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Double Crossed by Draco Malfoy by massieblockrox
Chapter 2 : Message Recieved
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When Ginny opened the front door to her house, she noticed something......odd. The house was completely silent. “Mum?” Ginny called. She looked around franticly. “Mum! Fred! George!” Ginny began running around the house. “Ron! Dad!”

Ginny thundered upstairs, then stopped. The door was open to her room, and she could see Harry Potter. Crying softly. Hermione had her arms around him, and Ron was patting him on the back. The rest of the Weasley's were huddled around him, looking devastated.

“Harry?” Ginny walked slowly into her overcrowded room. “Hermione?” They all looked up.

“Ginny!” Mum leaped up, rushed to her, and held her tight. Everyone else looked astonished, as though she was a ghost.

“What happened?” Dad asked. He still looked very worried.

“I was playing Quidditch, and my broom broke,” Ginny told them.

Everyone gasped.

“What?” Ginny demanded. “You know how crappy my broom is, split right in two – ”

“But Ginny,” Hermione interrupted. “Look at this,” She held out a piece of paper, her arm shaking slightly. Ginny took it, and read aloud;

To Harry Potter,

The dead girl you'll find tonight

With hair bright red, and vividest light

A broom crash, a fatal blow

Because of you, the girl you'd love


Consider this a warning, boy

Your friends WILL be next, broken like toys

Unless you give yourself up, and die

On June 4th , no lie

The only thing you can do is cry

It was sealed with the Dark Mark.
“Whoa,” Ginny gave the paper back. “Pretty positive.”

With a jolt, Ginny barely remembered a shadow in the cornfield. A Death Eater, no doubt.
She shuddered, and as she did, her bandages were thrown into the weak light coming from her lamp. “So who bandaged you?” Dad asked roughly. “Don't tell me you did.”

“Er,” for some reason, Ginny felt reluctant to say that it had been Draco Malfoy. “DracoMalfoy,”

“WHAT?” Ron leaped up, looking outraged. “Malfoy?”

He made several rude hand gestures, which caused Mrs. Weasley to say, “Ronald Bilius....”

“Malfoy?” Harry repeated.

Mr. Weasley looked shaken. The whole room did.

Then Ron slapped Harry lightly on the back. “Man up, dude,” he pretended to fall off a surfboard. Everyone stared at him.

Harry chuckled weakly. “Sorry,” he said to the floor. Then Mrs. Weasley got up from the dusty carpet and put an arm around Ginny.

“I'm so glad that you're safe,” she whispered.

Ginny smiled. At least now, someone was paying attention to her.

* * *

As the night progressed, Ginny thought, under the itchy covers of her bed, about what had happened that night.

Malfoy helped me. He was so nice. Then I went and pushed him into a pond. Stupid me.

Ginny threw the covers from her body and stood up. She began to pace up and down her room, getting a large paper cut from her Holyhead Harpies poster.

Someone had obviously shattered her broom on purpose, to send Harry a message.
Message received, Death Eaters. Message received, loud and clear.
When Ginny tired of pacing, she merely sat on her bed, and no matter how much she tried not to, of Draco Malfoy. Oddly enough, Draco was doing something alarmingly similar.


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