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The Rising by Over the Rainbomb
Chapter 3 : Divine
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It wasn’t a dream.

When he came to, or rather when Cassandra revived him, there were still a bunch of stunned adults and a seriously beautiful angel standing around him. He sat down on the nearest surface before his legs gave out again. He felt sick. Even looking at her glowing face and beautiful flowing black hair couldn’t settle him.

For a second he wished he was still under the influence of her...whatever.

“It’s a lot to take in, I know, but I’m afraid there is no gentle way of explaining this,” Cassandra said.

“I’m sorry but did say ‘apocalypse’?” Hermione asked nervously.

“Yes. The end of days,” she confirmed. “It’s been prophesied by many different religions,” she talked like this was ‘run of the mill’ stuff.

“And Scorpius is going to stop it?”


Hermione sighed and looked away apprehensively. Her logical mind was fighting back again and unfortunately, the bible was one of the few books she hadn’t read.

“I’m sorry, I’m going to have to be the sceptic here and ask; how do we know you’re really an angel?” she asked.

“Because I just told you,” Cassandra said looking slightly confused.

“Yes, but how do we know you’re not lying?”

“Because I’m not,” she said again looking a bit puzzled. She couldn’t quite seem to process the idea that Hermione didn’t believe her.

“I don’t think you get what I am trying to say,” Hermione said smiling when really she was starting to get frustrated.

“What’s wrong? The instant healing and impressive wing span not enough for you?” Scorpius groaned. He wasn’t under the influence anymore and he didn’t have to be. The proof was staring him right in the face and yet she just wasn’t open minded enough to consider it.

Hermione shot him a warning look.

“I believe that she’s an angel! What I’m having a hard time with is me being a damn saviour! I mean, the Malfoy’s aren’t exactly known for their heroic acts!”

Cassandra looked at him with intensity in her eyes and spoke with complete conviction. “And it is written that the righteous son of an unrighteous man will deliver the world from evil and unto salvation. As it is written, so shall it come to pass.”

“How poetic,” Scorpius snorted.

“Are you saying this has been predicted?” Sinistra asked.

“This is divine mandate. These words were spoken by God,” she nodded.

“God prophesied this?!” Scorpius blurted with wide eyes.

“Yes. He has chosen you.”

“This...that’s impossible...” he mumbled, shaking all over.

This was simply too much. Him being some kind of messiah? It couldn’t be. But she definitely wasn’t messing around.

“It’s more than possible. In fact, for me it’s already happened,” she said causing him to look at her utterly confused. “The reason for my...chaotic arrival was because I didn’t come from Heaven, I came from the future. Time has no meaning to angels. The prophesied events have already played out for us and you were victorious. Now, the enemy is making one last attempt to defeat us. They have sent agents back to this time in an effort to stop you from fulfilling your destiny. That’s why we’re here.”

For some reason, this new information was only making him angry.

“You’re tellin’ me that I’m some half-assed John Conner and you’re Schwarzenegger?!” he barked.

“Who is John Conner?” she asked again looking puzzled.

“Nobody, just this ass clown that likes to scream at the production crew...” he said, still annoyed. “, if this is some kind of screwed up Terminator situation, who’s Skynet?”

“What’s Skynet?” Cassandra asked again. Angel’s obviously didn’t watch many movies.

“The bad guy! Who’s the bad guy?”

“Lucifer,” she said, finally catching on.

Lucifer?” this crap was starting to go off the deep end. “As in the Devil?!”

All wizards, even though they didn’t read the bible, knew who the Devil was. Who didn’t?

“That’s one of the names you have given him, yes.”

“Oh...that’s just frickin’ great!” he scathed sarcastically.

“Actually it’s terrible. Lucifer is by far the most dangerous creature in existence,” Cassandra corrected, not catching on to Scorpius’s mood.

“Well, don’t sugar-coat it Cassandra, tell us what you really think!” he hissed in anger.

“Scorpius!” Headmistress Sinistra warned, looking scared that his attitude was going to get them into trouble.

