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Baby, look up when you're down by ClearCutDiamonds
Chapter 7 : VII.
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VII. Baby, look up when you're down — Chapter 7


                 “But love is blind, and lovers cannot see.”
                                                — William Shakespeare


Victoire Weasley always managed to look haughty and unruffled. But now, looking at her reflection in her vanity mirror, she knew she looked quite the opposite. In fact, she looked like a downright mess. Sighing, she pulled her silvery-blonde hair into a knot at the top of her head which she secured with her wand. Staring at herself in the mirror, Victoire couldn’t help but think of how her face never showed how she was ever truly feeling.


‘ ’Toire?’ called Dominique, nudging Victoire’s door open with her hip. ‘Will you do my other hand?’ In one hand Dominique had a small glass bottle of pink nail varnish and in the other a wad of tissues.


‘Sure,’ said Victoire. Dominique dropped herself on Victoire’s bed and held out her left hand. Victoire sat on the end of her bed and began painting her sister’s nails.


            ‘Everyone’s coming over at around six,’ said Dominique. ‘And mum wants us to go downstairs to help in the kitchen.’


            ‘Okay,’ replied Victoire, blowing lightly on Dominique’s nails. She could feel Dominique’s eyes on her and she shifted uncomfortably.


            ‘Nana Molly is practically bringing all the food, ’cause mum’s only made a salad,’ continued Dominique. ‘And Uncle Charlie’s bringing his new girlfriend, apparently she’s Russian. And mum’s also invited Andromeda and Teddy.’ Dominique watched Victoire for any telltale signs of discomfort.


            Victoire wouldn’t give in that easily. Her face was blank and completely void of any emotion as she concentrated on painting a second coat on Dominique’s nails.


            ‘I know about you and Teddy,’ blurted Dominique.


            Victoire’s hand slipped and she accidently painted nail varnish on Dominique’s ring finger. ‘Shit,’ she muttered, dabbing it with a tissue. It gave her a way to avoid Dominique’s statement. And judging from the tone of Dom’s voice, she wouldn’t be giving up that easily. ‘There, all done,’ said Victoire, closing the bottle firmly. She refused to meet Dom’s hazel eyes.


            ‘Did you hear what I said?’ asked Dominique. ‘I know.’


            ‘Yes, I heard you,’ snapped Victoire. ‘What do you want me to say?’


            ‘I don’t know,’ replied Dominique. ‘But you don’t have to be a bitch about it.’ She grabbed the bottle from Victoire’s hand and walked out of the room.


            Victoire sighed and fell back onto her bed. Why did everything have to be such a complicated mess? Dominique knew and—


            But, how did Dominique know? Sure, she could have her suspicions, but how did she know for certain? The only other person that knew was Teddy. And perhaps Cameron. Did everyone know?


            The doorbell sounded and Victoire sat bolt upright. She so wasn’t ready for all this. Voices carried from downstairs and Victoire walked over to her closet slowly, deciding that she had better just go downstairs before she was called by her very stressed mother. She pulled on the blouse that her mother had bought her for the occasion and assessed herself in the mirror one last time before heading downstairs.


            She walked down the stairs quickly to meet the arrival of her Uncle Ron and her Aunt Hermione and her cousins, Rose and Hugo.


            Victoire forced herself to smile and greet her family. She took a dessert platter from her Aunt Hermione and headed to the kitchen. Her mother, still dressed in an apron, came rushing in.


            ‘Victoire, can you set ze table? I ‘ave to serve drinks. Merci, chérie.’ She didn’t even wait for Victoire’s reply and disappeared the way she’d come.


            Victoire sighed and gathered the plates from the counter, heading to the adjoining dining room. The doorbell rang again and Victoire could hear more voices. She focused instead on setting the table perfectly.


            When she was finally finished, she assessed the table for any missing things, trying to prolong joining everyone in the living room. She walked towards the living room and stopped in front of the doorway to smooth her blouse and hair. She breathed in deeply and joined her family in the living room, greeting everyone who’d come.


