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Double Trouble by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 20 : Chapter Twenty: Saying Goodbye
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Chapter Twenty: Saying Goodbye
By Chaos


When Sirius and Isis joined their friends in the Great Hall for dinner Lily, Alice, and Sekhmet noticed the smile on Isis’s face the moment she walked into the Hall. Sekhmet was the first to see the ring on her sister’s figure. Isis gave a quick shack of her head to signal to her sister that it was not an engagement ring, but her smile said that it was important. The girls managed to hold off bombarding Isis with questions, but the minute the dorm room door closed the interrogation began.

"So when do you guys think you might get engaged?" Lily asked after Isis told them how Sirius gave her

"Probably after school once we get our lives somewhat in order. Hopefully will get married not to long after.”

"Now Sekhmet just needs her ring." Lily smiled.

"Yeah right, I’ll probably never end up married. I’m too much of a player and besides I would make an amazing cougar when I’m thirty.” Sekhmet laughed.

"Oh cut the bull we all know you want to marry Remus.” Isis commented.

"I’m not sure he wants to marry me.”

"Oh please it’s obvious he loves you.” Alice said rolling her eyes.

"I hope your right." Sekhmet sighed.

June seemed to arrive out of nowhere. In between studying for N.E.W.Ts, patrols, and Qudditch practice all the seventh years applied for the jobs they wanted in the Ministry or otherwise. The notices as to whether or not they got the jobs would not arrive till after their N.E.W.Ts had been graded and evaluated.

"I really hope it doesn’t take too long to hear back." Lily commented after they had turned in their applications.

"I don’t know why your fretting Lily. You’re the best student in our year. Of course you’ll get in." Sekhmet said.

"Thanks Sek. Hey you never told us where you applied. Did you apply to be an Auror like your sister?" Lily asked.

"I applied to an art school. Remember that was why I made the movie with Isis and Sirius, or at least one of the reasons.”

"We thought you made that up. So no magic then?” asked Sirius.

"How can you not have a job that involves magic!?! Don’t you want to learn more advanced ways to fight against Voldermort and those damn Death Eaters?” James asked shocked.

"No I hate all this fighting. Despite what people might think about me I dislike violence. I want to do something creative.” Sirius and James both opened the mouths to attempt to talk Sekhmet out of her decision, but Lily cut them off.

"I think it’s a great idea Sek.”

"Yeah go be the creative messy girl we love you as." Alice added laughing.

“When are you supposed to hear from the art school?” Isis asked her sister.

“I should hear pretty soon. I turned in the application shortly after I finished editing the film.”

As their N.E.W.Ts tests drew closer everyone received notification letters that their applications had been received. The letters told them what grades they had to get on their N.E.W.Ts in order to be accepted into their field of choice for further training. The only person who had not received a letter was Sekhmet.

"It’s weird that your letter hasn’t arrived yet. Where did you apply? Antarctica?” James asked the morning after they had all received their letters.

“I would never apply somewhere that cold and I…” Sekhmet was cut off as an owl landed in front of her carrying a letter. Sekhmet quickly tore open the thick parchment envelope reveling a second envelope.

“California!” Sirius exclaimed reading the back of the envelope, “You’re going to the states? What couldn’t wait to get away from us?" Sirius asked smiling.

"No…” Sekhmet trailed off grabbing her bag walking out of the Great Hall.

Sekhmet was quiet the whole day. She sat in the back of the classrooms on the opposite side of the rooms from her friends. She sprinted out of the classroom the minute classes were over. Lily, Isis, Alice, and Remus all trying to find her during their break time, but she was nowhere to be found. James and Sirius concluded that she had locked herself in the Room of Requirements, but by dinner everyone had become worried.

"So you think your sisters ever gonna show up and tell us what’s going on with her?" James asked Isis during dinner.

"She will tell us when she’s ready. Knowing my sister she’s somewhere sitting staring at the unopened letter." Isis commented.

"I’m just surprised by the location." Remus said quietly, he had been very down since breakfast that morning.

"So am I truth be told. I knew she wanted to go to a Muggle art school but I thought she’d wanna be close to us." Isis did not admit it but everyone knew she did not like the idea of being that far away from her sister.

“I’m going to go find her.” Remus did not wait for a response.

Out on the grounds near the Forbidden Forest Sekhmet sat cross legged on a large rock staring at an unopened letter. Remus stopped shot and just looked at her, in the light of the moon he saw that tears were trickling slowly down his face.

“Why did you run off?” Sekhmet jumped quickly whipping away the tears.

"Oh well I needed to think about the letter.” Remus decided not to comment about it still being unopened.

"So California, huh? What’s that about?" Remus asked.

