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Tonight by comet855
Chapter 2 : Patrolling with Potter
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 A/N- Yay chapter 2!!! This one is another boring one, but don't worry, the next chapter will be good, I hope. Again, all the characters you recognize belong to J.K.R., not to me. Please R&R, thanks :)

Wow! I apologize to everyone who has read this! In my haste, I completely skipped over chapter 2 and gave you chapter 3 :o. Here's the real chapter 2


The corridors of Hogwarts were cool and dark, the torches hanging form the walls throwing everything into sharp relief. Lily dragged James down to the Great Hall, where they would start their patrolling. The whole way, James was shouting “Ow,OW!! Let go of me you crazy woman!!” Finally they got to the Great Hall, and Lily let go of his ear. James stood up straight, rubbing the side of his head.


“Geez Evans, be a little more careful next time, you could have ripped out my ear and permanently disfigured me.” James said, “Besides, how am I supposed to hear Death Eaters when the entire left side of my face is numb?”


“First, Potter, I would not have ripped your ear out, especially if you didn't take it upon yourself to publicly humiliate me every single day,” Lily said, rather coldly. “And second, the Death Eaters are just some silly rumor spread by people who need and excuse as to why Uncle Albert died of a stroke 'Oh, it wasn't a stroke it was them Death Eaters, they done got my uncle'” Lily had, from the beginning, believed that the Death Eaters were nonexistent, but Alice was the only one who agreed with her so far.


“If the Death Eaters aren't real, then explain Lord Voldemort to me. Even Dumbledore said he was a threat.” Jame replied smugly.


“Just some crazy power hungry maniac. They're all over the place. Remember Dreadful Dave? He was supposedly a 'big threat' but in a few months, the Ministry caught him, and he was sent to Azkaban muttering about rabbit armies. This whole Lord Voldemort thing will be over before you know it.” Lily explained.


“Riiiiight... Whatever you say Evans.” James said. “Where are we supposed to go tonight?”


“It's Tuesday, so the Charms Corridor, then the area near the Ravenclaw Tower.”


“Alright, lets go!” said James, grabbing Lily's hand as he started towards the staircase. Lily escaped his grip before walking towards the stairs with James a few steps behind her. At first, things went well, the only thing they found was a couple of fourth years on a nighttime stroll. After being issued detentions, they were sent to bed. By that time it was 10:30. They finished up on the Charms corridor, and made their way to the Ravenclaw Tower, where they would meet their replacements at 11. It was completely dark except for the occasional torch. Lily was about to light her wand, and she turned to James to tell him to do the same. She couldn't see him at all. She nearly jumped out of her skin when a hand shot out, grabbed her, and pulled her into a niche. She tried to scream, but she felt lips press against hers. Her scream was caught in her throat, she was paralyzed by fear. The she noticed that the person trying to kiss her was wearing glasses.... She swiftly reached out and slapped James as hard as she could.


“Ouch! That was the left side. I'm still a little sore from the ear episode, you know.” James said, pulling back from her and reaching up to rub his face. “What was that for?”


“You know very well what that was for James Potter!” Lily almost yelled, but remembered everyone else in the castle was sleeping. She settled instead for a loud, mad whisper. “You scared me half to death! And you tried to kiss me! We're supposed to be patrolling! Now is not the time for you to try to bust a move!”


“Well, then, when is the time for me to bust a move?” James asked


Lily was so frustrated, this time she actually shouted “NEVER!!!! Don't you understand?!? I will never ever date you, even if you were the only male left on Earth!” Lily paused for breath, and was about to continue when she heard footsteps. She lit her wand and looked carefully around. It was the two Ravenclaws who were taking over their patrols. Lily blushed, she wondered how much they had heard. She walked up to them.


“Hey, Rupert, Kendra, good timing. Do you know where you are patrolling tonight?” Lily asked them trying to seem cool and collected.


“Ummm ya Lily, we're fine, thanks” Kendra replied, “What was going on I thought I heard....”


“Nothing” Lily cut her off sharply. “Get on with your patrol, and remember Professor McGonagall is taking over at 11. Goodnight.” Lily turned and started walking away. As she passes James, she leaned in and whispered “I'm going to Dumbledore to get the patrols change first thing tomorrow morning Potter.” Then she walked downstairs, leaving three very confused students behind her. Gosh, she needed to sleep. After checking to make sure that the forest was green, she went upstairs to her dorm. Everyone else was asleep when she got in there, so Lily quickly changed her clothes and fell onto her bed. She was asleep instantly, but was plagued by nightmares of James and Death Eaters.

Again, apologies, I'll have this fixed up in no time :)

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