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An Object of Interest by loopyluna
Chapter 21 : Of Promises and St Johns
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Kellan and Georgie Blythe




 I pulled my legs up on to the sofa and tucked my feet underneath, burying them under loose cushions. I had one hugged to my chest and another under by my side; I pulled on the golden tassles lightly. Molly mimicked my actions subconsciously. Russell was sat on the floor infront of us. He was turned slightly towards me, his legs folded as if he were a child once more. Neither had seemed to notice the hand that Russ had laid on Molly’s knee, both were so used to the affection of the other.


The fire blazed loudly, erupting with red and gold sparks, covering the stone grate of which it was protected by. The fire guard was hardly doing its assigned job as spark flew out of the small holes it knitted with strong wire. It lit up the Common Room, I suddenly felt at home.


Russell smiled and knocked my knee with his other hand. “You should cheer up, G.” he said happily. “I mean, you’ve ended the Elite, it’s going to all be over soon.”


“Don’t be so optimistic.” Molly snapped. “She’s not stupid, Russ. You know just as well as I that this is the beginning of a new war.”


“Well aren’t you a little optimistic ball of sunshine!”


“It’s not necessarily a new war.” I said quietly, gnawing on the inside of my cheek with slight by hidden nerves and cutting the beginning of an argument short. “You never know what will happen.”


Russ nodded. “You just have to take life as it comes.”


Molly snorted and began to plait the tassels on the pillow infront of her. “Taggert seems to be accepting that earlier than us.”


“What’s the supposed to mean?” I asked curiously.


Russell laughed. “You haven’t heard?!” I shook my head. “Scorpius and Al are in like, a life’s-worth of detention; they’ve taken to hexing Taggert lately – not a clue why.” I felt my inner conscience do a little flip.


“On today’s menu was mind speaking.” Molly said with a smile.


I furrowed my brows. “Mind speaking? Isn’t it supposed to be mind reading?”


“Ahh, but alas.” Russell cooed. “My poor, poor little naïve French girl. Ma petite fleur douce.” Molly and I shared a glance at this. His French was perfectly pounced. “For you see, for them to have her mind read would be a benefit – well, not in Taggerts case, everyone hates her, maybe apart from you, G. Merlin knows why – but to make her speak her mind would be utterly hilarious.”


“I don’t like her.” I sulked. “I just feel sorry for her.”


“Sure,” Molly passed. “Basically, in short, Zoe ended up telling a Professor of the odd sexual antic that she had experienced with Nott and then came her detentions. Albus and Scorpius were then caught with the spell – idiots – then McGonagall put the pieces together.” I waited a moment to process this, they really did love to torment, those two. “What did you say in French Russ?”


“He called me his sweet little flower.” I deadpanned.


She snorted. “Are you serious? What a fucking flattery.”


Russ gave her a little smack. “You’re just jealous because I don’t call you that.”


“If I’m completely honest, I prefer the term ‘Oi’ and ‘It’ and ‘Thingy’ to ‘my sweet little flower.” She leered. “I would feel the need to gag every time that you did.”


I pouted a little. “There would be little sick marks littered all over the castle.”


The both stopped what they were doing and turned to stare at me. Russ looked a little constipated while Molly just shook her head.


“You intrigue me, Blondie.” Russell said.


I shrugged. “I’m an intriguing person.”


“You’re a weird person.”


“You’re a man.” I shot back to my brunette roommate.


Molly pressed a hand to her heart and the other to her forehead. “Oh no! Somebody call the come-back-police. I just fell like I might cry inside.”


“Ok, before a cat fight ensues” Russell bellowed, making a chopping movement with his arm, splitting the two of us up. “Freddy taught me, by the way.”


Another look of shock was shared between Molly and me. “Freddy taught you?” I echoed.


He nodded.


Molly snorted. “Freddy speaks French?” another nod “For how long?”


Russell shrugged “For as long as I’ve known him, I think that your Aunt Fleur taught him years ago.”


“That astounds me almost as much as Georgie’s ability to understand English!”


This was the point that she earned a pillow against her face.


Russell pulled me off, yanking me from the sofa and on to the floor with him. He pulled down lightly on my plaits, they were still short, but beginning to grow. My lips today were not red, but a prominent coral colour. Russ poked them and I swatted away his finger.


“Come on, children.” Molly said swatting her hand between the two of us. “Break it up – don’t make me call your father.”


“Too late!” Hollie shouted, letting her new presence be known from the direction of the portrait hole. “Both of you go to bed – no dinner.”


We both simply answered her ‘request’ with a glare. However my expression quickly fell. She wasn’t alone. Behind her, she was with our boys. Freddy and Rory ran in and took what was my place on the sofa, Fred jumping over, no problem, Rory rolled, fell and landed with a thump.


There was a tense moment of silence when I looked at James and hoped that he would speak. But he didn’t. Instead he looked at me through those beautiful eyes and simply shook his head. Russell and I separated instantly, his knee still on Molly’s knee. James walked past us all and up to the Common Room.


For a few days now, James had been coming down with the flu. It astounded me that despite a runny nose and constant coughing, the girls of the school still wanted him. Even when he would walk down the corridor, my hand in his, they would still drool and point. I guess that’s the downside to being Harry Potters first born son. I inwardly longed for him to hold my hand once more.


“Wow,” Hollie said glumly. “I didn’t think your fight was that big?”


I shook my head. “Neither did I.”


“It shouldn’t even be classed as a fight,” Molly snapped. “You said something that he didn’t like and he threw a little girls strop – he’s being a grade 1 a-hole. Just ignore him. Now, what happened between Hollie and Josh, that’s a fight!” The expression on Hollie’s face said something else. “Shit!” Molly mentally punished. “I have a total case of foot in mouth disease!”


