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Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story by HarryandGinnyForEver
Chapter 19 : Gold & White
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Chapter 19

            16 Days Later….

            “Ginny dear, are you sure you want gold and white for your wedding?” Mrs. Weasley asked. They were planning the wedding, to Ginny’s dismay. The two women were in the room, and only one wanted to plan the wedding. And it wasn’t the person who was getting married.

            “Yes mum.” Ginny said, her elbow on the table, and her hand pushing her hand back. “Harry and I talked about it. We are sure that we want gold and white.”

            “But that’s what I was going to do for Percy’s wedding dear.” She said.

            “He’s not even engaged yet!” Ginny said. “And we clearly said that we want gold and white.”


            “Mum.” Ginny said, interrupting her. “I only get to get married once. You know that. And I want it to be our special day, not yours okay?” She asked.

            “Oh.” She said. Ginny could see she was saddened by what she had said. “Okay.”

            “No mum, I didn’t mean it like that.” Ginny said. “I meant that I wanted you to help, just wanted you to follow what we wanted, and put in your opinion. Not take over it, and make everything yours.”

            “I get what you are saying dear.” She said. “I know I came on too strong, and we will do it your way.”

            “Thanks mum.” She said. “We have the colors down, and Fleur is coming over tomorrow to help with the dress, so all we have to do is the decorations.” She said.

            “All we have to do? Dear we have the place settings, the candles, the centerpieces, the flowers…..” Ginny mentally screamed at her mother as she listed off the things they needed to do for the wedding.


            “Hey Gin, how’s the wedding planning coming?” Harry asked, pouring her tea into her cup. Ginny just groaned, and he handed her her tea. “Guessing not well.”

            “Not well? It’s not just ‘not well’ it’s terrible!” She said. “Mum keeps saying that I need to change the colors, because that’s what she picked out for Percy’s wedding.”

            “But Percy isn’t even engaged.” Harry pointed out.

            “That’s what I said!” Ginny yelled. “But then I told her off, and I thought she agreed with me. She even said that she did. But apparently, she forgot about that entire day, and keeps nagging me about it. I swear, I want to hex her into the century.”

            “Trust me.” He said. “I know the feeling.”


            “I know what you are going to say. But your parents are dead, how would you know?” He said. “But everyone is always like ‘you’re Harry Potter. You shouldn’t be hanging out with people like them. You should be hanging out with a higher ranked wizard’ But you know what I tell them?” He asked.

            “What?” She asked.

            “I always tell them, that you are the higher ranked wizard. And they always argue with me saying you aren’t. But at the end, I always say this quote. ‘You have your opinions, I have mine. You think that those people are high ranked wizards, but you are mistaken.’”

            “That’s so sweet.” She said, stroking his cheek. They then, heard a knock on the door. “Ugh.”

            “Your mum?” He asked, standing up with her.

            “I don’t know. I just didn’t want to get up.” She said, walking towards the door. She opened it, and Hermione stood there, tablecloth samples in hand. “Oh my god…..” She said.

            “Before you say anything, it’s not me who chose to come over here. Your mother sent me over and she wants this done so we can move on to the other stuff.” She said, walking in and Ginny shut the door.

            “Why do weddings have to be so complicated? Can’t I just get a white dress, get Harry a tux, a minister, and two rings?” She asked.

            “Yes, but you know how important this is for your mum.” She said, sitting down at the table and flipping over one of the samples.

            “Yeah, I know. And don’t get me wrong, I want to get married. But I never knew how hard all the planning, and decorations and all that was going to be.” Ginny complained. Harry had gone off to their room, to put away their clothes. He’d rather not get sucked into wedding planning, as did every other man in the universe.

            “But in the end,” Hermione said, sitting down. “You will have a day you will never forget, and a husband that you will come home to every single day for the rest of your life. What more could you ask for?” She asked.

            “Another wedding planner.” Ginny said, her left hand on her face, flipping through the samples with the other. “I like this one.” She said pointing to this one. The fabric was off-white, and there were two gold lines on the bottom. Simple, yet elegant. Just what they wanted.

            “That’s gorgeous.” Hermione said, looking at it.

            “I know.” She said. “So that’s done, now we can relax.” She said, leaning back in her chair.

            “Not quite Ginny.” She said, reaching into her huge purse. Hermione barely ever carried a purse, let alone a big one. Why hadn’t she seen this coming?

            “Seriously?” She asked, as she placed them all on the table. She had napkin samples, placemat samples, and silverware samples. Why did it matter what type of silverware they had? It ended up in people’s mouths anyways.

            “What do you want to start with?” She asked, patting her hands on the table.

            “The stuff I can throw out.” She said, practically rejecting the samples.

            “You won’t throw away the stuff from your wedding Ginny. Ron and I kept almost everything. We kept the plates, the silverware, napkins, everything.” She said.

            “Fine.” She said, looking over them. “This one.”

            “That’s nice.” Hermione said, looking over. “It’d even be nicer if it wasn’t the lunch napkin you used today.” She said, pushing it towards Ginny.

            “You can’t go wrong with these!” She said, shaking the napkin around. “They’re cheap. They’re effective. And nobody really cares what type of napkin they use at our wedding.” She said.

            “Yes, they are. But your family wouldn’t approve.”

