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Close to the Edge by Twinklestar
Chapter 4 : The One With Al's Horrible Day
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This morning, I am studying. It’s complete rubbish, and fucking torture, but I must sit here in the library with half a dozen books on Charms work. I want to Avada Kedavra myself right now because 1. The dust on these books are making me sneeze constantly, and 2. My baby sister wont shut her trap up.

“I cannot believe Bree didn’t choose Alexandra! It’s so mental, don’t you agree, Al? And you’d think Alexandra would be ruddy pissed but she’s okay with it and I saw the two of them chatting at dinner last night.” Lily shakes her head and sighs.

“Mental,” she breathes and continues with her school work. I smile to myself. Even though Lily can talk for hours, it is nice that she thought to keep me company when she can be eating breakfast in the Great Hall.

I know, I could be eating food right now instead of studying. Jackson says he swears I accidentally hit myself aside the head with my broom at try-outs yesterday.

By the way, I do agree with Lils; Bree is fucking crazy for not making Coast one of our Gryffindor Beater’s. I still find it odd that they’re acting like nothing even happened. I don’t even know what I would do if Jackson or Zeke did something like that to me.

I’d probably flip. Actually, flip a whole lot. Quidditch is the only thing I’m good at. All right, Chaser is the only thing I’m good at. I love Quidditch.

“I’m so glad Bree made me a Chaser on the team! Now both of us are Chasers, isn’t that awesome? Now you can’t yell at me when you see me with a broom getting ready to play Quidditch. Ha-ha, sucks for you,” Lily sticks her tongue out at me and I smile. “Who says so?”

Lily rolls her dark brown eyes and smirks, “Bree, does.” I frown. Dammit! I hate Palmer so fucking much because she bloody would screech at me like a damn banshee if I caused a scene because of Lily playing Quidditch. But If she comes between me and a boy near Lils, then I really don’t give a crap.

“Palmer is crazy. She thinks just because she’s Captain she can make everyone do this and that even if it has nothing to do with Quidditch,” I tell Lily and flip a page in my book. I sneeze.

“You’d probably be acting ten times worse if you were Captain, and you know that Albus. Don’t you remember how James was last year?” Damn Lily and her making me have flashbacks.

James is Captain this year. Gryffindor Quidditch Captain, and Dad is so fucking proud. During the summer he said things like, ‘My boy! My oldest and strong boy, making Captain! I am so proud of you, James.’ It’s so sick.

He’s always been known to be amazing at Quidditch. He was already on the team when I started Hogwarts and he was only a Second year, which annoys me so bad.

James is so bloody tough on us. During the summer, he told us he was going to be super easier than Chet Thomas, and McLaggen. He’s ten times worse!

“Team-mates!” he barks and narrows his eyes at all of us. I find myself standing beside Palmer and I want to push her in the dirt. She is staring at James like he freaking invented the bloody sport. James only likes to tell himself that.

“We’re going against Slytherin, so you know what that means - beat the bloody crap out of them!” He smirks and I hear a couple of girls on the stands sigh. Most girls who come to games are only here to stare at him.

James moves his hand through his curly brown hair and looks stressed. James really wants to win against the Slytherins. He hates the Slytherins. Especially Scorpius Malfoy who gels his hair and has a rather pointy noise that reminds me of Pinocchio. He’s a loser.

Palmer nods her head like she’s the only one who is on the team and James grins at her. I narrow my eyes at her. I hate her. She only acts like this around James is because she wants Captain.

She wants Captain because I want Captain and she loves to make my life hell. She’s a life ruiner. She lives to ruin lives. Especially mine.

James shouts and yells at us to get together and think straight. He also pushes Zeke into dirt so it will make him look more tough and scare the Slytherins. My brother is a monster.

My eyes widen and Lily gives me a I-told-you look. “Shut up. James was a complete git and a psycho, but I would not be like that if he chose me over Palmer,” I explain and she shrugs. “Besides, he probably only picked Palmer because she has nice legs. You know how James is when it comes to girls.”