Hollie shrugged. “It’s ok. You can talk about him. I’m not going to cry.”


I smiled a little; the exact same words as Josh.


“Okay then,” Molly said cheerfully. “I never liked him – he’s a dick!”


I pinched her and she flinched. “There are some things that you keep to your self, moron.” I hissed.


She looked utterly shocked that I had either a) called her a moron or b) told her off. I raised a brow challengingly and grinned. She didn’t.


“Oh, before I forget.” Hollie chimed jumping towards me; she pulled out a letter from her robes. “I really have to stop being your owl.”


“Another letter?” I questioned.


She nodded. “It isn’t the same handwriting though, but it smells French.”


“It smells French?” I echoed in utter confusion. “I don’t know to be more worried about the fact that you think we smell, or the fact that you smelt my letter.”


Freddy coughed. “Ermm…she didn’t.”


“You did it didn’t you?” I questioned.


“While we’re on the topic of French and Freddy – since when do you speak the language?!” Molly shouted.


He gave a half hearted shrug. “I was a bored little kid, Aunt Fleur used to sit me and Dom down on the bottom stair and shout French at us until we got it.”


“So, while I was having trouble adjusting to the language,” I began. “You decided not to help me.”


He nodded. “It was more fun that way. We got to watch you mess up.”


Hollie wasted no time in interrupting our conversation and shoving the letter impatiently under my nose. “It’s addressed in French.”


“It’s from my Grandmother.” I said questioningly. “It’s her old skanky note paper and envelope set, that’s why it smells.”


“It doesn’t look like a woman’s writing.”


“I’ve always had theories about her.”


Molly snorted. “Well, were you close to the woman?”


“Kinda, we used to be inseparable.” I admitted. “She did believe in the whole blood-purity shebang, but no where near as strongly as her daughter.” I ran my fingers over the light pink envelope. “She always was the caring one in the family. When I got to Beaubaxtons Mother didn’t want me seeing her anymore. She tried sending letters but they never got to me. I haven’t seen her in years.”


“Well maybe this is her trying to get back in touch?” Hollie tried, sitting on the floor next to Russell. “It is coming up to your eighteenth; you’re your own person then.”


I shuddered a little at the thought. When I was eighteen, I was no longer protected. I was on my own. I pushed my fringe from my eyes and ran my finger under the flap of the envelope, opening it. “Hang on, my eighteenth not for another three months.”


“It takes a while to organise a party.” Russell said in truth.


“It took us just under a week to do Freddy’s.”


Fred nodded with a sigh and a smile. He put his hands behind his head and leant back on to the sofa. “Best. Night. Ever!”


I dreaded to ask.


Apparently so did the others.


“If it’s from your grandmother – we’re going to get the contents of it from your gob anyway – so, how about Freddy tries out his wonderful French?” Molly said.


At my nod of approval, I shoved the letter in to Freddy’s hands, he took it begrudgingly. “Go for it.”


He sneered playfully. Taking a sigh he gave it a quick once over, too quick for it to be true. “Dear Georgette, will you please go to Hogsmeade with me next month. Love Freddy.” He puckered up his lips and made a kissy noise.


I punched his arm. “No. Now what does it really say Mr. I-was-sick-on-you-at-Christmas?”


“You do something once and you never live it down.” He said, mostly to himself. He took a deep breath and began to read. “Dearest Ettie, it’s been only a month since I saw you last – I don’t think this is from your Grandmother.”


“Keep reading.” I whispered. Molly grabbed my knee. She knew as well as I did.


“I went back to France and met with Rebastian. He gave me the orders; we’re too look for you if you cross the border. We all assumed that he would drop it, but he hasn’t. He knows the one thing that will get you on to our territory and he’s currently locked away in St John’s under the guard of seven altering Auroras. It wasn’t until last week that I found out how he – G, I don’t think that I should read this, not out loud.”


I couldn’t look up, I tried but I couldn’t. Instead I held out my hand. Freddy put the letter in. I skimmed down until I found the place he was at. Freddy slipped his hand in to mine. I suddenly knew why.


…was subjected to such a hell. At the docks, when the fight began. Your Father was leading the- I shoved the letter back to Freddy. “I don’t want to read it.”


“Did you get to the-“


“No,” I said, silencing him. “I said that I don’t want to read it.”


“Georgie, you have to.” He assured. His thumb stroked my cheek, wiping away a tear that I didn’t know had fallen. My face was suddenly hot, my cheeks pinching to the colour of scarlet. My nose blocked up and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. It didn’t take a master mind to put together the pieces to this riddle; unfortunately I was praying to God that this puzzle wasn’t real, that it wouldn’t fuse together.


I shook my head once more. This time when my fringe partially blinded me, I couldn’t seem to muster up the ability to care.


It wasn’t silent crying, it wasn’t subtle. It quickly became a full-volume, sob-filled snotty experience, only enhanced by the assistance needed for me to stand up.


My surroundings seemed blurred, even through the watery vision and the sudden lost ability to care. I didn’t seem to notice Freddy holding my arm, supporting me as we briskly walked; he dragged me along more than single walking. My hair stuck to my wet cheeks, my eyes swollen from the tears.


Every time I shut my eyes to blink, it seemed to get harder to open them.


My lips were swollen, done to match my eyes, my tears became heavier, and my features puffy. Sound couldn’t make it through my ears, only snippets and questions. The staring students didn’t mean jack to me, neither did the critical comments. I was waiting for one in particular, but Taggert was no where to be seen.


