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The Rising by Over the Rainbomb
Chapter 4 : Stay Positive
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He couldn’t do it.

He had no idea where he was going but he seemed to be heading for the nearest bathroom. It made sense. He did feel like he needed to throw up.

And just like that, she was standing right in front of him. She had appeared so quickly that it had made him jump and take a step back.

“Enough with the damn beaming Scotty!” Scorpius growled. “I’m trying to storm off here!”

“Scorpius, your reaction is perfectly natural but in time you will accept your responsibility. You are strong enough to withstand the coming darkness and lead humanity into the light,” she said with a tiny flicker of pleading in her voice.

Maybe she did have emotions after all.

Still, his mind was being pulled in so many different directions right now he just needed to get away. He pushed past her and into the nearest bathroom. And, obviously, she was waiting for him in there. Standing right in front of the basins, her wings perfectly folded behind her and her face just as emotionlessly incredible as before.

She was so beautiful and already a royal pain in Scorpius’s ass.

“Ah, for cryin’ out loud!” Scorpius huffed and walked into one of the cubicles. He slammed and locked the door and sat down on the seat of the bowl holding his head in his hands.

“Scorpius...” her voice drifted through the door. “We wouldn’t be here unless we knew, without a doubt that you could endure this.”

“You’re can’t be me...”

“Harry Potter said the same thing,” she said simply. “Even after all the pain he had endured and all the people he’d lost, even knowing what his fate would be, he still went through with it because he knew what it would mean for the rest of the world.”

“I’m not Harry Potter!” he yelled back.

“No. You’re the messiah. Your struggle will be different and so will your fate but you are more important to this world than anything that has come before,” she continued. “These predictions, this prophecy, it predates magic. It predates the existence of humans. This was set in motion over three hundred thousand years ago.”

“Three hundred thousand years?” Scorpius whispered back in shock.

“It was when your species first started to develop on earth. It was also the moment that God saw what you would become and decided that you would be the subjects of his affection. He loved you, all of you so much and he asked us to love you the same way...but Lucifer couldn’t. He wouldn’t. He saw you as a chaotic, flawed, savage species that would eventually destroy themselves and he hated you because he thought you stole our father’s love away from us.”

“Sounds about right to me...” Scorpius said. Even though they were taking through a wooden door, he could practical see her face. She was frowning.

“He’s wrong. My father is wiser and more powerful than your mind is capable of understanding. He wouldn’t have chosen your species without a good reason. I have faith in him...and I have faith in you. You can stop Lucifer and you will.”

“This...this is too big...I can’t...” Scorpius shuddered with tears falling from his eyes.

“Then we should just give up? Step back and allow Lucifer to destroy this world? It’s not in you Scorpius, you’re a fighter.”

“I can’t...”

“Do you know how many angels volunteered for this assignment? Thousands, tens of thousands. And not just because it is our duty to your species but just for the simple chance of meeting you. I’m still not sure why I was chosen to be your protector but even now, seeing you like this, I still have no doubt. You are worth every bit of our praise,” she said through the door.

Suddenly something shot through Scorpius’s mind and it somehow managed to fill him with just the tiniest bit of hope. He stood up, unlocked the cubicle and stepped out.

Cassandra was there, looking straight at him with that same oddly emotionless face.

“Lucifer hasn’t busted out yet, right?”

“Yes, correct.”

“Then, there’s a chance that we could stop him from ever getting here,” he believed.

“No...Lucifer’s rise is long prophesied.”

“But, I know now! Knowing the future means you can change it! I can stop him before he ever gets here! No one has to die!”

“It can’t be done. Destiny cannot be changed,” she stated.

Scorpius took a long look into her eyes and saw what he already knew. She may have been able to put on the robotic look without a flinch but she wasn’t very good at lying.

“Then, why are you here?” he asked.

He almost wanted to smile when she broke her gaze and looked away.

“If destiny can’t be changed, then it wouldn’t matter that demons have come back in time to try and kill me because I would just go through the steps one by one as they were written. But here you are. Protecting me and making sure I can go through with what the future holds. You’re lying! Destiny can be changed!”

Cassandra actually sighed and then looked back at him.

“It’s very dangerous. Destiny is an extremely powerful entity. Changing it could have repercussions way beyond your imagining.”

“And how many people die during Lucifer’s little pissing contest?!”

She paused before answering.

“Close to three billion,” she said causing a shudder to go through Scorpius’s body.