I smirk. James was a complete fool and crazy hormonal git when it came to females. Not that he had to really chase them anyway, they we’re the ones that stalked him when he was on the Quidditch pitch. They still follow him around, actually. He loves it.

Lily laughs and nods her head. “I suppose. But hey, I’ll catch you later. I’ve got to head off to Herbology. Thank Merlin it’s my last year,” she waves with a small smile and I wave back slowly.

Now I’m sitting in the library all alone. With the crazy Librarian. And a nerdy boy sitting at the table beside mine staring at me.

I’m fucking out of here.


I walk into Transfiguration and find Rose writing on a piece of parchment quickly. I cock an eye brow and sit beside her. “Did Head Girl Rose forget to do her assignment, hm?” I say and she turns to me. Her face is white and her blue eyes look like saucers. I’m worried. “Rose?”

“I forgot to do my Muggle Studies homework! Albus, I have never forgotten to do my homework, this is just awful! I’m not even close to being finished and I have it after this,” she shouts at me face quickly and then goes back to doing her Muggle Studies homework.

“How hard could it be? It’s on Muggle shit. Rose, you’re half Muggle!” I cry and chuckle. How hard could it be to write about some stupid Muggle object?

“It’s about the telephone,” she explains and I frown. It’s something we all have yet to get over our fears and use…it’s the bloody telephone. Nobody in the Weasley or Potter households use that rubbish object. Dad and Aunt Hermione still call us childish for not wanting to learn to use it.

“Ew. That Muggle object,” I scrunch my nose up and set my quill onto the table. “Just write that it’s useless like Muggle Studies class. I swear pretty soon Professor Burgle is going to give out fake babies because she thinks only Muggles can raise them.”

Rose narrows her eyes at me and gets back to work. I sigh to myself. Rose can never take a joke. Seriously. In Third year I told her I was going to get a House Elf and she jinxed me and broke my nose. But, really! I would never because I think the House Elves are kind and awesome.

Maybe I’ll get one to hang out with me…

All right, no. I’d look like a bloody loser. Besides, Rose would probably break a couple of more of my limbs. Damn woman and being stronger than me. I hate it when girls are stronger than me. Makes me feel… unmanly.

“I agree, Muggle Studies is extremely useless!” my brows furrow and I turn my head to see a young girl standing a mere two feet away from me. It’s that girl Rose and Lily we’re saying was staring at me. My stalker.

I force a smile and she instantly smiles back showing white pearl teeth. She has long dark blonde hair and dark blue eyes with skin that you can tell is tanned from staying in the sun, not in a salon. What’s her name again?

I pull my hand out. “Albus Potter,” I say and she shakes my hand. It’s soft and has lotion on it. Why are girls always putting lotion on their hands? Now my hand will probably smell like a bleeding Power Puff girl.

My stalker smirks and she immediately looks even more attractive. “I know who you are. I’m Luxe Holland,” she introduces and I suddenly notice she is wearing her skirt a little too short. Not that I object, of course.

She pulls her hand back to her side and I feel Rose stab something in my back. I growl and glare at Rose who looks even more pissed. Shit. You never mess with a redhead. Especially a Weasley. Especially Rose Weasley!

“What are you doing?” she hisses and averts her eyes to Luxe for a split second. I smirk and shrug. “I’m a Potter, Rosie. We’re friendly people.” Rose’s blue eyes turn dark and I swear to Merlin I see a little fire spark in them. Fuck.

I turn my attention back to Luxe who I realize is glaring at the back of Rose’s head. Girls are so weird. One moment they’re happy, the next they’re glaring and cursing. I will never understand the female mind. In many ways, I am grateful for this.

“Miss. Holland! Retreat back to your assigned seat, before you receive another detention.” Professor Higgle looks ruddy pissed at Luxe. I just notice Professor Higgle is standing at her desk in the front of the classroom this whole time. She hates children. She actually hates teenagers more.

I let my eyes wander to Luxe who rolls her eyes at our Professor. “Give me one, go ahead. It’s not like I’d actually show up.” I hear Rose gasp quietly beside me. I mentally shake my head. I may do a few bad things, but I never not go to a detention. I’d rather not have to be sent to Headmaster Rummerfield. He smells like cabbage.