As we reached what I saw as the outline of the Headmistresses Gargoyle, my senses seemed to heighten a little, what was my blurred vision only seemed to shake. I took no chances and clung to Freddy like he was my life line. I wanted it all to end, to stop. I wanted to wake up from the dream and smash the puzzle that I had formed in my mind.


“Peardrops,” Freddy said and waited for the Gargoyle to open.


I had the question on the tip of my tongue, the wonder of how he knew this password, but I didn’t ask. I saw the letter, still wrapped tightly in his grip. He pulled me up the staircase, still blubbering. He waited at McGonagall’s door and knocked loudly. The entrance allowance call was returned and he pushed open the door with one hand and pulled me in with the other.


“Oh my!” She gasped, leaping up from her desk and rushing over to the two of us. She took my other side and stood me straight, pulling me over to a near by chair. Freddy sat down in the one next to me.


If I hadn’t been so out of it I would have noticed that her office was defiantly harbouring people suffering from a severe case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. There were two chairs placed infront of her desk, each with a perfectly primped emerald cover on the seat. I would have seen the unusual circular walls, the tall windows replacing the right wall. I would have noticed the smaller black lines on the windows making smaller squares on to the glass. I would have noticed the smiling portrait of Albus Dumbledore, sending me a light of support from his oily cage.


McGonagall and Freddy were discussing something, something that I couldn’t comprehend; they were talking too fast for me to understand, to fast for me to care. It was obvious they were trying to make it hard for me to understand, so I didn’t even try.


It took me a little more than a minute to notice that I was placed in a chair in the corner; Freddy was closer to the window. It was fine with me, I felt better in the corner, away from the acres of open space. Although, I felt strangely trapped – to be honest to myself, I felt trapped no matter where I stood, whether it be in a corner or on a ship I the open sea.


As I thought of the position that I had closed myself in to my throat began to close up. It shot so tightly I scared myself in to thinking I was choking. I turned towards the fire and tried to reclaim the hold that I had on myself.


I counted to ten in my mind, slowly and surely. Ten…Nine…Eight…


“So it’s official then?” a little of her grey hair fell from beneath her hat.




Freddy nodded, his thick lips curving in to a frown. “The Ministry approved it, they had a full investigation. There’s no other explanation.”




“Her father attacked her brother-“


The number one didn’t enter my mind. It wasn’t able to. For the first time in my life, I seemed to have lost control of every sense in my body. Hearing the words out loud only seemed to make it worse.


Every nerve in my body exploded, my legs shaking involuntarily. I always had trouble meeting my reflection back in France, knowing the things that my mother had done, knowing that my father had allowed it, that my brother had proved it. I could never meet myself in the eyes. It wasn’t until late that I had found it alright. It was an irrational thing but every time that I did I could hear their voices in my head.


For years my parents would raise me with integrity, to be the perfect child. Until I was sixteen, I had followed that motive, not once ‘messing up’, not messing up in their eyes, in mine; I had never once done something right.


It seemed to me that my entire life, I had been digging a hole, with every step that I took; I would shovel a little more dirt from this hole of mine, but when I arrived at Hogwarts, when I had got away – the divorce settlement coming in to play – the hole started to fill itself back up again. When I met James, it filled, when Hollie, Molly and I stayed up all night eating chocolate, the hole would fill. When James kissed me…


But at the simple five words that McGonagall had spoken, I was back at the beginning, no, it was worse than that. The hole was already dug for me, but it was shallower. All I needed to do was jump in. Monsters grabbed hold of my legs and pulled me closer and closer towards my grave, these monsters where what I used to call my friends.

McGonagall raised a brow quizzically at my ragged breathing. Her serious face seemed to soften as my hands reached for my throat, I began clawing at the skin that was there, I needed air. I needed to breathe once more.


Freddy took hold of my hands and pulled them away from my skin. “Calm, Georgie.” He said softly. “You’re going to be alright.”


I nodded shakily; sob still wrecking the shell that was my body. I sniffed involuntarily, gripping Freddy’s wrist. It wasn’t until McGonagall spoke that I was shaken from my trance.


“For Merlin’s sake, will you get a grip?” It wasn’t the calming words that I had wanted to hear, but they seemed to hit home. I turned to her sulkily, I had no reply. I doubted my voice was audible. Leaning forward, she leant her elbows on to her desk, “You unknowingly raised a group of children to kill people, Georgette.” She knew? “I knew for a fact that the way that you were raised was despicable, I know for another fact that you have witnessed people die, that you have seen your mother murder. You’re by far the strongest pupil that we teach here at Hogwarts, so take a deep breath, and get a hold of yourself!”


“You saw your mother kill someone?” Freddy asked astonished.


I nodded in shame. “I was six,” I admitted. “I didn’t know what had happened; Kellan hid me in a cupboard, so that I wouldn’t have to see.”


The headmistress’s glasses fell forward on her nose as she smacked her palms down on to her desk. “Miss Blythe, I recognise the fact that you’ve been through a lot, that you are more courageous and cunning than most at this school. But you have to stay strong. Not many people escape the life of a Death Eater – not for long anyway. This is only the beginning, if you want to stay alive; you’re going to have to work for it.”


I took a final sniff and nodded solemnly. I looked back towards the fire. It seemed to spit at me, not in a mocking way, but with appreciation. I knew that I had finally lost it when I was finding secret ways to communicate with a fire.


I reached out for the letter; Freddy took it from its place on the desk and scrunched it in to my hands. I scrapped it to a ball and reached up my arm aiming for the fire. I quickly dammed Fred’s Quidditch reflexes as he caught my wrist.


