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Welcome to the Chase by dream_BIG
Chapter 11 : chapter.eleven Hidden.
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mm...i like this blondie much better.











Rose still isn't talking to me.




I tried explaining myself to her for a total of sixteen times, but she kept on getting up and moving away.




Merlin, I bloody did her a favor! Why is she so pissy about it?! Has she not seen Scorpius with his new toy – I mean, whor – I MEAN, GIRLFRIEND?




Of course she hasn’t.




And now she’s mad at me for being an embarrassment to her. And the general human race, now that I think about it.




Wow, I’m seriously pathetic. I must be at the bottom of the human pyramid.




This is so unfair.




I gritted my teeth against the lump in my throat and scrubbed harder at a particularly stubborn glop of pie that simply refused to get off the floor.












My head snapped up, my eyes, sparkling with unshed tears, wide and disbelieving.




“What are you doing here?” I croaked, completely blown away. I mean, dude. I was so surprised that I even forgot to act all in love with the bloke. That’s saying a lot.




“Thought you might be hungry.” Al sat down next to me and passed me a plate of brownies.




My brow furrowed, but I took the plate from him. “Er…thanks?”




He nodded and waved his hand slightly. “So…” He cleared his throat. “I, er, saw what you did for Rose. That was pretty cool of you.”




I shrugged. “She’s my best friend. It’s what anyone would have done.”




I can’t believe that I’m actually talking coherently right now. I should be upset more often – it makes me act like a normal human being.








“I tried talking to her about it,” He said again, after a little silence.




I couldn’t help it; I laughed harshly and started scrubbing at the goddamned piece of pie again. “Yeah? And how’d that go?”




“She told me to get out of her face.”




I snorted. “Of course. She’ll probably never talk to me again.”




“Is your cousin alright?” Al asked, after another awkward silence.




I looked at him. “Nope. He’s not talking to me, either. Apparently, I embarrassed him in front of his friends and he’s no longer going to fraternize with me during school. Which leaves me basically friendless except for Burly and Blondie and Blue, and they’re just a bunch of blokes that the whole school thinks I’m fucking!”








“Not only them – they think I’m some sort of whore that slept with the whole team just to get on it. What the fuck is wrong with this school?!” I threw down the rag and sat back, looking up at the stars on the ceiling to stop myself from bursting out in tears.




“And the sad thing is,” I continued, not even caring that he looked highly uncomfortable because of my rant, “I embarrassed myself more than anyone else, just to fucking help the two prats, and they’re both mad at me.”




“That’s not fair,” Al said quietly.




“No.” I looked at him. “It’s not. But I’m used to it, to be honest.”




There was another bout of silence, and I picked up the rag and got back to work at the piece of pie again. Al was silent, watching me work.




“So…thanks for coming here,” I said awkwardly, trying to break the silence.




“No problem.”




Another silence.




You know, this isn’t how I imagined my first real conversation with Al Potter. In my head, we were both in an extremely romantic situation (not on the floor of a food-strewn Great Hall), and he said something along the lines of ‘I love you/Marry me’ at least twice.




I’m disappointed.




“Why did you come?” I blurted out. The question had been gnawing at me ever since he handed me the plate of brownies.




He shrugged. “I don’t know. I felt like I owed it to you.”








Of course.




“How so?”




“You did a lot for Rose,” He said simply.




My mouth pulled up in a bitter half-smile. “I always do a lot for Rose. I haven’t ever seen you coming up to me those times.”




“Well…there is another motive.” He admitted.




My heart sped up.




Shut up, heart.




“Yeah?” I asked, my voice carefully neutral. Inside, though, my stomach was doing the conga with itself.




“Well…you’re my Seeker.”




The conga abruptly stopped.




“And, well, you already seem pretty close with the rest of the team, so, I figured I should at least try and get to know you a little.” He shrugged again.




I managed a weak smile. “Right. For the team.”




“That’s right.” He said cheerfully. “I was also pretty curious. Scottie reckons you’re one of the coolest girls he’s ever met. I thought I’d see for myself.”




