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Nothing Sirius by ElectrixxSoul
Chapter 8 : The Parents
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Melora and Sirius flooed from St. Mungo’s to The Three Broomsticks where a carriage met them to take them back to Hogwarts.


As soon as they got in, Melora realized just what was waiting for them at the end of the trip.


“Oh Merlin,” She groaned, “My parents are going to kill me.”


Sirius’s eyes widened a bit, “Bugger,” He said, “I completely forgot about that.”   


Melora let out another groan and Sirius ran his hand through his hair, “Your dad’s not huge is he?”


The blonde raised an eyebrow, “Not particularly, why?”


“Just debating on how long I’ll be in the Hospital Wing after he beats me to a pulp.”


Melora rolled her eyes, “Oh my dad’s not that violent.”


Sirius let out a sigh of relief, and Melora couldn’t help herself, “My mum on the other hand, whew, you best watch out for her right hook.”


The dark-haired boy’s eyes grew wide and Melora giggled, “I’m kidding.” She smirked. Sirius glared at her, “Ha ha.”


As they pulled up to the castle, Melora did her best to swallow her fear. Sirius helped her out of the carriage, and they slowly headed inside.


But despite their best efforts to make the walk to Dumbledore’s office go as slowly as possible, Melora and Sirius were there in no time.


Professor McGonagall was there to meet them, but didn’t say anything beyond, “Your parents are in the Headmaster’s office,” before turning to the gargoyle statues behind her, “Peppermint Imps.”


The statues jumped aside, revealing a staircase that McGonagall ushered the pair into before disappearing behind them.


Melora had never been to the Headmaster’s office before, but Sirius had. Yet he still felt a looming sense of dread as they headed up the stairs. Yes, he had been in trouble and been sent to the office before, but never for something he couldn’t talk himself out of, even in fifth year.


But he seriously doubted they would be receiving a detention for their actions, or even that they would lose points. This was bigger.


Sirius allowed the brief idea of being expelled pass through his mind. No, if he hadn’t been expelled for nearly killing a student, he doubted he would be expelled for getting a fellow student pregnant.


Somehow, none of these thoughts calmed his nerves, and Sirius was just as jittery as Melora as they reached the door, which swung open at their presence.


“Come in,” Dumbledore’s voice echoed through the staircase and Melora and Sirius obeyed.


Dumbledore’s office was filled with its usual trinkets, but none caught Sirius’s eye. He was too busy staring at the four adults seated in front of the Headmaster’s desk.


Mr. and Mrs. Potter were there along with two others, whom he assumed to be Melora’s parents. She was right that her father wasn’t particularly big, and although none of the adults looked happy to be there, none of them looked ready to punch him.


“Ah, Miss Jones, Mr. Black, please take a seat.” Two more chairs appeared between the sets of parents and Melora and Sirius took their respective seats.


“Now, I’ve just explained to your parents the situation,” Dumbledore said glancing between the six.


Maryanne Jones turned to her daughter with tears in her eyes, “Is it true Melora?”


Melora tried to ignore the guilt and heartbreak of disappointing her parents eating her up inside. “Yes,” she whispered, “I’m so sorry Mum.”


Mrs. Potter looked over the two teens, “What were you thinking?”


“I guess we weren’t.” Sirius admitted.


Four heads shook simultaneously in disappointment


“So where do we go from here?” Mr. Jones turned to Dumbledore, but it was Melora who answered.


“I’m not due until July, which means I can finish the school year should I be allowed,” She paused and glanced at Dumbledore who gave no sign of his choice, “And when I have the baby, I’ll decide whether I feel I’m ready to raise a child or I’m not. In that case Healer Jacoby said there would be plenty of families willing to adopt.”


“Well,” Mrs. Potter said after a few seconds of silence, “You certainly sound ready.”


“That’s cause she’s Ravenclaw.” Sirius chimed in.


Melora punched him in the arm and turned to the Potters, “I don’t think I’m ready quite yet, but I’ve got 7 months to prepare. And Sirius said he’d be willing to help.”


A smile settled on Professor Dumbledore’s face. “I have no objections to Miss Jones continuing her education here at Hogwarts. I’m also plenty willing to give her the full support of our staff and organize transportation to her Healer appointments.”


Mr. and Mrs. Jones looked at Dumbledore in amazement. “Oh, thank you so much Headmaster.” Maryanne gushed.


“So you’re okay with this?” Melora asked softly.


“I don’t know if okay is the right word, but we’re certainly not going to turn you out on the streets because of it.” replied her father.


Melora’s eyes filled up with tears and she leaned over to give her parents a hug.


Sirius looked at the Potters nervously, and Mr. Potter laughed, “You know you always have a home with us Sirius.”


Melora and Sirius left the office after several more minutes of discussion considerably happier. It was agreed that the pregnancy should be kept quiet for now and both felt a considerably amount of relief, now that they knew none of their parents were extremely upset.


Melora’s mother even seemed slightly excited at the idea of having a grandbaby.


“And,” Sirius said as he walked Melora back to the Ravenclaw Dorms that night, “I didn’t get punched in the face. So I think it went great.”

A/N- I hate this chapter. But it had to be done

Thanks for all the amazing reviews! Please keep them coming

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Nothing Sirius: The Parents


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