“You don’t want to do that G,” he warned. “One, that letter has a lot of information in, you could use it. And two it’s from Damon – I know you, you miss him like crazy. Can you please promise me that you will just read the letter?”


He took it from my grasp and un-scrunched it. It straightened it out before folding it once more, in to quarters, how it was originally sent. He tucked it in to the inside of my robes.


I bit down on to my lip. “Will Kellan be alright?” It would have been ok if my voice hadn’t cracked.


McGonagall nodded. “Eventually, he was hit with a strong hex.”


“By my father,” I couldn’t look anyone in the eye. I quickly realised that the nonchalant expression on Professor McGonagall’s face wasn’t nonchalant in the slightest, she felt sorry for me. “I don’t want your pity.”


“Then you won’t get it.” I looked down to my school skirt and ran my fingers along the hem.


Freddy gripped hold of my hand. “What are you thinking?”


I shrugged, my feet swung forward and backwards, my toes brushing the floor as they went. I looked to the floor; I had counted the cobbles on the floor in the room at least twice before I had accumulated an answer. The Headmistress was half way through another conversation when I had found the courage to speak.


Freddy’s hand still held mine. “I want to see him.”


“Well, yes that can be arranged.” McGonagall said, her voice was caring, an annoyance if anything. I ached for her voice to be mean, that way I had an excuse to be sharp, to be rude without feeling guilty – bugger it, when had that ever stopped me before? “You can visit the Ministry tomorrow; Freddy could take you if you like, although I advise you against making any rash decisions. I’m sure that your father-


Despite the late hour, the curtains were still open; the occupants of the room received a perfect view of the grounds. Students were walking back to the castle; it was nearing curfew. The light in the room came from an array of candles, the odd black lantern and the blazing fire to my right.


I met the Professors gaze with a sense of acknowledgment. She knew as well as I did. “I wasn’t talking about my father. He hurt my brother out of cold blood. He would walk over my dead body for a free pack of bubble gum.” I switched my mind from the mental image that I had just created and thought of the delicious taste, the one that I loved. I loved the bubbles that I could blow with Droobles Gum. I had a packet back in the dorm room, lying on my bed. “I want to see Kell.”


McGonagall’s arms fell off of the arms of her chair with a mixture of annoyance and confusion. “I’m incredibly sorry; Miss Blythe, but I don’t see how that could be possible.”


I pulled my fringe from my puffy cheeks. “I want to see him – I know what you’re thinking, but I don’t care that he’s a murderer, he raised me. He protected me. Without his guidance, I would still be in France – I would probably be the one lying in St Johns, not him. I want to see him…at least to say thank you.”


He had warned me that day, back at Beaubaxtons. I was fifteen and naive. I would have believed anything, but I was mature for my age. It hadn’t occurred to me upon Kellan’s first warning, but the desperation in his eyes made me think. He wanted me to leave France. I had shortly written to my father for help. Without him, I would still be in France – they worked together to get me out. I couldn’t understand why father did it.


Freddy took pity on me, a fact that I hated. He rubbed his thumb gently along mine. “Professor, couldn’t an Aurora bring her?”


“The letter clearly states, Mr Weasley, that if she sets foot on French soil, the Death Eaters will be waiting for her.” I shocked me that I could hear a little worry in her voice.


Freddy pouted his lips for a moment. “Not if we do it quietly – yes, they’ll be waiting for her, but if we’re quick, not longer than a few minutes. She Apperates to the Hospital runs in, see’s him and runs out, besides they’re not going to be there tomorrow morning, the majority will be in Germany, finding recruits, now that that Elite has ended.”


“How do you know that?” I asked quietly.


Freddy smirked. “I told you to finish that letter.”


“I don’t know quite what worries me more,” Professor McGonagall said in a cool monotone “The fact that Miss Blythe here still has loyalty from Death Eaters, or the fact that you’re both actually serious about this.”


I bowed my head. “I should apologise Professor,” I admitted. “But I don’t see what I would apologise for.”


“You’re correct in thinking that you have nothing to say sorry for, Georgie.” She said kindly. “It’s just unfortunate that things like this seem to always happen to you.”


She pushed her glasses back up her nose and my fringe fell in to my eyes. “Professor, if you were to allow this, I would be forever grateful.” She seemed to acknowledge this. “The divorce settlement isn’t in play in France, besides laws have never stopped them before. If they wanted me dead, they would have marched in to England and done it. They’re just looking for an easy play. They’re not going to make a fuss about the situation unless I do.” She furrowed a brow. “I know how their minds work.”


“They wouldn’t make the same mistakes they did on the first two times round.” Freddy added.


I gave a nod of agreement, “Third times the charm.”



Russell leant over the DADA desk and corrected my spelling, a habit that he regularly got in to. No one else ever did it, Molly’s wasn’t much better than mine and Hollie could never be bothered. Russell and I sat on either end of the table, the best that Langley could do to split us up. He stuck by his theory - we would disturb others if we were too close, but that we would whine, if we were too far away. He hadn’t tried to test it.


I sent him a small grin and turned back towards the chalk board. I blinked once or twice and stopped the scene infront of me from going fuzzy. I was shattered; I hadn’t slept a wink. Zoe hadn’t come back to the dorm room last night; I believe that she was bunking with a Hufflepuff temporarily. Molly and Holls has climbed in to bed with me, I doubt that either of them had slept either.


I felt terrible for what I had put Freddy through last night; I felt my stomach hurl every time I thought back to it. I still felt puzzled over how much authority freddy had over McGonagall; they seemed to discuss my fate together as partners more than student and teacher. But I pushed that question to the back of my mind; I doubted that he would tell me even if I asked. I had more important things on my mind. Was it right that I felt disgusted with my father, yet a small shred of appreciation for what he did? How could I feel so conflicted?


