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The Only Exception by annieluwho
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6
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 The Only Exception

Summary: Everyone love’s James Sirius Potter, what’s not to love right?  He’s handsome, charming, Qudditch captain, oh yeah and the savior of the Wizarding Worlds son. For all intents and purposes the golden boy of Hogwarts, well I guess you could call me the exception, why is this you ask , my name’s  Anna McCoy , and I can’t stand James Potter.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter , only the plot =)

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Chapter 6:

Quigley eventually came back to the class room and sent us back to the Gryffindor tower , we walked there almost in complete silence until of course Potter had to speak.

“On the bright side only four more days of that ,” he said I looked up at him and  gave him a look.

“Yeah okay maybe that’s not exactly the bright side” he said

“Not exactly” I replied dryly. I was cranky and tired and really just didn’t want to talk to anyone let alone Potter so when he started to speak again, 

“Potter , do you speak  just to hear the sound of your own voice ?”  I asked a little snottily, he hesitated for a second

“Nope , most of the time I talk just to piss you off” he replied cheekily , I rolled my eyes  at him and sighed

“Mission accomplished” I snapped back. 

“All in a day’s work McCoy” he replied with that stupid smirk on his face. We made our way back to the common room. And just as I was heading up the stairs to my dorm I heard Potter say

“See you tomorrow McCoy” which I could practically hear the amusement in his voice and I heard him laugh as I flipped him the bird without even turning around.

“Bye Potter” I replied and continue up the stairs to my dormitory, absolutely 100% ready for sleep.

The next day I was walking down the corridor with Shannon and Missy , on our way to lunch, Dominique was chatting with Luke Fallon farther behind us , so we, being the good friends that we are, were giving them their space.

“They’re so cute!” Missy squealed as she looked over her shoulder at them , I grabbed her arm and turned her back around, her blonde curls flying into Shannon’s face as she did so.  

“Don’t stare , poor Dom is so nervous, but you’re right they are a really cute pair” I replied at that particular moment Fred Weasley and Lysander Scamander  walked up to us.

“Howdy girls , how’s the day been so far, off to lunch?” Freddy said with his usual insurmountable about of energy.

“Had some caffeine today Fred?” Shannon asked him he just smiled down at her

“Oh not really , just four cups of coffee” he said almost bouncing out of his shoes. Shannon laughed at him , he just grinned and slung his arm around her shoulders. And he and Lysander started walking with us  

“Looks like Dom’s talking to the poof” Fred said as he turned and caught a glimpse of his cousin , Lysander  turned around , and looked at Dominique , his eye brows scrunched in confusion

“Alright there Ly?” I asked him seeing his obviously distressed expression.

“Yeah , I just didn’t know Dom was dating Fallon. He’s kind of a tosser.” He said

“She’s not , he just asked her to Hogsmade, but I guess we’ll see” Missy informed , he nodded with a serious expression on his face.

“Yeah I guess we will” he replied , I looked at him trying to figure out why he was so upset , but then it clicked , Lysander liked Dom,  and not it the way someone likes’ their mates , no he really liked her , I could just tell. I touched his arm lightly and he looked at me and I gave him a look and as our friends continued walking up the hallway making noise , and generally cause havoc,

“You should tell her you know” I said to Lysander as quietly as I could. He looked at me petrified, and a little startled that I had figured it out that quickly.

“Tell who what?” he asked

“Dominique , that you like her” I said

“How did you..?” he asked

“Come on Ly , it doesn’t take a genius , I saw that look you had when Missy said Fallon was taking her to Hogsmade, you should tell her” I recommended  ,Lysander was such a sweet heart , but still tough enough to deal with Dom, I mean he is a Beater on the Gryffindor Qudditch team, and my best mate can be a bit of a handful sometimes.

