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A Light In The Dark by _Keeper_
Chapter 15 : Back To Hogwarts
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That date was May 2, 1998. Draco and I got married three years alter in a very small service at a church in Birmingham. His mother was there as was my father, Harry was there, as well as the Weasley clan, all except for one, and that was it.


Most people who knew I was marring a Malfoy didn’t want to come, those who didn’t care except for my happiness didn’t want to upset those who weren’t coming so they stayed away as well (Hermione was one of those surprisingly; Ron disapproved of the match and always would). Draco’s father was serving a life sentence in Azkaban – neither of us wanted him there although to begin with – and the rest of his family either was serving as well or just didn’t want to accept it either.


But I didn’t care – all that mattered was the person I was walking down the isle to meet, the person I’d spend forever with.


That was sixteen years ago.


We only had one we were sending off to Hogwarts. Our one and only.


Daddy’s little princess, a nickname Harry himself had come up with.


‘Anemone, don’t fuss with it!’ I said, straightening the bright green and silver bow tied around her head, keeping her curly white-blonde hair out of her beautiful face, it cascaded almost all the way down her back – just like mine had my first year.


‘Mum, I don’t want to be late!’ I smiled as the girl started to fidget. It was amazing how much she looked like both Draco and I. Her sharp features and shocking grey eyes were most definitely Draco’s; she also seemed to be developing Draco’s sarcasm as the years went by. Her hair was mine as was her painful honest replies; she also had a few...other characteristics of mine.


I stood up straight and looked at her, it was her first year but she had been determined to wear the Slytherin and Ravenclaw colors, not wanting to disappoint either parent – no matter how many times we told her it didn’t matter.


A blue and bronze ribbon chocker was tied loosely on around her neck; it seemed out of place with the silver and green bow in her hair.


Although considering she was already in her uniform with bright neon blue and green striped tights on, my butterbeer cap necklace from my time at Hogwarts – which she had begged me to give her, which I did for her last birthday – and with her wand holding her hair up I doubted anyone would notice the contrasting house colors.


I smiled to myself; you could definitely tell she was my daughter.


‘Now, Rose, listen carefully. I want you to make sure to beat that girl on every test. No Malfoy will out smart my brilliant girl.’ Ron Weasley said to the girl in front of him. She looked just like Hermione at that age except for the bright ginger hair and the sprinkle of freckles across her nose.


The group laughed, considering it a joke, but Anemone, being as curious and as smart as she was, turned to me and Draco with a look of understanding.


‘Why doesn’t he like me?’ She asked her eyes bright and curious. No pain, just curiosity filled those beautiful dreaming grays.


I sighed and gently touched my hand to hear head, ‘He’s never been able to except you’re father, and because we live so far away and all of us are so busy with our lives where we are at Mr. Weasley has never got a chance to change his feelings. Can you understand that?’


It felt weird calling Ron a mister but I wanted Anemone to learn good manners, calling adults by their first names wasn’t a way to be respectful.


Anemone nodded, but looked over to the group solemnly, ‘Maybe I’ll get a chance too change that while I’m at school. I know Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny’s kids a bit, that might help.’


I saw her look over to the group longingly, another thing I caught was that Albus Potter was looking right at her with his shy emerald green eyes – Anemone was so engrossed in the whole scene that I doubt she noticed.


I smiled and kneeled down so I was more at her height, ‘I’m sorry I haven’t had you around the Potter boys for such a long time, life gets in the way of friends sometimes but that’s no excuse. Promise me one thing Anemone Nyx Malfoy.’


‘Anything Mum, anything at all.’ She said, looking straight into my eyes.


I smiled, taking her hands into mine, ‘Never let prejudice dictate any of your decisions, especially who your friends are, blood means nothing, never let it dictate what you feel right here—in your heart. Never let prejudices dictate what it tells you right in here.’ I reached over and pointed right at her heart.


Anemone’s smile grew, I smiled back – the girl was bright and I hoped she understood, I had been saying the same thing since she was old enough to listen to me, if she didn’t quite understand now then it was something that I wished she wouldn’t ever forget it and that she would, hopefully, grow to understand.


The whistle blew and Anemone’s eyes grew panicked, ‘It’s leaving!’


‘Not without my girl it isn’t.’ Anemone instantly relaxed at the sound of her Da’s voice. Draco smiled and opened his arms which his small daughter just flew into.


‘I’m going to miss you so much Da!’ She said, hugging tightly to him.


Draco smiled, and looked at me before replying, ‘Not as much as your Mum and I will miss you.’


Anemone pulled back and wiped at a few tears before running up and hugging me, ‘By Mum.’


‘Bye Anemone, we’ll see you at Christmas. I’m counting the days.’ I kissed her quickly on the top of the head before watching her take off towards the train. She stopped and waved before she boarded but soon she was gone from our sight.


I sighed, trying not to let my emotions pour out but failing miserably.


Draco smiled and walked up behind me to wrap his arms around my shoulders, ‘She’ll be perfectly fine, just wait and see. She’ll make friends in no time and ace all of her classes – do better then any of the gingers.’


Draco’s sarcasm got me to smile and I leaned back into his embrace and brought my hands up to rest on his arms, ‘I hope so, and Draco?’


‘Hum?’ He said, resting his head next to mine.


I smiled, ‘You’ve been telling her to go for Slytherin since she got her letter, haven’t you?’


Draco tensed a bit, I turned so I could see his face – his eyes big and his lips pursed.


