl sitting on his desk.

"Hermione, you know I really have work I need to do." He said with a grin, both of them knowing fully well that he did not care about work worth a flip and he was glad to have a break, especially since that 'break' was his beautiful girlfriend turned fiance Hermione Granger.

She twirled his maroon tie around in her fingers, making the sparkling, diamond engagement ring on her fourth finger sparkle in the light. She had been flaunting the gorgeous ring every chance she got since he had proposed to her two months earlier.

"You know I -" Hermione was abruptly cut off by a quiet, timid knock on his heavy, wooden door. Hermione slid gently off the desk and just decided to stand behind Ron with her hands on his broad shoulders.

"Come in." Ron called, using his authoritive, in charge, voice that Hermione loved so much. Slowly the heavy door swung open, revealing a curly haired, dirty blonde girl, that Hermione absolutely could not stand with every fiber in her being. A girl that she had not seen since the Battle of Hogwarts four years ago. Lavender Brown. Ron's sixth year ex-girlfriend who hated Hermione and vice versa.

"Sorry to interrupt," She said quietly, seeing Hermione and Ron, looking very flirty and much like a couple.

Ron looked wide eyes and in complete shock seeing her stand there. Hermione immediately felt a huge surge of jealously rush through her until she remembered that she had the seven carat diamond engagement ring on her finger and she had Ron's heart. Lavender had neither. It was a strange feeling, although, she greatly enjoyed this feeling of power, she especially enjoyed the shocked look on Lavender's face when she saw the ring was absolutely priceless.

"Um, Mr. Weasley, may I talk to you out into the hall?" She inquired quietly. Mr. Weasley? Seriously?! Wow.

She looked rather nervous, 'she's probably here to try and win him back and nervous because she knows that we're engaged.' Hermione thought to herself. Ron looked surprised by this, and greatly confused.

"Um," He looked to Hermione, who urged him to go, then back to Lavender, who looked worried. "Sure," he said, stretching the word. "I'll…um…be right back."

Hermione remained silent and just nodded quietly.

Given Ron's past history with Lavender, Hermione was not in the least bit thrilled that she was talking to him. However, she was the bigger person and she knew it. Plus, Ron had never given her a reason, a real reason at least, not to trust him. Whatever Lavender wanted was probably just simply a waste of her time.

Lavender let Ron pass her and when he could not see her evil little face, she turned to face Hermione as she walked and glared at her with a devious smile planted on her ruby red lips. She had the same look planted on her face that she had always showed off to Hermione in sixth year when she walked arm in arm with Ron down the Hogwarts corridors, flaunting her relationship status with Ron to everyone that paid her any mind at all, showing off how she, Lavender Brown, had something that the goody two shoes Hermione Granger did not have.

At that moment though, a colossal realization struck Hermione with a huge amount of force. Not only did that blonde bimbo Lavender Brown not have Ron, and she did, but she, Hermione Granger, had his heart forever. He was going to be hers, and only hers forever, and she had the ring to prove it. No matter what that…witch…had to say, it could never, in a million years change that lovely fact, at least so she thought.

When Ron proposed, that was the end of the past relationships issue. No more, break up, make up. Just them; forever.

Due to the silencing charm Ron had just placed in the hallway, Hermione would not hear what was being said between the two. She had no earthly idea what was going on in that hallway, and she kept trying to convince herself that she did not care. She was probably just here with some pointless attempt to win Ron's heart back once more.

'It's not important Hermione. She probably just wants to say goodbye' She told herself, although her gut feeling made her feel like that wasn't true, although she really wanted it to be.

It was a rather dumb idea for her to come try and win him back seeing as she had already seen the ring on Hermione's finger and by the way her and Ron were acting around each other, it was fairly obvious, to everyone that had half a brain of common sense, that Ron was the guy who had given it to her, to prove his undying glove for the girl who meant more than the world to him.

There had been specualtion that they'd been an 'item' from quite early on in their friendship. Although their friendship turned love took years, and was quite the slow and sometimes painful process, they eventually realized that they truly were right for each other; despite they initial denial.

So, basically, Lavender was completely wasting her time. 'She'd have a better time trying to convince a brick wall to go on a date with her.' Hermione thought to herself about the annoyingly bubbly witch outside in the hall.

The two of them stayed outside talking for what felt like a few dozen eternities. Each second began to feel like an hour to Hermione, each minute an entire year. She was beginning to go insane, it was starting to really bother her…a lot!

Finally, after what felt like FOREVER, but was in reality only about ten minutes, the door slowly opened and Ron came back into the office, his fiery red hair completely unruly and his expression was very flustered.

Ron was as pale as a ghost, no actually he was paler. If someone put a picture of Nearly Headless Nick next to him, Nick would look like a beach volleyball player who spends all day outside at tournaments compared to the clearly very upset Weasley standing in the office. Something was wrong…VERY wrong.

Hermione jumped to her feet from where she had taken a seat in his comfy green spin chair and rushed over to her fiancé's side, worried.

"Ron! Ron, are you okay?! Oh. Look at you, of course you are not okay, what's wrong? Is someone hurt?"

He shook his head and went back to his seat, without muttering a single syllable, much less an explanation.

He looked as if he were about to be sick.

"Well…what is it then?" Hermione asked, frantically, rather upset that she still did not have an explanation from his apart from the fact that no one was hurt.

Hermione looked over and saw that Lavender was ,surprisingly, still at the ministry, looking into Ron's office from the window in the hall way. Whatever had happened to Ron was because of something with Lavender. That witch bitch would pay, of that she was certain.

She shot Hermione a devious glance and a sly smile before taking her beady little brown eyes back to Ron, who still looked very pale in his chair.

"Ron, what's going on? You have to talk to me!" Hermione cried, almost at her breaking point.

"Ron!" Hermione screamed, shaking him, fairly gently, but with enough force that he HAD to notice. He lifted his head up, but as soon as his brown eyes met her blue ones, he quickly dropped his gaze.

"Ronald Bilius Weasley!," he jumped at the sudden yell of his FULL name, still not meeting her gaze. "say something. Please. Anything."

Tears lined her eyes and she was the most upset she had been since all of those dear lives of people she loved were lost a few years ago back when the Battle of Hogwarts took place and Harry defeated Voldemort once and for all.

Ron felt a rush of shames sweep over him.

Shame like he had never felt before.


"Hermione…I'm so sorry." Ron said dropping his head, his shaggy red hair partly covering his face.

For the first time since his brother Fred had passed away, and for the third time in the ten years she had known his, his eyes filled with tears. At that moment, Hermione realized that something had happened in the hall way a few minutes previous.

Something between Ron and Lavender. Something bad.

No, something worse than bad.

Something that was going to change the three people's lives…forever.


"Please forgive me, Mione! I've made a terrible mistake!" And then he buried his face in his hands, leaving Hermione more seconds of wondering just what her fiance had done that was so terrible. 

If only she had any idea. 

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