My mascara was thick, thick enough that if I closed my eyes I could see with black on my lashes. My lips were still coral, still puffy. I could swear that my eyes still looked a little red, the same colour that my cheeks seemed to adapt to. They seemed to clash horribly with my light freckles.


I placed my quill back down on to the table and rested back in to my chair with folded arms. Today I had worn shorts (a suitable school length); I brushed my sweaty palms down them. Molly had decided that I was in no state of mind to dress myself this morning; I’m sure that she thought I was going to try and take myself out with a coat hanger or stab myself in the eye with an eyelash curler. She was entirely wrong, if I was headed towards suicide, I would have gone for the shoes. Death by shoes doesn’t sound so bad.


She had made me her dolly once again. She had straightened my hair, picked out my clothes, done my make-up, all but taken me to the toilet and brushed my teeth. I felt like an incapable child. It creeped me out a little to think that Molly maybe enjoyed doing this. 


I looked out of the window, wishing that I could be out of this classroom; I had no intention of leaving the castle under any circumstances. Infact, if I was perfectly honest, I would love to spend my days hiding in the stationary cupboard on the third floor – anything to stay in this school. I wanted the safety of this school.


Russell brushed a straight strand of hair from my eyes and tucked it behind my ear. I am sure that Freddy had told him what was going on and even if he hadn’t, Russell wasn’t stupid. I stared at Professor Langley.


“And there you have it kids, the ins and outs of a strong defense shield.” He said, putting a stick of chalk back in to a little black pot that he kept by his board. Oh how I wished to hit him over the head with it. “So, any questions?”


A lanky Hufflepuff raised his hand. Langley called on him. “Sir, forgive me for asking. But what exactly made the Death Eaters come back?”


I felt myself give an internal cry. Russell’s shoulder sagged beside me. I didn’t dare to look at Josh. I didn’t want to see his expression; we hadn’t spoken for days, not since his explanation to me in the corridor. I stabbed my quill in to the wooden desk and dragged it towards me, Russell didn’t bat an eyelid.


“It’s a bit of a topic change,” Langley said sternly. “But McGonagall did say you could ask questions at any time, and this is Defense against the Dark Arts.” Thank you very bloody much McGoogles! “There isn’t a specific reason, I don’t think, Harris. But I don’t think that they ever really went away. There in a thin line between Good and Evil, something toppled that line and has made them react. It’s been level for many years. Whether this incident is bad or good, it has made them make a move.


“This may or may not be good for us. It means that we’re starting to fight and protect once again, loosing people that we love and care for, however it may be better that we fight this out now, before they were ready.”


“Who says’ they’re not ready?” Russell questioned challengingly. “Who says they don’t want it to appear to us like a mistake. Who says they haven’t got something up their sleeve.”


Professor Langley perched on the edge of his wooden desk. “Good point, Mr Finnegan. There is nothing. But people have tried to hide it,” I felt his gaze wash over me. “The qualities and words of a liar will always stand up stronger than those that speak the truth.”


“What’s that supposed to mean?” I snapped.


“It means, Miss Blythe.” He tested as he sent me a piercing glare. “That the words of a liar tell a lot more than the blatant truth. Take you for example.”


“Excuse me?”


“You told us back before Christmas that you knew nothing of Death Eaters, that there were none in France.” He sneered, I simply raised a brow. “You lied.”


I snorted. “What exactly are you trying to insinuate Professor?”


“I’m trying to say that you know a lot more than you’re letting on.”


I quickly thanked the lord that Taggert wasn’t in this lesson; she would have had an absolute filed day. I popped my lips and sat back. “I don’t believe that you can accuse me of that, not legally. Besides, I knew nothing. I know as much as the rest of the students,” I lied. “I didn’t know that they were back until Professor McGonagall announced it in the hall.”


“I saw your face during that announcement.” He said. “You weren’t surprised.”


I furrowed a brow. “You were watching me?” I questioned. “Should I have you put on some kind of list, Professor?”


“Not at all” He didn’t seem to take my teasing words in the correct manner, instead he leered. “Don’t change the subject.”


“And may I ask something, Professor, seeing as you have asked so many questions about me…” he seemed to prepare himself for whatever words were going to come from my mouth. “How did you know to mention the Death Eaters before Christmas? I mean, nobody had any idea about them.”


“That’s enough of this discussion for one day.” He dismissed.


I smirked. “No, seriously, Professor. What exactly do you gain from embarrassing me infront of my classmates? I mean, there is nothing to prove. So how did you know that the Death Eaters were coming back?”


Russell kicked me under the desk. It was obvious this topic had been taken far enough. I looked around to my class mates, each one was torn, either wanting to stare their eyes at me or at our beloved professor. The odd one flicked between the two, adapting to the appearance to that of a seizure.


“Is there a Georgie Blythe in this class?”


I blinked at the interrupting, thanking the lord for the second time this hour, that he hadn’t used my full name. I glanced to the back of the room warily. A fifth year boy stood wearily, primly brushed dark brown hair and somewhat feminine features stood nonchalantly in the open back door way, he looked around with emotionless eyes.


“That would be me,” I said quietly, suddenly aware of the Ravenclaw prefect badge that he wore on his pristine robes.


His gaze landed on me, he gestured for me to follow him out of the classroom. “Bring your belongings.”