‘I-I have no idea what you are talking about.’ He said, his infamous smirk taking its rightful place.


I smiled and nodded, ‘Sure you didn’t.’


The whistle blew and I looked down the long train of windows, hoping to catch one last look at our girl.


I did, and seated right across from her was Albus Potter – waving to Ginny and Harry.


‘Draco?’ I said waving back at her.


‘Yes?’ Draco finished waving and turned back to me.


‘I think you might have to start getting along with Ron.’ I smiled bright as he looked at me confused.




I shhed him with a wave of my hand, ‘Just think about it. You never know what the future might hold.’


Draco smiled and kissed me, 'I love you Luna Malfoy. You will never know how much you truly mean to me, you were my light in the darkess hour of my life.'


I looked up into his eyes and gently caressed his cheek with my hand, he closed his eyes and leaned into my touch, 'I love you too Draco Malfoy, so very much. And now its our beautiful daughters turn to have her own adventure.'

Draco opened his eyes and nodded with a smile, he was having trouble letting go of his little princess too - Anemone was growing up but we would always have her love for us, and we would always have each other to be there in the hardest parts of life.

I turned slightly to watch the train disappeared around the bend and out of my sight. I thought about all the adventures that were to come for our girl, all the growing and learning she'd do over the next seven years.

All the people she'd meet and I smiled to myself, I turned to where Harry and Ginny stood and Harry's eyes reflected mine. He winked at me and then they started to walk towards us.


We were thinking the same thing.


Anemone Nyx Potter did have a nice ring to it.




Anemone didn’t know where to go. She turned this way and that, she knew the Potter boys a little but she didn’t know if she was to sit with them – considering they were with Mr. Weasley’s kids she didn’t think she wanted to sit there.


This compartment was full, that compartment as well. She was now scared and wanting to run off the train into the loving arms of her parents.


‘Anemone? Did I say that right?’ The young Malfoy girl turned to see the owner of the voice.


A boy with tousled coal-black hair and bright emerald eyes played sheepishly with his sleeve as he tried to look at her.


She smiled, maybe he could help her, ‘Yes, and you’re Albus Potter, Uncle Harry’s son.’


The boy nodded but said nothing more.


Anemone fidgeted with her sleeve as well, a habit her Mum had been trying to break her of since she was three. Anemone smiled, she could almost hear her mother’s loving voice chastising her gently for fidgeting.


‘W-w-would y-you like to-to-to sit w-with m-me?’ He stuttered.


Anemone’s face lit up, ‘Yeah!’


The boy smiled again and started towards a compartment.


‘Wait—’ Anemone stopped and the boy turned back to her confused, ‘Are we going to sit with the Weasley kids?’


It wasn’t like Anemone had anything against them, she just didn’t want to deal with the awkwardness of the room – she was already nervous enough for the sorting that would go on later this evening!


Albus smiled, ‘No, it-it’s just u-us. I didn’t really feel like being teased by James for the whole ride and I figured you could use s-someone to sit with.’


Anemone nodded and sighed a bit in relief.


Albus opened the door and the two took seats opposite the other.


‘So did you father tell you to be nice to me?’ Anemone said as she looked out the window, trying to see her parents. She caught sight of them but they were talking so she turned back to Albus.


Albus looked taken aback and then it all just spilled out, ‘He said he really cares about Aunt Luna, and that you were really nice and good and that it was a shame that you and your family couldn’t be over more – he said it that you’d make a good friend because you are the same way Luna was when she was your age. But that was it, he didn’t tell me to do anything. I figured, I just want a good friend and t-that—’


Anemone liked that Albus was relaxing around her, his nerves calming down a bit – because he only tripped over a few were now and then.


Anemone smiled and cut him off a bit, ‘We can be friends. I’d like that very much.’


Albus smiled and sighed as he leaned back, thankful he didn’t have to say anything.


The whistle sounded again and we both looked out the window and started to wave as the train pulled out. She bit my lip, not wanting to cry as we pulled out of the station away from my home and family.


Anemone was excited for this new chapter, but scared at the same time.


‘Are you scared?’ Anemone asked, pulling my eyes away from the window. She always blurted out what she was thinking – good or bad, and her Mum always encouraged her honesty no matter the circumstance.


Anemone was always more then happy to do that for her. It felt good always saying what she knew everyone else was thinking. As long as it wasn’t mean, her mother would remind her gently – but something, her Mum would add, people need to be told stuff that is hard it was just her job to say it in the sweetest way she could.


Albus nodded, ‘Are you?’


Anemone sighed, ‘Terrified. What house do you think you’ll be in?’


Albus shrugged, ‘James says if I’m not in Gryffindor he will never talk to me again, and I sort of like the idea of that.’


Anemone burst out laughing and Albus joined in with her.


‘Never let prejudices dictate what it tells you right in here.’ Anemone leaned over and pointed to his heart, Anemone pulled back – a wine blush starting to creep out onto her cheek, ‘My Mum always says that.’


Albus smiled, his blush matching her own, ‘You’re Mum’s really smart then.’


Anemone smile reached up to her eyes, she was already starting to really like this Potter boy, ‘This is going to be a great year.’


Albus nodded, the feelings mutual, ‘It really will be.’




And this, my dears, is the end! Thank you all who stuck with me, and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it, I do have a story out about Anemone and Albus called Like Romeo and Juliet… and I hope to have another out before the end of the year! I hope I can get to hear all of your feedback from the story


Thanks again!




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