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The Trials of being James Potter's Girlfriend by silverstarletworld89
Chapter 1 : Jealous? ......Thought so
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One by one heads turn as I make my way down to lunch. The usual chatter gone, being replaced by soft whispers. My heels hitting the concrete are the only dominant sound that can be heard as I make my way down to the Great Hall.

Groups of students try to peer over each other to get a good look at the movement within the hallway. Everyone wants to pay full attention to the next few seconds; nobody wants to miss the ‘perfection’. Taking a quick glance to the side I notice a boy’s mouth drop open as I pass. Wow, that will never get old.

I squeeze my right hand tight to make sure that it isn’t a dream and the hand within mine squeezes back. Along with everyone else I turn my head to the figure that everyone has stopped to see. James Sirius Potter, my boyfriend of 7 months and utter perfection.

Smiling inwardly to myself, I gain more confidence and change my walk to a strut.

Left, right, left, that’s it. The corridor is my catwalk.


I guess I spoke to soon.

“I honestly don’t know what he sees in her.” The moment over, the usual chatter begins to rise once again. “He can do so much better” I hear as I begin my normal routine of getting myself back onto my feet after I have face planted the floor.

A hand appears in front of me to help me get back onto my feet and a low chuckle fills my ear, as I am pulled into strong arms.

“You know I don’t think we have done this walk once without you falling over,” said James softly kissing my forehead.

Sighing contently, I don’t care that once again I have embarrassed myself in front of numerous people. I wrap my arms around James’ waist and place my head on his shoulder as he guides me to the Great Hall. I could stay like this forever.

Fuck! Sorry I have been so lost in my boyfriend that I haven’t even introduced myself.

Hey! If you had a boyfriend like mine I’m sure you would forget too.

My name is Drew Johnson, but here at Hogwarts I am mostly known as James Potter’s girlfriend. Yeah, great name I know. But don’t worry, you will catch on soon enough and you will probably forget what my actual name was.

It was Drew remember? Ok just checking.

Now it is pretty much an unspoken rule with the girls at Hogwarts, that you don’t like James Potter’s girlfriend. You hear he has a new girlfriend, you don’t like her even before you know who she is or what she looks like. No girl ever seems to be good enough or meet his is standard. And let me tell you something, if James starts to look for a girlfriend that the girls here think he should have, he is most definitely going to end up alone. With pretty much average looks; average long brown hair, big blue eyes, rose coloured cheeks and a height of 5ft 5. The students here just don’t understand how I managed to bag the sexiest boy in the whole school.

They become even more bewildered when they know what house I am in.

You ready for it?

It’s Hufflepuff.

Yes, you heard correctly, Huffepuff. I will give you a minute for that to sink in.

Sunk in yet? Good.

Now with my mum being in Gryffindor and my dad Ravenclaw, I thought it was evidential that I would be placed in either one of those houses, so when I was actually placed in Hufflepuff it came as quite a shock to me. And in all honesty, unless you have been through it nothing quite prepares you for the disappointment you feel when you get sorted into Hufflepuff.

However I hate to say it but that hat sure does know what it is talking about. I love my house and all the qualities that it stands for; it has been a great home to me for the past six years. So if anybody talks shit about it you won’t just have me to deal with, but the rest of the Hufflepuff house too. We are kind of big on loyalty.

James being a Gryffindor and me being a Hufflepuff doesn’t seem to cause a problem for us, but it seems to bug the students of Hogwarts. I guess it’s safe to say they feel that James has got a girlfriend that doesn’t quite to meet his standard. But you know what I say.

They are just jealous! Don’t hate me because you ain’t me bitches!!

Moving along the great hall James leads me over to the Gryffindor table to where his fellow Gryffindors and two best friends are sitting eating lunch. Kieran, a gorgeously tall sandy haired boy, who has the dreamiest brown eyes that you have ever seen in your life. Honestly when Kieran and James walk around the school, I’m sure a pool of drool is left behind them. And Toni a gorgeous blonde with model looks and a killer hourglass figure. She gives off a sex appeal that all girls wished they could have. I’m not jealous at all.

Ok maybe I am, just a little bit.

Settling down on the table I grab myself a plate and start putting on what’s left of the lunch before it disappears. So all the healthy gross food that no-one likes to eat like brussel sprouts, cabbage and this very odd looking fish. At least I think it was fish.

It was not pleasant.

"Ermm, hi James. I noticed that you were running late for lunch today so I saved you some food if you wanted it?” said this small black haired girl, who I would have said was very sweet until she threw me a glare that made her look like a gargoyle.

“Thanks Leanne.”


"Yeah sorry Joanne,” said James taking the plate off the small girl. “Cottage pie my favourite.”