Professor Higgle’s face turns beet red and she mutely points to an empty table in the front row. I assume that is where Holland’s assigned seat is. Either that or Professor Higgle has gone mad and keeps pointing at random things. I vote for the latter.

Luxe sighs dramatically and plops down in her seat, after walking past me and swinging her blonde hair at my face. Do girls think that whipping their hair at a guys face is good flirting? Well, bugger on that.

Professor Higgle starts the lesson on trying to turn a text book into a monkey, or some shit like that. I put my head down onto my text books to take a nap. I always copy Rose’s notes after class, anyway.

I would really love to sleep, but my dear cousin stabs me in the side with a quill and I almost yelp in surprise. “What was that for,” I mutter and caress my side. That bloody hurt. Women and their way of getting peoples attention. Well, not women. Just Rose Weasley.

Rose purses her lips and looks so mad. No lad would like to be in the position where a girl is pursing their lips and narrowing their eyes at you. That most likely means they are thinking of the best way to murder you with it looking like an accident. Rose is smart so whatever way she thinks of would probably fucking work.

By the way, James told me about all that. He would know all about girls and the way they think. The bloke is practically one of them because of all the ladies he’s had come in and out of his life. Lucky bloke.

“Albus Severus Potter, what the fuck was that?” Woah, did Rose Weasley just say ‘fuck’? Holy Dumbledore, I’ve just witnessed something that will go down in history.

“I told you that Luxe Holland was bad news and yet you continued to flirt with her! Do you ever listen what I tell you?” Rose raises one eye brow and I smirk at her. Aw, Rosie is worried about me. How sweet.

“Rosie, it’s so sweet that you care about me, but don’t worry. I just think she’s nice to look at - I won’t do anything that you don’t wan’t me to. Okay? Great. Now write down the notes while I take a nap.” I tell this to her with a charming smile, and she continues to stare at me like a goldfish.

A moment later, she rolls her eyes at me and writes down the notes for me. She’s awesome.



I failed. I bloody fucking failed. No, not at life. Well, somewhat, yes. But I’m talking about my stupid Charms test. I studied all morning and I still fucking failed. My Mum is going to flip a pancake when she finds out. Bleeding fantastic.

Seriously, most of the stupid shit on the test I didn’t even read in our text books or notes. Flitwick is out to get me, I swear it. Or maybe I’m just that dumb. I fail at life.

“Having the downs, mate?” I see Jackson jogging towards me and I mutter curses under my breath. I really don’t wan’t to have to listen to how he passed the Charms test. And got a sticker. I wan’t a fucking sticker.

Jackson chuckles and scratches the back of his head. He always does that in awkward situations. He also does it around girls that he fancies. He needs some tips from Zeke. I’d say from me, but I don’t have that much experience with girls. I had my first girl friend in Second year, and she broke up with me because I didn’t talk to her. Fuck you, Olivia Humphrey.

“Look, I’ll help you study so you can bring your grade up, yeah?” he pats my shoulder and smiles at me. I ponder at the thought. Jackson is smart, maybe I’ll at least pass this first term in Charms with his help.

I grin at my best mate, “Deal. But food is on the fucking list of things we need. I studied all morning and I swear I thought I was going to die without sausages.”

Jackson lets out a loud laugh in the middle of the corridor, and a couple of pretty Ravenclaw’s turn around and glare at us for a moment before realizing it was the bleeding handsome and awesome Albus Potter, and his smart and cool best mate Jackson Atkins. Yeah, we’re that fucking cool.

“Hey, I heard Lily-”

“What the fuck happened to Lily?” I narrow my eyes at him, even though I’m sure he didn’t do anything to harm Lily. But why does he fucking know something happened to Lily? And I don’t? If someone hurt her I’ll bash their head against a nasty toilet and hex them.

“You didn’t let me finish, you twat. As I was saying - I heard Lily and Rose talking about how you we’re flirting with Luxe Holland? Are you a dumbshit?” Wait. Fucking Jackson knew about Luxe Holland before I even did? I really need to get out more.

