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Welcome to the Chase by dream_BIG
Chapter 10 : chapter.ten Destruction.
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aww, best fwends <3





My voice was high and tentative, a large hunk of chocolate held out in front of me as a peace offering of a sort. If anything, at least it would divert her attention from me for a couple of minutes so that I could make a hasty escape to…




Erm. Okay, well, I don’t know exactly just where I’ll go, but I’m sure something will come to me as I’m running. I mean, one of these days I’ll have a brain wave. It’s bound to happen sooner or later. I can’t be stupid forever, right? I’m not going to be stupid forever, right?! Right?!




“Hello Ariadne.”


I jumped and squeaked, my eyes widening at the sight of Rose. Her facial expression strongly resembled Mrs. Scamander, and for a minute I started to wonder if Mrs. Scamander had finally managed to get inside her head.


Using those Blibbering Humdingers, of course.


…or maybe it was Wrackspurts? I can never tell the difference.


“Uh…” I inched forward slowly, the chocolate still held out in front of me like a shield. Rose’s brown eyes were wide and glassy, a reflection of stardust sprinkled across them.


I’m not sure where the stardust even came from.


Maybe she’s done this herself to scare me even more.


She would.


“How’re you doing?” I asked warily. Rose let out a vague, too-big smile that I certainly did not believe.


“Oh, just happy dandy.” She said in a dreamy voice. My eyebrow flew up.


Happy dandy?


Okay, only I use that little phrase, and even then, it’s only when I’m being completely sarcastic. Something is seriously wrong with Rose.


I’m such a perceptive genius.


“Right. Er…why don’t we have a seat, okay?” I nudged her towards her bed, and she lowered herself onto it, sitting cross-legged on the mattress. I gingerly placed the chocolate in her lap, but she merely took it and put it on her bedside table.


“I might have to kill your cousin.”


This time, her voice was normal, an edge of dangerous hysteria threaded through it. The way she said it made me believe that she wasn’t just serious – she was so fucking serious it’s not even funny.


I gulped. “It was just a kiss, Rose, not that big of a deal –”


“Are you kidding?!” Rose yelped, her eyes on me again. They were filled with burning heat now, the stardust haze completely cleared away. I’m not sure which Rose I liked better, to be honest. “He bloody violated my space! You can’t just kiss someone and –”


“You kissed him back, Ro.” I cut across, and she fell silent.


There was a long stretch of quiet, during which I watched her warily, taking note of the signs of another impending explosion of hysteria. Her eyes were lowered to her lap, but her breathing was getting sharp and labored. Maybe if I just start to slowly inch away…


“I like him.”


The words were a half-sob, and I froze.


“Come again?” I asked blankly. I mean, of course I already knew that she liked him, but to have her actually admit it…


Let’s just say that Rose has severe denial issues.


Rose raised her now tear-spattered face to mine. A low, harsh chuckle escaped her lips. “I bloody fancy him, okay? And the stupid kiss helped that come about.”


I gulped. Rose was watching me carefully, tears occasionally dripping down her face.


“What about Blondie?”


Of course I would.


She laughed again, the sound cutting and low. “I never liked him like that. I just forced myself.”


“Well,” I lowered myself onto her bed, putting a comforting hand on her shoulder. “Liking Scorpius isn’t a bad thing, Rose…”


“Are you shitting me?!” Rose cried. “Liking him is possibly the worst thing that’s ever happened to me! Do you think I’m allowed to like him? Do you think I want to like him? I hate everything about him! He’s a manwhore, he’s rude, he’s arrogant…”


“…but you still like him anyway?” I finished tentatively. She nodded, letting out a little wail.


“This sucks!” She bawled, dropping her face into my lap – causing me to jump violently – and letting out another wail.


“Rose?” I said in a voice that was perceptibly higher in pitch.




“Erm…you know he likes you back, right?”


Her head flew up so fast I literally had to blink a couple of times to adjust to her face suddenly being in front of mine.


“He what?


Maybe I shouldn’t have opened my fat gob.


“He…er…you know. Likes you back.” I started inching away from her slightly, but she just inched forward, her eyes wide and disbelieving.


