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The Book of Secrets by Dracolovergirl5000
Chapter 2 : Trials and Tribulations
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 Disclaimer- I own Only Drew and Tasha, OC’s in this story. The Rest Belong to the amazingly Talented JK Rowling. XD


A/N: Please review, here is chapter 2.

Trials and tribulations

Blaise POV


I sat at my desk in my large office in The American Ministry.  It had already been a long and stressful day. It wasn’t even noon yet.  I looked up from the paper I was reading, when I heard the knock on my door.

                “Enter.” I spoke the word tersely, annoyed. My secretary poked her head in.

                                “Sorry to bother you minister but you wanted to be informed when Miss Granger arrived.”

                “Yes I wanted to know when Dr. Granger arrived. Is she here now?”

                                “Yes Minister.”

                “She is three hours ahead of schedule.”  I muttered to myself.

                                “Is there anything I can do Sir?”

                “Yes, send Drew up to her new assignment. That will be all, Thank you Tanya.”

Tanya nodded and closed my door. I sighed, now that she was in the building, I knew I wouldn’t be able to get any work done.

I remember the last time I saw her.


“And Students will go on in their lives and fulfill successful careers. Please Congratulate our Graduating class.” Our Headmistress spoke and the great hall erupted in applause for us. I saw her, the girl who I had always wanted to be close to, but new I never could. What was worse was that I was leaving. I needed to go. The war had really changed me. I mean it had changed us all but, I was too different. I couldn’t even look at the kid I had grown up with. Draco, well, he had failed in killing Dumbledore, but the Dark lord had not killed him. Draco rose up in the ranks and became almost as powerful as his father.  When Potter had killed the dark lord and Draco’s father, well he rebelled. He decided it was he who would challenge all good wizards. All those who had followed the dark lord and survived Potter’s wrath, and the war, were now under his rule. Except me. I fought on the side of the Ministry. Draco had wanted to me as his right hand man, but I wouldn’t join darkness. He wasn’t graduating today. London had changed, though the muggles didn’t notice, of course. I needed out. So when I was offered a job as the Minister of the American Ministry, I accepted it. I was leaving tomorrow. I gazed at her one last time, trying to burn her beauty into my memory.

*End Flashback*

I sighed loudly. Apparently she had gone to a muggle college and received a doctorate in psychology. All the while she had been studying magic and continuously practicing her theories and applying psychological elements to them. When I saw the ad in the worldly wizards weekly, I was shocked. Front Page:

SEEKING EMPLOYMENT: First Wizarding career ever

Hermione Granger, seeking employment in wizarding psychology, a newly developed theory on her part, is looking for a job in Ministry, for this department. Willing to train others in this career choice.


I knew then that I had to offer her a job. So I did. And now here she was in my Department of ministry building, as the head of our new department. I smiled to myself. I didn’t know how to start, but I think I finally had a chance to reform my slytherin ways, and repent my sins. Starting with Hermione.




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The Book of Secrets: Trials and Tribulations


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