“How do you know about Luxe Holland?” Instead of answering his question, I ask him one. It’s not like I was purposely flirting with the girl. I think she’s attractive, I’ll give her that. But Rose would hex me to next week if I did anything more. Plus, I don’t need girl problems. I already have Palmer problems, and I hate her.

“Mate, everybody knows about Luxe Holland. She’s trouble, and coming from Rose and Lily, she gossips and starts rumors to feel better about herself.” I still can’t believe I was the only one who didn’t even know about her existence. Palmer and her bitchy-self have kept me busy all these damn years.

“Not trying to sound like a chick, but, I’m just looking out for you, mate.” I chuckle because he so sounds like a chick. I grin and punch his arm jokingly.

“You still sound like a chick. But, you don’t have to worry. I’m not even the tiniest bit interested in her.”


I walk out of Potions with a cheeky grin on my face. Zeke is staring at me like I’m from a different planet and is probably contemplating on running away from me.

“Why the fuck are you smiling like that? Weirdo.”

I sigh happily and drop my arm around Zeke’s neck. “I have Free Period next, and then dinner! That means I can take a nap,” I grin again at my best mate, who’s eye brows are raised high and looks frightened.

“That’s…good. I’m going to go now before I catch whatever disease you have.” We both laugh and Zeke heads to Charms, whilst I head to the Gryffindor Common Room to nap. I fucking love naps, if you haven’t noticed.

“Are you fucking kidding?” I groan as I step into the Gryffindor Common Room and recognize that voice. I despise that voice and the person it belongs to. Why does Bree Palmer have to have the same Free Period as me? Because Merlin hates my bloody guts, that’s why.

We glare at each other from across the room. At least there’s a little group of First years sitting in the corner at a table. I need witnesses incase she does anything drastic. I know she’s just jealous of my bloody good-looks and awesome Quidditch skills so she does anything to get me out of the spotlight. Bleeding wench.

She’s sitting on the couch across from the burning fireplace. It’s mid September and yet the fireplace is on? This school is so bloody odd.

Anyway, her dark brown hair is up in a bun and she has a piece of parchment sitting on her lap. It looks like a letter. Maybe from a boyfriend?…

Hahahahaha, Bree Palmer having a boyfriend? Bree Palmer? Every bloke that she meets is completely horrified of the girl. It would be a shocker to everyone in this school, including me, if she ever had a boyfriend.

Shit, maybe it’s from James. Oh, crud. It’s probably from James and she’s telling my brother all about me and lying about how awful I’ve been at Quidditch, and he will probably tell her to kick me off the team, and he’ll tell Mum and Dad, and once again, I’ll disappoint my Dad. This is not fucking good.

“Is that letter from James?” I ask her, my green eyes wide. I know I look completely horrified in front of her but I need to know if the letter is from James. If so, then I need to send a letter to my parents about how Palmer is an impulsive liar that is out to get me, and how I have been such a good angel.

She raises an eye brow after wrinkling her nose at me. “Not that it’s any of your business, but yes, it is from your brother.” I curse under my breath. “Fuck,” I mutter and ignore the small gasps from the group of First years.

Palmer stares at me confused. “Is there a problem?” She asks me and folds her letter slowly. I stare cautiously at it. Shit, shit, shit, shit. I swear to Merlin, if she said anything about me that will get back to my Mum and Dad, I’ll be really pissed.

I run out of the common room. I need to get to the West Tower to reach the Owlery. I hope none of the owls attack me when I reach there. In Fourth year, I got attacked by a massive crowd of them when I was sending a letter to my parents about how we won against the Slytherins. Mum was proud about that win.

Damn, running on the pitch all those practices have really done me good. I’m practically sprinting down the corridors. I pass Joey Redbird and his group of mates that have spiky hair and fancy air guitar. I ignore Joey’s frantic waving.