"I..well I…I have homework to do.” Sekhmet walked off leaving behind a very sad and worried Remus.

Sekhmet did not return to her dorm until well after the other girls had gone to bed and the next morning she did not get out of bed till they had left. When she finally arrived for breakfast everyone had finished eating and were sitting waiting for her.

"So why California?" James asked Sekhmet the second she sat down.

"What’s with all the questions about where I wanna go to school!?!" Sekhmet snapped.

"Woah girly we’re just curious." Sirius said holding his hands up.

"I would think it is obvious!” Sekhmet was furious, “I want to be a famous director and the best way to do that is to go where all the famous people are and that’s Hollywood!”

"There are lots of famous people here in England and many famous past directors like Hitchcock." Lily commented.

"Well I just…" Sekhmet trailed off.

"Sek just tell us what’s wrong." Lily said.

"I want to make amazing movies that touch people’s lives and inspire them and I can’t do that around this damn war that all of you are ready to jump straight into once we graduate! Don’t you get it that people will die and that lives will be ruined!?! I can’t leave you guys to that fate! And what if he wins it wouldn’t matter if I became a good director anyways because anything Muggle would be destroyed! I can’t leave you guys, but I just…” without finishing Sekhmet ran from the Great Hall.

"What was that all about?" James asked

"She’s talking herself into going and out of going all at the same time, but I don’t think the war is the reason.” Isis said looking out the doors of the Great Hall.

"The question now is what to do about it?" Lily looked concerned.

"Nothing. She’ll figure it out in time." Isis said ended the conversation.

That night Remus once again found Sekhmet out on the grounds, this time she was by the lake instead of hidden in the trees. She was staring blankly into the lake clutching the still unopened letter in her hand. Remus sat down silently next to her wrapping one arm around her shoulders. Sekhmet rested her head against his chest. They sat there for awhile in silence.

"I love it here,” Sekhmet said breaking the silence, “and I love all my friends. I don’t wanna leave everyone. I just can’t help it, as much as I wanna go is how much I wanna stay."

"You should go it’s your dream. Look at what your movie did, it brought two people together just needed a little nudge in the right direction.” Remus said with a smile.

"Yeah, but you and I just finally got together too. If I’ve been accepted we’ll be so far apart.”

“It’s called Apparation Sek, the quickest form of transportation.”

“Very true.”

"You should open your letter. If you get accepted go and we can figure something out. If you don’t get in there are plenty of art schools nearby.”

"Alright.” Sekhmet took a deep breath and opened the letter. “I didn’t get in.” Sekhmet said after a few minutes shoving the letter into her pocket.

“I’m sorry. I know how bad you wanted this.” Remus kissed Sekhmet’s head.

“I’ll be ok.” Sekhmet tried to smile, “If you don’t mind I think I’ll walk back alone.”

“I understand. I’ll see you in the morning.” Remus gave Sekhmet a quick kiss before watching her walk back to the castle. After a few moments Remus stood as he walked around the lake to the Castle he notice some paper crumpled on the ground. He picked it up of the ground smoothing it out, it was Sekhmet’s letter from the art school, he opened the letter and read it:

Dear Miss Croft,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Los Angles School of Film. We were very impressed by your application video and we hope that you can join us in the fall. Please respond back by no later than July 1st to guarantee you spot.

“She got in.” Remus whispered putting the letter in his pocket.

Sekhmet barely paid attention to where she was going she just let her feet take the familiar path to the Gryffindor common room. As she climbed through the portrait hole she bumped into someone trying to go the other way.


“Where’ve you been Sek?” Sekhmet looked up to see James and Sirius, well Sirius was on the floor since she had knocked him over.

"Out by the lake with Remus, I uh opened my letter.” Sekhmet looked past the boys to see her sister Lily and Alice sitting by the fire looking at her intently.

“What did it say?” Isis asked getting up, by the look on her sister’s face Isis knew something was not right.

“I didn’t get in. The letter said,” Sekhmet reached into her coat pocket, "Oh no! I lost my letter!"Sekhmet exclaimed.

"Retrace your steps.” Lily suggested.

"Yeah I’ll do that.” Sekhmet turned and left the common room. A few minutes later Remus arrived in the common room.

“Where was Sekhmet going so fast?” Remus asked joining the girls on the couch.

“She dropped her letter.” Isis replied.

“I found it down by the lake and picked it up.” Remus pulled the letter out of his pocket.

“Don’t know why she wants to keep it though considering she didn’t get in.” Lily added.

“She got in.” Remus said handing Isis the letter.

“What!?!” Isis took the letter.

"I don’t understand why she lied,” Remus said, “We agreed that if she got in we would make it work. I mean Apparation makes that really easy and I told her that.”