James put his plate down and fumbled around to look for something. He then took a quill from his pocket and handed it to the girl. “Here, for your trouble.”

Joanne looked as if her Christmases had all come a once. “Thank you so much!”

I rolled my eyes, for goodness sake. How can this girl get excited about a quill?

“No problem,” said James throwing her a wink and then tucking into his cottage pie.

Staring at my plate of mushy peas and cold carrots I look longingly at my boyfriend’s cottage pie.

"You going to give me some of that?”

“Not a chance, it was your fault that we missed lunch.”

“Please?” I asked again putting on my puppy dogs eyes and aiming my fork for James’ plate.

“Come on Drew you should know by now nothing comes between James and his food ,“said Toni who was laughing at her best friend, who had moved a seat over to get away from my fork and now shoved the last of the cottage pie in his mouth.


“Who was she anyway?” I asked still annoyed at my boyfriend

“Who Leanne? She is the president of my fan club, awesome girl,” answered James, who was now reaching for the pumpkin juice to wash down the cottage pie with.

“James you think anyone who brings you food is awesome,” said Rose seating herself down next to us on the table. “Nice fall in the corridor Drew, I must say that that was one of your elegant falls,” she laughed.

“Cheers Rose.”

When James and I started dating, Rose was one of the people who thought that I wouldn’t be good enough to date her cousin. But now after 7 months I have finally managed to convince her that I am a great match for James. It’s a shame I can’t convince the rest of the school.

Settling into a comfortable conversation with Rose, I had begun to enjoy the last few minutes of lunch that I had left. That was until I heard a voice that made me want to chuck up the crappy few bites of lunch that I had eaten.

“Jamie, Kyle asked me to pass this note onto you.”

Mimi Pierce, seventh year Gyrffindor, James’ ex-girlfriend and an all around bitch!

I know I know Hufflepuff’s are supposed to be nice and we are. I would never intentionally say anything bad about Mimi.

Out loud.

However words such as home wrecker and psycho come to mind whenever she is around.

Sitting herself down in the space in between me and James she passes him the note. Flicking her long hair in my face and placing herself so she has removed me completely from James view; she begins to involve James in a conversation that I am blocked from being a part of.

See what I mean. Fucking Bitch!

It was a good thing that Lily came rushing over otherwise I’m sure my hardly touched plate of food would be finding contact with Mimi’s big head.

“James, mum asked me to give this to you,” she said seating herself opposite Rose and myself and handing her brother the parchment. “Hey did you guys see this in the daily prophet?”

“No, what is it?” asked Toni looking over Lily’s shoulder to get a glimpse of the paper

“It says here that to best friends are suing each other for get this 100,000 galleons. Can you believe it? Best friends?”

“What are they suing each other for?” asked Rose trying to read the paper upside down.

“Barbara Higgle 28 and Daphne Arch 29 who have been best friends for 15 years are suing each other for 100,000 galleons,” said Lily reading the article to us. “On a girl’s weekend to Ireland, Higgle came across a small pile of golden stones. Not realising what they were she placed a few into her bag and showed them to Arch. Higgle who knew that her friend enjoyed collected rare stones told her that she can keep a them to add to her collection. What the best friends did not realise, was the fact that Higgle actually came across a rare leprechaun gold, worth around 200,000 galleons. Barbara now realising what she had lost wants the gold back, however Arch is adamant that the gold is now hers. Can you believe it?”

“You know I don’t think people should take what isn’t theirs," said Mimi turning to look at me as she said it. Wow, if looks could kill.

“Well she did not want it, she cannot just take it back now that she knows how much it’s worth,” I said staring straight back at Mimi

“She knew it was special and she wants it back.”

The tension in the atmosphere dramatically changed. We both knew what we were talking about and let me tell you, it wasn’t some leprechaun gold.

"She had it, she lost it, and she needs to get over it because she will not get it back,” I said confidently.

"Well we will see about that won’t we,” said Mimi smirking at me.

“You know Drew is right that Higgle woman is not going to get her gold back so she should just forget it,” said James folding back up the two notes that he had just read.

Trust James not to notice what is going on. However I did a little happy dance in my head and threw a smirk back at Mimi.

Drew 1 – Mimi 0

Flicking her hair back in my face she turned again towards James. “You know James we haven’t hung out in ages; I think we should get together in the Common Room later and catch up.”

Did I mention that this girl was a fucking bitch?

“Some other time, I have got something special planned for tonight.” I did another little happy dance as Mimi mumbled some other time and left the table.

“Guys, quidditch practice is changed tonight, practice is at 5 not 8,” said James speaking to his two best friends.

"Did you want me to tell the rest of the team?” asked Toni

James laughed “No not to worry Fred is coming over he will mention it to them, he is like an owl but without the droppings.”