“Well, then I say it is well worth the damn risk! You’re right, I will stop Lucifer but not the way you think. I’m gonna stop him from ever getting here! The Devil doesn’t get to step one foot on my yard because I’m about to trim the lawn!”

“I don’t understand that metaphor,” Cassandra admitted.

“I’m saying that your bother isn’t gonna get one piece of this sweet ass, because I’m gonna make sure his stays firmly locked up in the eternal penitentiary he was sentenced to! He’s never gettin’ out, and I’m gonna make sure of it!”

“This is something that can’t be changed,” she stated. “You can’t stop it.”

“Watch me!” Scorpius grilled back.

He sure as hell meant it.

Scorpius was about to power out of the bathroom with his chin held high except that Dominique walked through the door before he could. Even with that incredibly pissed off look on her face, she still looked amazing.

“Malfoy?!” she screeched. “What the hell are you doing in the girls toilets?!”

“Girls?” he gulped and looked around and then realized that there were no urinals in this room. He’d been so messed up in the head that he’d walked into the wrong toilet.

“He was...’storming off’,” Cassandra said using finger quotes and not pulling off the line very well.

“Holy shhhh,” Dominique managed to stop herself from swearing as she saw Cassandra’s wings. “What are you?!”

“I’m a servant of God,” she stated.

“What?!” Dom blurted.

“She’s an angel,” Scorpius said.

“Yes, I can see that genius!” Dom snapped. Her independent, solid attitude seemed to override everything, including her shock. “What is she doing here?!”

“I’m here to protect the savour of mankind,” she said as if she were taking a lie detector test.

“That’s me by the way,” Scoprius smiled.

She just stared at them both for a second looking completely bemused.

“Seriously?!Him?! What the hell is...him?! Really?!” Dom gulped, breathing heavily.

“Oh, sorry,” Scorpius said shifting into his sarcastic mode. “This is Dominique, she’s an Aquarius, she’s head girl of Hogwarts, enjoys intimidation, blowing men off, has my taste in classic rock and metal and yet she just will not go on a date with me. Dom, this is Cassandra, she’s a three-hundred thousand year old archangel, has wings, a mission and enjoys serving God. I’m sure you two will get on famously,” he sounded like he was trying to hook them up.

“Hello,” Cassandra nodded, completely oblivious to Scorpius’s previous comment.

“Hi,” Dom said automatically. She still seemed to think that she was imagining all this but at the same time she still decided to be polite.

“I’m glad to meet you, Dominique. You and your cousin are thought very highly of in Heaven,” Cassandra said, sort of smiling.

“Her cousin? Which one, she’s got about two-hundred?!” Scorpius grilled.

“Hugo Weasley is very important. Not as important as you but very important nonetheless,” she said simply.

“Hugo?! The little geeky kid that James Potter glued to the ceiling of the girls toilets last year?”

“I made sure he got detention for that,” Dominique decided to mention.

“You weren’t a head back then and you stick up for him, why don’t ever stick up for me?!” Scorpius yelled.

“Because you’re an arrogant prick!”

“But, I’m a very pretty arrogant prick. Why won’t you go out with me?” he asked.

Cassandra just looked between the two as if it were a highlight of Wimbledon or something.

“You really wanna talk about this now? In front of the angel?!”

“Archangel,” she corrected again.

“Stay out of this!” she hissed. About a heartbeat later she realized that she was talking to an angel and took a step back.” I mean...I’m sorry...I just...I...wait-Hugo?!”

“Hugo Weasley, yes,” she said.

“No, he’s harmless. He can’t be a...a...whatever!” Dom groaned.

“He is Scorpius’ most loyal friend and supporter. A general in the rebellion against the Devil. He is an instrumental of the future.”

“Hugo?!” Dom just couldn’t quite get there. Talking to an angel was one thing but her nerdy little cousin being a major player in destinies’ plan, that was a bit much. “He was afraid of the Tooth Fairy because Fred told him that he pries your teeth out with a pair of pliers! He cries during the Lion King! He keeps a ruler next to his bed and every morning when he wakes up he measures his –“

“OKAY! Too much information!” Scorpius practically screamed.

“Hugo is not going to be a part of...whatever you’re doing!” Dom stated.

“I’m sorry, but this is destiny,” Cassandra said.

“Stop saying that!” Scorpius snapped.

“It can’t be unwritten,” she said in a slightly sympathetic way.

“Destiny suck’s ass!” he growled.

“I’m sorry but Hugo?! My cousin Hugo?!” she just could get there.

“Yes,” Cassandra nodded.

“I don’t believe this...what am I supposed to tell him?”