I sent Russell an odd glance as I slipped out of my seat and picked up my small school satchel and threw it over my shoulder. I pushed the overly-heavy textbooks from the desk and in to my arms. A quiet chorus of ‘oohs’ came obnoxiously erupted from a group of Slytherins.


I looked back to Langley. “I’ll be willing to carry on this conversation later if you like.”


His nostrils seemed to flare. “Just get out, Blythe!”


“You know, I thoroughly do enjoy a good lesson of Defense.” 


I re-opened the heavy door, noticing that the boy had allowed it to slam in to my face. He had made no intention of holding it open or of helping me re-open it while I struggled with my books.


When I had eventually managed, with no help from Langley, The Ravenclaw was waiting outside the door. His impatient gaze met mine. “McGonagall wants to see you. I was sure that you could make your own way however she had different ideas. Apperantly you need an escort – considering the horrific scene that you just accumulated in your lesson I am beginning to see why.”


I made no effort to contradict him and instead simply followed him. He began to walk away briskly, I followed faster. He assumed that I would simply carry on after him like a good little first year, but I was a seventh year. Although I followed him, I didn’t do it willingly, nor did I do it fast, I took my time.


“Are you going to take all day?” he questioned. “I have places to be.”


I felt my temper beginning to bubble underneath my skin. I was not in the mood for this today. I simply smiled. “Oh, I’m sorry – I could run it if you like.”


“There is no need for sarcasm.”


I raised a light brow. I quickly considered the option of giving him the choice of sprinting it or heading there snail-pace, but that might have been a little too harsh, nor was I in the mood for either.


It took us ten minutes of one-lined bickering before we reached the Headmistresses office. He said the password and nodded a thankful good bye, Molly was right; the Ravenclaw’s could be insufferable sometimes. Although I do freely admit that I wasn’t a walk in the park to communicate with either.


I knocked on the door as Freddy had last night and entered at the granted call. I sent McGonagall a small smile as I walked in and shut the door behind me. She wasn’t alone in the room.




The blonde eighth vela turned his head to me and smiled. “Morning, Georgie.”


What ever smile that had faltered vanished, it turned to a full-out grin. I pushed my fringe from my face and allowed my hair to swing widely out of control in its loose bun as Louis enveloped me in to a hug.


“Behave now,” I said stupidly as he let go.


 He poked me in the shoulder. “I will – don’t be cheeky with me, woman!”


“I’m beginning to think that this wasn’t such a good idea.” McGonagall’s voice droned from behind the two of us.


“Don’t be hasty, Minnie.” Louis teased. “I am perfectly capable of looking after my favorite cousin-in-law…ermm, your majesty.” He added nervously on the end. Her look said it all.


She took a deep breath. “Miss Blythe,” her authority was obvious. “Mr Weasley will Apperate you to France – I believe that you never took your test, you will not leave his sight, you will have exactly five minutes with your brother, you may ask him what ever you wish however you will be in the room with four armed Auroras at this time, after that you must return to England. You may never speak of this to anyone.”


“Thank you Professor,” the appreciation and grateful demeanor in my voice was so powerful that it seemed unreal. I took a deep breath and looked to Louis. When I had requested this last night, I had known that it would be carried through; it just still seemed hard to contemplate. “Ready to go.” I put my hand out.


He took it in his grip, hard. “If you are.”


“Wait one moment, the both of you.” our Headmistress said sternly. “I realise that you appreciate this wildly, Georgie. But I think that you underestimate just how dangerous this actually is. I still do not approve of this in the slightest, you have Mr Harry Potter to thank for this, he wanted to take you himself, but he is dealing with a case in Scotland at this moment.”


“So you got me, babe.”


“Mr Weasley, please.” She snapped. “I am not in the slightest way happy about this. It’s dangerous, reckless and stupid. Miss Blythe, Mr Potter is certain that you will come back from this; I however think that it is a trap. If you do come home it will be because of your own stupidity. Mr Weasley is more than capable of protecting you, you may use my fireplace to floo to Hogsmeade from there you will Apperate to St Johns – if you Floo straight there, they will be able to detect you.”


She wasted no time in leave in the room, closing the door behind her.


“She’s always been a charmer.” Louis said with a slight pout. He squeezed my hand and pulled me over to the fireplace. “Ready to go?”


I grinned a little nervously. “If you are.”



We walked in to what was a room of white. Long white curtains hung from the ceiling to the floor, infront of spotless windows. The white was almost too bright for the occasion. It was so bright that I had to resist the want to shield my eyes or ask for sunglasses. Louis guided me down the corridor. We stopped at what seemed to be just another white door, or it would have been, if it wasn’t for the two armed Auroras stood outside the door.


“Je suis ici pour voir mon frère.” I said confidently. With a nod of courtesy, they let Louis and me past.


I paused at the door, knowing that if I took the step through, I was really doing this. But I didn’t need to take the step; my blonde companion gave me the much needed shove forward. I held on to the handle to refrain from falling in to the room.


A white bed was placed on the far wall of the room, space either side for worried people to crowd around it, but there was no one. Another four Auroras, similarly dressed were stood in every corner of the room. The only feature in this room, not white was the metal IV that stood mechanically by the bed. I looked everywhere but the occupant at first. Two people dressed in long yellow robes leg go of the bruised figure in the bed and left the room silently.


“Five minutes, G.” Louis said, nudging me reassuringly. “Go on.”


Not wanting him to hear my answer I slowly stepped towards the figure in the bed. I refused to look it in the eye. It wasn’t my brother. My brother wasn’t evil, he was a kind boy. He was caring. He would do anything to protect the people that he loved – that turned out to be his down fall. My brother had hair that could be classed as a slightly over grown mess, not a closely shaved easy-to-care-for cut. My brother wasn’t black and blue; my brother didn’t have a cut leading from his eye down to his chin. My brother didn’t have a stomach wrapped in bandages. My brother didn’t have that ghastly mark on his arm, in the room of white it stood out like a sore thumb.