“She doesn’t think of me that way” he said seemingly resigned to the fact.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that, you’ll never know until you ask” I replied

“Okay I see what you mean, but could you do me a favor and keep this between us?” he asked

“Sure , but I still think you should tell her” I replied

“Seriously Anna , no one, I don’t want everyone to find out, it’s awkward enough when only I know about it” he said

“Okay I promise, but I still think… “ I said but he cut me off

“I know , but I’m not going to , not now at least” he said with a bit of a smile

“Okay , it’s up to you”  I told him , even though I still think he should tell Dominique he has feelings for her, in fact now that I think about it , he and Dom would be a great pair , Dom is tough but sweet and Lysander is the same way , in my book that makes them good for each other .  We finally made our way into the Great Hall, I sat down next to Shannon , while Lysander sat down on the other side of the table next to Fred.

“Hey guys” Dom said cheerily as she sat down next to me, I smiled at her and said

“Hey,” and my gaze involuntarily flicked to Lysander  , who looked at me with the words SHUT UP practically written on his forehead.  So for once I listened , figuratively speaking, and kept my mouth shut. Not even a minute later Potter came strolling in with his arm around some tall , leggy , blonde , not that I have anything against blonde’s , however this particular girl was the type of blonde that gave the rest of them a bad name. I’m sure you know the type ,stick thin , breasts that couldn’t possibly be naturally that large , and that annoying giggle and hair flip combo. Which she was performing right now as Potter whispered something in her ear. I rolled my eyes and pretended to gag , causing my mates to cease their conversation and look in my direction , Freddy finally noticed what I was pretend gagging at , and laughed heartily and nodded in Potter’s direction , letting the others in on the joke.

“woowoo! skank alert” Dom said under her breath , causing me to burst into laughter ,

“And that’s the reason were best mates” I say  back still laughing.  As Potter continued to suck face with the aforementioned skank, I got back to my meal , and then the little tosser sat down right across from me. He just smirked at me a little and started putting food on his plate.

“Hey James who’s the skank?” Dom asked bluntly , causing Potter to look at his cousin and just shake his head

“Her name is Amber DeLuca, she’s in our year , I’m surprised you don’t know her” he replied

“Yeah well, I’m not guessing we have too much in common” she replied with a smirk , Dom was hanging out with Potter and Fred too much she was starting to take on their mannerisms.

“How about you McCoy, you recognize her?” he asked obviously trying to piss me off.

“I don’t make a habit out of know every easy girl in school , that’s your specialty” I told him bitingly

“Right I almost forgot about you and your prude like ways, my mistake” he spat back, pissed off that I had dissed his new girlfriend, or whatever she is.

“I’m not a prude for crying out loud Potter, I’m just not easy like every single girl you’ve ever been with” I replied through gritted teeth. It really doesn’t take much for him to set me off now does it?

“I think it’s safe to say no one will ever accuse you of being easy McCoy” he replied although he said it like it was a bad thing, I however have a different opinion, naturally.

“Why the hell do you care so much about how many blokes I’ve snogged huh?” I asked him, and found myself actually wanting to hear an answer, his neck and ears turned all red, a trait shared by everyone I know in the Weasley clan. This little blush made me smile a little, at least I know I can still get under his skin, and I haven’t lost my touch.

“I don’t…I” he started but Dom cut him off

“Yeah, you do seem rather concerned about Anna’s love life, why is that James?” she said staring at him with an evil smile on her face. Good things were never in the cards when Dom had that smile on her face. I pursed my lips looking at Potters completely distressed expression, for a moment he started directly at me, again with this intense eye contact, I simply cocked my head to the side my gaze never wavering from his. His eyes simply flicked over my face quickly and turned back to Dom and said

“I couldn’t care less” as nonchalantly as he could and went back to eating his meal.

“Sure James whatever you say” Dom replied that smirk still on her face. This caused my eyes to shoot to Dom, I gave her a curious look and she just shook her head at me.  I gave her a confused look back.  

“What the hell is going on with my friends?”

A.N. chapter five !!! hope you guys like it! feedback would be awesome!!! So pleaseeeeeee review kthanks!!!

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