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Nothing Sirius by ElectrixxSoul
Chapter 7 : The Tests
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“Aw, sounds like you two are getting along.” Bea smiled at her blond friend who was telling her the story of Sirius’s detention. The two were sitting at the Hufflepuff table early Tuesday morning before Melora’s appointment. Melora hadn’t attempted to sit with her own House since her fight with Stephen.


“I know, it’s so weird, like this thing,” Melora gestured to her stomach, “Is magically pulling us closer.”


“I’m no expert on pregnancy, but I’m pretty sure it can’t do that Lora.”


 Melora shrugged, “Well it’s only been a week and a half, and I already like him better than Stephen.”


Beatrice bit her lip nervously as Melora took a bite of her eggs. “Just be careful alright Lora?”


“What do you mean?”


“I mean, you tend to get in over your head with guys when you first start to fancy them.”


Melora nearly spit out her eggs, “What are you talking about?” She cried, “I don’t fancy him!”


“You don’t?” Bea looked doubtful.


“No! I see him more as a…a brother figure.” Melora dropped her fork, suddenly much less hungry.


“A brother whose baby you’re having? Nice family.” Bea snorted, “And that’s not what it sounded like to me when you were debating telling him.”


“Yes, well, that was before.” Melora sniffed. Now that her appetite was gone, her nausea was creeping up.


“Before he agreed to help out?”


“He’s been really sweet.”


Bea just sighed, “So how’d your meeting with Dumbledore go?”


“More awkward than when I told Black. Less than when I told Moffat.” Melora winced, “He’ll be talking to my parents when I’m at my healer’s appointment.”


“And Black’s folks?”


“Non-responsive. I think the Potters have offered to come in their place though.”


“You think?”


Melora shrugged, “No one tells me anything,” And stood up. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the lavatory to be sick before heading to St. Mungo’s.”


Beatrice offered her friend an encouraging smile, “Good luck.”

“The procedure’s very simple and perfectly harmless.” Healer Betty Jacoby smiled at Melora who looked up from the examination table skeptically. Next to her, Sirius stared at the posters around the room. There were more diagrams then in Moffat’s pamphlet, and he was beginning to feel a bit sick himself.


“Just a spell?” Melora asked biting her bottom lip, “And I won’t feel a thing?”


“Not a thing!” Healer Jacoby was a plump woman with red cheeks and a perpetual smile. Just the sort of woman Melora thought should be dealing with babies, so she trusted her and laid her head back. Sirius offered his hand and Melora took it with a slight smile. Neither teen noticed the healer’s knowing-smile.


“Alright then, proventus” Healer Jacoby flicked her wand and the quill on the desk next to the exam table rose above the parchment next to it, began to glow pink, and lowered onto the parchment, writing so fast it became a white blur. After a moment of two, it stopped and Healer Jacoby grabbed the parchment.


Melora tightened her grasp on Sirius’ hand unconsciously.


“Well, it looks like things are coming along wonderfully!” Jacoby beamed, “A month and a half along, the baby’s healthy, and so are you! Your baby is due in July.”


The Healer slid the parchment into a folder and motioned for Melora and Sirius to get up. Melora let go off Sirius’ hand and he balled it into a fist before spreading his fingers wide. That girl had one hard grasp; she nearly cut his circulation off.


“Miss Jones, why don’t you get changed and I’ll meet you back in my office.”


Melora nodded eager to get out off the hospital gown.


“Mr. Black, you can come with me.”


Sirius was a little more tentative, but followed the healer all the same out of the examination room and down the white corridor to her small office.


There they sat in awkward silence as Healer Jacoby scribbled down notes in Melora’s file and Sirius stared at the posters on the wall. There were less than in the exam room, but Sirius was still positive he’d learned way more then he ever wanted to about the female body at this appointment.


Sirius let out an unintentional sigh and let his eyes drift over to the window behind the healer’s desk. What was he doing here? How could this possibly be happening?


“Take a look over at some of those posters; those might give you a clue.” A dry voice in his head that sounded a bit like Prongs and a bit like Melora said.


The first question remained. It wasn’t as if Jones was his first time, hell, she wasn’t even his girlfriend. But then again, he was responsible for this mess, at least partially. When she had given him the option to get out, it had felt wrong even to think about it.  


Melora slipped in the office quietly, back in her muggle skirt and jumper, and took the seat next to Sirius in front of Healer Jacoby’s desk.


Jacoby made a few more notes on her parchment and then looked up at the two with a bright smile.


“So since both of you are of age and considered adults, the decision of where to go from here is completely yours, which is why Madame Moffat and I decided it would be best if I met with you alone. Of course, I wasn’t aware that Mr. Black would be coming as well—”


“I’ll go along with whatever Melora wants.” Sirius interrupted.


Healer Jacoby raised a brow, but nodded, “Very well, Ms. Jones, have you had any thoughts on what you’d like to do about the baby?”


Melora bit her bottom lip nervously, “I want to have it.” She said, “But I don’t know if I want to keep it or give it up for adoption.”


Jacoby nodded again, “Well there are plenty parents both wizard and muggle who would gladly provide a loving home for the baby, but you have plenty of time to look into that in the future. A whole 7 months.”


Melora smiled, but her stomach did a flip she knew couldn’t be blamed on the baby. A whole 7 months. A lot could happen in 7 months.

A/N- Melora's about 7 weeks at this point in case you were curious, so she has a little more than 7 months.

I'd like to thank (sol) at TDA for the wonderful banner. Much better than the one I made.

Review please!

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Nothing Sirius: The Tests


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