I laughed. “Alright, well, you tell me what you think.”




“I think you’re completely mental.” Al stated.




Once again, not something a girl wants to hear from the love of her life.




I glared at him.




He grinned back. “In a good way.”




I rolled my eyes. “Thanks…I think.”




“It was a compliment…I think.” He flicked his hair out of his eyes and leaned back on the heels of his hands.




“Right.” I muttered, scrubbing at the pie again. It still refused to budge, so I gave up, sitting back and letting out an exasperated huff.




“Why can’t anything ever be easy for me?” I asked deploringly of Al.




He shrugged. “Maybe everything you need is right in front of you, and you just don’t know what to look for.”




My eyebrows pulled together as he took the rag from me, dipped it into the bucket of soapy water, squeezed some of the water around the little glob, and scrubbed off the piece of pie. He handed the rag back to me, and I took it numbly, my jaw open in surprise.




“There’s always a solution. You just have to take the time to find it.” He said quietly. He smiled at me and got up to leave, dusting his hands off in the process. “I’ll see you at practice tomorrow, Chase,” He said over his shoulder, his green eyes sparkling at me. I stared up at him from my position on the floor.




“Uh, yeah.” I said vaguely.




He’s deep. And wise. And just…wow.




See? This, my friends, is why I love him. Did you just see that?! DID YOU?!




Tell me if you ever find someone more perfect than Albus Potter. I dare you.








“I need to talk to you,” I said, my voice firm. I had managed to corner Rose in our dormitory after serving my detention (it took me six hours to clean! SIX!), and her eyes were narrowed and spitting fire at me.




“What?” She snarled.




“You’re delusional.” I stated loudly. I was mad – I do so much for the girl, and this is what I get in return.




How utterly shitty.




“Great to know. Get out of my face.”




“I’m not done yet.” I said, narrowing my eyes at her. “If you actually think that I’m that bad of a friend, you must not know me at all. You know, I consider you my best friend, but you don’t even fucking trust me.”




Rose’s eyes softened slightly. “I –”




I’m not done yet,” I cut across. “Do you honestly think that I don’t think you’re good enough for Scorpius? Do you know how many arguments we’ve gotten into because he calls you a nerd, or lesbian, or something, and I get mad at him in your defense?”




“What –”




“I think you’re out of his league. And I told him that, too. So what in Merlin’s name made you believe that I sprinted across the Great fucking Hall, ran through the meals of fifty different people, and tackled my cousin to the ground just to embarrass you?”




“I –”




“I was trying to protect you. He has a girlfriend. So I’m sorry if I ‘embarrassed’ you, but I think in this case I embarrassed myself more just to save you from it.”




Rose’s jaw dropped slightly, and her eyes filled with tears. “Ariadne –”




“So, Rose, to be perfectly honest with you, I think you’re the bad friend in this situation.” I finished. “Oh, and, by the way, thanks for the detention.”




My eyes were sparking in rage, my fists curled up at my sides. I glared at her one last time before sweeping out of the girls’ dormitory, slamming the door behind me in the process. Not even caring about who saw me, I sprinted up the steps to the boys’ side, taking them two at a time.




I arrived at the door, out of breath, and knocked on it three times. The fates were on my side this time – it was Al who opened the door.








“I did it.” I said breathlessly.




He was watching me warily. “Did what, exactly?”




“I found a solution.”




He leaned against the door, a small smile at his mouth. “With the Rose situation?”




I nodded eagerly. “I told her. Well, not told her, exactly, I more like yelled at her, but still! I gave her a right piece of my mind, and –”




“She’s probably bawling her eyes out right now.” Al finished for me, his eyebrow raised.




My stomach plummeted.




“…crap.” I said quietly. I didn’t mean to make her cry! I mean – I was just mad. I was angry with her for being such a prat, but…I was a prat right back at her. And I made her feel guilty…and…




I hate making Rose cry.








“Well, either way, I just wanted to say thanks – bye!” I said in one breath, hugging him tightly around the middle, then turning around to sprint down the stairs again.