“That’s not true.” She shook her head violently. “You’re just saying that to make me feel better. He hates me. He’s a jerk to me all the time.”


“As weird and convoluted as his logic may seem, that’s sort of how I figured out that he likes you.” I told her. Her eyes, if possible, widened even further. “Haven’t you ever noticed how he pays special attention to you? Even if you’re not talking to him, he’ll walk up to you and initiate conversation, even if it’s an insult, so that he can talk to you.”


Rose still looked like she didn’t believe me.


“That doesn’t make any sense.” She kept insisting.


“Rose.” I explained patiently. “This is Scorpius we’re talking about. Let me know if anything he ever does makes any sense.”


“But still.”


“But still what?” I asked, annoyed. “He likes you! He was bloody spying on you and Blondie in the library because he was jealous!”


Rose looked at me again, her face betraying a flicker of hope. “He was?”


“No, I’m just lying to you for kicks and giggles.” I snapped. “Yes, he bloody was. He used a fucking newspaper with holes cut into it, for Merlin’s sake!”


Rose sat back, looking stunned. “Holy shit.” She breathed.


I nodded, pleased with the results. She had managed not to cry on me – too much – and this time, I actually got out alive with very minor brain damage!


Well done, fates!


“Wait.” She said suddenly. When she turned her eyes to me again, they were frantic and scared-looking. “What am I supposed to do now?”


I sighed.


Thanks a lot, fates.




“So, you just have to walk up to him and kiss him smack on the mouth,” I was muttering to Rose on the way to the Great Hall for breakfast the next morning. “You don’t even have to say anything. Walk and kiss.”


Rose nodded, looking anxious. “What if he rejects me in front of the whole school?”


My teeth gritted.


Number of times Rose said that sentence: 39.


“What if my grandmother had wheels?” I snapped back at her.


Rose blinked. “Er…she’d be a grandmother in a wheelchair?”


“No! She’d be a wagon!”


Rose looked thoroughly confused. “…that doesn’t make any sense.”


I threw my hands up. “I KNOW!”


“So…what was the point of saying that?”


“I don’t know! Please go now.”


Rose gave me another worried look – oh, stop it, it’s not like you’re any less insane than I am, woman – and, taking a deep breath, started walking towards the Slytherin table. I stood in front of the Gryffindor one, watching as her mahogany hair got closer and closer to Scorpius’ bright blonde head.


He was, I saw, laughing with a couple of friends, his arm slung around a pretty blonde girl. As they talked, he leaned down and kissed her on the mouth.




My eyes widened as Rose got closer to him – she hadn’t seen the blonde…and…


“ROSE!” I screamed across the room. She didn’t seem to hear me. “ROSE! ROSE! ROSEROSEROSE –”


Fuck it.


Dumping my bag on an unsuspecting first year, I jumped over the table and sprinted towards her.


Merlin, what is with this stupid Great Hall layout, huh?! Did there seriously have to be two other tables in between the Gryffindor and Slytherin one? Who designed this crap, anyway? Make life even harder for me, why don’t you?!


“Excuse me, sorry, move it, tosser!” I yelled hurriedly as I jumped over benches and tables, slopping across plates of food. People grumbled as I shoved past them, and a burly seventh year Ravenclaw went as far as to throw a hex at me for stepping in his food.


I was focused on Rose.


She was three steps away from Scorpius, her eyes closed, muttering something under her breath – which I can bet you was ‘walk and kiss, walk and kiss’ – completely oblivious to Scorp and his new girlfriend.


I gasped in a breath as I prepared to make the final leap…closer…closer…


“YAaAaAaAaH!” I screamed, using my foot to propel myself across the Slytherin table and straight at Scorpius.


I’m not sure where the wild war-cry came from, but I think it added a nice effect.


I crashed into Scorpius and we landed heavily on the floor, Scorp letting out an audible ‘oof’ing sound as he hit the stone.


Oh. Thank. God.


“WHAT THE FUCK, REE?!” Scorpius was bellowing underneath me.