Once I reach the Owlery, I grab a quill and a piece of parchment quickly. The owls keep making that annoying ‘hoot’ noise watching me as I scribble away on the parchment. Fuck, I hope they’ll be able to read it.

Just as I am signing my name at the bottom, an envelope lands in front of me with my name on it. I stare at it for a long moment confused. Why don’t I just bleeding open it already?

I rip it open and realize it’s a letter from my Mum. Oh, bloody crap.

Dear Albus,

Professor Flitwick sent your Father and I letter telling us about how you have failed yet another Charms test. Is that true? Albus, you must study for your studies and get your head out of the Quidditch pitch. We understand your love for Quidditch, we had enough of that from your brother.

But without your studies, where would that lead you? I don’t wan’t to get anymore letters from your Professor about your lack of studying and your low grades, are you listening? I know you can do it, you just need a break from Quidditch, that’s all!

Also, tell your sister we will be sending a box of her favorite treats tomorrow morning. Your sister’s been sending your Father and I letters non stop about her liquorices wands and chocolate frogs… She reminds me of your Uncle Ron, you know.

Send Rose our love as well, dear!

Love You,

Mum and Dad

I crumple the letter into a ball and throw it at the wall before me, which lead to a few owls freaking out and flying out of the window. I’m so fucking pissed. Flitwick hates my bleeding guts. I bet you he laughed out loud whilst writing that letter to my parents. I hate Charms.

After letting my anger out some more, I left the Owlery to go back to the common room. Hopefully, Palmer won’t be there again and I won’t have to deal with her crap. Her bitchy crap.

As I’m walking back to the common room, I stumble across Travis Randolf. His blonde hair is sleeked back with what I think is grease, but he probably tells everyone it’s gel. Gel my fucking arse. He sneers at me and adjusts his Ravenclaw tie. I roll my eyes. Everyone knows that all Ravenclaws are stuck-up and wish they are Gryffindors.

“You’ve got a little something on your shoulder, Potty.” He shouts at me and I look at my shoulder to see owl crap. I hate owls with a bleeding strong passion.

I mock a smile, “I’m already visualizing the duct tape over your mouth, Randolf.” Stupid prick.

He laughs and runs a hand through his greasy hair. That must be very unpleasant. “Very funny, Potty!” He lets out a fake laugh and I raise an eye brow.

“That’s all you can say? Wow, Randolf. Your teeth are brighter than you are!” I laugh because that was actually pretty funny. For a Ravenclaw, the bloke is a stupid prick that sucks at comebacks. How does he even manage to get into his common room without the whole wit and knowledge?

He rolls his eyes and flips me off. What a fucking arsehole. “Whatever, Potty. I’ve got things to do like come up with Quidditch play-offs. You wouldn’t understand, obviously.” I ground my teeth together and narrow my eyes at him.

“I didn’t mean to upset you! Truth hurts though.” He says this to me casually and I don’t even know what I am doing until I push him up against a wall and point my wand at him. He’s about to piss his pants.

“Say one more thing to me, I dare you!” I shout at his face. He looks terrified for one split second before he smirks smugly at me. I wan’t to rip his bloody guts out right now. “See you at the first game,” he says simply.

I growl and let him go. “Oh, I’ll see you. But you’ll be sobbing away to your little group of girly mates about how I kicked your ass. Sod off!” I push him again and stomp off, his laughing echoing in my head until I reach the common room.


I wake up in my dorm to find out that dinner is already over. Could this be the worst day of my fucking life? I’m beginning to think so. Zeke is snoozing away in his bed beside mine, and Aiden is reading. Jackson is writing on parchment at our only desk. Did nobody think to wake me the fuck up for dinner?

I get up and grab my Dad’s invisibility cloak from under my pillow. It’s the only thing that I got and James didn’t. Now that I think of it, James got the Marauders Map and I don’t even have it and he graduated already. I thought James was going to pass it down to me.

“Where you off to?” Jackson asks me with an amused grin as I wrap the cloak around me so he can only see my head. “To the kitchens, you little assholes didn’t wake me up for dinner,” I tell him gently. I’m not that mad.

