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Tonight by comet855
Chapter 1 : A Pink Forest
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 A/N- I think my writing is slowly getting better, but you wouldn't believe how many story ideas I have. I'm looking for someone who can beta some of them, please help if you can. As we all know, J.K.R owns all of the characters you recognize, and the plot and other characters are mine. Please review, it makes my day. Thanks, hope you enjoy the story!


Lily sat in the Griffindor common room with her best friend Alice, laughing at the joke Alice had just told her. Lily had known Alice for years, and she was the only other girl in her dormitory who wasn't all preppy and stuck up. Lily thought she was also, by far, the prettiest, with long wavy golden brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. She was a born comedian, and all the guys loved her.


It had been a perfect day that day, her classes had gone well, Alice hadn't been drooling over Frank, she had actually managed to find a PB&J during lunch, and best of all Potter hadn't asked her out all day. Lily and Alice were now sitting in the common room, near the fire (because 7th years had privileges like that). Lily glanced up at the delicately carved grandfather clock and sighed.


“Ugh, it 9, time for my patrol . Have you seen Potter anywhere?” Lily asked her best friend.


“Umm....” Alice said looking around the room, “I don't know, I haven't seen him all day, which is odd considering he asks you out like every 5 minutes. Do you think he's sick?”


“I don't know.” Lily replied “But I haven't seen him all day either. He hasn't had a chance to ask me out once. This is a record for him.” Alice giggled ever since they had been potions partners in first year, he had asked her out on an average five times a day. He really irritated Lily. He was a stuck up pompous prat. He even asked her out every day when he had a girlfriend, though usually more privately. His longest relationship ever lasted a month. That was only because the girl was a complete blonde and she didn't know he was asking Lily out daily.


You don't think he's finally gotten over me, do you?” Lily asked. She hoped she was right, but her dreams were shattered when she heard James call from the window “Hey Evans!! Come look at this!”


Lily sighed. She knew there was no way she was going to get him to patrol unless she went over there and got him. Why couldn't Remus have been made head boy? He would have been a lot more tolerable. She looked at Alice, who rolled her eyes, then they both got up and walked to the window.


James was standing there, along with his friends, Sirius, Remus, and Peter. They were the best of friends, and the most popular guys in school. They liked to call themselves the Marauders. There was James, who was the leader of the group. He was the Quidditch captain, and the Seeker, which made him think he was supreme. He had messy black hair and glasses, and despite of that, he was considered the second most handsome boy in school. Sirius was the first most handsome boy. He was also an the Quidditch team, he was a Beater. He had long-ish, wavy black hair, and a warm handsome face. He was the most rambunctious in the group, as he came up with most of the pranks, and he was also a player. HE had gone out with almost every girl in the school. Remus was the smart one. Not only did he keep on the teachers' good side, he was the brains behind sneaking in and out of the castle, despite his reputation as a goody-two shoes. He was always pale and sick looking, but even he was a sought after date. Then there was Peter. He wasn't the sharpest quill, but whenever he did have an idea, it was usually a good one. He was usually the group scapegoat.


“What is it Potter?” Lily said as coldly as she could. “We need to get on patrol you know.”


James apparently hadn't heard her because he merely pushed Sirius away from the window, and pushed her towards it. “Go on, look” he urged her. Lily sighed again and looked out the window. From the Griffindor tower, she had a great view of the Forbidden Forest, lit up by the lights from the castle and the gamekeeper's hut. But something wasn't quite right...


“Potter!” Lily screamed “What the hell did you go and do that for!!! You are Head Boy, and you're supposed to be setting an example, not dying the Forbidden forest pink!!!!!!” The tower fell silent and everyone in the common room stared at her and James for a minute. The older students knew about their constant bickering and merely returned to their work. But the first and second years all rushed to the nearest windows and gasped. Sure enough, the Marauders had manage to dye the Forbidden Forest hot pink. All of it but a few trees that were dyed yellow. When she looked more closely, Lily realized that the yellow trees spelled out 'Will you go out with me Lily?' Lily turned back towards the Marauders, livid. They were behind her laughing, and Sirius was rolling on the floor crying he was laughing so hard. When she turned around, James looked at her hopefully.


“No Potter I am not going out with you, not now, not ever!” Lily shouted. “When are you going to get that through your thick, overinflated skull?” James balked as she shouted at him. He finally whispered, sounding terrified “Aren't we supposed to be patrolling?”


Lily was still mad, but she stopped for a second, confused. Was Potter actually scared of her? She shook herself. This was James Potter, he thought he was supreme, and he was never afraid. She walked up to him, grabbed his ear, and dragged him towards the portrait. “We're going to patrol now, and if the forest isn't right when we get back, I'm giving you all detention!” She shouted over her shoulder to Sirius, Remus and Peter before walking outside and slamming the portrait behind her. The fat lady let out an indignant “Hey!” but Lily kept walking, James in tow. This was not going to be fun night tonight.

A/N- Okay, so the first chapter is always a little boring, but it gets better soon, don't worry.

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