            She greeted all her aunts and uncles and her cousins. She stopped to greet Andromeda, Teddy’s grandmother and in her peripheral vision, she saw Teddy’s eyes on hers. Victoire smiled and tried her best to ignore Teddy, kissing Andromeda on both cheeks. She finally came to Teddy and felt Dominique’s piercing stare. Averting her eyes from his, she greeted him and kissed him quickly on both cheeks, telling herself she’d draw more attention if she hadn’t. Some of the adults watched the scene with interest. It had been a running joke that Teddy and Victoire would get married. A joke that seemed to get more serious as they got older.


            Victoire stepped away from Teddy and sat down next to her little brother, Louis. She smoothed her skirt and tried her best not to draw any attention to herself.


            ‘Hey, Vicki and Teddy, when are you two going to finally get together?’ called Uncle Charlie, winking at Victoire.


            Victoire was mortified. She smiled awkwardly and felt her cheeks heat up. She couldn’t even look at Teddy to see his reaction.


            ‘Yeah,’ continued Uncle Fred. ‘Your Nana Molly wants great-grandchildren.’


            Victoire laughed nervously.


            ‘Oh, yes!’ joined in Victoire’s younger cousin, Lily. ‘A baby! If it was a girl it—’


            ‘Now, now, Lily,’ said Aunt Ginny. ‘Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Teddy and Vicki are still young.’


            ‘But,’ argued James. ‘People have babies young!’


            ‘Yeah!’ continued Hugo. ‘And then if it were a boy—’


            ‘It’s going to be a girl!’ interrupted Rose.


            ‘Will not!’ said Fred.


            ‘Oh and imagine if it had Victoire’s hair and Teddy’s eyes!’ said Lily excitedly.


            ‘And then Teddy would really be a part of the family!’ said Albus happily.


            ‘He already is,’ answered Uncle Harry.


            Victoire sat rooted in her spot. Her entire family was talking about her and Teddy’s future children. Her cheeks were crimson and she couldn’t meet anyone’s eye or even force a laugh. If only they knew, thought Victoire.


            ‘Come on now, dears!’ said Nana Molly. ‘Stop it, you’re making Victoire blush!’


            If it was even possible, Victoire turned even more red.


            ‘Oh, mum!’ said Uncle Fred. ‘C’mon, everyone knows those two are gonna get married, anyway. It’s been a fact from the start.’


            Victoire couldn’t even so much as glance at Teddy. He’d been entirely too quiet over the course of the conversation. Everyone laughed and suddenly Victoire felt angry. What if all this — all her feelings for Teddy — were just because everyone had pushed it so much?


            ‘Teddy! Why haven’t you asked our Victoire yet?’ asked Uncle Charlie.


            Victoire suddenly wished she could disappear. Teddy opened his mouth to speak and Victoire knew she didn’t want to hear his answer.


            ‘Oh,’ said Teddy. ‘I don’t think Victoire would take me.’


            Victoire’s jaw dropped and she had to force herself to close it.


            ‘Aw, ’Toire,’ said Lily sadly. ‘Why don’t you like Teddy?’


            Victoire could feel everyone’s eyes on her. Particularly Dominique’s, who had stayed silent throughout the conversation. Even Teddy had turned to face her, waiting for her reply.


            She cleared her throat and forced a tight smile. ‘I – I do like Teddy,’ stammered Victoire.


            Lily beamed then turned to Teddy. ‘See, Teddy? ’Toire will take you!’


            Before Teddy could reply, Victoire’s mother Fleur burst into the room, an apron still secured around her waist. ‘Dinner ees served!’


            Everyone got up, their previous conversation forgotten. Victoire followed suit, refusing to meet Teddy’s gold stare.


            To say that she was mad would be an understatement. She was positively livid. How dare Teddy put all this on her? That she wouldn’t take him? What about all his bullshit about not being ashamed of his feelings?


            Victoire sat between her brother and sister and paid no attention to Teddy who was seated at the far end of the table, next to Andromeda.