“It’s fine. I was pre-warned of the cynical and sarcastic mannerisms that he uses to hide his own insecurity and self-loathing,” Cassandra assured without mercy.

“Hey! Winged Freud, I’m standing right here!”

“Yes, I can see that,” she agreed looking him up and down. This angel defiantly had problems with her people skills.

“Mione’, you in there?” a voice from outside the room called out. They all recognized it as Ron Weasley’s which meant Harry probably was far behind. A few seconds later he entered the hospital wing with the Boy Who Lived walking beside him. They looked just like their pictures, except for about ten years. Harry’s dark hair was receding as was Ron’s but beyond the wrinkles, they were still those geeky teens that somehow managed to save the world.

Now it was Scorpius’s turn. Oh, the irony!

“What’s going on, the ministry is lit up like a Christmas tree and – WHOA!” Ron yelped and jumped backwards as he finally saw Cassandra.

Harry had just frozen like middle-aged statue with nerdy glasses.

“Oh, hey guys, have you met my angel?” Scorpius said, still angry and just as cynical as she’d predicted.

He had gone way beyond panic and shot straight into rage.

Archangel,” Cassandra corrected.

“What? There’s a difference?”

“Yes, there are many ranks of angel. Archangels are Heavens armed forces. I’m a soldier.”

“Really?” he seemed to take her word for it but still had the fury running though his veins. It couldn’t stop his sarcastic insulting nature though. “Do all of Heavens soldiers look like calendar girls because I’m guessing you’re miss July.”

With the exception of Cassandra and Scorpius, the jaws of everyone in the room dropped. None of them could believe that they were standing in front of a real life angel but that fact that Scorpius was actually talking to her like that was insane. That boy was pushing his luck.

“I don’t understand,” Cassandra admitted and she really didn’t.

“Nevermind. We’ll arrange a photo shoot if we survive the apocalypse,” he said without care.

The others were starting to catch on to the fact that the reason he was acting like this was because he was on the verge of losing his mind. If he hadn’t already.

“But, I already told you that you do survive,” she said.

“Yeah. That’s really made my day,” he said with a fake smile.

“Excuse me,” Harry said holding up his hand. Apparently he’d snapped out of his shock but was still behind on all this. “Could someone explain to me just what the hell is going on?”

“Oh, right, quick recap. This is Cassandra, she’s been sent from the future to protect me so that I can stop Lucifer and save the world from the coming apocalypse because I’m the saviour of mankind. That about sum it up?” he asked Cassandra.

“That’s an accurate assessment, yes.”

“Great. Excuse me while I go jump out the window,” he said casually and began walking towards the nearest one.

Before he could take more than a few steps, Cassandra was standing in front of him. She had done her instant teleportation thing again.

“Suicide is ill-advised,” she said simply making it obvious that he’d never be allowed to harm himself.

“Oh, right! Because I haven’t saved the world yet,” he laughed with sarcastic pessimism.

“I’m sorry...did you just say that you’re going to save the world?” Ron asked apprehensively.

“Yes! Can I go back to my nervous breakdown now?” Scorpius groaned and started looking over some potions, wondering if any of them would get him drunk.

“Can’t the world just stay saved for once?” Ron moaned looking at Harry.

“Does make me feel a little superfluous,” Harry nodded.

“Your battle against Voldemort was more than necessary. If you had not defeated him, Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass would not have made their union and the saviour would have never been born,” Cassandra said. Apparently this was her attempt to make them feel better.

“So the wizarding war to end the oppression of an evil tyrant was really just a big match-making scheme? That’s awesome, but I think Cupid’s losing his touch,” Scorpius snorted before taking a whiff of a potion bottle. “How much of this stuff can you drink before your eyeballs fall out?” he asked.

They all just looked at him with raised eyebrows.

“What?” he asked indignantly.

“Okay...I think we all just need to take a moment here and try and wrap our heads around this,” Sinistra suggested.