I pushed my hair back from my face with both my hands and took a deep breath, the cold air battling against my teeth. He wasn’t asleep, but he was breathing quietly, his eyes closed. I felt a twinge of nausea in my stomach as they slowly flittered open. What was once a light and playful blue seemed to be a washed out shade of grey. He looked like a tired, battered parent, not a happy nineteen year old.


Louis brushed a fallen hair from its pinned bun back in to place.


“Georgette,” the figure groaned from the bed in French. “Georgette, what are you doing here? I thought that you had escaped.”


I kept my mouth in a straight line, if I blinked, tears would fall. To see him in so much pain… “I heard what father did,” the figure looked away. “I needed to see for myself.”


“You can’t bl, blame him.” He stammered. That was it, for the second time in less than twenty four hours, the tears fell uncontrollably. I rushed towards him and flung my arms around his neck, I ignored the cry of pain he made. “Shhh, my darling, all will be well.”


I pulled away begrudgingly, tears still falling from my swollen eyes. From the amount of tears they had produced I doubted they would ever return to normal. “All will be well?” I echoed mockingly. “Cut the crap, Kellan. I had Damon escaping from a tight hold to tell me of this mockery that you made of me. You shamed me.”


“Face it, Ettie, that was already done.” He snapped. “It was too late for me, but for you-“


“You lied to me.”


“You wouldn’t have believe me if I had told you the truth!” he shouted in a strained voice. It cracked at the desperation to meet my volume. Another sniff came from me as my eyes seemed to mimic a waterfall. “You’re as stubborn as me, my darling.”


I looked away and flared my nostrils. “I just wish that you could have told me; I didn’t want to find out from Harry Potter what you had become.”


“Harry Potter,” he scoffed. “You really did do well for yourself.”


“And what’s that supposed to mean?”


Kellan turned his head, the only part of his body that he had moved so far. “When I had told you to run from the Elite, when father and I got the divorce settlement, I had never meant for you to take the Elite down with you – you had done that on your own.” He took a shuddering breath. “When you were eighteen you could make the choice to come back and join us if you wanted to, but you ruined it.” I shuddered at the word us.


He saw me glance to his mark. “I would never. It’s a shameful thing to be a part of.”


“That’s the difference between you and I Ettie.” He said sternly. “I was always one to follow trend, you never were. My only aim in life was to keep you safe, I completed that.”


I had many mocking and sarcastic remarks to just how safe he had kept me, but I bit them back. We had never fought before. “Why did you scoff when I mentioned Mr Potter?”


“Oh, so its Mr Potter now is it?” He asked, I raised a brow, “I had expected you to keep your presence in England quiet, not get friendly with Harry Potter. You’re fighting against me, Ettie.”


“It was an accident, Kell.” I said truthfully. “I thought that you wanted me to end the Elite, so I did. It took a long time.”


“If I’m perfectly frank, Georgette, the only think that I want is for you to be happy, whether that means destroying the Elite or ruling it,” I felt a fresh batch of tears come to my eyes, I shuddered them back in to the tear ducts. “Now here,” he patted the bed next to him. “Tell me of Hogwarts.”


“Georgie,” Louis interrupted from the doorway. “You have three minutes.”


Kellan looked as if he wanted to contradict this, but he knew as well as anyone in the room, it wasn’t safe for me to be here. “They didn’t expect you to come,” he said with a small laugh. “They thought that you might think this was a trap, or that you hated me.”


I brushed a gentle hand over his cheek. “I could never hate you, Kell. You made me what I am today.”


His blinked through watery eyes. “Ettie, I’m so sorry.”


“You have nothing to be sorry for,” I whispered. “Kellan, I am so grateful for every opportunity that you have given me.” My voice wobbled as I spoke more and more, I decided to keep my questions and answers short.


He reached up his arm slowly but steadily and placed it caringly on to my cheek. It wasn’t his marked arm; it was his human one, the one that belonged to him, not to the monsters. “Ettie, tell me, how have you been?”


“Fine.” I choked out. “I’m really happy there Kell.” He smiled, as if that was all he needed to hear. “I have lovely friends, and I have a wonderful boyfriend,” I held back the addition of I think. “I really love where I am; I have a person who I like to consider my argument buddy.”


“Is it a teacher?”


“One of them,” I chuckled. Kellan knew me so well. “Kellan, will you ever come back? Come back to England, with me?”


He looked me in the eye and his hand pulled away. If I knew that would have been his reaction, to let me go, I never would have asked. “Ettie, my darling, I can’t. There is no way that I can leave. I warned you when I realised what was happening to me, it was too late for me to get out, but for you, it was only beginning; there was still time.”


“Kellan,” I sobbed quietly, taking his hand in mine. “Kell, please.”


“Georgette, I will always love you. You’re my little sister, I will always be thinking of you, thinking of your safety, and for this reason, please do not do anything stupid.” His voice was pleading and quiet, but his eyes were holding strong, they wouldn’t for long. “It was wrong of you to come here, but I’m glad that you did.”


I couldn’t look him in the eye. “I will save you one day, I promise.” I lowered my voice to a whisper. “Damon is still on my side, he will never let anything happen to me, I still have Kevin and Belle, Gaspard and Wes-“


“I beg you; please cut all ties with them.” He choked. “Georgette, you’re free, they will find their own way. Please leave them be, don’t get dragged in too.”