"Are you really that blind Remus?” Isis asked exasperated.

“What are you talking about?” Remus asked slightly annoyed.

“Do I really have to spell it out? My sister loves you! She doesn’t want to leave you. She’s liked you for so long and now that you two are finally together staying with you is more important.”

“She should go. I’m not worth giving up a dream for.” Remus got up heading for his dorm.

“Remus! Remus don’t do something stupid!” Remus did not respond “I don’t like this.” Isis said turning back to Lily and Alice.

Isis never got a chance to speak to either Sekhmet or Remus about what happened that night since exams started the next day. After that no one talked about anything but the tests they had just taken or the one that would take place the next day. Even Sekhmet, who was never one for craming sessions, was doing nothing but studying.

“We’re done!” Sekhmet shouted as they walked out onto the lawn after their last N.E.W.Ts test was finished.

"Can you believe we are graduating tomorrow?” Lily smiled.

“Not really. Just think though no more detentions.” Sirius commented causing everyone to laugh.

They spent the whole afternoon down at the lake until it was time for dinner. No one said a word about Sekhmet’s letter and Remus was acting as if nothing had happened. Isis tried to convince herself that everything was fine, but she kept feeling like something bad was going to happen, but she kept her thoughts to herself.

"It’s weird to think this will be the last time we all sit around this common room laughing staring at the fire. The last time we maybe all together for something as crazy as our school graduation." Sekhmet said leaning against Remus’s shoulder.

"It is really weird, but kind of nice. A new chapter of all our lives is starting; we’re finally grownups, though that is a scary thought. Think you can handle it Sek?” Isis laughed at her sister.

"I’m sure Remus can help ease her into it.” Sirius laughed.

"Hey I’m not that bad.” Sekhmet stuck her tongue out and everyone laughed.

Not wanting to waste there last care free hours together they stayed up till the tower clock struck five in the morning. They felt their heads had barely touched the pillows before their alarms sounded. Breakfast was full of excitement for the seventh years; they would be graduating that afternoon. Once breakfast was over all the seventh years returned to their dorms to pack their trunks, the girls cleaned and packed in silence.

“I can’t believe we won’t be coming back here next year.” Isis said sitting down on her neatly made bed. She looked around their normally cluttered room was spotless.

“I know this has been home for so long.” Sekhmet sat next to her sister.

“Hey promise me something.” Lily said as her and Alice joined the Twins on Isis’s bed, “Promise me that no matter what happens we’ll always be friends.”

“Do you really think after seven years you could get rid of us that easily?” Alice smiled.

“I know but you and I are getting married soon, Isis won’t be far behind, and Sek’s going to find an amazing art school here in England become a famous director and never have time for us.”

“You wish someone has to be around to make sure your kids learn the right stuff.” Sekhmet said with a smirk.

“Don’t worry so much Lily we’ll always be friends.” Alice assured and Isis and Sekhmet nodded in agreement.

“Now come on ladies let’s get dressed, time to make ourselves look amazing.”

An hour later the girls joined the boys in the common room. They all stood silently just looking. Smiles spread across all their faces as they each remembered all the fun times spent in the common room. After a few silent moments they exited the common room and made their way to the front lawn.

Their graduation officially announced the seventh years as fully fledged whether they had passed their N.E.W.Ts or not. James and Lily both gave speeches as the Head Boy and Girl; James talked about their journey while Lily spoke of the future. Dumbledore also gave a small speech before announce that they were now fully fledged wizards and witches.

There was much celebrating amongst the newly graduated seventh years and their families. Lily took her parents, who had never seen Hogwarts before, on a tour of the castle. Sirius introduced Isis to Mr. and Mrs. Potter who were overly thrilled to see that their second son had found such a lovely girl. Sekhmet briefly introduced herself to the Potters, but quickly took off with Remus leaving her sister to deal with her future in-laws, as Sekhmet whispered before running off.

"You know I’m happy I didn’t get accepted to that school, I would have missed everyone too much. Now I just have to figure out what to do next.” Sekhmet smiled up at Remus.

"You’ll find something.”

"So you happy to be done?"

"Yes and no. I’ll miss it here but it’ll be nice to move on." Remus shrugged looking straight forward.

"Remus what’s wrong you’ve seemed out of it all day.”

"Sek I…well I don’t …I don’t know how to say this, I…” Remus trailed off.

"I love you.” Sekhmet said quickly, “I love you and I” Remus shook his head stopping her.

"Sek I’m sorry we can’t do this anymore. We can’t be together. I’m sorry I don’t love you.” Without a word Sekhmet took off across the lawn. She never looked back; never saw the heartbreak on Remus’s face.

