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Shattered Glass by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 1 : A Screaming Child
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Disclaimer; I do not own anything in this story bar Dean and Elijah Bell and some parts of the plot. The character Katherine 'Katie' Bell was created by J.K Rowling I do not claim to own her.

The sound of the babies' loud cry was what broke Dean Bell's heart for the final time. His beautiful little girl was reaching out for him, as if sensing that something was wrong. Beside him, his four year old son Elijah pulled on the side of old faded blue jeans.

"Daddy" He asked, his green eyes wide with a mixture of excitement and worry. "Who's that and where's mummy?" Dean took a deep breath, He knew this question was coming and yet he had no idea how to answer it.

"That's your little sister Eli" Elijah frowned, obviously unhappy with this response. Dean knew that he had hoped for a younger brother ever since they had told him that he would be an older brother to someone. He quickly realised that his father had not answered the first question.

"Where's mummy though?" He repeated before pausing to stare over at the door which was leaking sounds of the screaming little girl. "And what's her name?"

"Mummy's gone Eli" Elijah stared back up at his fathers face with tears threatening to form in his emerald eyes. "And her names Katherine, Katherine Marie Bell"


It seemed like hours before anyone came out into the hallway, and when finally someone did Dean almost wished they hadn't. A blonde nurse, who barely looked a day over twenty emerged from the room. Her eyes looking tired, even with the fake smile plastered on her face. Dean already knew something was wrong with his baby girl, Hell something had to be wrong for her to kill her own mother.

"Your baby girl is doing just fine at the moment" The nurse started, He watched her mouth move only catching a few words. "She gave us quite a scare, but she's a fighter Mr. Bell"

"Can I see her yet?" He whispered, almost wondering if this nurse was able to hear him.

"Not yet, I'm sorry Mr. Bell. Doctor Sampson wasn't to check a few more things before you're allowed to see her" The nurse smiled again, attempting to fill the emptiness Dean showed. "It shouldn't be too much longer" She said sympathetically, turning back to the door before turning once again on her heel. "Oh and Mr. Bell, She really is a beautiful little girl"

Dean nodded, smiled slightly, hoping that he and Elijah would be left alone again. He's wish was soon granted as the door to Katherine's room was closed again. Elijah sniffled, buried his face further into Dean's arm and whispered.

"When do I get to meet Kawtherine?"

"Soon Eli. Really soon" Even as a four year old Elijah could sense that his father didn't want to talk anymore and instead closed his eyes, waiting until he could meet his baby sister.


Several more hours passed until the door opened once again, and the same nurse squeezed through the door.

"Mr. Bell" She smiled. "Would you like to come meet your daughter?" All three of them broke into wide smiles, and Elijah was scooped up into Dean's arms.

"You ready to meet your sister Eli?"

Authors Note; Here is my entry for Rainbow_Eyes' 'The Life Of... Challenge' over at the forums. I was really excited to write this chapter so I hope you all enjoyed it! Let me know what you think. And sorry it's so short.

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