“Hey, cuz,” I said breathlessly, my face in a grin. Rose was frozen, her eyes wide and accusing as they glared right at me.


“What the fuck are you doing?” Scorpius asked angrily, groaning as he slowly sat up.


“Sorry.” I bit my lip and patted his shoulder a bit. I looked up at Rose. “Ha! I won               !”


“You won what, you psychotic freak, the ‘Running out of nowhere and tackling your poor cousin’ award?” Scorpius muttered furiously as he got up, dusted himself off, and sat back down again. “Honestly, all I want is a peaceful meal, but apparently that’s too much to ask for in this godforsaken school.”


Ignoring him, I quickly grabbed Rose’s hand and started towing her away.


“What was that?” Rose hissed at me as soon as we were far enough away, her eyes bright and glimmering with rage.


That,” I panted, still smiling in a self-satisfied manner. “Was me rescuing you from potential embarrassment.”


“Oh, really?” Rose snarled. “So you knew that Scorpius would reject me, somehow? Is that it? What, am I not pretty enough for him?”


My smile dropped off of my face. “Of course not, Rose, you’re gorgeous –”


“Apparently not gorgeous enough for your precious cousin.” Rose snapped harshly. “You’re such a bitch. Thanks a lot for the embarrassment. As per usual.”


“Rose, I was just –” I began desperately, but with one last accusing glare, she turned around and marched straight out of the Great Hall, leaving me to stand there, alone and incredulous.


Tears pricked behind my eyes as I turned around to the Hall again, only to see that it was in complete ruins, a path of destruction right where I had sprinted through.


“Detention.” McGonagall said, coming up to me. Her eyes were alive with anger and her mouth was set into a tight line. “There is no acceptable excuse for this sort of behavior. I’m extremely disappointed in you, Miss Chase. Twenty points from Gryffindor.”


And I promptly burst into tears.


SPREE TIME XD alright, a couple of ground rules:

1. you must review. because, honestly, they're the only things that keep me going (: even if it's a couple of words, i don't mind - it's going to help me keep writing and whatnot <3 thanks so much for reading!

2. i'm putting up new chapter images for everyone now! so, if you remember my old blondie, forget him. because i found a new one.

3. this is going to be up to chapter SEVENTEEN, so keep those reviews rollin', even if you're getting bored of me.

4. speaking of which, if you ever want a break, lemme know. and i'll update another story if i'm getting bored of it, too. but there's gotta be enough of you who want a change.

coolio? COOLNESS XD this is kinda exciting, isnt it?! it's the only exciting thing about today, i can tell you that much. i have PSATS tomorrow. urgghhh. spent the whole day in the wind since my school is stupid (like, seriously? you're going to make us walk outside in the freezing cold?! cool, guys), took a couple of tests, and now...PSATS. boo.

okay, so, just to keep the entertainment rolling, i'm going to have like, an observation of my life / a story just for funsies. and because i just really love procrastinating.

there is a girl in my ap lit class, who, if you look at her from the right angle (aka the angle that i sit at), she looks like one of those fish from spongebob. you know, the ones who have their eyes on the same side of their face, except one is higher than the other? it's kind of cool, actually. since her eyes are so buggy-outy, and her nose is rather flat near the top, and her lips stick out.

glub. she should be a fishie for halloween.

(and i just realized now how utterly mean that sounded. er..i mean that in a purely observational way. she's really nice and smart. i like her! i'm not mean about people's appearances, i swear! i really don't even care what they look like! it's the inside what matters! INNER BEAUTY! INNER BEAUTYY!)

there's another boy in my lit class who's got the coolest hair. it's a row of curls sticking out from the front. once i stuck four pencils through his row of curls. the  pencils didn't fall.

i wonder what gel he uses. must be some strong stuff.

i joined a writing club at my school for the first time, and i'm too nervous to let them read my stuff. which is stupid, really, but something about it really freaks me out. which is wierd considering i'm an ariadne and i'm usually really loud and outgoing.


that is all. please review?! I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVERRR <3<3<3

ps - the really wierd wagon joke was a reference to my old chemistry teacher, who i love <3 he was the best. and had a really wierd sense of humor.

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