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Almost Perfect by DracoIlyMalfoy
Chapter 2 : Never Thought That We Could Change
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A/N I don't own anything except the plot, the rest is J.K. Rowling's, and the chapter titles from here on in belong to Small Mercies and their song Almost Perfect. Enjoy!






Knock. Knock. Knock Knock. Knock. Knock Knock.

                I must have fallen asleep watching the video because I woke to someone knocking on my front door in a continuous pattern. Harry and the Weasleys didn’t know where I lived, I hadn’t spoken to anyone non-magical since I returned to my home so I was terrified at the thought of who it could be.

                ‘Hermione, get a grip. Voldemort is dead, there are no more Death Eaters, it couldn’t be anyone worth worrying over. If they have a gun or a knife you are a witch you have a wand.’ I said to myself before taking a deep breath and walking over to the door, wand in my right hand and heart beating fast. I opened the door and screamed. A purple spark emitted from my wand, shattering my mother’s favourite glass vase that was sitting on a stand by the door.


                ‘Granger, please, just let me explain.’ He said calmly, just a little too calmly.

                ‘No! GO AWAY!’ I was about to slam the door in his face but one of his pale hands held it firmly open. He muttered ‘reparo’ and the vase jumped back up onto the stand as good as new.  ‘NOW!’ I added forcefully as he stepped closer. ‘I’ll hex you’ I growled at him and he held his hands up as if in surrender.

                ‘I’m unarmed Granger’ He added, his tone seemed bored yet so unlike him. I used this time to shut the door as quickly as I could. I heard him curse from outside quite colourfully and I laughed at the thought of where the aristocratic spoilt git had learnt such foul language. I leant against the door, regaining my composure and tried to pretend that Draco Malfoy was NOT outside the door of my muggle home. I closed my eyes, breathing in and out slowly. I stepped forward, my eyes still closed.

                ‘It’s ok Hermione, he’s not even there anymore he’s gone, he can’t hurt you, you faced Voldemort you are not scared of that blonde ferret cause he can’t hurt you.’

                ‘Isn’t talking to yourself the first sign of insanity?’ An amused male voice drawled. I opened my eyes. That famous Malfoy smirk accompanied the drawl and it was very, very real.

                ‘How did you get in here?’ I exclaimed with my voice no more than a whisper.

                ‘The front window was open’ He replied shrugging.

                ‘Shit’ was the best response I could get before passing out onto the floor.


                When I came round I was lying on the couch in my living room with an ice pack on my forehead. I slowly opened my eyes and strained to sit up. I glanced around the living room and there he was, sitting in my father’s favourite chair, the one no-one and I mean no-one, not even my mother was ever allowed to sit in.

                ‘Out Malfoy’ I spat, my tone deadly.

                ‘Why? What? You passed out on me and I helped you and you’re kicking me out?’

                ‘Just get out of the chair’

                ‘Granger, it’s just a chair’ I raised my wand at him.

                ‘I said out.’

                ‘Ok, ok! I’m getting out.’ He stood up and chucked his wand at me. ‘There and now I’m unarmed too’

                ‘You said earlier you were unarmed’

                ‘Well my wand wasn’t in my hand so I was unarmed and they call you the brightest witch of our age’ He retorted sarcastically. First I got the Malfoy smirk and now I’ve received the Malfoy sneer.

                ‘I just asked you to get out of the chair’

                ‘For the sake of Merlin Granger it’s just a chair!’

                ‘It’s not just any chair Malfoy, it’s my father’s.’

                ‘Your point? Anyway where are your parents?’

                ‘You’re pushing it Malfoy, first you scare the living daylights out of me by rocking up at my front door then you climb in my window and now you are asking me where my parents are? You really are an insufferable git Malfoy.’

                ‘Well I’m sorry Granger’ He really didn’t look it.

                ‘For your information my parents are dead Malfoy.’ He hadn’t been expecting that.

                ‘I... I... I...’ He couldn’t seem to find any smart retorts. Hermione 1, Malfoy 0.

                ‘I don’t want to hear it Malfoy, would you mind leaving? Ginny would be shocked to know that you’ve been in my living room with me conscious for more than five minutes and I haven’t hexed you yet.’

                ‘Why haven’t you hexed me?’

                ‘Because I haven’t, obviously.’

                ‘Yeah but why?’

                ‘Shouldn’t you just be thankful that I haven’t hexed you?’

                ‘Touché Granger’ Hermione 2, Malfoy 0.

                ‘Now, I’m going to give you two no wait, three choices’ I chucked his wand back at him. ‘One, you leave. Two, you tell me what on earth you are doing in my living room. Three, we duel. You understand?’

                ‘Why did you give me back my wand?’

                ‘Did you not hear option number three?’

                ‘So you want me to hex you since you can’t hex me?’ That goddamned smirk again.

                ‘I am more than capable of hexing you Malfoy’

                ‘Then why haven’t you?’

                ‘Stop trying to change the subject, why are you here?’

                ‘You are such a hypocrite Granger.’ He knew he’d pushed it too far when I jumped out of the couch, the ice pack falling to the ground unnoticed.

                ‘Don’t you dare judge me Ferret. You have no idea what I have been through these past few months.’

                ‘Oh and you know what I’ve been through now don’t you Miss Pick-Me-I-Think-I-Know-Everything?’ Sarcasm dripping off every single word.

                ‘If you’ve been so through so much then why are you at my house, my very muggle house, talking to my very mudblood self then?’

                ‘Don’t call yourself that’

                ‘Why? You seemed very keen to remind me of that very fact every time you taunted me in our first six years of school’

                ‘I was an idiot’

                ‘At last, some sense!’ I cried, hitting myself in the forehead and instantly regretting it.

                ‘Here’ He said quietly passing me the previously discarded ice pack. ‘And that’s why I’m here Granger. I wanted to apologise for everything that happened at Hogwarts before the war.’

                ‘So your way of apologising is climbing through my window and scaring me half to death?’ I responded sarcastically

                ‘You weren’t even’ He said indignantly. I glared at him. ‘Oh, you were joking...’ He mumbled and I laughed.

                ‘No freaking duh. You aren’t the only one who knows what sarcasm is Malfoy.’ This conversation, to be honest, was starting to scare me.

                ‘Is something wrong?’

                ‘I think you should leave?’

                ‘I came here to talk to you’

                ‘Isn’t that what we are doing now?’

                ‘For God’s sake Granger! Can’t we put everything behind us, I came here to apologise and it just feels like it isn’t wanted, you won’t even listen to me when I try-

                ‘You’ve tried to apologise?’ I interrupted his big rant, I probably shouldn’t have but it’s bloody Draco Malfoy I’m talking about.

                ‘See what I mean!’ He was getting angry. ‘Forget it, I’d don’t know why I even bothered. I’ll just go back to being the pain in the arse prat I’ve been for the last I’ve forgotten how long because I’ve never been anything else! I’m going against everything I grew up knowing by just being here Granger. Times change, people change but I don’t know why I even tried.’ He spat the last bit at me. There’s a saying in the muggle world, if looks could kill, and well if they could, I’d be dead now, at the hands of Draco Malfoy. With a final sneer he disapparated out of my living room with a loud crack.

                ‘Wow...’ I muttered out loud before collapsing back onto the couch.




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Almost Perfect: Never Thought That We Could Change


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