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Forbidden Love by malfoydraco
Chapter 1 : A weird, confusing but wonderful dream
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I don't own any of this except for the plot. Hope you enjoy!

“Draco why are you doing this?” Pansy pleaded practically on her knees

“Cause you only want me for my last name or for my money or both. I don’t think I can be with someone who I know I will never think more of then an acquaintance, a possible friend,” I knew this would be a hassle, but not this much of a pain.

“Drakey-poo, I can change. I can be the women you always wanted,” she said in her irritating, whiney voice that she used around me when she wanted something. Or someone.

“Look Pansy, I don’t love you. Just please get this in your head,” I said hoping that she got it! I was being optimistic. She stood there and pouted for a few seconds then she changed her look. Oh hell what is she going to come up with next? I thought .

“Look Draco. You do love me and I will make you see that. So you can on with your little denial phase, but I know that you will come to your senses and see that I am the perfect one for you,” She turned around swiftly, and walked out the door.

I aperated from my house into a dark alley so that no muggle could see me. I walked down the sidewalk of London. It was quite a typical day. The traffic was frantic. The sky was grey. The sidewalks were busy with muggle business men and women in their black and gray suites with shiny polished shoes to impress their bosses or their soon to be bosses.

As I was walking down the street. I came across one of my old class mates Hermione Granger. Two things that stress me out come across me with in ten minutes of each other.

I looked over Hermione. She looked well. Her hair wasn’t a bush anymore is was still curly but was more strait. She was wearing a shirt that was tan and ruffles in the front with dark blue shinny jeans and small pink flower earrings.

“What’s with the glum face?” she asked with a voice that a person would use with a baby. Obviously mocking me. “Is someone upset about what happened last year?” She was referring to the great battle were Voldemort died.

“No I’m actually, if you must know, I’m quite happy about the turn out,”

“Really?” she asked a little taken back by the response. “Then what’s troubling Mr. Draco Malfoy?” she said again in her mocking voice.

“I just broke up with Pansy,” I said.

“Well I saw her no more then a few minutes ago and she looked rather happy, care to explain?” Wow she is very nosy. I thought.

“She thinks I’m going through a phase, and that I’ll want her back so I know she’s going to stock me.”

“Oh I’m so sorry! It must suck having all these girls throw themselves at you,” She said sarcastically. Which pissed me off.

“Well at least my blood is pure, not like yours you filthy mud-blood,” I yelled out of anger not really meaning it.

“Well at least I’m not a stuck-up bastard,” she spat.

We both stood there. She looking up at me, I looking down to her. Eyes locked. Something came over me. A passion. I leaned in, she followed. Our lips connected...

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