“Don’t tell him to be a messiah because it ain’t fun!” Scorpius huffed.

“We should find him quickly. Do you know where he is?” Cassandra asked.

“I don’t know...maybe Gryffindor tower,” she shrugged.

“He should stay with us so that I can protect him too,” Cassandra recommended to Scorpius.

“And why do you need to protect him?” Dom asked already dreading the answer.

“If the demons can’t get to Scorpius, they’ll most likely target Hugo and yourself instead.”


“Yes, several have come back to this time in order to kill the saviour before he can fulfil his destiny,” she explained, sounding like she was discussing the financial news.

“So, I’m gonna defeat the Devil with a man-hating part Veela and a ginger nerd? That awesome,” Scorpius grumbled causing Dominique to scold.

“I’ll take us there,” Cassandra said.

“Whoa! Hold on a sec!” Scorpius said frantically. “Is there any way for you to hide your wings?”

“Why?” Cassandra asked.

“Well, because this school is full of very young pagans and seeing a mythological entity from Christian religion might freak them out a bit,” he said quickly.

“We pre-date all religions,” Cassandra said simply.

“Okay, but still, maybe it would make things a little easier if covered them up...for now.”

“Very well,” she said and a strange light started to glow from beneath her feathers. It flowed all over her wings and gradually they started to fade and become transparent. After a few seconds, they had vanished completely.

They both looked at her in amazement.


“Great,” Scorpius nodded.

Dominique blinked and suddenly all three of them were standing in the middle of the Gryffindor common room.

“What just happened?!” she shrieked.

“Angel apparation,” Scorpius shrugged.


That voice caused Scorpius to sigh and turn around. Standing behind him was James Potter and his younger brother Albus. On the other side of the room were Rose Weasley and a group of her friends. Albus looked so much like his father that it was like seeing an old picture of Harry during the war while Rose seemed to have reached a point where it was like someone had squashed Hermione and Ron together into a single person.

“What the hell are you doing in the Gryffindor common room?!” James grilled and already began reaching for his wand.

Deep down he was praying that James make a move so he could watch Cassandra smite the crap out of him but that would probably cause problems.

“And who is she?” he asked smiling at Cassandra.

“She is way out of your league so forget it,” Scorpius hissed. Potter’s habit for trying to hit on every single beautiful woman in the entire school was well documented. “Where’s your cousin, Hugo?”

“Why should I tell you?”

“He’s up in the dorm,” Albus said sighing at his brother’s behaviour. “Err...are you a student? I don’t think I’ve seen you here before?” he asked looking Cassandra up and down.

“No. I am a servant of -”

“The ministry!” Scorpius squeaked in before she could say the ‘G’ word. “She works for the ministry.”

“Is Hugo in some sort of trouble?” Rose asked worryingly.

“You have no idea,” Scorpius mumbled under his breath.

“He’s important to the future,” Cassandra said causing all the Potters and Weasley’s to look very confused.

“Hugo’s future...with the ministry,” Scorpius said trying to make it sound plausible. Cassandra looked at him oddly. She couldn’t seem to understand why he was twisting her words.

“What? You mean like some kind of work placement over the summer?” Rose asked.

“Yeah, sort of,” he nodded.

“Okay, well, yeah, he’s upstairs,” she shrugged.

“Great. We’ll just walk up there then. We’ll walk,” Scorpius said looking at Cassandra and making sure the word ‘walk’ stood out as much as possible. It probably wasn’t a good idea for them to go disappearing into thin air right in front of them since people weren’t supposed to be able to apparate inside Hogwarts.

Scorpius sighed in relief as they started heading for the stairs. This angel was going to take a lot of looking after.

“Listen, Cassandra, when we get up here let me do the talking. And don’t correct me if I smudge a few facts.”

“You’re going to lie?”



“Because, he’s just a kid and I don’t think it’ll be healthy for him to know all the extremely terrifying things you’ve been telling me since you arrived,” he said. “At least not yet.”

They reached the door to Hugo’s dorm and pushed it open. Before they could even take one step inside they froze with utter bewilderment.

Hugo, the skinny little freckled red head was standing next to his bed waving his wand around and making stupid noises that mimicked the sound of a lightsaber. He continued to have an imaginary jedi battle for a few seconds before he spotted the three of them standing in the doorway at which point he froze and started to turn bright red.

“The force is strong in this one...” Scorpius finally muttered after a moment.

“Ahh, this world is so screwed...” Dominique blurted still looking at her younger cousin in shock.

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