“I won’t get dragged in.” he glared at me; he knew that I was temperamental. “I promise you that I will stay safe.”


“And I promise you, that I will get better.”


I sent him a small but teary smile. “That’s all that I could ask for.”


“Georgette,” he groaned, a pathetic attempt to move. “Please don’t be mad at father, he was only doing what we had agreed.”


“To kill you?”


He gave a sadistic laugh. “No, my darling, to treat each other as if we had never met – what would you have done?”


I knew the question was rhetorical, but even if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to answer. Would I have injured him?


“Georgie, love, we have to go.” Louis said impatiently. “McGonagall will be expecting us back in a matter of minutes.”


My gaze shot back to Kellan. “No.” I sniffed. “I don’t want to go.”


“You have to, Ettie.” He said no louder than a whisper. “Be strong – you’re a Blythe, don’t shame us. We’re a military family, hard as stone.”


I nodded, “You too.”


With a lasting kiss on to his forehead, Louis and I walked briskly from the room. It wasn’t until that I door shut behind us that I knew it was over, that I knew it would not last. Kellan was a Death Eater and I was not.


I fought the urge to vomit as the Apperation finished; I knew there was always a reason to hate it. I remember the colours, the squishing feeling, the want to stretch but to feel unable. I remember the coughing that I partook in as we flooed, the forth feeling of choking that day. Until we were stood firmly back on the ground in McGonagall’s office with the squishy emerald cushions, Louis did not let go of my arm. I looked back up at him with a small, grateful smile. He returned it, a tear in his eye.



I tucked my feet under me as I leant my head against the windowsill later that night. I had never had an objection to what ever Kellan wanted, not in all my life, but I couldn’t seem to get this from my mind.


He wanted me to cut ties with Damon and Kevin, which I couldn’t do. For without them I wouldn’t be able to know the welfare of Kellan. That is something that I couldn’t manage. He will somehow know of my safety, I have to know of his.


Curiosity plagued me as I looked out on to the dark grounds, the howling forests and the naughty students that snuck out after dark. They ran in to the forest, laughing loudly without a care in the world. I wish that it was back earlier in the year, back when we had done that, without much to think about.


I wish that I could have been Hollie, with only the boyfriend troubles to worry about.


I wish that I could have been Russell, with only the decision to stay or go on my mind.


I wish that I could have been Molly, with only the desperate need to make Russell stay (although I could easily assume that this is the one that hurts the most).


I wish that I could have been Freddy or Rory, only the constant thought of sex and Quidpitch plaguing my thoughts.


I wish that I could have been James, dearest James, my James – to know what he thinks when he looks at me, for him to know how much I long to apologise and for everything to be fine. I wish that I could be with James, but to not be me – to be a pretty, happy little girl who came from a muggle born family on a small country farm. Nobody in the world can understand how much I wish that.


They didn’t know how much I ached to wake up in the morning to the smell of pancakes, to just pop out to the shop which is actually a half an hour treck to get to, to get grounded, to argue with my parents who won’t let me go to the party. I wanted it with such a passion.


I pulled Damon’s letter from my back pocket and unfolded it slowly. I read it once over, and then again, and again. I couldn’t seem to put it down. I slept with it that night, it was a comforter – surprising, I know. The letter from hell turned out to be the thing that could help me, make me sleep.


As I closed my eyes, the words echoed in my head, the pages and pages of promises, each one stating how he will keep me safe.


Tomorrow, they will be out in Germany. The Elite is officially over. Gaspard made sure of that – lord only knows what orders you left that boy with. Wesley has moved in with Belle and is signing up after this year; they are taking recruits younger now, moving to different countries too. They are getting desperate. This is because of you, you have made a team of grown, murderous men angry – I’m not sure whether to be proud or scared.


I smiled at his words, he always was oddly strange. I gripped it tighter between my fingers and tucked myself in under the duvet, laying my head on the soft pillow.


It wasn’t until I realized just how much of a shit hole Kellan had buried himself in to that I thought of writing to you, but it will never stop, I will always keep you in the loop; you deserve to know. I want you to know. There are still some of us with humanity, Ettie. I never want to kill a person, I will hold on to that for as long as I can.


Damon will. He was always as strong minded and stubborn as I.


The tracks are covered, no one will come for you, no one will want to. I promised your brother that I would keep you safe. Be strong baby-Blythe. I promise, on my life, that nothing will happen to you. You can have my word on that. I know that a word isn’t much in this day and age, but it’s all that I can give you, and I will give you everything.



AN; How is everyone? I’m sorry for the long wait for this chapter. I have two new stories posted, one is a one-shot and the other is  sequel is Wolfsbane. If anyone fancies reading, check them out. One is an Albus/OC, the other is a Freddy/OC – if you like Freddy in this story, then it’s all good, plus you don’t need to read the first story for it to fit. :)


I hope that everyone enjoyed this chapter. What do you all make of Damon’s letter? Do you think it’s legit? Or how about Freddy speaking French? Or her visit to St Johns, Kellan in the flesh (or book flesh – ew) for the first time? :O I will update soon with the next.


The next chapter is called Of in Sickness and in Health.


“That’s not the Georgie Blythe that I know; she wasn’t rude, she wasn’t mean – even to people that she didn’t like - and she certainly didn’t raise an army of Death Eaters.”


I furrowed my brows and looked in to his eyes, searching for something that I could relate to. “What is that supposed to mean.”


So, the return of James. It’s about time is it not? Thank you for all being so patient, I hope that this chapter met your expectations. Don’t forget to leave a review – or drop by my MTA. Hopefully this long chapter will make up for the wait. 

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