            “Well screw my family!” She said, looking through some samples. She then found one and pointed to it. “I like this one. I want this one.” She said.

            “Okay.” She said, unhinging that sample and putting it in the pile.

            “What’s next?” She asked, putting her hands on the table.

            “Silverware, centerpieces, and flowers.” She said, getting the rest of the samples out. There were literally twenty sample books in which they had to go to.

            “We don’t want that many flowers everywhere.” I said. “We talked it over, and we just want the occasional lily in the reception, and my bouquet made of lilies.” She said.

            “Okay, I like the way you think.” She said, throwing the books back into her purse. “I just wish I had known that before I walked ten minutes with this on my shoulder.”

            “You should’ve called first.” She said, flipping through some more samples.

            Oh god the samples.

            “Sorry, I forgot.” She said, looking along with Ginny. “You said that you wanted silver right?” She said, as they went through the platinum section.

            “Isn’t all silverware silver? Hence the ‘silver’ in the name of silver-ware.” She said.

            “No, there’s gold, copper, platinum gold, platinum silver……” She said, but Ginny cut her off.

            “Silver, I think will be nice.” She said, stopping Hermione from all the flipping of the different kind of silverware. “Those are nice. I want those.”

            “Ginny, you just can’t pick the first thing you see and say that you like it.” Hermione said.

            “I don’t!” Ginny said. “I really like them. And that’s what I want for my wedding.” She said.

            “Okay, whatever you say Ginny…..” Hermione said, pulling out another book of samples, that Ginny and her would slave over, until both were too tired to do so.


            “Guest list.” She said, literally throwing a pad of paper and a pen at Harry, who had been sleeping on the couch.

            “Wha-what?” Harry said, shaking his head, and putting on his glasses. “Gin, I had a long day at work and I really need to…”

            “I need to get this done Harry. We need to get relief!” She said. “We haven’t even set a date yet, and mum is already obsessing about thank you for coming gifts! Harry, I am stressing out, I really need to…” She said, collapsing onto Harry chest.

            “It’s okay Gin.” He said, stroking her hair. “We’ll get through this, I know we will.” She then curled up in his chest, and stayed there.

            “May 21st.” She said, randomly. “May 21st. That’s the day I want to get married.” She said, sitting up.

            “If you don’t mind me asking, what made you choose that date?” He asked.

            “I don’t know. I just always felt like that would always be the day I would get married. I never really thought of it any other way.” She explained.

            “May 21st, at the Burrow, starting at….”


            “Okay, starting at five.” He said. “And all the guests, in which we have to invite.” He said, looking at the pad of paper in which had been thrown at him. And then to the stack of wedding invitations, that sat in the corner of the room.

            “We should really get going on these Harry. How about we just do them tonight, and then we can go to bed?” She asked.

            “I’d like that.” He answered.

            “You know what we promised each other.” She said. “No sex until the wedding.” She said.

            “And Gin, the wedding is four months away.” He said.

            “I know.” She said, seeing the torture in his eyes. Apparently he couldn’t see the torture in hers.

            “Just saying.” He said, writing out the first name to the guest, the first of many.


            “Hi Fleur.” Ginny said, as she stood on the doorstep of her childhood home. Soon to be the sight of her marriage to Harry James Potter. She still couldn’t believe it.

            “’Ello Ginny.” She said. “Come ‘n” She said, opening the door more so she could step in.

            “Do you have the fabric and everything?” Ginny asked, and Fleur nodded. “Excellent. So this will only take about an hour, maybe a little more.”

            “Yes. On’y hour.” She said, as Ginny stood up on the table. Fleur then began to work her magic on the dress, literally and also non-literally. Ginny had chosen a smooth white fabric, with some cream ribbon to use on the outside. But she had no idea what Fleur was going to do with it.

            “Ginny. You look beautiful.” Hermione said, observing the dress. It was strapless, a simple straight cut across, and it flowed down to the table, moving with the air.

            “I know. It’s perfect.” She said, partially spinning. “Thanks so much Fleur.”

            “An’time.” She said. “No’ I mus’ get back. Bill is alone ‘nd doesn’ like to be.” She said, laughing as she walked out and disapparated.

            “You know, she’s not as bad as I thought she was.” Ginny admitted. “All that Fleur talk was just rubbish.” She said.

            “I knew that.” Hermione smirked.

            “You knew and you didn’t tell me?” Ginny asked. “Why didn’t you tell me?” She asked.

            “Because I wanted to see how long it would take you to get past your own thoughts and look into reality.”

            “Thanks Hermione.” Ginny said. “Now, help me get this off.” She said, standing and trying to get down.

            “Don’t move, or you will ruin the dress.” She said.

            “And what do you think I will do? Fly down the aisle?”

Author’s Note: I had to do it. I knew that I would get comments on how I didn’t make Mrs. Weasley go all wedding on everybody, so I just decided to write a chapter about it. What’s 2,000 words going to do to anybody eh? :) And I had to end with a joke, well a minor joke. It’s nearly three in the morning as I write this, so most of this could be complete rubbish :) && Sorry for the wait, I didn't have any internet because I went to the Harry Potter World in Orlando! AWESOME(: Anyways, thanks for reading! I love reviews! Still! aha



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