I was already halfway through the common room when I realized what I just did – shit, shit, shit. I just hugged Al Potter! As in, invaded his personal space without asking him, and…




Fuck, he must think I’m a creeper.




Well, I sort of am. But still.




I took the stairs to the girl’s dormitory three at a time, flinging myself into the room and looking around desperately for Rose. You never know – she might have gone psycho-insane since her best friend for life got mad at her (because, clearly, I’m that important to Rose), and like…done something drastic. Like…shaved her head…or something.




But no. She was sitting on my bed and getting her snot all over my Mr. Snugglepuff.




“Mr. Snugglepuff!” I yelled, jumping on my bed, and ignoring Rose’s startled shriek. I reached for the ancient, tattered bear. “Where’d you find him?”




Her lip quivered. “Sorry,” she whimpered, “he was under your bed, and…”




I cut her off with a huge hug. “Sorry for yelling at you, Rose.”




“No, I’m sorry, Ariadne!” Rose protested, grabbing me around the middle and squeezing back.




“No. I’m sorry.”




“No, I am.”




“No –”




“We’re both sorry?” Rose said quickly, before I could get out my sentence.




I grinned into her hair. “Yeah.”




“I just – I know that was really bitchy of me,” Rose sighed, letting me go and inching back so that she could lean against my bed. I lay down and put my head in her lap.




“It’s okay,” I said.




“No, it’s really not,” Rose muttered, “I guess I was really upset. I thought, after you’d told me so many times to go and tell him, that you suddenly changed your mind and like…I don’t know…you didn’t want us to be together or something and –” she let out a frustrated sigh, “I don’t make sense. I guess what I’m really trying to say is that…well, I really like him.”




I couldn’t find anything to say to that, so I settled for an extremely lame, “Oh.”




“It’s just – well, I know there’s a lot more to him than he lets on,” Rose went on thoughtfully, absentmindedly playing with one of my curls, “and when I see those parts of him…I can’t help but like them. I can’t help but like him. Because he’s pretty much…well, he’s pretty much the perfect sort of guy that I’ve always dreamed about.”




“Even though he’s a prat?” I asked doubtfully.




She giggled. “He’s hiding something behind that prat-ness, Ree. I think you and I both know that.”




“Well, I do. Question is, how’d you find out?” I grinned up at her, and she stuck her tongue out at me.




“You’ll never know.”












I’m going to pretend I haven’t heard that, and instead concentrate on this lesson.




“…You-Know-Who was gaining power, and the Trio knew that they would have to stop him one day…”




You know, only Binns could make something as interesting as this sound like the most tedious thing in the whole world.




“Pssssst!” There was a short silence, then, “PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST!!!”




I put my head in my hands as the whole class fell silent and, as one entity, swiveled around to stare at Burly, who had quickly ducked his head down and looked as though he was carefully taking notes. Binns plowed on, and the class turned around again. I whipped in my seat to glare at Burly.




“What?!” I whispered harshly.




“We need a new plan.” Burly said to me.




“Right now?”




“Well, it’s not like you’re actually listening to this class…are you?” Burly finished uncertainly as my glare intensified.




“As a matter of fact,” I retorted icily. “I happen to find this extremely interesting, so, yes, I’m actually listening to this class.”




“But its…history.” The word ‘history’ was said in a disgusted, hushed voice, like just the mere thought of it was completely vile.




“Yes, I can see that.” I snapped. “I like history. Especially Harry Potter history. So kindly shut up and bother me some other time.”




“You don’t have to pay attention to this old tosser.” Burly said. “You can just ask Al to explain it to you later. That’s what we make him do, anyway.”




Of course – Al already knows this stuff. Must have heard it straight from the source, in fact. Merlin. I quickly looked towards him, and saw that he was deep in notes himself.




“He’s taking notes on this, too.” I informed Burly. Burly turned around to look at Al. He turned back to me, grinning.




“Nah – he’s planning Quidditch plays for later.”




And here I was, thinking Al Potter is a wiz at History of Magic.




