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If you only knew... by Potter_N_MalfoyLover
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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Author’s note: So as much as I wanted this to be an action chapter, it’s got to be another filler one. Don’t worry though, if I did my job right, it’ll still be entertaining ;) you just need to know more before we can move forward.



Chapter 2



“I’m bloody awful at this game,” Hermione said, watching as her knight was diminished by Ginny’s queen.



“I’m not all that good either,” Ginny said, waiting for Hermione to make another move, “but I have picked up a few tricks from Ron. He’s your boyfriend! Have him teach you.”



“It’s not even that difficult!” Hermione exclaimed, “I mean, they have this game in the muggle world too.”



Ginny raised an eyebrow, looking up from the chessboard with a grin.



“This is why you’re my best mate,” she said with a laugh, “you entertain me.”



Hermione laughed while flicking her wand, all the chess pieces going into their original places.



“I forfeit,” she said with a smile, “you win.”



The portrait door swung open, Ron and Harry bursting through, laughing hysterically.



“What’s so funny?” Hermione asked, a confused smile on her face as she looked between the two of them.



“Snape,” Harry said between laughs, “we made Snape, so angry!”



“How?” Ginny asked,



“Harry through one of those instant darkness powders into the hallway he was walking in-” Ron began.



“And the whole hallway was just instantly dark!” Harry exclaimed, an excited smile on his face.



 “Obviously,” Hermione said, laughing.



“And he ran into a suit of armor!” Harry said, laughing again, “and the darkness dissolved and we saw him on the floor, not able to see anything, all pissed off because he was trying to get up.”



“Oh no and then the best part!” Ron said, “was Luna. She walked up and said ‘Proffessor Snape you have to watch out for the snorklefloogs, they tend to make people do ridiculous things’ and then just walked away! He was so mad!”



Hermione started to laugh too, imagining the whole situation.



“You guys are so stupid,” Ginny said, shaking her head with a smile, walking toward Harry.



“Oh come on it was funny,” Harry said, wrapping his arm around her and bringing her in for a kiss.



Hermione turned away, walking towards Ron and putting her arms around him.



“Luna cracks me up,” Ron said, wiping some tears from laughter away from his eyes.



She smiled then kissed him, longer than she normally would have in public. He ran his hands through her hair after she pulled away, then kissed her on the forehead before moving to go sit down.



She met eyes with Harry for a second but he turned away before she could read what was in them.






“Hermione come on just this once,” Harry whispered, his lips centimeters from hers.



“Harry,” was all Hermione could get out before she finally gave in.



They moved in perfect rhythm, her lips against his in blind passion. She ran her hands through his hair, his hands moving up and down her sides.



She pulled away to breathe and he pressed his forehead to hers ,their eyes still closed as she felt his warm breath on her face.



“Harry, please we can’t, this-”



He kissed her again and she melted at his touch. She put her arms around him and pulled him closer, not wanting to waste this feeling, never wanting it to go away.



“Do you want to go upstairs,” he whispered in her ear, moving down to kiss her neck.



She let her head droop to the side, biting her lip and enjoying the feeling.



“Hermione,” he whispered, trying to get her to answer. She ignored him, too lost in the feeling.



 “Hermione!” someone said loudly, shaking her awake.



She sat up quickly, looking around the common room. She was sweaty and shaking, the leftover feeling of Harry’s imaginary touches still lingering on her skin.



“Hey we have two minutes to get to class,” Ron said impatiently, handing her her bag, “let’s go.”



“Sorry,” she mumbled, her stomach swimming with guilt as she threw the bag over her shoulder.



They walked in silence down the hallways, down the staircase, and to the History of Magic classroom. Mr. Binns was already lecturing, and was too into his subject to even notice Ron and Hermione’s late arrival. Hermione sat down quickly, trying to be as quiet as possible as she pulled out a quill, ink, and parchment.



She tried to listen to the lecture, but she had read about all of it already. Her mind was wandering to the dream she had, and how many similar ones she had had in the past. What was wrong with her? Hadn’t she gotten over Harry by now? Wasn’t she crazy about Ron?



Tears welled in her eyes when she realized she wasn’t and she never had been. Ron was just a filler, a temporary distraction from her real, ongoing, and growing complication of feelings for Harry. No matter what she did, whether she kept to herself or came out about it, someone was going to get hurt.



So she chose herself.






He shoved her against the wall, and Ginny moaned as her lips met his in a fiery kiss. He lifted her up by her thighs and she wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him closer to her. He groaned and she smiled, moving down to kiss his neck.



“Don’t leave any marks,” he said through gasps, running his hands through her long red hair.



“Don’t worry I know baby,” she said, licking the spot she had been sucking before moving farther down.



She began unbuttoning his shirt, and opened it to reveal his nice pale chest. She rubbed up and down his chest and stomach, kissing him again with pure passion.



He took her shirt off, then her bra, and then she was throwing her head back and covering her mouth with her hand, trying to keep from screaming.



“You like that?” he whispered, moving back up to kiss her neck and nibble on her ear.



“So much,” she moaned, bringing his head up to kiss him again.



“Hey!” they heard someone yell, making them both jump away from each other.



Ginny grabbed her shirt and bra off the floor, throwing the shirt on quickly, her heart pounding.



“I know you’re out there somewhere kids,” they heard the voice say again, “Mrs. Norris tells me…”



“Filch,” Ginny whispered.



She turned back to him, her eyes filling with tears. He wiped them away as they fell down her cheeks, and kissed her softly.



“It’s ok,” he whispered, “we always have tomorrow.”



She nodded, kissing him again before pressing her forehead to his.



“I love you Ginny,” he said softly.



“I love you too Draco,” she said, kissing him one last time before they went their separate ways.

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