            ‘What’s wrong, ’Toire?’ asked Louis, his big blue eyes on Victoire.


            ‘Nothing.’ Victoire forced a smile and ruffled her younger brother’s hair.


            Louis smiled back and returned to his food.


            Victoire felt sick. She couldn’t eat and she was too agitated to stay seated anymore. She glanced around the room, surely no one would notice if she left the table. Slowly, Victoire pushed out her chair and snuck out of the room.


            She took the stairs two at a time and when she reached the top of the staircase she went into her room and locked the door.


            She fell onto her bed with a sigh, burying her head in her pillow. Victoire was about to close her eyes when she heard a sharp knock on her window. She looked up, startled and the sound came again. It was a rock hitting her window pane. Victoire pushed herself out of bed and walked over to the window slowly. Her eyes caught the flash of blue and she spotted Teddy standing below her window.


            Oh, this really was getting all too cliché. Victoire unlatched the window and opened it.


            ‘What?’ hissed Victoire.


            ‘Come down here,’ whispered Teddy.


            Victoire folded her arms over her chest. ‘Why?’


            ‘Damnit, Vic. Just come down here, I can’t come up there,’ replied Teddy.


            ‘Sorry,’ said Victoire. ‘I think you already know that I won’t take you, as you so clearly pointed out.’


            Teddy laughed then, which infuriated Victoire even more. ‘Seriously, Vic?’


            ‘Oh, shut up,’ snapped Victoire.


            Teddy grinned. ‘Do I need to grab a broomstick from your shed and come up there?’


            ‘Don’t be stupid,’ replied Victoire. ‘Besides, I don’t feel like talking to you, Theodore Lupin.’


            Teddy raised an eyebrow, his grin still in place. ‘Have you realized how childish you are, Victoire Weasley?’


            ‘I am not childish, Theodore,’ said Victoire defensively.


            ‘Right,’ replied Teddy. ‘Come prove it, blondie.’


            Victoire shut her window firmly. She walked to her door and took the back staircase that lead to the kitchen. She paused on the stairs and looked into the kitchen to make sure no one was there. It was empty and Victoire ran to the door and stepped outside quickly.


            Teddy was standing, with his back to her, staring up at the starry night sky.


            ‘You see that constellation over there?’ he asked, pointing north. ‘That’s Andromeda.’


            ‘Like your grandmother,’ said Victoire. She stepped up next to him and faced his profile, illuminated by the night sky.


            ‘Yeah,’ said Teddy, smiling. ‘The Blacks were very big on naming their children after stars.’


            Victoire nodded silently.  


            Teddy exhaled. ‘Look, Vic. I don’t know how else to put this to you… So I’m going to put it in the simplest way I can.’


            Victoire opened her mouth to reply but Teddy brought a finger to her lips, silencing her. ‘Don’t.’


            Teddy’s hand came to rest on Victoire’s cheek and he pulled her towards him with his other hand. He leaned down and Victoire stood rooted on the spot. Victoire could feel Teddy’s warm breath against her skin and she leaned forward and their lips met. Teddy’s hand was on her waist, bringing her closer against him. He kissed her deeply, running his hands through her hair. She responded to the kiss wrapping her arms around his neck. It was only when they were both out of breath that they broke apart, gasping for air.


            ‘Vic?’ asked Teddy, caressing her cheek.


            ‘Yeah?’ she asked, leaning her head against his chest.


            ‘Why did you come see me?’ he asked softly.


             ‘I—’ Victoire faltered slightly. She had no excuse but to tell him the truth. She bit her bottom lip, refusing to meet his gold eyes.


            ‘I just want to hear you say it,’ said Teddy.


             ‘Because I’m in love with you,’ whispered Victoire all in one breath. ‘And you’re an idiot for thinking that I wouldn’t take you.’


Teddy leaned down to graze his lips against her cheek. Victoire could feel him smiling against her skin. ‘It’s always been you, Vic.’


Author's Note I hope you guys liked the ending. Thank you all for reading and review please! :)


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