I sighed heavily. “Are you sure he doesn’t feel awkward explaining this stuff to us? I mean, tons of people have probably asked him about his dad and he must feel overshadowed –”




“He doesn’t care.” Burly interjected quickly. “Now, about those plans…”




I sighed and pulled out a new sheet of paper, muttering about how these stupid boys were bloody corrupting me for good.




“We need a plan of action – how to break up Dom and Lysander.” Burly said assertively.




I stared at him. “Isn’t Lysander your mate?”




Burly blinked at me. “Yes, and…?”




“I mean, don’t you feel bad?”




He looked at me for another second. “No…”




I glared at him. “I thought Gryffindors were supposed to be loyal.”




“All’s fair in love and war.” Burly shrugged. “Now, about those plans.”




“Hold on.” I inserted. “That’s not right, Burly.”




“All’s fair in love and war.” Burly insisted.




My eyes narrowed. “I’m not helping you with this.”




“Aw, come on!” He said beseechingly.




“They’ll get sick of each other in time,” I promised. “Trust me. Dom and Lysander just won’t work. He’s too dreamy and vague, while she’s more of a sharp, down-to-earth, blunt kind of person. They won’t last long.”




Burly looked unsure. “I – I mean…like, are you completely positive?”




“Definitely,” I responded. “What we can do right now is figure out the whole Emma Summers situation, and teach you how to talk to Dom without making a fool of yourself.”




Burly pouted. “I resent that.”




“Well, either way, it’s true,” I said, putting my quill in my mouth as I gazed at Blue, who was sitting next to Blondie and staring very intently at the back of Emma Summers’ head. His head was tilted slightly, and every time she moved her head or sighed quietly, his small smile would grow larger.




Okay, Blue is completely adorable.




I looked back at Burly, but he was deep in thought, his brow furrowed. “What about you?” He finally asked.




I smiled. “It’ll happen in time. That’s not the main issue right now.”




“Right,” Burly said, leaning forward. “Let’s start planning.”








“Alright guys, three laps!”




I groaned and sighed deeply, obediently following as the rest of the team started running laps.




“Think you can manage three whole laps?” Blondie teased, slowing down so that he could run at my pace.




I scowled. “Of course I can.”




Oh, who am I kidding? We all know I can’t.




“Right,” He laughed. “You’ll pull through. I’ll run with you.”




I was honestly touched. “Thanks, Blondie.”




“Okay, only if you stop calling me that,” He said.




I looked at him like he was insane. “But that’s your nickname!”




“Yes,” He said patiently. “But I like my real name better. Ready? Nick. Repeat after me. Ni-ick.”




















“Look, Blondie, give it up.”




He sighed. “It was worth a shot.”




There was silence, and my brain started to stray. I had to somehow get back at Scorpius – on Rose’s account. Honestly, what is the idiot playing at?! First he bloody snogs my best friend, and then he goes and gets himself another blonde bimbo. And then he has the nerve to actually tell me that he’s embarrassed of me!




Alright, well, fine, that last one is fully justified. But still.




“Blondie,” I began, turning around to look at him while we jogged. “Can I run something by you?”




“Sure,” He said, looking amused and slightly confused.




“Alright. How opposed are you to fake dating Rose to get back at Scorpius?”




There was a short silence while Blondie stared straight ahead, his eyes deep in thought. I stumbled over my foot four times trying to run and look at his face at the same time, but managed not to fall on my face.




“That…could work,” He said finally.




“Really?” I perked up. “So, you mean, you don’t mind or anything? You would do it?”




“Yeah, I guess,” He shrugged. “I mean, Rose is hot, and I definitely want to get back at Malfoy for that game last year.”




“Okay,” I let out a long, deep breath. “Okay. That’s good. Thanks, Blondie.”




He turned to me suddenly. “Do you have a plan to your madness, or do you just sort of go with it?”




I laughed uncertainly, not sure if he was being serious or not. “Honestly? I sort of just go with it – why?”




He laughed as well, although his seemed slightly hollow. “Nothing. I can see why you’re not a Slytherin.”




“What’s that supposed to mean?” My brow furrowed.




