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Daughter of voldemort by magicmuggle01
Chapter 1 : Daughter of Voldemort
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Harry Potter slumped onto the nearest bench, the battle was won, Voldemort was dead, nothing (thank god) could ever change that. He felt worn out and numb all over, he was only slightly aware of the cheers going on about him, all he had eyes for was the devastation and the death all around him.

Suddenly he felt himself being hoisted into the air and carried out of the great hall and into the vast open grounds of Hogwarts. The defenders of Hogwarts followed and started chanting Harry for Minister for Magic, Harry for Minister for Magic, but Harry had other ideas, he wanted to get away, be with people that would not treat him like he was some kind of god. He wanted to be with Ron and Hermione.
After the crowd had reached Hagrids hut and had finally set him back onto the ground, he heard someone shout out

'look there's some Narks',

And whilst everyones back was turned Harry quickly whipped out his invisability cloak and wrapped himself up, totally disappearing from sight. 

Harry slowly made his way through the throng (who had by now realised that he'd disappeared and were wondering where he'd gone. People were looking all over for him and shouting out his name) when he came across Luna and he whispered,

'thanks Luna'

'Anytime Harry' she whispered back, 'I thought you could do with some help, good luck'.

Once Harry was clear of the throng he set off in search of his two best friends, he found them hunched over the body of Fred, poor Mrs Weasley was sobbing and stroking Fred's cheek softly with the back of her hand saying 'he was such a handsome baby' Ron was with the rest of his family also crying, he was being hugged by Hermione. Harry took his robe off and gave the other weasley's a slight fright. 

'Sorry' said Harry ' I didn't mean to give you all a fright'. Harry went over to Mr and Mrs Weasley and offered his deepest sympathy to the family for their loss. Harry went over to Ron and put his arm around his friends shoulder and spoke something softly to him and Ron nodded his head and slowly rose to his feet and together (along with Hermione) with Ron still sobbing the three of them made their way back upto the Gryfindor common room (they did not even need to give the password, for the door had almost been blasted off it's hinges during the battle and the portrait, who was looking rather desheveriled,  just told them to go on in) and they all sat down on one of the many sofas that adorned the room.

'You must be all mixed up Harry' said Hermione 'I mean, after all that has happened you must be wondering if it had all been worth it, and also you must also be feeling alot of guilt about all the damage and the deaths. I can tell you right now (and I'm sure that a lot of other people would agree with me), all this was not your fault.

'I know' replied Harry 'it was Voldemort and his followers, but before he died we both had a mind connection of some sort and I read part of his mind. Voldemort had a daughter.  

At this revelation both Ron and Hermione gasped. 'What' they both said together.

'Voldemort had a daughter with some one while he was at Hogwarts' replied Harry. 


Please review. This is my first story (and chapter) and the more reviews I get will encourage me no end to continue. Chapter 2 is also available to read so read and enjoy. Don't forget to review PLEASE.


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