Sirius and Isis had finally managed to escape James’s parents when Lily and her parents had returned. Isis liked Mr. and Mrs. Potter very much, but had felt very uncomfortable when they asked Sirius how soon they should expect to be attending another wedding.

"I can see why you like James’s parents so much.” Isis commented as her and Sirius walked along the lake.

"Yeah they have been really good to me. I don’t know what I would have done without them. When I showed up at the Potter’s the night I ran away from home Mrs. Potter said about time.” Sirius laughed before coming to a stop. Turning Sirius looked back at the castle, “I am going to miss this place.”

"Me too. You know it is weird and amazing to think how much everything has changed in the last 7 years. Lily and James fighting all the time then dating and now getting married, Sekhmet and Remus finally dating, and then there’s us,”

"Us getting married" Sirius finished her sentence.

"Wait what?" Isis asked

"I know we said we would wait till things settle down, but let’s be honest things are not going to settle down. They are just going to get more insane and more dangerous and I don’t want to lose time. I understand why Lily and James want to get married right away because you wait till tomorrow there may not be one. So I guess what I am saying is Isis Croft will you marry me?” Sirius got down on one knee and pulled out a small box that held a beautiful goblin made ring with a single diamond.

"Yes.” Isis nodded as Sirius took her hand slipping the ring on her finger. Sirius kissed Isis’s hand before standing and taking his fiancée into his arms. “I should go find my sister.” Isis whispered, “I want her to be the first to know.” Sirius nodded kissing her once more.
Isis found her sister sitting just inside the castle on the stairs. She was staring into nothing; Isis could tell she had been crying.

“What’s wrong Sis?” Isis asked sitting down.

“I’m going to miss this place.” Sekhmet said smiling at her sister, “We had so much fun.”

“We did.” Isis paused for a moment, “I have something to tell you.” Sekhmet turned to look at her sister, “I’m engaged!” Isis held out her hand so her sister could see her ring.

“Congratulations!” Sekhmet gave her sister a big hug, “I was wondering when he would get the courage to ask you.” Sekhmet laughed wiping away the rest of her tears, “And to think he didn’t even ask for my help.” The twins laughed.

Later that night at the Potter manner Mr. and Mrs. Potter through a large dinner party for everyone. The whole night Isis noticed a weird tension between Sekhmet and Remus. They sat next to each other but they did not talk, hold hands, or even look at one another. Isis did not get a chance to ask her sister what was wrong until they returned to their London flat that night and Isis found her sister packing.

"What’s going on?" Isis asked unsure of what she was seeing.

"I’m packing.”

"I can see that, but why?”

"I lied to you. I lied to everyone.” Sekhmet turned to face her sister; her eyes were red with tears. “I got into the school.”

“I know.” Isis could tell there was more.

"I told Remus I loved him today and you know what he said? He said he didn’t love me!”

"Oh Sek!" Isis pulled her sister into a hug.

"I called the school this afternoon before the party and told them I would be coming. I also bought a plane ticket for first thing tomorrow. I’m sorry I can’t stay.” Sekhmet cried into her sister shoulder.

"I understand. But you have to come back” Sekhmet looked up at her sister, “Who else is going to be my Maid of Honor?”

"Of course I will.”

Well Sekhmet continued packing Isis sent notes to Lily, James, Sirius, Peter, Alice, Frank, and even Remus letting them know that Sekhmet would be leaving tomorrow from London’s Heathrow airport. Isis spent the rest of the night helping her sister pack.

Early the next morning everyone arrived at Heathrow airport to say goodbye to Sekhmet. In between the hugs, the tears, and the promises to write, Sekhmet kept looking around the terminal. Isis knew she was looking for Remus hoping he would show tell her he had been an idiot and beg her not to go, but that never happened. As the gate attended made the final boarding call everyone stepped back to give the sister some space.

“I’ll write you every week I promise. Hell it will probably be once a day.” Sekhmet laughed through her tears.

“I’m gonna miss you so much. Have fun and make amazing movies.”

The sisters shared one more hug before Sekhmet headed for the plane. Isis watch Sekhmet hand the attended her ticket doing her best to hold herself together. Sirius, seeing Isis shaking, walked over and put his arm around her drawing her close. They stood at the window watching Sekhmet’s plane take off. Isis watched till she could no longer see the plane and her tears blurred her vision. As they turned to go Isis saw Remus standing behind them, he had been hiding under James’s invisibility cloak, there were tears in his eyes.

“Don’t talk to me.” Isis glared at Remus as she walked away.

A/N: One more chapter to go and the first half of the Twins's story will be complete. We hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please remember to leave a review. We really do love hearing from you.

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