“You seem to be constantly digging yourself into even bigger holes,” He said, turning to look at me.




I swallowed nervously. “That’s what I do best,” I joked weakly.




Blondie did not laugh. Clearly, he has not found my pathetic attempt at humor in the least bit amusing.








“Look,” I began, sighing. “If digging huge, inescapable holes for myself will somehow help everyone else, I’m willing to do it.”




“That’s the thing!” He burst out suddenly, and I stumbled slightly in surprise. “You never want to do anything for yourself. What do you want, Ariadne?”




“What do you mean? I want Rose and Scorpius to figure out their drama, of course.” I stated, still confused by his sudden outburst.




“No!” Blondie threw his hands up in the air. “That’s what you want for Rose and Scorpius! What do you want for yourself?”




I looked at him. “I’m not as selfless as you’re making me out to be, Blondie.”




“That’s not what I – okay, it sort of is – but,” He took a deep, steadying breath. “It just really bugs me – how you’re so completely willing to throw all caution to the wind and come up with a crazy, out-of-control plan that might not even work. You can’t live like that, love – one of these days everything will just come and bite you in the arse, and you won’t be able to do anything about it.”




“Blondie,” I smiled at him. “Everything happens for a reason. It’s going to work out in the end, I just know it.”




“You’re so naïve, Ree. Not everyone has their happy ending, and you know it.”




I laughed harshly. “Of course I know it. I think I know it better than anyone else here.”




Blondie suddenly looked cautious, like he knew that he’d managed to tread on a sensitive topic. “Look – all I’m trying to say is…think things through, alright?”




I sighed. “That’s not a strong trait of mine, to be honest. You know how impulsive I am. The only thing I can’t do is sit around and watch things happen around me. I’ve got to be doing something. But…if you don’t think this is a good idea, just…let me know.”




“I think,” Blondie said thoughtfully. “I want to know what’s in this for you.”




I looked at him. “As of now, nothing.”




“And as of later…?”




I sighed. “I’m in love with Al.”




Blondie barely blinked. “And just exactly how is this huge plan involving Rose and your cousin and me going to tie into your plans to win over our Quidditch captain?”




I grinned. “It’s not.”




This time Blondie looked surprised. “Then what’s the point of doing all this?”




I laughed. “You have no idea what the whole plan even is, Blondie. We’ve got to somehow break up Dom and Lysander, help Burly win over Dom, help Blue Eyes win over Emma Summers, make Scorpius jealous, break him up with his current slag, and get Rose and Scorpius together. And then, somehow, get Al Potter to notice me as dating material.”




Blondie looked absolutely shocked as he took it all in. I couldn’t help but look amused at his expression. His eyes turned to me, and he said three words that pretty much just meant everything to me:




“Count me in.”




Remind me to get Blondie a whole stash of assorted chocolates for Christmas.




And then make sure I don’t eat them.




(Yes, this may or may not have happened before.




But seriously – Rose was really very happy with her box of half-eaten chocolates. It is, after all, the thought that truly counts, right?









wat up?! so, PSATs were awesome, in case anyone cares. and my school is still stupid and cold, but i have to endure anyway. me and my friends came up with the brilliant idea of putting up a huge heated dome over our campus, and in the summer we can take it off! this way we stay warm, dry and not-miserable throughout the year. because, honestly, it's ridiculous.

i bet there's some old guy out there with an extremely sick, twisted sense of humor that's enjoying what he's done to torture us poor children with such a terribly constructed high school.


anyway. i love reviews. please tell me you get my not-so-subtle hint. if not, i'll reiterate:


ps - i wrote an extremely random one-shot that i kind of want to put up but am too nervous because it's very different and doesn't quite make sense to even me. but at the same time, i really like it because of the way i wrote it, but...


it's called ( perfection ) . you know, in case you really cared.

whaddaya think? take a break from this to post it, or just do a couple more chapters before posting it, or NO ONE CARES WOMAN, JUST POST THIS DAMN STORY LIKE YOU SAID YOU WOULD. ?

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