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Lily's Letter by massieblockrox
Chapter 5 : Beverly Tells All
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It took all I had to stop me from screaming at the top of my lungs. The woman seemed to jerk out of a trance, her many necklaces clacking as loudly as you can imagine. It was a very bizarre sight.

“I am Beverly Queer,” the woman said dramatically, then ruining the effect slightly by tripping over an owl dropping. I blushed. How had THAT gotten there?

“Ahem,” Beverly cleared her throat noisily and shuffled some papers in her plushy-looking robes. “Miss Evans, may I speak with your parents?” “Er,” I said uncertainly. “It's night. My parents are asleep,” I told her.

“Well, go and wake them, and Lily too,” Beverly said, as though it was some great solution I'd never thought of.

She sat down primly on my bed and looked at me expectantly. “Er,” I said again. Then I turned around and tiptoed across the hallway to my parents room.

They were snoring peacefully, looking untroubled and restful. I hated to wake them. “Mom,” I murmured, shaking her gently. “Mom, someone wants to talk to you,” She rolled over.

“No, I don't want soy beans on my salad,” she whispered in her sleep.


“Ah!” She woke up. “Its about time,” I told her. “Someone's waiting!” “Wha-?” Mom looked confused. “I think she's a – a – witch!” I whispered. I could barely say the word aloud. Mom sat up in bed abruptly.

“Show me the way!” she looked frightened now, and wide awake.

* * *

Ten minutes later, Beverly, Mom, Dad, Lily, and me were all seated round the dining room table. I grimaced at the window. How weird it would seem to anyone, a bunch of people sitting at the table in the dead of night. Why can't we be normal?

And Beverly talked.

She talked on and on, about anything we could (and couldn't) imagine. She told us about Floo Powder, Hogwarts, Dumbledore, You-Know-Who, the Ministry, Diagon Ally, and some things that I forgot. My parents and Lily were all sitting there silently, mouths wide open.

Beverly was a witch who worked at the Ministry of Magic, as the Head of something Law department. She was also in charge of talking about magic to Muggle parents of Muggle-borns.

“What?” I had interrupted. “Muggles? Who are you calling Muggle, woman!?” She had then calmly told me to sit down, then explained that Muggles were non-magical people. I had to bite my tounge to keep myself from saying that I was probably a witch.

After about two hours, Beverly was finished talking. She shook our hands, then spun. As we watched, she vanished. Into thin air.

“Well,” Father's voice was hoarse. He put an arm around my mom, who put an arm around Lily, who put an arm around me.

“We'll get through this,” Father rasped. “Because we are a family. We can get through this. Together.”

Yeah right.

I mumbled something about having a stomachache, then lay in bed, like a stone, for a long time. Even before the owl came flying in next morning, I somehow knew it:

I wasn't magic.

And I decided, right then and there, that I hated it. It was there that I turned my back on magic, and resolved never to associate myself with anything magic ever again.

A/N: Wow, this was my first fic ever. Thank you so much for reading!


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