“Wrap our heads around what? That Satan is going to escape Hell and kick-start the end of the world and the one person that can stop it is a snarky teenage boy with serious personality issues? I think that’s going to take more than a moment,” Ron said.

“You know what, bite me Weasley! I didn’t ask for this!” Scorpius hissed.

“You were chosen by God,” Cassandra reminded with pride.

“Oh, yeah, about that. Where does he get off pushing all this on to one person? Isn’t this a little too much weight for anyone’s shoulders? So why me?!” he scathed. “If he wants to stop the apocalypse, why doesn’t he bring his divine ass down here and do it himself?”

“God never said that he would save you, he said that you would save yourselves,” she retorted.

“Yeah, still sounds like an absentee landlord to me,” he had barely finished speaking before Cassandra was suddenly right in his face, looking dangerously aggravated.

“Do not speak of my father that way,” she warned. “Lucifer’s rise has been long foretold. He will escape his cage no matter what happens. Perhaps you would rather there was no chosen warrior to fight him when he arrives?”

“Chosen warrior?! I have allergies and a bad back! I’m still a virgin for cryin’ out loud!” Scorpius shot back. Maybe he shouldn’t have let that last part slip. “Just how in the hell can you expect me to destroy the granddaddy demon of them all?!”

“Lucifer isn’t a demon...he’s an angel. An archangel,” she said shutting him up.

Maybe he wasn’t as versed in this stuff as he thought. The way people talk about the Devil had always just made him think that it was some kind of grotesque monster intent of spreading evil. He thought the angels were supposed to be the good guys.

“He’s like you?” he asked in amazement.

“No. He’s much more powerful. Lucifer was a general of Heaven’s battalions. I am what you might call...a sergeant.”

“Terrific! So what are you gonna do if he shows up here, shout at him?!”

“He can’t come here, I told you. In the future he has already been defeated and in this time he hasn’t risen yet,” she said quickly. “His demons however, the ones that weren’t killed in the battle, they have come back. And they will make every attempt to stop you before you can lead the final charge against him. That’s why I am here.”

“And how exactly do I lead the final charge, huh? Because I gotta tell ya, my skills with a bugle aren’t great!”

“I don’t know.”

And the hits just keep on coming.

“What do you mean you don’t know?!” he grilled.

“I was stationed in China at the time; the final battle took place in Minnesota,” she informed. “I didn’t see it and...I’ve been told that you shouldn’t know too much about your own destiny.”

So, the war would be on a global scale. It would consume the whole world. This only made Scorpius even angrier. Why him? How could they expect him to be the one that stops it? He was just a kid. There had to be others more suited for something like this.

“You’re kidding, right? Don’t you think it would be prudent to give me those little titbits of information that might help me save the world?! That’s if this is real and I’m not strapped to a bed in the middle of St. Mungo’s psyche ward right now!”

How could anyone be told that they were suddenly responsible for the whole world and not feel like they were going to lose their mind? The same thing happened to Harry Potter, but he came to it gradually. He wasn’t suddenly plucked out of his normal life and handed a destiny, he just started living in the wizarding world, learning over the years about why he was special and what he had to do. He had mentors and support and...Friends! Three things Scorpius never had.

He’d always hoped that he would have a chance to make a difference. To be better than what the wizarding world had painted him. He’d wanted to be a healer.

But, he’d never wanted this. He was living Harry Potter’s life.

Scorpius was getting everything he experienced and more shoved down his throat in the space of ten minutes as opposed to the six years that Harry got.

“You’re not insane, Scorpius. This is real. You are chosen. You will defeat Lucifer.”

“Yeah...well, I’m sorry, but I think you backed the wrong horse this time!” he said, his eyes filling with despair.

“Have faith,” she said simply.

“Faith?! You can take your faith and shove it up your lily white ass!”

“Malfoy!” several people cried but it was too late.

He was already storming out of the room. This was too much.


Some of you may be able to tell that I'm a huge Supernatural fan and that Cassandra is based off the character of Castiel from Season 4 & 5. I'm sorry, I can't help myself... :p

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