"Fred quidditch practice has changed, it’s at 5 now,” said James to his cousin and another one of his best friends.

"How come?” asked Fred settling down on the Gryffindor table.

Moving closer to me, James put his arm around my shoulder and gently kissed my neck. I do love it when he does that. “Because at 8 o’ clock tonight I am making my girlfriend a beautiful romantic meal by the lake.”

"I didn’t know that you could cook,” I said to James, who I noticed have a bit of a blush creeping onto his cheeks.

“Ooooo you in the dog house, what did you forget? Birthday? Anniversary? Valentine’s day?” said Kieran laughing.

“Dude it’s October,”” said James rolling his eyes at his best friend “And no I haven’t forgotten anything I just want to do something special for this stunning girl of mine.” This time James turns my face to his and places a gentle kiss on my lips.

7 months and I still get butterflies, my boyfriend is so amazing, I know you’re probably jealous but I don’t care.

Kieran smacked his hand to his forehead. “Mate, are you kidding me?”

“James stop making us look bad, Justine is going to expect the same treatment,” complained Fred who was talking about the latest girl he has been seeing.

“You have been going out with her for a week I doubt she will expect that from you besides, she thinks she's lucky with the fact that you remembered her name,” laughed Toni

“Is that why Mum sent you the recipes?” asked Lily.

"How many times have I told you to stop reading my mail?” said James giving his sister an evil look.

“James, I think that you should make Italian, I love Italian and that dish you made us in the holidays was great,” said Rose looking at her cousin.

“Hey! If I knew he was taking orders I would have placed mine ages ago. I like my food spicy but not too spicy,” said Fred thinking of all the things that he would like to eat.

“You guys are definitely not invited,” said James shaking his head at Fred.

“AL, AL!” shouted Fred towards the table located near the furthest wall, a boy with messy black hair looked up from the table; along with everyone else “THERE IS A FAMILY MEAL AT 8. JAMES IS COOKING A ROMANTIC MEAL FOR US.”

“GREAT, I AM THERE.” Al shouted back. A blonde haired boy who was sitting next Al turned and spoke something to Al. “SCORP IS THERE TOO.”

“James said romantic meal, so just the two of us,” I said. I was excited about spending alone time with James but not if that included his whole family as well.

“Don’t worry we will leave before the hanky panky starts,” chuckled Fred.

“Errrrrm I guess I should say thanks?” I said.

“You’re welcome,” said Fred. “You know I think that you should wear that black sexy underwear of yours.”

I unfortunately took that moment to take a drink. Choking on juice I looked horror-struck at Fred.

“How do you know what underwear I have got?”

“When you came round in the summer James wanted to know what birthday present you got him, we knew you hid it in your trunk so we had a look inside. It’s nothing be too embarrassed about I’m sure there could have been worse things we could have found,” said Fred winking at me not bothered at all.

I however was completely horrified and was currently very angry at my boyfriend. I guess James could sense this as he moved away from me and looked down at his empty plate which he now found very interesting.

“Nah, I think that she should wear the green one," said Kieran. If I was horrified before, I was absolutely mortified now.

“Hold on we will just ask Al. AL!” Fred shouted again.

"How does Al know?” I complained.

“Because he was there,” said Fred matter of factly rolling his eyes as if it was a stupid question. “AL!”

“For fuck’s sake Fred just go over,” said Rose understanding how embarrassed I was becoming.

"I can’t that will take too long. AL!”

Rose shrugged at me in a ‘I tried’ kind of way.

"WHAT?” shouted the messy haired boy.


At that moment all eyes were on me as the students in the hall seemed to have found where I was seated. I definitely wanted to crawl into a hole right now.


Just at that moment the bell rang for the end of lunch and classes to start again. Fucking hell, the bell couldn’t have gone off about 10 minutes before. Just my luck.

“CHEERS!” Fred replied back over the din that was now forming around the hall. He then turned to James who was now laughing. “See mate we did you a favour. Remember I like my meat well done,” said Fred who had now gathered his things and was making his way out of the great hall.

"It is just me and James!” I shouted at the back of his head

“Drew, Drew, Drew. I thought you realised by now that when you date one of us you date all of us,” said Lily moving to now followed Fred out of the hall

After various ‘see you laters’ and I can’t wait for the meal’ I looked at my boyfriend. He just shrugged, gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and ran to follow his friends. People moving around me I just couldn’t believe what had just happened. Going to my various afternoon classes, I began to think of the meal that James was going to prepare for me and how he was going to make it up to me.

The evening came far too quickly, so I got dressed and ready and made my way down to the lake to have a nice meal with my boyfriend.

And when I say boyfriend, I mean his cousin's, his cousin's friends and a surprising amount of girls who just happened to be wearing red.

Wow, it can’t get more romantic then this.

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