He looks guilty and I feel bad for getting pissed. “Sorry, we didn’t know where you were so we just stayed in the Great Hall. We didn’t realize you were up here sleeping until dinner was already over and we came up here.” I smile and nod my head.

I wave to him and walk out into the staircase with my head covered with the cloak now. It’s after hours so if Rose, the Head Boy or any prefects catch me, I’ll be done for and have to listen to a horrid lecture from cabbage-smelling Headmaster Rummerfield. It’s torture, believe me.

I reach the kitchens and is greeting by the friendly elves. “Good evening, Mister Potter! What would you like to have tonight?” Winky asks me with a wide smile. I smile politely and ask her for whatever would be made quickly. I’m starving, and you should never keep a teenage boy from eating. It should be a damn law.

“What are you doing? It’s after hours, Malfoy.” Shit, Rose is just outside the kitchens. And obviously Scorpius Malfoy. I would go out and save Rose from catching his loser disease, but 1. I’d get in trouble for being out of my Dorm, and 2. Rose can beat the bloody crap out of him with no trouble.

“Oh, save it, Weasley. I’m just taking a stroll around the castle - I couldn’t sleep,” he tries to reason with her to get out of getting in trouble. Pft, you can’t get out of anything when it comes to Rose and rules. I’m her family and I still can’t get out of everything.

“Oh shut your damn trap, Malfoy. I’m giving you a detention, and if you don’t head to Slytherin Common Room then I’ll send you to Headmaster Rummerfield.” Uncle Ron would be so proud of Rose right now. He hates the bleeding Malfoys just as much as I hate owls, Bree Palmer, and Travis Randolf combined.

Malfoy curses under his breath and I hear their footsteps get quieter and quieter, just as Winky comes back with a plate full of deliciousness. Gotta love these elves.


I’m pumped because today is first practice. First practice with the new team, and our lovely new Captain. I can’t wait to see her fail and watch her beg for my help. She’ll probably even get on her knees. That would be fucking brilliant.

I watch with my arms crossed over my chest as Palmer looks over at her clipboard. Seriously, why does she need a damn clipboard? It’s pointless and useless.

“Woot! First practice, and I’m the fucking Keeper.” I try not to groan as Joey makes his way over to Lils and I. I’m keeping Lily away from Peter Dale as much as possible. I don’t wan’t him trying anything with my baby sister which will cause me to rip his head off. That does seem nice right now, though.

“Hi, Joey!” Lily pipes up beside me. I narrow my eyes at her and she simply rolls her eyes at me. Joey smirks at her and looks her up and down before greeting her. I’m going to bloody hex him into next week.

“So, Lily, fifteen are you?” He asks her and winks. I crack my knuckles and he turns his attention to me. He should fucking run right now. “Mate! Excited for first practice, are you?” he grins at me and I just glare at him. I don’t associate with a bloke that flirts with my baby sister. I’d just end up jinxing you anyway.

“All right, everybody, listen up! We’re going to run around the pitch first and then get into our respected positions.” Everyone listens to Palmer, and I get into a running position in between Zeke and Jackson. Zeke winks at me and push him jokingly whilst chuckling.

Once Palmer shouts at us to get going, we all break into a run. I hate having to obey her orders but I know if I rebel against them I’ll get kicked off the team. Quidditch is the only thing I have. What else do I have? Grades. Sucky grades that need to get over themselves and get higher so my Mum can stop freaking out.

Lily and Joey are running about a foot ahead of me and I think about tripping Redbird in front of Lily to embarrass him. “Hey, Lily, what’s your respected position?” he winks at her. No he fucking did not just say that. I grab my wand out of my sneaker and send a jelly-legs jinx towards Redbird.

“Al!” Lily shouts at the same time that Palmer yells, “Potter!” Palmer is glaring at me and Lily is flipping me off. Joey’s groaning in pain against the wet grass from colliding with it. I can’t help but let out a loud laugh.












Fourth chapter (: I hope you all liked it!

Anyways, Halloween is almost here! Yay ;P Carving any pumpkins? What's your costume going to be this year?

please review :D



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